first blog of the evening: my weekend

So. I promised a blog bringing some details into my wonderful weekend. It begins Saturday around 6:00pm. I’m supposed to meet a friend on campus so she can get me and my friend Clare some wine. She ends up bailing understandably. I was imposing a huge inconvineice so no biggie. I call my friend Riam to see if she would like to join us. The original plan was to drink at Clare’s dorm than head downtown for the De-centralized Olympic Anniversary Dance Party. Unfortunately the snow destroyed public transit, so we decided to just hang out at Clare’s.

At her dorm, I drink a bottle of wine, while Riam and Clare drink about ½ or ¾ of theres. Than Riam convinces drunk me and semi-drunk Clare to check out an Arabic club/restaurant. I don’t have an ID, but we go anyways and meet Riam’s boyfriend and her boyfriend’s cousin there. We don’t get ID’d, and her boyfriend pays our cover and coat check.

I quickly find out that most of the guys at this club are from Saudi Arabia. My friend Riam informs me that I should know that a bunch of the guys are interested in girls and guys and that I could, and I quote, “Pick any guy in the room and I can hook you two up together.” I was lucky enough to get along rather charmingly with her boyfriend’s cousin. There may have been an exchange involving the lips, and a few long conversations with his broken english and him also trying to teach me how to swear in arabic.

Anyways, by 4am I’m completely sloshed and Salem (the guy) gets Riam to ask me to go back to his place. I delcine, because I’m classy, but do ask him to come out again with us sometime. He agrees and than I cab home. Only to pass out at 5am and sleep until 1:30pm. I am still a bit hungover and it is 1:23am. The whole night was amazing and I got to meet some cool people, and learn some arabic, and have a genuinely drunken fun memory.

Never going to forget this night!


So I woke up a couple hours ago from one of the most insane nights of my life. What started as a glass of wine to celebrate the weekend after class (around 3pm) turned into 2 bottles of wine, a 3 hour drunken walk around campus where we took pictures, videos, and bumped into 3 cop cars, a skunk, a drunk guy who took our picture, and a butt load of hilarious quotes.

Now tonight we wanna hit up the Pit (the bar on campus) for St. Patty’s but the tickets are all sold out, and they only have 50 tickets at the door.



hux aesthetic:

  • colors: black, red, forest green, cream white, pale yellow
  • films: documentaries (war and historical), foreign gangster, black and white classics
  • books: j.d. robb, tom clancy, robert ludlum, james patterson, books about the third reich
  • music: beethoven, bach, italian or german operas where everyone dies, black metal if he’s very drunk
  • thick sweaters
  • pants you’d call “trousers” even in america
  • button down long-sleeved shirts
  • leather shoes
  • hair always slicked back in public
  • coffee with extra cream
  • marlboro reds
  • vodka
  • peanut m&ms
  • greek salad with oil and vinegar dressing
  • plain oatmeal
  • daily walks in the park
  • purple grapes
  • late night performances at half lit bars by women in red dresses

Billy: Veronica. Where are my pants?
Veronica: //drunk, slurred// I don’t know…Where’d you put them last night?
Billy: How much wine did you have?
Veronica: Two LAAARRGGGEEE glasses!

I was tagged for this music shuffle challenge by @m-u-rder

directions: put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. when you are finished, tag ten followers.

1. title of the first song describes how you will die // She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert
2. second song describes your love life // OMG - Little Mix
3. third song will be played at your wedding // If I Could Fly - One Direction  yes please 
4. add “in my pants” to the title of the fourth song // Drunk in my pants
5. the fifth song will be played at your funeral //  Proof - Paramore
6. the sixth song is your theme song // My Everything - Ariana Grande
7. seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love // Disenchanted - MCR
8. add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the title of the eighth song // Neon Lights with a shovel and a screwdriver
9. ninth song describes your week // Sex On Fire - KOL
10. tenth song will be played when you miss someone // How To Save A Life

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