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Grimmjow felt kinda bad that he couldn't find anything to get his boyfriend for Christmas. So, at last minute, he just brought home some booze from his bar. Perhaps drinking and spending time together could make up for it? Of course he'd be the one to pour the drinks. "Hey." But first, he tugged Nnoitra close, hooking his arm around his neck and leaning up against him. There was a smile on his face, before tugging him down into a kiss. "Merry Christmas, Nnoitra." And another kiss. "I love ya."

     No doubt this would be his favorite Christmas so far. The last two years HAD been good for him, seeing as he hadn’t needed to celebrate Christmas alone. But, nothing could be better than spending the holiday with Grimmjow. There was hardly anything festive about their apartment. The only Christmas decoration was the mistletoe Grimmjow had put up in the doorway to their bedroom. This was fine. Nnoitra had never been one to put up trinkets or whatever for Christmas ( he didn’t look like the type, did he? ). Would be pretty fucking weird, if they had a Christmas tree and all of that shit. Apart from the mistletoe, there was nothing to give away which holiday it was. Well - if you didn’t look out the windows. The streets were packed with reminders of Christmas. Hell, if he listened closely, he could hear some distant Christmas Music playing somewhere not-so-far away. In previous years, this might’ve bothered him. He had hated the reminder that people were HAPPY, and together with their families and loves ones, while he was doomed to be alone ( and, that he deserved to be alone ). Things literally couldn’t be more different now.

     He was going to spend the holiday with his boyfriend, in their amazing apartment ( Nnoitra still hadn’t gotten over how big and nice this place was ). His Christmas present to Grimmjow ( which he hadn’t been able to wrap, wops? ), lay on the couch, and they would probably use it later on, when they cuddled up on said couch. He didn’t mind that Grimmjow hadn’t gotten him anything. It was only a month and a half since his birthday after all, and in any case, he couldn’t think of anything he wanted or needed. He actually had EVERYTHING. Shit. He seriously never would’ve fucking imagined that he would come to this point in his life. Like - ever.

     Grimmjow’s arm was wrapped around his neck, and Nnoitra took the hint, bending down a little, as he was pulled closer. Grimmjow had just gotten back from his bar ( Nnoitra had said he could go with him, but instead, he had stayed home to do the laundry. HE ALWAYS DID THE CHORES DAMN IT! ). Nnoitra HAD noticed that Grimmjow had brought back a few bottles. No doubt some booze that they could enjoy on this festive occasion. Well, Nnoitra DID look pretty fucking festive today. The two of them had gone to church earlier, and so ( of course ), Nnoitra had been dressed in a shirt ( for once ). He hadn’t bothered changing. All he had done was roll up the sleeves.

     His boyfriend was leaning against him now, and it made Nnoitra smirk a bit. Grimmjow had a nice smile, though it looked even nicer when it was wider. That was when his dimples would show. Nnoitra was tugged down further, and the kiss that followed was very welcome. Mh. Grimmjow’s lips were a bit dry and definitely chopped. Nnoitra should buy him some… Something that would help with that. He had no idea what, but he could probably google it or something. Before Grimmjow could part them, Nnoitra deepened the kiss a little. Once they had parted, and Grimmjow told him ‘ merry Christmas ‘, he would’ve said it right back, but, he didn’t get the chance. Another kiss stopped him from replying, and once again, he deepened it, just so Grimmjow would know that he really enjoyed kissing him.

     Ah, fuck. Grimmjow ( somehow ) didn’t have a problem with telling Nnoitra that he loved him. He did it quite often, actually. Which was great, because Nnoitra NEVER got tired of hearing it. Every time those words fell from the other’s mouth, his heart did a back-flip, before it settled in his chest again, giving him that deep calm sense of belonging. It really was the best feeling in the world. No surprises then, that his affection towards Grimmjow always heated up in these moments. Firmly, he pulled his boyfriend closer, holding him against his chest.

     ❝ Yer makin’ me all soft, ya know? Nnoitra chuckled ( too bad there was nothing soft about his chuckle. Not that he could help that though ). He brushed his fingers down Grimmjow’s back, before letting him go enough to see his face. It didn’t come ‘ natural ‘ to Nnoitra to say affectionate stuff like ‘ I love you ‘. He paused, while his smile widened, and he placed a hand against Grimmjow jaw, brushing his thumb across his cheek. 

     ❝ I love ya too. Was it unnecessary to say it when Grimmjow already knew? Maybe. It wasn’t like the words were forced though. He really DID love him. So fucking much. If we get drunk enough, yer probably gonna get me ‘ta say some more lame stuff.The chances of him getting that drunk before Grimmjow was passed out? Slim. Nnoitra kissed him again, though it got a bit spoiled by him grinning. This really was going to be the best Christmas so far.



Somehow watching the original Star Wars trilogy by myself while drinking an entire bottle of sparkling grape juice has become my NYE tradition.


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