drunk on the idea of love

I don’t understand how people meet in highschool and get married right after graduation. What about your hoe faze. What about the drunk and reckless faze. Or you know just figuring yourself out? Shit I had no idea who I was or what the fuck I was doing at 18. How do people do that. How do you fall in love with no idea who you are.

92 Truths

Rules: Write 92 truths about yourself then tag 25 people 

i was tagged by @jayonthestreets (THANK YOU SO MUCH


[1] drink: coke

[2] phone call: idk maybe my bff??

[3] text message: also my bff

[4] song you listened to: victoria - jordan bratton

[5] time you cried: uhm… i have absolutely no idea


[6] dated someone twice: nope

[7] been cheated on: nah

[8] kissed someone and regretted it: no

[9] lost someone special: yup my grandpa but its okay now

[10] been depressed: yesss definitely

[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: no


[12] blue

[13] mint green

[14] lavender


[15] made new friends: YES!! mostly thanks to kpop!

[16] fallen out of love: with things but not with ppl

[17] laughed until you cried: ive….. literally never done that

[18] found out someone was talking about you: nope

[19] met someone who changed you: yes.

[20] found out who your true friends are: well kinda?? ive always kinda known who they r

[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: noooooo ew thats mostly my family

[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: like all of them? except for the ones from america

[23] do you have any pets: yes a rlly old but cute cat

[24] do you want to change your name: yes. i mean my irl name lol i hate my birthname a lot and im trans so theres that

[25] what did you do for your last birthday: nothing really we ate cake nd i got presents

[26] what time did you wake up: you mean today? at 6:10am bc thats when i have to wake up for school fml

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: listening to music and looking at tumblr

[28] name something you cannot wait for: rn i cant wait for my next bday!! but before that i just reeeeaaaaally want friday to come asap bc i also cant wait for spring break (idek if thats the right word)

[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: shes literally in my room rn

[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: a LOT. but idk how to put all this stuff so imma skip this one

[31] what are you listening to right now: nothing 😭

[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: uhh idek someone named tom

[33] something that is getting on your nerves: the fact that lgbt ppl have to come out while cishet ppl dont have to smh

[34] most visited website: youtube

[35] elementary: yes I went to an elementary school (two actually)

[36] high school: yup im in the 10th grade

[37] college: im still in high school so no

[38] hair color: i dyed it red literal months ago so now its a brownish red idk

[39] long or short hair: short

[40] do you have a crush on someone: kinda?? like theres this guy and ive never talked to him but i like the way he looks SOOO much omfg 😍

[41] what do you like about yourself: i like my sense of humour and my eyes

[42] piercings: earlobes but i want a lip piercing once im older

[43]blood type: probably 0?? bc thats what my parents have as far as i know

[44] nickname: none 😫

[45] relationship status: single af but who cares

[46] zodiac sign: virgo…… i hate it…

[47] pronouns: he/him

[48] fav tv show: either avatar or criminal minds.. i cant decide 😩

[49] tattoos: i definitely want tattoos once im older!! but only small ones!

[50] right or left hand: right


[51] surgery: there was some stuff done in my mouth but idk if that counts as a surgery

[52] piercing: only earlobes (so far..)

[53] best friend: talika? or talita?? idk anymore I’m rlly forgetful

[54] sport: i used to do capoeira (???) when i was younger

[55] vacation: somewhere in spain close to granada i think… who knows i dont wanna ask my parents for this

[56] pair of trainers: what the-?! how is anyone supposed to remember smth like this???!


[57] eating: sweets

[58] drinking: coke

[59] i’m about to: answer the rest of these questions

[60] listening to: still nothing 😭

[61] waiting for: spring break

[62] want: rn i just wanna be out without coming out ya know?

[63] get married: one day imma have a wonderful husband 😍💕…. one day thats VERY far in the future bc im way too young for stuff like this oml

[64] career: i rlly wanna be an author or an actor!

[65] hugs or kisses: hugs ftw!!

[66] lips or eyes: can i say both? like it depends on the person idk

[67] shorter or taller: i cant stand being shorter than ppl so imma go with shorter

[68] older or younger: definitely older

[70] nice arms or nice stomach: nice arms (looking at jackson tbh 👀👀)

[71] sensitive or loud: BOTH!! (but mostly sensitive bc im shy)

[72] hook up or relationship: im too young for both of these things but relationship

[73] troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant


[74] kissed a stranger? nah

[75] drank hard liquor? nope

[76] lost glasses/contact lenses? never happened to me yaaay

[77] turned someone down: nope

[78] sex on first date? no.

[79] broken someone’s heart? idk

[80] had your own heart broken? yes that dude was an asshole and i was naïve af

[81] been arrested? nah

[82] cried when someone died? no

[83] fallen for a friend? nope


[84] yourself? not really..

[85] miracles? whut no

[86] love at first sight? no but i believe in being fascinated by someone and being interested in them at first sight

[87] Santa Claus? no. im not 5 years old

[88] kiss on the first date? why not?

[89] angels? nope the stories are interesting but i dont believe in stuff like that


[90] current best friend’s name: i have like three rn but my BEST best friend is ana ❤💕 ily ana

[91] eye color: brown-green

[92] favorite movie: uhm i have no idea i have favourite books and favourite mvs but idk about a favourite movie sorry

im too shy?? too awkward??? too whatever to tag anyone but if you see this and wanna do this pls consider yourself tagged!💕

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I have a smut Idea! So Dan and Phil is in a restaurant and they get a little drunk then they end up in the bathroom and boom smut

I love this for real. 😍🍷👌👈

Phil holds open the door, smiling cutely as Dan walks through “a table for Two please.” Dan says to the waiter as Phil enters behind him, the waiter leads them to a booth and seats them “can i start you two off with any drinks?” He asks, pulling out his note pad, Phil smiles to Dan “a fine bottle of red wine please, two glasses.” Phil answers for the two of them, making Dan smile sweetly, though he was quiet the light weight and couldn’t hold his liquor. “Nice choice sir. I’ll be right back with that and you can look over the menus.” The waiter said before leaving the two alone. “So fancy.” Dan chuckles, rubbing Phil’s ankle with his foot under the table “only the best for you, my dear.” Phil smiled cheekily, later into the evening and several glasses into the bottle Dan’s vision began to get heavy and his words began to slur together, Phil laughed making Dan look confused “what’s so funny?” He slurred out “you’re such a light weight.” Phil replied and Dan giggled cutely “I’m not even that drunk.” He said through out his giggles “yeah? Lets go fuck in the bathroom.” Phil said jokingly, Dan’s drunk brain couldn’t pick up the sarcasm and said “ok” standing up and grabbing Phil’s hand, taking him to the bathroom, pulling him into the stall and kissing him hard, as he began to pull off his clothes, pulling off Phil’s top and kissing his neck, Phil let out moans, pulling off Dan’s bottoms and pushing him against the stall before sliding into him hard, Dan moans out loudly as Phil began to thrust in hard “fuck Phil!!” He moaned loudly as Phil started to reach his climex and cums hard in Dan and Dan cumming on the floor. Phil pulled Dan close after they got dressed, “how about another drink?”

                         i’m  not  saying  you’re   batshit   crazy .               okay  maybe  that  was  exactly  what  she  said  ten  seconds  prior .  but  the  mix  of  giving  advises   &   being  drunk  was  a  bad  idea .  really  bad  idea .               i  love  you ,  but   …   wait ,  why  didn’t  you  ask  raven  about  this   ?     ‘ 

          @hcrlegacy  GETS  A  VERSE  THING .

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can I have some headcanons for mastermind chihiro who's dating mastermind mondo?

  • they faked the entire chapter two case together and when they remember the whole thing they laugh about it like love drunk idiots.
  • mondo has absolutely no idea about computers, or technology, or anything tech related at all, so he often just sits in the corner on his games console or phone and looks over now and then at chihiro typing away on the other side of the room.
  • their outfits for their big reveal are reversed, mondo’s being red and black and chihiro’s being black and red. 
  • mondo refers to chihiro as his ‘prince’ and the other secretly loves it.
  • chihiro loves being carried. he’d demand mondo lift him up just to go into the kitchen to get a drink sometimes.
  • chihiro always tries to get mondo into computing, and mondo actually tried to, just to see chihiro smile. but he got way too angry with the programme and couldn’t deal with it.
  • mondo loves computer games though and cool dog videos he finds online.
  • chihiro sends him constant links to said dog videos, and other stuff he thinks mondo might like.
  • mondo came up with the idea for most of the executions, while chihiro designed the motives and how the executions would actually be carried out.
  • mondo is extremely protective of chihiro, and even acts as if he were his bodyguard at times.
  • chihiro loves painting his nails and tries to paint mondo’s all the time, eventually he lets him do what he wants. again. with the colour scheme, chihiro painted his red and mondo’s black.
  • before the killing game took place and they were both still only planning it, mondo loved taking chihiro out on rides on his bike, and loved showing off his ride even more. chihiro, wasn’t impressed much but smiled at how cute it was.

(hope you enjoy them! - mod ouma)

re: actually getting drunk, and also on the topic of consuming regular food/drinks
i definitely love the idea of them needing to drink from a drunk person to get drunk?? and like.. not being able to get drunk off of the alcohol itself. like i 100% approve of that its good and i love it. idk how that would really work but i love it
and personally ive always kind of thought like… they probably can?? eat and drink like… normal stuff but it probably doesnt make them feel All That Great (esp the more processed stuff id think) and i doubt it would taste too good either, but i never really thought of it having like… really horrible side effects?? i mean maybe if they had a lot of it or if its rly processed shit they might get sick in a way similar to like foodborne illness but like nothing life threatening or anything like that. if it was just small amounts tho itd be more along the lines of like when u get shitty food court food and it doesnt really taste that great and maybe gives u a little bit of a stomach ache but its tolerable and at least u have smth in u and ur not starving. but i feel like theyd definitely lean towards like meats and stuff for sure, and the less cooked the better

open to m/f/nb. connection ideas: coworker, family friend, father’s coworker’s child.

           ———– he’s always loved attending these business parties for numerous reasons– it’s a good opportunity to get new regulars to the club, it’s the only business function that he can get drunk at, but mostly, it’s because of them. harrison has had his eyes on this person for quite a while, and these parties gave him an excuse to talk to them. he’s never been shy by any means but there was just something about them that made his heart skip a beat and his tongue go tied. “can i get you a drink?” he asked, biting down on his lip with a grin. 



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‘ fall in love with someone that makes you feel strong. ’ to audrey from :^ ) michaela

“ … what“ the younger coughed up, tone more high-pitched at the end, her face a confused frown, like she couldn’t believe what she just heard. with a wine glass in one hand, containing a drink, cheap and white which she had brought herself, and a camera in the other, hanging passively at the moment, the blond was seated in a couch in michaela’s own apartment.

the apartment was unlike anything audrey has ever experienced before. perhaps it was rude to come into someone’s home and immediately start taking pictures from the windows, but with the panorama-view that this skyscraper offered, the student hadn’t been able to help herself. compared to her own collective and her room with a single window, small and looking out on another grey-looking building, a busy street and dogs taking a shit on the sidewalk, this was incredible.

she was showered in aesthetic pleasures here, and it showed in the way she shone. she had even let hair hair out, pink tips hanging loosely around her shoulders, and from her seat she was watching and talking to the actress, as they were both trying to get each other tipsy, as it seemed. the blond didn’t complain.

had she babbled on too much, though? she hadn’t realized how intoxicated she was until she started to wonder what it was they had talked about. a question, which was getting cloudy in the photographer’s memory, had come to make her talk about her past relationships. what a depressive mess. must be intimidating too, she thought, knowing that audrey had always been the one to break up. perhaps someone as high-profile and beautiful as michaela wouldn’t care, but audrey still felt that she had said too much. she didn’t believe in love. at least, she didn’t seem to believe in love as strongly as the rest of the world. was she a pessimist? a realist? those two were always hard to tell apart.

“ i suppose… that’s nice of you to say. “ she acknowledged eventually. restless fingers traveled across the buttons of her camera, the most expensive item she owned. “ i feel strong on my own though. i guess that’s why i’m not very romantic. people who go around looking for their better half, or their missing piece, they’re bound to think differently than someone who feels whole on their own. i suppose… if i was to love someone, it’d be because they affirmed what i already know about myself… that i’m completely free and capable. my heart is not to be won over, but for me to give away. that’s attractive as fuck. “

eyes finally glanced over in michaela’s direction again. the sight was so dreamy that the student had to take another sip of her wine. her gaze got stuck in the woman’s hair, and her curves, and her eyelashes. breathtaking in the light of the city that was slowly morphing into nightlife, but not quite yet. the sky was baby blue and pink, which was causing the older’s skin to glow in a mystic color. she was a fae, for sure. perhaps she didn’t know it herself, but audrey could see it.

“ when i do fall in love… i hope she’s like you. “ she muttered, teeth slowly biting at her bottom lip, tearing at the very thinnest, outer skin. “ like… a muse? yeah. someone i look at, and i just want to… i want to make her into art so that i can own a piece of her. to take pictures and picture and picture, and film her laugh, and film her cry, and film her cum, so that i can watch it over and over again. that she creates this urge to create within me. the story of the artist and their muse is as old as the stories of love, and of jealousy, and of hatred. it’s not a myth. it’s real. i can feel it right here, right now… “

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1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say? - I honestly have no idea considering it’s my now ex girlfriend I still love, soooo.
2. What’s going on between you and the last person you kissed? - We’re broken up. Jesus, I didn’t read these.
3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was into drugs, would you care? - As long as it’s nothing hard and a constant then I wouldn’t mind. Might be a little irritating at times, but.
4. Is your last name longer than six letters? - 6 exactly.
5. Was your last kiss drunk or sober? - Sober. In the living room.
6. Have you ever wanted to have someone but you messed it up? - oh my god.
7. What does your last received text say? - “why wouldn’t it be appropriate??"😅
8. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed? - I lost count the first time I ever kissed her. I was too busy melting.
9. Where was your last kiss at? - In her living room.
10. When is the last time you saw your sister? - Today.
11. What do you drink in the morning? - Usually nothing. I miss coffee.😭
12. Where did you sleep last night? - Bottom bunk.
13. Do you think relationships are hard? - Very much. But always worth it.
14. If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you? - BLEACHING MY HAIR. But how I handled a lot between Alex and I the last few months.
15. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems? - Ahhh, no. I just don’t know how it would go.
16. Would you rather it be sunny or rainy? - Sunny because I’ve liked it lately. Rainy because I love the smell.
17. Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you? - No, not that I can recall.
18. Are you wearing jeans,sweatpants,or pajama pants? - Skinny pants lol
19. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 years from now? - I don’t know. We’ll see.
20. Does anyone like you? - I believe so? But it isn’t anything I’m interested in.
21. Have you ever kissed someone with a name that starts with an S? - Yuuup
22. Is the last person you kissed gay? - She’s real gay.
23. Is there a person you CANNOT stand? - Yes.
24. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? - gots one.
25. In the past week have you cried? - Yes, family stress.
26. What breed was the last dog you saw? - My sister has two boxers.
27. Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower? - It depends on where my towel is.
28. Have you ever kissed a football player? - I don’t think so??
29. Do you think you’re old? - Eh.
30. Do you like text messaging? - It depends. Usually no.
31. What type of day are you having? - Decent.
32. Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced? - 2 nose piercings already.
33. Do you prefer warm or cold weather? - A mix of both is good.
34. Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you? - Yes.
35. Would you prefer a relationship or a fling? - Relationship.
36. Are you a simple or complicated person? - It really depends. I can be both.
37. What song are you listening to? - We don’t talk anymore/Charlie Puth.
38. When you say you’re sorry do you mean it? - Yes.
39. Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you? - Pretty positive.
40. What made you start liking the person you like now? - I don’t know. It was slow and then it wouldn’t go away.
41. When did you last receive a text message? Whenever the last time Alex texted me back was.
42. What is wrong with you right now? - My gums hurt.
43. How well do you know the last female you texted? - We’ve been naked together a LOT, so pretty well.
44. Does anyone disgust you? - Yes
45. Would you date someone right now if they asked? - No.
46. Are you in a good mood right now? - An alright one.
47. Who was the last person you talked to in person? - Robbie.
48. What color shirt are you wearing? - Black
49. Has someone recently told you something you didn’t want to hear? - Yes.
50. Anyone you’re giving up on? - Yup.
51. Do you hate the person you fell hardest for? - No.
52. Have you ever thought about giving up on someone but couldn’t? - Yessss
53. Do you like rain? - I do.
54. Do you care if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks? - As long as it isn’t excessive.
55. Have you ever liked somebody and never told them? - Yes.
56. Do you like to cuddle? - I love it. I miss it so much.
57. Are you shy? - Eh.
58. Do you get along with girls? - Usually.
59. Have you dated the person you texted last? - Yes.
60. What do you carry with you at all times? - My phone and usually poetry books.
61. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you? - Hell yeah.
62. Do you think you can last in a relationship for five months? - I just did, even though it ended.
63. Think back to October, were you in a relationship? - Yes.
64. The person you like kisses you on the forehead, do you find this cute? - It’s adorable.
65. Did anything “cute” happen in the last week? - No.
66. How old are the last three people you kissed? - 23,22,22.
67. Would you rather pay to get your nails done or do them yourself? - Get them done.
68. Which do you like better- Zebra print or leopard print? - Neither.
69. Do you have any stickers on your car? - Used too.
70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne? - Neither.
71. Blackberry, Anroid, or iPhone? - IPhone.
72. When’s the last time you had pizza from Pizza Hut? - I don’t remember.
73. Do you like diet soda? - No.
74. What color are the walls in your room? - None.
75. Are you 16 or older? - 23.
76. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? - No.
77. Do you have a job? - Yes, technically.
78. What are your initials? - KDS
79. Did you ever have braces? - No.
80. Are you from the south? - Texan.
81. What does your last status on facebook say? - I don’t remember honestly.
82. Do you still talk to the first person you ever kissed? - No.
83. Are you closer to your mom or your dad? - They’re both iffy.
84. Have you ever done cheerleading or gymnastics? - Cheerleader.
85. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters? - Logan.
86. Do you smoke? - I quit a few months ago.
87. Would you rather wear heels or flip flops? Flip flops.
88. Is your phone touch screen? - Yes.
89. Do you normally wear your hair straight or curly? - It’s naturally wavy and I leave it that way.
90. Have you ever snuck out of your house? - Yes.
91. Would you rather swim in a river, lake, or pool? - Pool.
92. Have you ever made out in a car? - Yes.
93. …Had sex in a car? - Yes.
94. Are you single or in a relationship? - Single.
95. What were you doing last night at midnight? - Trying to sleep.
96. When’s the last time you saw fireworks? - New Years, I think.
97. Do you like the camera on your phone? - Sure.
98. Have you ever had a friend with benefits? - No.
99. Have you ever passed out from drinking? - No.
100. Are you friends with people on facebook that you actually hate? - Eh.
101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? - Yes.
102. Name your favorite Kesha song: The Harold song
103. Do you have any tan lines right now? - I would if I’d worn shorts today.
104. Would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts? - Fuck no.



** Please specify who you are / who you texting or writing

  • Hakuouki characters only (unless you want to test my ingenuity)
  • If you are still stuck in the Edo period, send a letter instead.  💌 or LTR
  • If you have a specific request (from below), send the number.
  • If you feel creative you can send your own text. 
  • One BEEP per ask, please.

I’ll randomly generate a number between 1-29 for one of the following:

  1. A funny text
  2. A sad text
  3. A scared text
  4. A late night text
  5. An excited text
  6. A taunting text
  7. An angry text
  8. A frustrated text
  9. A concerned text
  10. A loving text
  11. A confession via text
  12. An accidental text
  13. A wrong number text
  14. A text that wasn’t sent
  15. A text for help
  16. A helpful text
  17. A comforting text
  18. A drunk text
  19. A bad idea text
  20. A rude text
  21. A long text
  22. A one word text
  23. A text asking for advice
  24. A final text
  25. A flirty text
  26. A hyper text
  27. A weird text
  28. A sarcastic text
  29. A heartbreaking text

The tip of my nails linger above the keys, just waiting for a response from my brain. The only problem is that I’m sure my mind knows how to respond to this. Any of it. How do I respond to the fact that I’m failing both my college classes? Or the idea that all I’ve ever wanted to be was a writer, but I can’t remember the last time I actually sat down to write. My mother is a drunk who only cares about herself, while dragging my little sister around with her stupid boyfriend. How am I suppose to respond to that? Maybe a response isn’t what I need though. Maybe what I need is much deeper than a simple sentence of words with meaningless syllables. If I only I knew what it is that I need… if only life, my life, was as simple as a response to fix these broken metaphors.

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Top six drunk Harry moments??

OH MY GOD, OK lmao get out the alcohol, kids, it’s time to have some fun lmao

1. Drunk New Years karaoke with Mr.Harry “I don’t know the lyrics to Last Christmas” Styles (shameful)

Originally posted by hypnochick123

2. The “I’m too drunk to walk by myself” walk of shame

3. Drunk cuddles with Take That (y’all have no idea how much I love Gary Barlow)

4. Caipirinha induced drunk cuddles with Ben by the pool (I’m particularly fond of this one, dunno why…)

5. Shots with hometown best friend

6. This lovely picture

Raise that pinky, Harry! Drunk but still classy lmao


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Haha oh the possibilities! So much pressure and so many ideas lol I love everything you write really. Um how about something light and fluffy with a drunk myc and molly?

So I apologize it is not 100% fluffy and they are not 100% drunk, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless? I think it’s mostly fluffy, at least, and it has a love confession! So there’s that. But please, enjoy.

Originally posted by eugeniebatch

Changes Abound (An “Almost Like A Fairytale” Story) - Mycroft comes by Molly’s flat unexpectedly on her day off with a bottle of expensive wine to bribe her to accompany him on a trip abroad, but his other plans for the day go awry when they decide to stay in and drink the wine.

Relationship: Mycroft Holmes/Molly Hooper

Characters: Molly HooperMycroft Holmes

Additional Tags: Established Mycroft Holmes/Molly Hoopersurprise visitSurprise TripAlcoholDrinking & TalkingLove ConfessionsDeclarations Of LoveKissingDrunken KissingMycroft FeelsCouch CuddlesBreakfastexpensive winePromises

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Molly was rather surprised to see Mycroft at the door of her flat with a bottle of wine at nine in the morning on her day off. She gave him a raised eyebrow and a curious look. “And just why are you surprising me with wine so early in the morning?” she asked.

“Because I need to whisk you away for another trip and this is the bribe,” he said, presenting her with the bottle of chardonnay. She got a good look at it at saw it was a bottle of 2013 Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru Les Demoiselles, which was rather nice.

And French.

She tilted her head and looked at him. “Are we going to France?”

He seemed to relax. “Yes. Not for another week, and I know there will be no problem for you to arrange the weekend off, but there is a high-ranking diplomat whose wife is having a birthday in Burgundy and I have been asked to attend with a date, as it has been known I have a significant other now. She has an interest in true crime stories and…”

“And I’m a pathologist who works closely with the great Sherlock Holmes,” she finished wryly.

“Yes,” he said. “She’s actually, for a diplomat’s wife, a rather interesting woman. She was a coroner in New York City. You two should get along well.”

“For you and this good bottle of wine, I will,” she said, leaning in to kiss him quickly before inviting him in. “Can you stay today or were you just planning to ask me to go with you?”

“I had thought while the bottle was getting to temperature we might get some clothing for the trip,” he said. “And then perhaps come back and enjoy the wine over dinner.”

“Do I get to enjoy your company tonight as well?” she asked.

“Perhaps,” he said, giving her one of his rare smiles. Nothing too forward had happened yet, but they had shared a bed a few times and it had been quite nice. She had gotten the feeling that they were slowly working towards the next step but she would wait for it, however long it took. She had the feeling it would be quite worth it.

“Good,” she said, giving him a smile in return. “Let me change and then I’ll be ready to go.” He nodded and settled onto the sofa, immediately being greeted by the kittens she had rescued. It was almost time for the one he favoured to go home with him, actually. Perhaps when they came back from France. Though from the looks of it, she thought with a smile before she headed to her bedroom, she might be able to talk him into a pair of them, possibly.

She quickly changed into a long maroon three quarter sleeve jersey dress that fit her body quite nicely, pairing it with a light grey and white crocheted infinity scarf as it was still cold out, even though the weather was slowly warming up. She had a lovely fax-suede coat that she usually wore with this dress, and at least this way if they went anywhere upscale she wouldn’t feel as hough she stuck out like a sore thumb. She went back out to her sitting room and saw the very appreciative look in Mycroft’s eyes. “I think that outfit should come to France,” he said simply.

“Really?” she asked, going over to him and picking up one of the kittens off his lap.

He gently placed his hand on her hip and curled it gently before nodding. “Simple yet elegant. With your hair down, I think you’d look even more beautiful.”

She blushed, then set the kitten on the sofa and reached up to undo the ponytail, running her fingers through her hair once the elastic was out. “Better?” she asked.

He nodded. “I am almost reconsidering my plans for the day,” he murmured.

“We don’t have to go anywhere, you know,” she said. “I mean, we could have…wine for brunch. I can make us an excellent not so fattening breakfast and we could enjoy the wine and just spend the day here.”

“And you would be fine with that?” he asked.

She gently pried his hand off her hip and held onto it as she found a cleared off spot to sit down, holding his hand in hers. “I would be just fine if we did nothing other than lounge around in our pyjamas and watch the telly all day. That was what my plans were today, at least. That and a bit of baking. You coming by and suggesting shopping for the trip was a pleasant surprise but really, as long as I get to spend the day with you, it will be a good day.”

“Well, the wine was already mostly chilled,” he said, bringing their hands to his lips and kissing the back of hers.

“Then if you tell me the things I’ll need I’ll go shopping later. But for now, we’ll have the wine and I can make…” She thought for a moment. “How about crepes? Crepes with fruit sauce, perhaps?”

“An effort to impress?” Mycroft asked.

“Perhaps,” she said with a smile, pulling her hand away. “So? Is that a yes?”

“That is a yes,” he said. She got up and he followed, with both of them moving into her kitchen. She moved around, with Mycroft helping her with ease. It was so wonderful how easily he fit into things, she realized, how well he fit into her home, her life…she was always so pleasantly surprised by that. They didn’t open the wine until after the crepes were made, simply so that there was no chance of ruining them, but once they were done and the strawberry sauce they decided on was finished, they took the food and the wine bottle to her table and sat across from each other and began to eat, helping themselves to generous servings of both food and wine.

Eventually, the food was gone but there was still wine left, and they took their glasses and the bottle to her sofa. One bottle was not enough to get either of them drunk, they knew, but she had wine if they wanted more and there was more food to sop up the alcohol as well, to lead for a nice day of pleasant drunkenness if they so chose. She curled up against him, sipping her wine. “This is very good,” she said.

“For £185 a bottle, it should be,” he replied.

Her eyes widened. “It really costs that much?” she asked, looking up at him.

He nodded. “And I have five more at home.”

“Mmmm. I know what I would like some more of if you’re willing to share,” she said, having another sip.

“I’ll give them all to you, if you wish,” he replied.

“You don’t have to do that,” she said, her eyes wide.

“They just sit in my wine cellar,” he said with a slight shrug. “I rarely have company over. Andrea prefers reds, so she won’t drink chardonnay unless it’s paired with the food, and even then she always insists on something less, so I can save my better quality whites for ‘better company who will appreciate it’. And as I prefer to eat here rather than at my home, there’s a better chance I will get to drink them if they’re here.”

Molly hadn’t felt quite so sad for Mycroft before. She knew that aside from her and his PA there were few people in his life, but she hadn’t realized he was so lonely. She set her glass down and then took his glass and set it on her table as well before shifting so she was face to face with him. “You will not give me any of them, Mycroft. You will bring them over when I invite you to dinner, and we’ll share them. Or you’ll open them up when I come over for dinner and we’ll share them at your home. You can give me any other wine you want, but not this. This is our dinner wine now. We share it over a meal, either together or at a dinner party or…whatever. Understood?”

He reached over and used his knuckles to caress her cheek lightly. “Understood, my love.”

She beamed at that. “Are you saying you love me, Mycroft?”

“I suppose I am,” he said. “Sentiment doesn’t come easily, but that did.”

“Good, because I do love you too, you know.” She leaned in and kissed him softly, a kiss that went on longer than she had expected, becoming slow and searching as their bodies shifted positions and she began to feel her dress being hitched up. Apparently, today was going to be the day things changed, she thought to herself as she moved her hands to find the buttons on his shirt.

And she couldn’t be happier.

anonymous asked:

Do you think it's possible that the magic that sent the queen to the wish realm also altered the whole population? Because I still don't understand why she wasn't recognized when she entered the tavern. I mean, I love the idea she'll be an outlaw by Robin's side and all, but there's a vengeful King looking for her and people act like they don't know her, even with that dress?

Brigitte Hales said they were drunk.

Kevin ‘the son of exy’ Day 
“Let Riko be King,“ Kevin said, with the exaggerated enunciation of the thoroughly sloshed. "Most coveted, most protected. He’ll sacrifice every piece he has to protect his throne. Whatever. Me?” Kevin gestured again, meaning to indicate himself but too drunk to get his hand higher than his waist. “I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.”
“Queen,” Andrew said somewhere behind Neil.
Nora Sakavic, The King’s Men (All for the Game, #3)