drunk vocab

Baby Korean 8: Washing your hair

You just came back from a 노래방 and your are kind of drunk. You have all food and sauses from the food you orded in your head and you need to 머리를 감아요 really baddly.

You go into the bathroom and 샾푸를 덜어요, after that you 머리를 숙이고 감아요. But there is the sauce still remained so then you try again but only 머리를 물로 적셔요 . You scrub your hair so much that 거품이 났어요.

You once again 샾푸를 덜어요 because you like to rinse and repeat.
But this time 눈에 샴푸가 들어갔어요!

Such a bad day today right?

Once more you 머리를 물로 적셔요 and then 머리를 말려요. After you 머리를 말라요 you 두피를 마사지해요

As you go to sleep you realise that you did not 머리를 빗어요 but you don’t care.. you are drunk.

8 Vocab 머리를 감다- When you wash your hair. 삼푸를 덜다 - When you dispense your shampoo 머리를 숙이고 감다- When your lower your head to wash your hair 머리를 물로 적시다 - Wetting your hair with water 거품이 나다 - When bubbles come out 머리를 말리다 - when you are drying your hair 눈에 ___가/이 들어가다 - when something goes in your eyes.