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  1. Nickname: Sammi or Sam (:
  2. Star sign: Libra 
  3. Height: 5′5 /5″6
  4. Time rn: 12:55pm
  5. Favorite music artist: I like a lot of artists.
  6. Song stuck in your head: Drunk in Love
  7. Last movie watched: 5th Wave
  8. Last TV show watched: Criminal Minds
  9. What are you wearing rn: Sweatpants and a big t-shirt
  10. Have any other blogs: i have a halloween blog, but idek the url to it, so i dont use it, lol..
  11. Do you get asks regularly: depends on the day lol.
  12. Why did you choose your URL:  idk i love the idea of witchcraft .
  13. When did you create your blog: idek, tbh. i had it for a long time.
  14. What kind of stuff do you post: anything fall, inspiration, advice, some nsfw, a lot of sfw…
  15. Gender: Female
  16. Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
  17. Pokemon team: i have no clue
  18. Favorite color: atm orange
  19. Average hours of sleep: 8
  20. Favorite characters: idkk
  21. How many blankets do you sleep with: 2
  22. How many people are you following: over 1000, oops/
  23. Dream job: social worker <3

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Best OC. ;)

First impression -
A goofy drunk archer with the most winning smile and a penchant for sleeping around. Fun to be a bro with and likely using all of that to cover up deep-seated insecurities.

Impression now - I was right on the insecurities but did not truly understand the depths of how much he needs to sabotage himself. He’s much more self-sacrificing than I gave him credit for, and I love him very much.

Favorite moment - I guess I can really only go by what I’ve read from the meta-rp blogs. Probably that heart-wrenching scene where he and Fen and drunk talking about dragons (since I drew that and everything) and then it gets sad real quick. That Truth or Dare thread looked pretty fun!

Idea for a story - Uhhhh Galenris???? They meet in the Inquisition and get together instead of not. Or like, running into each other in the Free Marches after Kirkwall falls and shit? They can be buddies and stuff when Fenris finds out that Hawke gets left in the Fade, because I’m a monster. Also Fenris can potentially help him look for his family. :’)

Unpopular opinion - Best Dragon Age OC. >:) Fite me.

Favorite relationship - Galenris. Hands down.

Favorite headcanon - Hmmm. He looks great with all kinds of hair styles. I imagine he had short hair during much of his time in Kirkwall, partially from Asshole McGee who he was a servant for and also because he wanted to be proper and stuff. He started to let his hair grow out as a small sign of rebellion before finally putting some holes in him and ditching the place. I also have a thing for Eastern narratives in regards to hair.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my thoughts!

A very great very good very drunk idea

Dear sober Justice,

Since you’re a lonely piece of shit and not even your boyfriend loves you, make an Ouran Highschool Host Club sideblog ask blog and rp the hosts. Get hundreds of people in your ask fawning all over you as you portray their favorite characters quite excellently. You get attention and validation, they get attention and validation, it’s a win-win.

All my love,

Drunk Justice

P.S. If this generates enough notes, you have to do the thing, no backing out.

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Imagine if y/n was passing by a yard sale with Isaac and made him stop bc she sees some cheap roller blades, and she's like 'remember those?! We have to get them! I was never allowed them when I was a kid!' And Isaac's like 'this is a very very bad idea. Remember what happened when you tried iceskating?' But she insists that it's a completely different situation, ignores him and gets them anyway. Then she loves them so much that she refuses to take them off, even in the apartment. She's

-so excited and convinced that she’s ‘totally starting to get the hang of it,’ and that she’s going to be the most badass of all rollerblading werewolves that have ever existed. In reality she’s more like a drunk giraffe on an ice rink. When Derek sees them he’s like ‘no. No. Absolutely not. Not happening. Take them off. Right now.’ And peter is appalled by the roller blade marks on the floor. And y'know a bunch of bickering and stubbornness and regular ol’ pandemonium would ensue. 😅😅

Oh, God.

That would be chaos.


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              sloopy kiss meme. || accepted. || @automatonisms.

Getting drunk to take out some problem wasn’t a good idea. Casanova knows that. he knows that getting drunk because everyone seems to reject him was a bad idea, but he did it anyway.  Sick of drinking, he put his cup on the table and when he saw his boyfriend talking with another boy, jealousy took over him as he walked toward them and put his hands around his neck. When he saw Myk smiling at him, he took this as the green light as he kissed him sloppily in front of the other boy who walked away as Casanova stepped away slowly, licking his lips who tasted like mint and vodka. “ I love you, did I ever mention that before? Pretty boy. ”

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“slurred words”

       ( accepting )

               “do i really need to describe her?” loud sigh. slurp. “i love care bear. she’s saved my sorry ass i don’t know how many times. why she’s still my friend, i have no idea. i mean, it’s not like i’m anything special. but she’s good. one of the greatest people i know. though sometimes i want to gag her when she goes on a tangent..but that’s only occasionally.”

I envy people who have a stable home life and parents that give a shit about them and would do anything for their kid. I would literally give absolutely anything up to have my parents actually be parents. I value family so much because i never had one. If i ever have kids and shit, i will make sure they know how much i love them and would do for them.
My mom was on drugs and suicidal my whole life while my father was drunk. And my dad who raised me was too into my brother because my brother is his child. Im not his child biologically. So thats fine i guess. But i would do fucking anything to have a family. Cause ive never had one. And it kinda sucks because i reject the idea of letting someone love me so fucking hard. In anyway. I dont like affection. Like if i let you within my personal space bubble youre probably special or some shit.
I just need someone to hold my hand because life is taking me through one hell lf a fucking ride right now. Since dallas isnt around anymore. I just dont know how this is gonna end. She always knew what to say. She took care of it. And i just dont really know what to do anymore.
I guess its a good thing i dont work today.

“And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”  Christopher Poindexter

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“ Man, I’m gonna get shit-faced drunk again. “ maine no

( closed . )

at first, it seems like a bad idea – after all, guardian or not, maine’s stature alone makes it nigh impossible for him to reach that level of drunkness so that means wasting glimmer on a whole bar… but, after a moment’s thought, shaxx grabs maine’s arm, reaching down to intertwine their fingers together while saying in amusement,  not without me, you’re not. let’s go, i’m pretty sure the last one we went to is restocked enough for the both of us.

You receive tolerance
I receive lust
After all that’s the logic behind why
You think I’m a slut
The only reason that I am here tonight
Is you promised my friends some cheap vodka and wine
And we’ve learned that if we humor your jokes and ideas,
We’ll get invite when your mom makes homemade sangria
I’ll sit here on the couch pretending to be your friends
Thinking, “Thank God I’m drunk, because I want this to end.”
The smart ones know that with the right posture,
they can get anything they want
While the stupid ones dress up for parties,
searching desperately for love
—  k

Going to a pool party was never your idea. Specially since all the jocks from your college are here, it’s Calum Hood’s house and basically all boys have half naked girls around them. Everyone’s jumping into the pool, drinking beer and whatever they serve, grinding and drunk girls giving their football team’s crush a lap dance. While everyone’s wearing bikinis, you stick with your black swimsuit that make your curves look hot and good. You don’t exactly love showing skin but now you don’t really mind. Your friend is around somewhere in the house with her boyfriend while you’re sitting on one of the chairs outside enjoying the view, not as obvious as some freshmen that somehow got invited but you stare. Wet bodies walking out of the pool, humid air and you are still dry. “Haven’t been in yet?” You hear and turn your head to see the one and only Calum Hood sitting beside you. His body glistening with water, the light from his backyard making him look better in the night. “Um…nope. You can tell by my dry body.” You laugh bitterly and soon regret it. “I did notice, i just came here because i saw you were a bit lonely.” He smirks and takes a sip of his beer. “I’ll get in soon, i’m a bit cold.” You say trying to get rid of him but it only causes him to move closer to you, offering you a bit of his beer. “The water is pretty hot. I was in just five minutes ago.” He laughs and you roll your eyes at his cockiness. “The water would transform into lava if i was in there.” You smirk and look at the boys who are playing in the pool with a ball. “Damn, then get in with me.” He says and unexpectedly throws you over his shoulder and jumps into the pool with you, subtly smaking under your buttcheek making you gasp for air before submerging your body into the pool. Once you come out of the water you see Calum laughing hysterically, his hair flat over his forehead and a cheeky smile when he looks at you. Swiming closer to you, his arms snake around your waist pulling you closer, your chest pressed against his as you laugh supporting on his shoulders. “Oh shit!” Calum suddenly hisses and makes his embrace tighter. “What is it?!” You ask frantic, not knowing what’s going on. “You were right, now that you’re in the water is fucking hot.” He smirks and teasingly places his lips on the corner of your mouth. “I think we haven’t introduced ourselves properly. I’m Calum.” He smiles. “Y/N,” You say and press your lips to his cheek. “Wanna play marco polo with me?” “Just the two of us?” He frowns. “I won’t be hard to find,” You wink taking his hand from your waist and let it travel slowly down your side until he reaches your butt. “I’m down babygirl”

“She thinks you hate her,” my friend from high school explains as we walk to meet her roommates for drinks. “Where would she get that idea?! I don’t hate her; I actually like her.” Yeah well, after that night I definitely still don’t hate her but she set off an alarm.
When I received the classic post-secondary “you’re not drunk enough” speech as the roommate waved down the bartender and I sent her back. “I’ve reached my limit thanks.” “But you’ve only had two! You’re not drunk! Come on, another!” “I’d love to but I’m on a new medication and I can only have a couple of drinks while on it thanks.” Usually this shuts people down but she was curious and manners had gone out the window two drinks ago for her. “What’s it for? Are you sick?” “Nope. It’s anxiety medication.” “Oooh. I tooootally understand that.”
Great, I’m not ashamed of my anxiety; I’ve had it as long as I can remember it’s a pisser but I don’t mind talking about it- being vocal helps actually, not trapping myself in my mind.
It was what came next that bothered me. “I saw a therapist from grade 7-12 ‘cause I was anxious but I’m over it now and /I/ would never let them put /me/ on drugs.” I have a reason not to like her now.
I just looked down at my water pretending she’d said nothing 'cause she was drunk and I didn’t want my friend to feel bad; I could see her cringe. Of course, my mum always said alcohol just magnifies someone- brought out traits they already had and things they would normally think but would never let the world see otherwise.
What makes anyone think needing pills is a qualifier? Is it the 'I don’t take pills so I’m not sick’ mentality? Is she really better or just burying things? Does she think she’s more stable or even better than me because I need some help from chemicals as well as people? Did she really think they’d have put me on medication without counselling first? I’ve been seeing one of the best psychologists in the region since I was eight. We do great work together but it wasn’t enough. The medication works therefore there was a chemical treatable abnormality in my brain. I fought the idea of medication for years; I could deal. But now that I’ve started I kick myself for not doing it years ago: all the times I had an anxiety, or worse, panic attack and ended up feeling sick for hours or days I could have been enjoying life.
I don’t think I experience stigma often. Being at university- particularly one at which they have been publicized suicides in the past- mental health, illness and awareness thereof are everywhere.
Maybe it’s because I know how to pick who I associate with; I know a great bunch of people, most of them understanding and loving.
Maybe it’s because I’m very open about Anxiety, that depressive episode I was in over the summer, the Learning Disability I have worked with since time (or at least my life) began. If you have questions I will answer them. If you make assumptions I will correct them- but if those assumptions make you think less of me or anyone else I probably won’t speak; conflict scares the crap out of me, but know I, and many people like me will put a little x next to your name in ours heads- and the stigma may spread.

Broken Sentiments

I hate love. I hate the idea of how two lovebirds flock in further instance of a so called destiny. A destiny created for people to cling on, for people to hope, for people to believe that there is and there will be. I hate the idea of how everything falls out.
I hate freewill. I hate to hear cliché that everyone is free yet it turned out to be just a petty dream. A worst nightmare a man could ever encounter – man drunk over with such illusion. Believing that there is, but how the society works is a total imposition that there’s nothing but a nonsensical superior self-made morality.
I hate religion. I hate the ironic oneness. Procuring unity which obviously contradicting on a preserved expectations put in a closed jar hidden in person’s mind. I hate the fact that norms embossed in pages consisting thousand poisonous words might be over read yet efficiently imparted.
I hate toxicity. I hate the enormous gas-like transformation of it into humans body. A smoke which can change the weak personality hereby delivered by pit. Pit of clam-like roosters busting around, caving into foolishness.
I hate life. I hate the everyday routine of gasping for the foremost of system. The way I see how the world turns into a mud ball molded by the people itself. The way everything jump into the river, float as how it flows; without any movement same with how the cold shivers each palm - it is wrong.
I hate the way I hate things to the point that I want to condemn them yet I don’t want to lose myself -for I’m afraid that’s the total reflection of a boy who tries to exude hatred yet it persistently comes and goes. The way Irony works, reminding me not to hate myself instead to love it.
Yet behind all the hatred veining along my body. As how it all runs out rooting from the red organ soaked with mud blood. As how it all exude and burst up and up out of my mouth- to be mouthed. Yes, it might be love. It might be love but no, yet yes and yes it is.
I love the way I hate things in contradictory-ironically into the shadow man caving inside me. I love the way I hate how people meet each other holding blocks building a so-called home of mouthed shits vocal or not with a crucifix on top.
I love the way I hate how it these fogs dance as how the green paint leaks. As how this society produce irrational human minds implanted into real human in any guises of my sight. I love the way I hate myself . As I try to be within the wooden frame handcrafted by no one but me showcasing the real me.
I love the way how I hate the world, literally praying that it will go upside-down to at least attain the highest peak of how worse it can be.


*A small young girl appears

A fan-art? Kinda? I don’t know.
Recently I discovered an undertale blog by the name of @ask-drunk-chara. At first glance it looked hilarious, but then stuff turned darker, which is understandable, but sad none-the-less. So I decided to cheer poor human with a nice chocolate box and a lovely smile from my little Cassandra (I’ve no idea why she ended up looking so creepy, though D=).

Before I go: I’m unsure of whether the author of the blog, @hawker-rawr, is gonna respond to this little thing or not, but if she does, I’m gonna make the girliest fanscream I could possibly do. =D

And in the end we are all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness
—  Fitzgerald S.

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Imagine the guys just hanging out and talking about everyday stuff and somehow someone mentions Lark & Jack just grins as they talk about her which the guys don't say anything about and at somepoint the rest of the girls join them and Thea sits with Beau and Dex and Ollie sit together and then Jett & Cassie are making conversation and Lark just stands there looking at all of them being loved up and she sort of wishes she had someone to be with and thinks her crush on Jack is stupid

Awww. This is so sweet.
And just gave me an idea! Imagine all the guys are DRUNK and talking about girls and Jack drunkenly mentions Lark…

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I loved your fiction Drunk Inhibitions. It was just amazing, The way you portrayed both the twins. Can you please do another Maximoff twins x Reader?

Post a shit day at work of EPIC proportions, your comment has grappled me from the void of despair! THANK YOU MOON CHILD!! My inbox is open and welcomes all prompts, suggestions and ideas for fanfics.