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Do you like rain? Not slight drizzles that just barely leave you wet but rains that drench you and hide the sun away within their clouds, rains with storms close behind? ❤️

 i lOVE RAIN!! rain is good. rain makes me feel good about staying inside! rain makes me so happy youhavve no idea!and storms, man storms are so good, i love the sounds of the rain and of thunder like yessss hit me with your best lighting jkjkjkhhfhafda

also anon, you sound like a poet i love (u)!!

send me asks im kinda (not completely) drunk

Honestly, he had no idea how he ended up in the crow’s nest of the ship. Nor did he mind. It was really beautiful, but probably not an ideal place for a drunk. 
With a laugh, he stomped his feet to what seemed like a small tap dance. Lesaro clearly didn’t mind that he was dancing in a small, crowded place where he had the chance to fall. Not to mention it was 5 in the morning and the sun was rising. 
Below, the small crowd of crew gasped, “Lieutenant, ¡Por favor!” Yelled Santos, clearly worried about the other. “Oh shhhh, Santos~! Come up here and have fun with me!” Lesaro sang drunkenly, bending over the side of the crow’s nest dangerously. “Lesaro! I will wake the Capitán!” Another screamed, along with a tired groan. Of course, being awoken by a drunk Spaniard screaming some incoherent song was not the best way to wake up. 

{Human Lesaro, of course}

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15 & 16

15. If Star Wars were a musical, which characters would sing which songs in which scenes?

Well hot damn, this was the one I was kinda hoping no one would pick, because I know fuck all about actual musicals (Moulin Rouge what? Hamilton who?) and a lot of the music I live my life to has no words. BUT even with that said, I did come up with some random ideas that may or may not be totally stupid:

Anakin and Palpatine are at the opera and everything is the same except when Palpatine says leave us, he means everyone except Sly Moore, and together, they perform this song for our Chosen One (suicide tw for lyrics so be careful if you click).

Asajj performing Genius of Love, without context (maybe drunk karaoke at a bar after a mission? it might be the only way)

That Anakin stripper pole meme, sorry I don’t have a link but I’m sure you’ve seen it, and his routine is to this (me, I’d be throwing hundred dollar bills at him for four straight minutes)

Disclaimer that the primary drivers for this answer were 1) listening to IAMX in my car and 2) the fact that my grocery store plays 80′s almost exclusively, which is the only halfway good thing about them.

16. If you had a power to help two different characters from different times meet each other, who would those two be?

I want to do some kind of time warp/age warp thing so that Maul and Anakin could be teen edgelord buddies, have sparring practice all the time and mess around with droids, bikes and ships. Together, they would come to realize Palpatine was a total dick, and kill him. The end. No cutting in half. No burning in lava. Padme and Kilindi become friends too because who says I can’t have all my faves in one AU.

I also have a personal head canon that Sirak from the Bane trilogy is Maul’s badass Sith great-great granddaddy. So I’d love it if Sirak could appear to Maul as a Force ghost, especially when he was a young child dealing with Palpatine’s shit, or at Orsis dealing with Meltch Krakko’s shit. I haven’t thought it through that much yet, but if I can figure out a good way to add this to my AU/story, I will.


He was drunk. Again. And laying spread on the floor, giggling like a madman. For once, he was a happy drunk. Maybe.
He turned his head when he saw a familiar pair of legs approaching.

“Thihi…” he chuckled. “Ya really don’t remember, do ya? Ya got no fuckin’ clue. Ya just hate me by default. Cause ya hate junkers. That’s hilarious.” He grasped after the bottle next to him, sitting up. 

“It’s so sad, really. Ya got no idea, and yet, I’m so fuckin’ pissed at ya. ‘Cause I’m like some fuckin’ teenager, fuckin’ cryin’ ‘round ‘cause me old crush I thoguht died doesn’t remember anythin’. Like, I shouldn’t even care. Should I? It’s a loosin’ fight. I should just stop. But it still fuckin’ hurts. It hurts like shit…”

Interesting thing. Getting ready last night to go to the club, Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’ came on just as I was heading out the door. During the boisterous chorus there’s the lyrics,

‘You will have a boy tonight,
Maybe you will have a girl tonight,
On the last bus outta town.’

And i suddenly said to myself, with meaning, a bit drunk and brave at this point, ‘Yeah. You know, that’s a really good idea. You will have a girl tonight,’

And guess what…

Another thing. Girls. What do you reckon, vis the watch and necklace: tactics, or just general forgetfulness? Do you guys ever leave stuff behind on purpose? Is that a myth? Kinda cute, that. Prob just an accident. Normally it’s those lovely little bobby-pins you find. Women seem to shed them en mass after the witching hour, like sonic the hedgehog exploding with gold rings hitting a spike.

Anyway. She was really nice. Hope to see lots more of her. But enough about me, how are uuu?

Best friendship be like one minute completely sober the next minute you’ve downed three glasses of cheap boxed Rosé and now you’re fcked and think doing multiple jäger bombs and getting high is a lit idea. Literally go follow this dude he’s a fucking lit ass guy I love him he’s great and his blog is nearly as aesthetic as mine though we both know I’m better 😁😋 @blackenedduckwings

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He sent texts to V at a range of hours through the night. And tonight - was clearly no exception. But one, he'd meant to backspace and delete ; but drowsy fingers seemed to press send in its stead, 'I love V, you guys have no idea how good he is. I wanna protect him he's too nice even Rika wasn't this nice.'

@jumxn || ♥ 

        Was Jumin serious? He had no words, he has nothing to say before he finally began to type. 

{v} : Jumin. You’re either drunk or need sleep. 
{v}: You’re.. kidding right? 
{v}: Right?

Naturally, this led to Jaehee exclaiming, Luciel typing in bold letters about how love was in the air and as for Jihyun…? He felt tears stinging his eyes. He didn’t deserve the love, he knew he didn’t… Especially not from somebody like Jumin

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Character swap concepts: Zen is a businessman, loves cats and has Elizabeth instead of Jumin, who hates them bc he's allergic. Jaehee is a famous performer and Jumin is her biggest fan. Seven is Zen's assistant who just needs a break, and Yoosung is a secret agent who hides his identity behind the guise of a nerdy college kid.

This is like Mystic Messenger if it got drunk lol

But can you imagine how great it would be if Zen was still a narcissist? And maybe because he isn’t allowed his rat tail at the workplace, he wears it in a man bun? ❤️ Yet I can’t imagine Jumin without Elizabeth… It would be like nutella without the hazelnuts! (still tastes good, but isn’t as good as the real thing). 

Plot twist: Vanderwood actually runs Mint Eye and Driver Kim is Unknown. And V is Chairman Han LOL

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“I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

             “ sweetheart, half the time i have no idea what the
               hell i’m talkin’ about. i think i was sayin’ somethin’ about
               the engine in scotty’s dads caddy. that thing blew when
               we drove up to mississauga. —- i’m drunk. ”

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Hi! Can I just say the way you answer asks is so cute and I love how positive your attitude is (your blog always gives me a good mood). I have some tmtts questions: 1) What is Sonja's opinion of Isak? Are we ever going to see the boys drunk again (seeing as they agreed on no more drunken hook ups)? 3) Why does Isak think it's a good idea to speak to Mutta about Even needing cuddles (Like ISAK YOU OBLIVIOUS CUPCAKE EVEN WANTS TO CUDDLE YOU! YOU CAN PROVIDE NEEDED CUDDLES)

uhm stop ilysm fjalkfjklsadfj thank you babe ❤️❤️❤️

1) sonja knows isak only from afar – she’s met him whenever there were mass get-togethers between the bakka boys and the boy squad (and sometimes the girl squad, ofc) but they’ve never really talked, considering even and him avoided each other like the plague. funnily enough, though, even never told sonja about why he and isak disliked each other so much, much like he never told anyone else, so sonja is pretty apathetic towards isak. doesn’t think anything of him, mostly because he’s never quite been on her radar. (that changes, ofc, but where we stand now, it’s still the same)

2) even’s taking it easy on the alcohol. isak unknowingly is doing the same, because he knows alcohol is of no help to him ever, but also because he doesn’t want to be drunk if even isn’t.

3) probably bc he knows mutta would cuddle even, no problem! but any of the bakka boys would do this, too, so isak just chooses mutta bc he’s closest to him. but, you know, WHAT DOES HE KNOW

Cat's Tongue

I’m a sculptor of skin, others and my own.
I build and break with movements, sometimes with my hands,
Others with instructions. I can create
so much with just my mouth.

Am I fire or water? Both heal. Both hurt.

Both Heal. Both Hurt.

I run my tongue around trust,
hers and strangers.
Home and work. Love and duty.
It shapes and softens edges like sand paper, but it’s as fulfilling as the caged tiger
Licking the walls of its confinement.

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Currently I'm questioning how I ended up falling in love with a guy I started talking to online months ago who lives in another country??? Because 1.) I didn't think it was possible to fall for someone you've never met and scoffed at it and 2.) I always hated the idea of a long distance relationship. Now I'm in one but at least he likes me too. Which is really the unbelievable part, TBH. :/ Anyway. Ever been in a long distance relationship? Advice?

Yes I have! Honestly just talk to each other every day that you can and keep it real and honest and do your best! I’m very drunk! Do your best! ilu!

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Have you ever seen Howl's Moving Castle? the Ghibli movie? It's apparently based off a book! I checked it out this week and it's really different from the movie but also really good! You should read it!

I LOVE that movie and no I had no idea it was based on a book!! That’s so hecking cool!!

I really need to buy like the ghibli dvd set lol

Rules: you must answer these 83 statements and tag 20 people

i was tagged by @sqye 


1. drink? Apple juice
2. phone call? mom
3. text message? Mom
4. song you listened to? I have no idea
5. time you cried? Earlier today

Have you ever…

6. dated someone twice? no 
7. kissed someone and regretted it? no
8. been cheated on? no
9. lost someone special? I don’t think so 
10. been depressed? yes
11. gotten drunk and thrown up? no

Favourite colors:

12. Red
13. Black
14. Blue maybe

In the last year, have you…

15. made new friends? Maybe
16. fallen out of love? kinda
17. laughed until you cried? Maybe
18. found out someone was talking about you? nah
19. met someone who changed you? Don’t think so
20. found out who your friends are? i dunno
21. kissed someone on your facebook list? no


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life? I do not use Facebook, and do not know any internet friends url
23. do you have any pets? Two cats and a dog
24. do you want to change your name? Maybe my middle name, just so it’s spelled like it’s supposed to be
25. what did you do for your last birthday? Had pie and watched a movie
26. what time did you wake up? Once at 11pm then at 2:30am
27. what were you doing at midnight last night? Watching great British baking show
29. when was the last time you saw your mom? A few hours ago
31. have you ever talked to a person named Tom? No
32. something that is getting on your nerves? A lot of things
33. most visited website? youtube and tumblr
34. hair colour? Almost black, but brown still
35. long or short hair? mid-length
36. do you have a crush on someone? Jared leto
37. what do you like about yourself? Idk
38. piercings: nope
40. nickname: Joe
41. relationship status: single
42. zodiac: Sagittarius
43. pronouns: she/her
44. favourite tv show: great British baking show, or octonauts
46. right or left handed: right
47. surgery: idk

48. sport: I don’t like sports

49. vacation: I went to Oregon at the end of June

50. pair of trainers: idk

More General:

51. eating: cheesy foods
52. drinking: cherry sprite/7up
53. im about to: idk
54. waiting for?: idk
55. want?: money, food
56. get married?: I dunno, if I find a good person, or someone with money willing to marry me
57. career?: idk, something like showbiz I guess 

Which is Better

58. hugs or kisses?: hugs
59. lips or eyes?: eyes
60. shorter or taller?: taller
61. older or younger?: older
62. nice arms or nice stomach?: arms
63. hook up or relationship?: relationship
64. troublemaker or hesitant?: idk

Have You Ever

65. kissed a stranger: no
66. drank hard liquor: no
67. lost glasses/contact lenses: no
68. turned someone down: no?
69. had sex on the first date: no
70. broken someones heart: i hope not
71. had your heart broken: maybe
72. been arrested: no
73. cried when someone died: don’t think so
74. fallen for a friend: maybe

Do You Believe In:

75. yourself? maybe?
76. miracles? Maybe
77. love at first sight? maybe
78. santa claus? no.
79. kiss on the first date? Idk
80. angels? Idk


81. current best friend’s name? Alex
82. eye colour: hazel
83. favourite movie: Mr nobody I guess

Skipping on the tagging other people part