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Connor : Brown Bear

Robin   : Robin

Alex 2  : Fennec Fox

Nick     : Spectacled Bear

Alex 1  : Ring-Tailed Lemur

Luke    : Seneca Deer

Matty   : African Wild Dog

nothingcanbreakthemapart asked:

and for klaine : “wtf you’re not my roommate, how did you get in here? oh sHIT you’re really drunk aND NOW YOU’RE CRYING OKay okay it’s okay shhhh, you can stay here i guess??” au <3

I almost forgot about that one I’m so sorry !!

Blaine knows that he’s good at comforting people.

Less so when he has to speak, but yeah, it’s a talent of his.

He didn’t expect it to become handy when one of his hallmates apparently got lost on his way to his own room and is drunk beyond belief.

And sobbing on Mike’s bed.

“Hey,” he says softly, sitting next to the cute drunk sobbing guy.

No man should be that cute with a runny nose and fat tears rolling down his cheeks.

“It’s okay, you can stay here tonight,” Blaine continues, drawing circles on the man’s back to comfort him.

Except that it only makes Cute and Crying, well, cry harder and climb onto Blaine’s lap.

“Wow,” Blaine breathes. The man smells of alcohol, but underneath it, it’s undeniably … Attractive. “There there,” he says awkwardly, putting his arms around the man. “It will be okay.”

“No it won’t,” the man sighs in his neck and o-okay, that’s a little bit distracting. “Now you won’t take me s-seriously.”


“You’re always so cute,” the man continues wistfully, putting his arms around Blaine’s neck and leaning his head on his shoulder, “and charming and nice, and now I’m making a f-fool of myseeeeelf!”

The last word is wailed in Blaine’s ear, and he winces, only tightening his hold on the man.

“No you’re not,” he says, even if a part of himself is a teensy bit amused by the whole situation. “Let’s put you to sleep in Mike’s bed and we’ll talk about it tomorrow over breakfast?”

“You would have breakfast with meeee?”

Blaine smiles, turning on the bed to help the man lay down. “Yes I would–oh my.”

He tries very hard not to blush when the man stretches like a cat and literally pushes his ass in Blaine’s face.

“Good night, Blaine,” the man says, and Blaine tries to get his name back from his memory.

“Good night …,” he replies, but he doesn’t need to remember the man’s name–Carl? Cameron? Kurt? Kurt!–, a snore cutting him off already. “Good night Kurt.”

((It’s the last time Blaine ever gets to see Kurt drunk, though))

amakachao asked:

So the day Harry frees Eggsy from the police: Harry has a Guinness?, then a clear drink in a triangle glass? while in his office listening to Eggsy (lol I know nothing about alcohol), and he has Another drink like whiskey? at the tailors as Eggsy walks in. What are those drinks? How drunk is this guy before he proposes Eggsy? Does he walk in to Kingsman HQ and Merlin has to lean back away from him? haha. also angst - Eggsy feeling like his mother, getting involved with a possible alcoholic :x

Okay, I’d need to round up some actual stats, but rich British people are fucking LUSHES.  They don’t sit down and down glass after glass, but you know wine with lunchon, maybe a shot around tea, a pre dinner cocktail, a few glasses of wine with dinner, after dinner drinks, more right before they go to bed …

It’s not uncommon for them to maybe have eight drinks in a normal day.  Apparently, if you use the British standards, the Queen Mum could be categorized as a binge drinker.  They’re not drunk so much as tipsy throughout the day.  But many are said to have hollow legs, and you build up tolerance, you know.

Judging from the movie, Harry might be some form of alcoholic.  I know they say you’re an alcoholic when it interferes with your life, but he doesn’t have much of life, does he?  I doubt he’s the type to get blackout drunk, and I think he had more that day than he usually would, but he’s obviously comfortable downing that much liquor.  It would be interesting to explore in his character.

Fools! Your $100M security apparatus is no match for Drunken Jet-Ski Man.

The 6 Most Hilarious Ways People Breached Airport Security

#6. Partying Jet Skier Defeats $100 Million Security System

In 2012, Daniel Casillo was enjoying a nighttime jet ski outing in New York City’s Jamaica Bay when he ran out of fuel. Stranded in the middle of the bay, Casillo had no choice but swim to shore. Unfortunately, the closest shore happened to be the one that bordered John F. Kennedy International Airport.

JFK’s first line of defense was an 8-foot barbed wire fence, which Casillo managed to scale without any problem. He then channeled his inner James Bond and crossed two active runways while unintentionally thwarting a number of motion detectors and surveillance cameras. Next, he walked right up to the damn terminal and probably could have even boarded a flight if he hadn’t finally been spotted by an airport staffer. At this point, JFK staff freaked the fuck out and cancelled 100 flights as a result of one confused man toddling around the runaway armed with nothing but a life jacket and poor life choices.

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Warm-up sketch tonight, Sarah in Sharpie.

~25 minutes. Add me on snapchat - lcmorganart

LC Morgan, 2015 (x).