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Favorite a song of ice and fire graphic makers?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of amazing graphic makers, since there are some absolutely gorgeous things made by people who don’t consistently post ASoIaF/GoT. They are still among my favorite people to watch and gather inspiration from, but this is a specific fandom related question, so frequency (in addition to quality) is the major factor here. Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone!

Below is a list of people who make stunning things and you should follow/stare at their work because your eyeballs will fall out from the beauty and/or you won’t know how to hold all your feels anymore. Please note that most of these tumblrs contain spoilers for the entire series as written thus far.

  • fearisforthewinter - Ellyce makes the most perfect, gorgeous, and occasionally heartbreaking gifs and gif sets ever. EVER. End of story.
  • kissed-by-ice - Kriz has been a busy gal lately and not posting as often, but her graphics are just stunning. Hnng colors. Textures. Feelings.
  • thestarkinwinterfell - Sho writes the best stuff and makes very pretty things. I think most people already know how insanely talented she is, so I’m probably preaching to the choir here.
  • drunkcrapipost - Very simple style, but these gifs are absolutely perfect in uniting image with text. It probably helps to have a strong appreciation for Theon Greyjoy, too.
  • riverran - Clean, colorful, simple design. The graphics speak for themselves mostly, but some come with bonus breathtaking writing.

Tumblr Crushes:

Most of the time when I check my following page, it’s populated with people that I don’t know and don’t recognize at all, which is why I never use this functionality normally.  This time, however, it spit out a pretty accurate read-out, though partially skewed by the EPIC AMOUNTS OF AIDAN GILLEN on my dash tonight. (I love everyone in this bar.)  Some of these folks I’ve already pimped in my Follow Fridays.  THE REST WILL BE IN TIME.  So yeah.  Click on the links.  Check them out.  Click FOLLOW.  Do it, Rockapella.

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It’s good! I think I put on weight hahaha, all the food here is so cheap and delicious. ;_; And I pretty much found, ate and bought everything I wanted to. Now I just want to go home because I miss Australia and my bf!