Oh i love this so much. I love how much they love him.

And ‘weetabix’ possibly the most beautiful moment in history except for all the times they’ve flirted shamelessly.


Drunk Liam, I love you.

hockey players as a party I went to
  • Tyler Seguin: <I>[flipping sunglasses up and down]</I> "straight- not straight- straight- not straight- straight- not straight!!"
  • Beau Bennett: the guy who came as harambe
  • Mitch Marner: me very loudly shouting "I WANT TO FUCK AN OLD MAN!!! WHERE'S MY SUGAR DADDY!!" <I>(Alternately: "He brought handcuffs? Now that's kinky.")</i>
  • Dylan Strome: <I>[me putting a glow stick down my shirt]</I> "my tits are glowing??!??? so beautiful..."
  • Connor McDavid: my friend stepping outside and immediately falling over- and the corresponding 'she's got muddy tits' meme
  • BGally & AGally: the two Liam's getting drunk and making out
  • Sidney Crosby: the v short v sad looking Jon Snow
  • Jake Virtanen: my friend like pouring koppaberg into my mouth until I inevitably choked and it spilt down my shirt
  • Noah Hanifin: "really- I just wanna fuck trump- I love how his hair looks like a dead cat, ya know, I love that complexion of his."
  • Jack Eichel: "I'm gonna scoot up on that boy over there- I'm gonna pull him."
  • Carey Price: "I didn't come as brokeback mountain!! Stop it!!"
  • P.K. Subban: "Now that's a cowboy I want to fuck."
  • Conor Sheary: "now... I am small"

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108 and 109

Here ya go, sorry it took so long!

I wanted to write something with this incorrect thiam quote and it got a bit weird?? sorry.

Being homeless wasn’t as bad as Theo expected. It wasn’t nice by any means and Theo knew without his supernatural abilities he’d probably have thrown himself off a bridge by now but with them it was..alright. It wasn’t fun, or pretty, or exciting but he could handle it. He knew enough about the town to know where he could sneak in to shower. His body ran warmer than most people’s would so when he added his thin blanket, the back-seat of his truck and some thick sweatpants to the mix he wasn’t really sleeping cold a lot. His muscles would heal themselves from the cricks most people would get from sleeping in such a cramped space within an hour of him waking up.

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Drunk Liam Would...

-Be the biggest goofball in the world

-Get super happy and talkative

-Tell you how much he loves you over and over again

-Be a total baby and want you to take care of him

-Send you random text messages like:

       *ill buy u nything u want babe

       *hun weve been dating fur long enouhg lets get married

       *we should go dancing somtiem

       *im gona take u on the nicest date n im gona buy u eveyrthing whateber       you want becuase i think your my soulmate

-Take pictures with everyone around him because he’s just so happy

-Introduce you to literally everyone he sees

-Get really tired and want to cuddle

-Have random emotional talks as he’s falling asleep

-Just seriously be so happy to be alive

Liam Dunbar Imagine- Drunken Drama

Anon- Hey i love your Isaac Lahey imagines, but can I get one with Liam where she’s Scotts or Dereks younger sister and shes human and they go to a party and she gets really drunk. But can you make it fluffy at the end and stuff. Sorry that its not much to go on but thanks if you get around to doing it!!

Authors Note- First of all thankyou and I’m glad you enjoyed them. I really liked this request, even though there’s quite a few similar to this out there, but I hope I got it similar to how you wanted it, I had fun writing it. It’s also set in the third season but Liam is there x

Being a Hale, believe it or not did have its perks. Being a werewolf with heightened abilities being the main, however when all of that is suddenly stripped away from you it’s kind of hard to deal with. Cora was dying and the only way to save her was for Derek to give up his alphaship. However, you weren’t entirely sure loosing an alpha against the alpha pack was the best idea, so you decided to throw a spanner in the works. Without telling Derek you healed Cora yourself, but being a beta meant you lost your power completely. But she was your sister, she was worth your life let alone your stupid werewolf curse. How much harder could being a powerless human be?

“So when are your friends picking you up?” your older brother huffed, not wanting to accept that you were growing up. “Erm actually I’m taking her, the others are staying in to work out a plan with Deaton” Liam mumbled. “You mean Scott’s not going with you?” Derek asked, his voice echoing around the loft. “See, I knew you would overreact” you tried to play it off, giving Liam daggers. “Absolutely not!” Peter said, emerging from nowhere. You rolled your eyes and glanced at him, “Its times like this I wish you were still dea-” you began before Liam interrupted to prevent witnessing another Hale argument. “I’ll be there, and so will Mason” he said quickly. “As comforting as that sounds, the answer is still no” Derek replied sarcastically. “I’m not a kid, I can take care of myself” you crossed your arms over your chest. “You could take care of yourself, as in past tense” Peter spoke again. “So what if I’m technically not a werewolf? I’m also not an idiot” you retort. “Debatable-” Peter remarked under a fake cough. “Fine” Derek said with a sigh. “Wait… you’re letting me go?” you said, examining your brothers blank expression. “Yes you can go” he replied. “Are you insane?” Peter asked shaking his head. “Well you do let me run around the streets at night with my pack, a party is probably a lot safer” you said, flashing a fake smile at your uncle. “Just don’t get drunk, I mean it!” Derek demanded. “I wont” you said with an eye roll and a smirk. You grabbed your purse and began to walk towards the loft door. “You better look after my sister, if anything happens to her its your fault, the Hales don’t take kindly to their family being hurt”  Derek said sternly to Liam, as Peter flashed his eyes gold from over Derek’s shoulder. “Of course I will” Liam said nervously. “Stop scolding him, I know what you two are doing” you claimed sliding the loft door open and waiting for Liam to join you. He looked from your brother to your uncle, before putting his hands in his jacket pockets and doing a small jog over to you. “See you” you called out, slamming the door shut before they could change their minds.

The second you stepped foot in the club, Hayden passed you, Liam and Mason a free shot. But before you could even take a sip Liam grabbed it from you and drank the both of yours before you could blink. “You do realise you cant get drunk” you laughed. “Yeah, but neither can you, I don’t want to be killed by your family just yet” he joked. “Where the hell has Mason gone?” you asked, it was a new record for him to have split off. “Two guesses” Liam said out of routine. The two of you glanced to the biggest crowd of guys, there he is. It had been a few hours and the pair of you did what you always did, you found a space on your own and talked about everything, anything. You had no idea why you always did that, sure he was your best friend but you totally acted like an exclusive couple. You rarely saw one without the other, you were lost in your own little world together and yet still you didn’t realise what was right in front of you.

“It’s a little crowded in here and I’m sure Derek’s waiting up for you” Liam said, nervously biting his bottom lip and glancing over your shoulder. “I don’t need werewolf powers to know your trying to hide something from me” you said with a raised eyebrow. You began to turn around but he grabbed your shoulders to keep you still. “Okay… that was weird” you said, brushing his hands off. You stared at him and watched as he relaxed, before quickly turning around before he could stop you again. That’s when you saw it. Your ex boyfriend making out with a girl in the corner of the room. You couldn’t help but stare, you wanted to look away but seeing him brought back some emotions that you didn’t want to feel again. Liam stood beside you awkwardly, hearing your thumping heartbeat. He had liked you since forever and there you were, getting all chocked up over your ass of an ex. “Are you okay?” he practically whispered. Of course he cared about you and didn’t like seeing you upset, but it was hard to watch you get upset over the boy you had liked, the boy that had called you his girl, the boy that used to give you quick kisses in the hallway and endured the whole relationship talk from your brother and uncle. The talk he dreaded but so desperately wanted to have with you by his side. “What are we staring at, oh-” Mason said after seeing you two stood dead in the middle of the club. “What a dick” you managed to say. A small smile tugged at Liam’s lips after hearing and smelling the anger now raiding from you, rather than upset and jealousy. “Do you want to get out of here?” Mason asked, to make up for Liam’s silence. “Nope” you said bluntly, storming over to the bar. “Oh shi-” Liam began saying, while rushing after you, followed by Mason.

“Do you not remember your brother telling you not to get drunk?” Liam asked in disbelief, as the bar attender placed a line of shots in front of you. “Vaguely” you said, knocking back the first one. “Y/n, don’t you dare take one more sip” he tried to say with authority. You looked at him in the eye as you knocked back another and slammed the empty glass on the table. “She’s underage, this girl right here is underage drinking” Liam exclaimed loudly while pointing at you, earning him a few weird looks. He glared at the bar attender, waiting for him to do something but he simply shrugged and carried on serving. “Are you kidding me? Do you even check anyone’s fake ID in here?”  for once he was outraged by this, whereas any other time he wouldn’t of bat an eyelid to it. “Liam! There you are, I need you to carry a few boxes from the store room” Hayden said between breaths. “I cant right now” Liam shook his head, moving the fourth shot away from your already tipsy self. “Liam you promised you would help if I got you in” she huffed, handing a glow stick to a half naked drunk beside her. “Li, I’ll look after her while you’re gone. I like this club and quite frankly I like the people in it” Mason smiled flirtatiously at the barman. “Fine, I’ll be right back. Don’t move” he said sternly, before following Hayden through the crowd.

“Mason! What the hell?!”. He was now chatting to the barman while they drank together. “Oh fuck, I completely forgot” he stood up and stared at his best friend in both concern and guilt. “Derek’s going to kill me” he mumbled. “And my boss is going to kill me if someone doesn’t pay for the bottle of scotch she stole” the bar attender hinted. Liam gave a loud sigh and shoved the money from his pocket onto the bar, before closing his eyes and trying his hardest to focus. He knew your heartbeat from a mile off but you were surrounded by out of breath and horny teens. He bumped into a few large sweaty guys before he finally found you in the middle of the dancefloor. “Woah” he said as he just about caught you from falling. “Heyyy Liammmmm” you slurred with a giggle. “I am so dead” he squinted, smelling the alcohol on your breath. “So I know I’m supposed to stay at yours… but I think I’m going to another club after this with that guy over there” you gestured to an older looking guy standing in the corner of the room, that was still checking you out. “No you’re not Y/N, your brother thinks your staying with Lydia later tonight, he doesn’t know your staying at mine and he certainly wouldn’t let you stay with him” he said jealously, you had promised to stay at his because he was having trouble sleeping alone and Mason was already staying 3 nights a week because of this. “Oh pleaseeee Liammmm, I just want to have funn and make my dickbag ex jealous, lets see how he likes it” you half slurred. “The only one feeling jealous right now is me” he mumbled. “Huh?” you asked, drawing your attention back to him and his bright blue eyes. “Uhm nothing, come on lets go” he said, gently grabbing your wrist. About three minutes ago you would’ve objected and made a scene but something felt different in the way he spoke to you. He’d always been caring but tonight it was as if you were the only thing in the world that mattered to him.

Mason reluctantly dropped the two of you at Liam’s, mainly because you getting drunk was all his fault. Liam helped your giddy and staggering self out of the car, before carrying you bridal style into the house and up the stairs. He placed you on his bed and sighed, of course you looked stunning in your tight dress, heels and makeup, but the Y/N he fell in love with was underneath all that with sweatpants and one of his baggy hoodies on. “So where did you put your bag with your pjs and stuff in?” he asked awkwardly. “Ermmmm, I think its at the bar” you giggled in your drunken state, not knowing you’d regret it later. “I guess you can borrow some of mine” he offered, with a small smile. He pulled out a plain t-shirt before coming stuck as to what bottoms to give you. He usually only slept in boxers, because of the whole wolf heat thing. “It’s ok, it’s hot anyway ill just wear the top” you claimed from behind him. He turned around to hand it you, “OH MY GOD” he accidently shouted, before covering his eyes. “AHH WHAT?” you screamed back, turning to look behind you. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” he asked in a panic. “I have a bra and underwear on Liam, just give me the top” you snatched It out of his hands with scoff. “Ok, have you got it on?” he asked. “Yep” you replied. He uncovered his eyes to see you in his tight black t-shirt that was oversized on you and your black underwear that showed every time you lifted your arms up or stretched, but as much as he wanted to look, he owed it to your non drunk usual self not to, he respected you way too much to do that. You flopped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling, you parted your lips as if you were going to say something before simply letting the air escape. “Okay, so I’ll be on the couch downstairs if you need anything” he said, as he began to back out of the door. You simply hummed in response and covered yourself poorly with his blanket.

You glanced at the clock beside Liam’s bed, it was three in the morning and you hadn’t got an ounce of sleep. Normally Liam would sleep on the floor beside the bed but even he knew something felt different. You had sobered up a bit more, but you weren’t exactly thinking as straight as you would have. You wrapped yourself in his blanket and slowly crept downstairs and into the living room, you were still sort of stumbling. “Liam, Liam are you awake?” you asked, not being able to see that well. “Yeah” he replied, glowing his eyes gold so you could locate which couch he was on. You walked over to him and he moved, to allow some room for you. You wrapped the blanket around you both and lay next to him. “Why are you still awake?” he asked. “Why are you?” you returned. “Just thinking” he said laconically. “Same” you agreed. You both went to speak at the same time, before both erupting into a quiet laugh. “Drunk me heard what you said earlier, is it true?” you questioned. “Is what true?” he said, almost defensively. “That you were jealous” you said, moving your head to look up at him. “Yes” he admitted. He’d never had the courage to tell you before, but there you were, the girl of his dreams in his t-shirt looking more beautiful than ever. “Now why would you be jealous?” you pried, with a teasing voice. “Because I like you” he said, you could feel his quick beating heart. “Well I like you too” you admitted. “Wait what?” he was in shock to say the least. “And I always will” you continued, turning around so he was now spooning you. “So what does this mean?” he asked, not sure if he was dreaming. He waited for a response, before realising you were asleep. He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, feeling the fabric of his shirt and your bare legs against him, he never wanted this moment to end.

“Omg, I cant see” you whined, referring to the bright light that was directly in your eyes. “Y/n, Y/n, get up” Liam said quietly. You opened your eyes and sat up. “OH SHIT” you accidently said out loud. “So I ran into Scott and Lydia earlier tonight, neither of them had a clue where you where” your brother boomed. When your eyes adjusted fully, you saw Derek and Liam’s step dad staring at you from across the living room, he clearly came home earlier than expected from his night shift. You guiltily looked at Liam, who still had his arm around you, you quickly jumped apart and began explaining two different stories at the same time. “Where are your clothes?” Derek shouted, horrified. “It’s not what it looks like” you said, as Liam rubbed the back of his neck. “I forgot my clothes, so Liam leant me his” you smiled awkwardly. “I really don’t know what brotherly talk I’m supposed to have right now” he said. “Liam how come you never told me you had a girlfriend?” his step dad asked. But before Liam could open his mouth to do the whole ‘just best friends’ speech, you answered for him. “Well actually we weren’t exactly made official until earlier tonight” you stated, watching Liam’s eyes widen and a smile grow uncontrollably on his face. It was soon time for your brother to give the whole protective older brother speech, while you and Liam held hands underneath the blanket. A smirk spread across both of your faces, the next hour was hell but you finally had each other to endure it with.

Sorry it’s not too fluffy I just wanted to make It different from a lot of the ones out there with a similar plot line. Requests are open x

Just a little something inspired by Liam yesterday - a little bit is under the cut and its mainly fluff  (p.s. inhabitants of NYC please suspend any factual belief) 


“You gonna be alright getting him back to the hotel like that mate?”

Zayn’s already halfway to the door of the pizza restaurant when he hears Louis’ question, for a moment he’s in danger of overbalancing as he goes to turn around, underestimating Liam’s weight but he regains it quickly and gives up turning around.

Instead, he just shouts behind him.

“Yeah, don’t worry, it’s your birthday weekend anyway Lou so we’ll see you later and I’ll get him right for tomorrow.”

Zayn doesn’t wait for a response instead he just gets to the door as quickly as he can and opens it, hoping that getting into the fresh air helps Liam.

He’d forgotten in his hurry, and in his concern for Liam that the air while being fresh is also bitterly cold and even Liam’s body weight and hot breath on his neck as he leans into Zayn aren’t enough to stop the full body shiver that runs through him. 

“Don’t feel very well,”  Liam’s voice shakes Zayn from feeling too sorry for himself immediately and he leans away from his best mate for a moment taking a look at him, still bathed in some light from the pizzeria and there’s definitely a green tinge to him.

Liam’s lips are set in a pout, eyes staring at Zayn or trying to but it’s clearly too much effort, though suddenly the pout disappears and a wonky kind of smile turns Liam’s lips upwards for a moment just as Liam lifts up his arm and tries to slap Zayn’s chest but ends up almost slapping his face and says.

“I can see two Zayn’s,” and then he giggles.

“There’ll be no Zayn’s except a frozen version of me if we don’t get a move on back to the hotel Liam so come on, best foot forward,”  Zayn does his best to stand stern, and forceful and it sort of works because Liam’s hand that’s still dangling in mid-air instead comes up to his head in a sort of salute and he slurs.

“Yes, boss.”

They walk for all of about 1 block when Liam starts to mumble something unintelligible and Zayn’s never known a more endearing drunk than Liam and he can’t stop the fond smile on his face.

“Need a wee, and to vomit probably.”

Okay, maybe not so endearing.  

“I’m serious, really need a wee,” there’s a kind of whine in Liam’s voice and the way he speeds up though in a wonky leaning even heavier kind of way on Zayn bears testament to the urgency they’re still at least 10 blocks from where they’re staying, and okay Zayn could hail a cab but with Manhattan traffic, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get there quicker.

They could go into a restaurant or try and nip into one of the hotels but there’s no guarantee they won’t get thrown out so Zayn looks around him, and just ahead though he can’t really miss it anyway is Grand Central Station.

“They must have loos here,” he says aloud.

“Need a wee,” Liam repeats so Zayn just has to hope and pray.

Visiting a railway terminal’s always been pretty low on Louis’ birthday plans to look around New York though Louis’ birthday plans could probably have been just as easily served in London or even Sheffield but, it is his 25th so whatever the birthday boy wants he gets. 

Thing is, Grand Central Station has been somewhere Zayn had wanted to go for a while being such a big fan of films with the station as a backdrop it felt like somewhere he knew already, just not like this, not in a hurry and not with Liam stumbling next to him while Zayn hangs onto him for dear life.  

As they enter the building though, and the main concourse and as Zayn sees the clock ahead of him, it near takes his breath away.

Liam’s still holding onto him, shuffling along if you can call it that, and Zayn wants to stop and wonder at the sights and the sounds, the clock tells him it’s just gone 11pm and the lights are majestic around them.

“Floor’s nice, could tap dance on it, eat me tea off it,”Liam starts to ramble. 

“Thought you felt sick,” quips Zayn.

Liam stops dead then, lifts a finger up as though he’s about to say something groundbreaking or astonishing, turns to Zayn and for a moment pulls away before he wobbles and Zayn catches hold of him shaking his head.

“Yeah,” is all he says and Zayn can’t help but laugh as he throws Liam’s arm around him again.

“Come on you, let’s get you to the loo and then we’ll get you back to the hotel and for a good sleep, may even stump up for a cab instead of making us walk.”

Liam’s face gets closer to Zayn’s, his breath warm on Zayn’s cheek before his head rests on Zayn’s shoulder and Zayn thinks he hears say next followed by a dreamy sigh.

“The best Zaynie  ‘s what you are.”

But of course, he’s wrong.

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43. Pick up Lines only work Wien I am drunk & 81. Excluse me for falling in love with you pleaseee???

43. “Pickup lines only work when I’m drunk.”

81. “Excuse me for falling in love with you.”


“Are you from Russia? ‘Cause your Russian my heart rate!”

 Theo laughed and Liam couldn’t help but glance down to watch. He looked so peaceful when he allowed himself to relax, unlike the normal scowl he carried around. “That one isn’t half bad, but no.” Theo said as he continued chuckling and scrolling through his own phone on instgram. At Theo’s rejection he searched through the website trying to find a better one.

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