drunk on the idea of love

good things that happened today: talked to old friends, my clothes that i ordered on black friday came in, and i finished my college classes

bad things that happened today: my depression plummeted and came back up three times within the span of an afternoon, and also the person i love hates me and i have no idea what i did other than im an unbearable person to be around :)

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do you still dislike e-19 harry? isaw in your gifs that you can't stand him but honestly i loved drunk hr in the last ep ((also why is he hr?? if barry is ba and wells' initials are hw why is he hr and not hw?? am i missing something))

I find him annoying most of the time cause he talks so fast and things that I don’t really care? except for him helping wally but don’t trust him completely, but I can tolerate him when he’s drunk lol. 

Also I have no idea why is HR lol

i would like to address my silent disdain for the men who have manipulated me, taken their anger out on me, lied to me to get what they wanted, raped me, molested me when i was 16 years old and too drunk for the very first time. you have cursed my life, my existence, my sense of self, my dignity, my ideas about sex, and romance, and violence i have suffered at your hands although you are too fragile to accept it, it is engrained every day in me as i struggle to connect. i tip toe around you as to not offend you. i do not accuse you. i continued to live with you. i dare not utter the word rape. i try to remain quiet, cool, calm. the darkest part i will never stop loving the man who has harmed me in the deepest way. i have allowed them to define me. i attempt to reclaim myself in quiet, through acts of impulsive sex with strangers and even with friends.

all young and drunk with the idea of that one person, the love of our lives
intoxicated, slurring our words of their name.
the feelings came out of nowhere, so fast as if they were stabbing knives…
this type of feeling wasn’t just a game.
it made us alive.
as if we were on cloud 9.

I hate Christmas but I love Christmas.

I love the idea of Christmas. Songs and presents and giving and all of it. I hate the drinking. I hate that my father’s alcoholism has permeated every part of Christmas to the point that what I wish for Christmas every year is for it to be a nice one.

‘Please,’ I think every year ‘let them not fight, let dad not be drunk, let us have a Christmas where everyone is happy.’

I can’t count how many times I hid behind the tree as a teenager, when we got the big fake one. I would sit in the corner behind its branches, with all the lights and ornaments and just pretend that things were ok. That my parents weren’t yelling at each other, that dad wasnt too drunk to even notice what we were opening for presents.

Now I just sit in my room. There’s no point in pretending anymore so I just sit in my room, go on the computer.

Christmas parties that start with people clinking wine glasses like stock photo statues and end with them puking in the restroom. Coworkers asking why aren’t you drinking why arent you having fun why arent you coming this year.

I watch Christmas movies all night on Christmas eve until midnight. ‘Let it be a good one’ I wish before I go to sleep.

I hate that I can’t love Christmas.

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[text] Oooh no, what an idiot. But yes, planning his birthday, do you need any help? I should be back in London tomorrow! I am as mad as a box of frogs but as long as you love me, I'm good and happy <3

[text] Yes, help me get him stinking drunk and having the best night of his whole bloody life! 😂 Actually I had this idea and I need you to tell me if it’s too soppy. I wanted to do like a memory jar for him, where everyone writes him a nice little note with a happy memory they shared with him or just something slushy about how much they love him. Only, I’m not sure if people would really do it? What do you think? 

[text] Ahem. Are you ready? Here comes my best Whitney. Or Dolly, whatever’s your preference. … AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAAAYSSS LOVE YOOOOOUUUUU…

GET TO KNOW MY CHARACTER meme for Scarlett, thanks to @justanothersimsblog for sending me the questions *____* 

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

Being not good enough, not living up to Joker’s expectations. She’s terrified of disappointing him in any way or not being perfect enough. She hides it pretty well, though she talks about it when she’s drunk. Or she gets in trouble trying to show off and do better.

09. Do they have a favorite season? What about a favorite holiday?

She loves all seasons and holidays, she doesn’t need much to get excited. Her least favorite is spring, cuz there’s not many special activities and ideas for it. Her favorite would be fall because of all the Halloween fun.

17. Does your character have dreams of getting married and/or having children?

She hates kids, obviously can’t and would never have her own or spend the time around them in general. Plus she’d kill anyone who aims for her man’s attention right on the spot. So yeah… bad idea.
As for the marriage… she’d love to marry Joker just for the sake of having another way to show her devotion and loyalty to him.

20. Does your character like animals? What are some of their favorite animals? Would they want pets? What about mythological creatures?

She’d be a dog, cuz she’s loyal to the bone. She loves animals very much especially dogs and horses. She’d love to have pet eagle, hyenas, tigers… a lion would be nice too. She could have entire zoo in her house, she’s all about it. Mythological ones would do as well xD

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hello! i love your sports gif and i would like to know if you're planning to do the same kind of thing you did a while ago with football except that instead of on-pitch vs off-pitch, it would be on-ice vs -off ice :3 (did you get... drunk while watching football btw? you made some funny posts)

Hey! First of all, sorry for the late answer ^^ Omg, the on-pitch VS off-pitch gifs are so old, DON’T LOOK AT THEM BC I WAS SO BAD AT GIFFING FOOTBALL BACK THEN (too much green and green is hard to color… yeah, I know lawn is green and it’s a pain)!! But this is a great idea, I’ll post the first one in a few minutes (lmao guess who…)

(I wasn’t drunk… just a bit tipsy. I don’t drink a lot but it was el Clásico and I died bc they score at 90th minute and all and we have a drinking game at every el Clásico with friends so…)

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Love the idea of Drunk WoW Lore. But all I want when it comes to a video explaining Warlords of Draenor is a 30 second video of the presenter just downing an entire bottle of booze. Followed by a video of drunk explaining Legion.


I remember the first time you said I love you. We were at a party I was drunk out of my mind maybe 8 drinks in an hour wasn’t such a good idea but you have this face that makes my heart light up when you said those words the question in my head was “did this really happen? did you really say that?” It’s hard to believe because I’ve been wanting to say that word for so long and you just said it so casually. “Love you ” as you were headed downstairs, leaving me on a couch with some girl who couldn’t keep her head up. But you said “love you”. And this will stick with me.

When I questioned you last night about it, it took awhile but you finally said “because you come visit me on wednesdays, you left me a pancake with Nutella on it for when I got back, you take care of me. ” This I laughed at. And all I wanted to do was cry, because you make me so happy. And I haven’t felt this way about a beautiful soul in so long. Your eyes are like the oceans and I’m being lost at sea. Your freckles are constellations and god damnit you’re my favorite one. A minute with you feels like an hour. But alas an hour goes by so fast and there are only so many minutes in a day.

You feel like home. And I’m so homesick.

—  You said “love you”

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answer all questions with a 6

oh boy let’s do this

6) have someone how? like sexually? no. I’ve messed up friendships though.

16) sunny

26) I saw a very good doggo today but tbh I have no idea what breed it was it was speckled tho 

36) I like to think I’m deep and complicated but honestly I’m pretty sure there aint nothing deep or complex about me

46) I’m in a great mood cuz my leo soul loves talking about myself

56) I love to cuddle but only with people I’m super close with cuz I’m socially awkward and intimacy makes me uncomfortable. unless I’m drunk or high than I’ll cuddle with anyone who is remotely nice to me

60) so many things omg I’m like the mom friend I’ve got a pouch in my bag thats got like asprin and hair ties and feminine products and makeup wipes and mouthwash and condoms not that I’m ever gonna use them, and like a whole shit ton of other stuff

61) nope I can’t handle that shit I’d probably have a panic attack and die.

62) no idea honestly. I mean if we were in love I’d hope so.

63) hahaha nope

64) absofreakinglutely

65) ummm yes so many cute things some embarrassingly so

66) if all kisses count (not just on the lips) than 17, 19, and 19. 

67) I’m pretty good at doing them myself, but I’d like to get them done if I could afford it

68) zebra print

69) I don’t have a car, but if I did it would be covered

76) nope

86) I smoke pot sometimes that’s it though

96) Canada day, with my best friend and her family

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@ * + & (A middle of the night, drunk, loving and curious message lol lol lol lol lol)

Percival sighed as he took another sip of alcohol that just tasted like water. He put the glass down and ran a hand through his hair; he decided on having a cigarette so he went outside, then he had an idea.
[[Text]] To Credence: Babyy– I haven’t seen you all day- how are you¿

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any ideas for what a character could have been doing that night?

— i would love to see the character that actually began daring everyone, someone who wasn’t even at the party, the person who was dared to stick their foot in the fire and how they’re dealing with the burn, someone that had passed out drunk, and/or someone who was hooking up in the woods ! !

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10, 17, 21, 98

Here ya go!

10. Favorite fanfic?

I really like Cover Your Tracks or Background Noise, which are on Wattpad. A good tumblr one is Evening The Score by @wdmsusie but its still being written.

17. Favorite song from MITAM?

Ummm…. This is rather hard, but I’m gonna go with If I Could Fly. (Hence the blog name)

21. Song that makes you cry?

18 by One Direction or Human by Christina Perri.

98. Favorite type of Harry? (Ex. Horny, Drunk etc.)

Omg I really love the idea of Cozy Harry. Like him just coming home from an award show or maybe darting outside in the cold weather, trying to get some coffee to warm both of you up. With you, it’d just him. Plain, normal, boyfriend and cuddles with a sweet kiss in your hair.