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So it’s the summer of 1871, and Rimbaud meets Verlaine and he’s like, “Yo. I know about poetry.” And Verlaine’s like, “Yo. i know more about poetry.” And Rimbaud’s like, “That’s impossible. You wanna have an affair?” And Verlaine’s like, “…Yeah, that’s cool.”

I haven’t found anyone yet that holds me tighter than you have.

- Drunk text.

someone pls end me

okay so here’s my wanna one voice tag which took 26 takes anywho ~~ I was tagged by @kimjaehwanswife @extraongdinary @jaehwn and idk who else (bc tumblr is being a b*tch and I don’t get tag notifs rip). I apologise in advance for my mispronunciations, actual screaming at one point and general awkwardness rip to anyone who even thought i was cool hahah

1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

I’d like to tag @bae-jy @king-jaehwan @dearlydaehwi @wanna-one @kangniel @minhwangs @kngniel @memelordjisung @idaehwi @panwink @hasungswoon @1guanlins @darkpastwoojin @rosybaejin @donghyun @j7sung @l-guanlin @nohtaehyun @ongeuigeon @parkji-hoons @p-arkwoojin ; you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to !!!


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