And I expect you to wear this at ALL times. Just swelling from nothing more than a prorbital hematoma. Should heal in a week or two. Those bandages needed to be replaced anyway. I can only imagine the possible infection you could have gotten. Stay out of fights too…

(Well I’m over missing the art challenge. Yes, it is saddening, but there is no use dwelling on past failures haha. Either way, I blame you, drunkcelestia. I was drawing this when the art challenge was going on. Just kidding :P I had so much fun drawing this, and thank you. Your blog is great XD. As much as I think my digital art is sub-par, here is the newest Redheart installment.)


Aaaahhhhh!! I can’t believe I made it to 3k!!! This is nuts!!

You guys have no idea how awesome you are! I appreciate every single one of you!

But unfortunately I don’t have the time to draw every single one of you, so I had to stick to 32. But that’s like, 1%, right? Still pretty good…

Anyways, these icons were all drawn over the course of a few months, so some are better than others… Sorry about that.

And before you ask, the people featured may use their image as their icon if they wish! (If you want your icon by itself, just ask!)

You can see a list of all the people below the cut!

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