I can’t stand people who can’t handle their liquor don’t come at me and blame it like your drunk Idc I’ll still kick your ass fuck you beer breath



ok but when can I be Kang Chul’s lawyer though.

because No One can shoot like that drunk. idc if you’re a former Olympian or not, you will not be able to shoot perfectly through the exact center of someone’s forehead with impaired motor skills under the influence of alcohol. the case the killer is trying to build here is ridiculous and everyone in the W universe is ridiculous for believing it. not only that but they all conveniently forgot about the killer shooting up the station apparently or somehow thought that he’s a vigilante or sth trying to bring Chul to justice?? none of it makes any sense except the broadcasting guy dying (bc he was pretty much perfectly framed through unnatural methods in that case) but if you take away the former then motive becomes an issue in the latter. like obvs stuff is going wrong right now because the villain’s in control and running the W universe but if he weren’t then there’s no way a case against Chul would hold if he had any sort of a decent defense.