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Stars in His Eyes

Hi guys! I’m really sorry that I haven’t been posting as much, but school has been crazy busy! This is just a fluffy imagine that will totally have a part 2, so I hope you enjoy!💗

Stars in His Eyes
Tom kept his eyes trained on her while she wandered throughout the party with Laura. He knew that she would probably be safe because she was with their friend, but he just needed to make sure that nobody got too close to her and made her uncomfortable. Ever since Tom had known her, she had been almost painfully shy and had suffered from anxiety, especially in large crowds, so Tom just wanted to ensure that she was alright. She’d gotten swept away from him before, and Tom refused to lose her again.
The beer bottle in his hand was freezing cold and he longed to hold her hands between his own to warm up. Tom wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked tonight in her little sundress, with her hair curled into soft ringlets that hung down her exposed back. Her lips looked like rosy, red pillows and her eyelids were painted a shimmery, champagne color. Her cheeks were blushing and Tom didn’t know how, but the light enveloped her entire body, so wherever she went, she shined like an angel. He wanted to tell her all these things and more, but instead, he’d kept his mouth shut the best he could.
They weren’t together, they were merely friends. But, that being said, they were friends who brought each other hot drinks on cool days. They were friends who lent each other coats and snuggled together under blankets. They were friends who shared food off of the same plate and who held hands to cross the street. They were friends who fell asleep on the couch together while they stayed up all night watching films. They were friends who longed to be more.
Looking back over her shoulder, she glanced back to where Tom, Jacob and Harrison stood, their backs leaned up against a wall. She prayed Tom wouldn’t see her as her eyes flicked over his frame.
He looked so good, the best, she pondered. His jeans fit him impeccably and she wondered who’d helped him pick them out, because surely they deserved an award, and the buttons of his shirt strained against the broadness of his chest, forcing the lines of definition hidden beneath to be showcased to their fellow party-goers.
“Hey,” Laura’s sudden voice called out, cutting into her fantasy of simply walking up to Tom, and yanking him down to kiss her. “Let’s get another drink, yeah?”
Nodding her head, the girls rejoined hands and did their best to push through the crowded living room and into the kitchen to refill their cups.
Jacob nudged Tom’s shoulder when he saw that his friend’s attention was focused entirely on her retreating frame through the kitchen’s door. “Dude, this has to stop. You look like her stalker or some shit.”
Harrison snorted into his beer before agreeing, “Yeah, mate. It’s too much, if someone didn’t know the two of you, they’d probably fear for her life.”
Tom scoffed, shaking his head before taking a gulp of beer. “That’s not, I’m not, it’s not, it’s fine. Everything is fine. I’m just making sure that she’s- fuck, I mean they’re, okay.”
“For sure, dude, for sure.” Jacob said, making a point to roll his eyes. “Why don’t you just chug your beer, walk into the kitchen, and ask her out? You want to date her, and you’ve got to know that she wants to date you too.”
“I just,” Tom paused, diligently attempting to think of something eloquent to say, “I just don’t wanna do anything that is going to make her feel like it’s all going to fast. I heard her talking to Laura yesterday about how she thinks that the sweetest relationships are the ones that have had the most time to build themselves up.”
“Dude, you guys have had nearly a year to build up your relationship.” Harrison commented, shaking his head. “You’re both just looking for excuses to stay the same way.”
Tom did his best to ignore Harrison’s comment. He wasn’t not asking her out because he wanted their relationship to become totally and completely immobile, he wasn’t asking her out because he was scared that he would fuck everything up. Little did he know, she and Laura were having a similar conversation, but theirs was over glasses of pink wine.
“Tom looks to pretty right now,” She sighed dreamily. “He looks like Prince Philip brought to life. Too bad I’m not Sleeping Beauty.”
“If we keep drinking, we may as well be.” Laura giggled. “But seriously, what’s wrong with asking him out on a date? Y’all text all the time, you even speak on the phone, come to think of it, I can’t even recall a time where you guys haven’t been talking.”
“He’s just everything to me, I don’t know what I would do if he were to go away forever, you know? I can’t imagine waking up, knowing that he’s no longer apart of my life. He’s too important to me to risk it all for a relationship that may or may not work out.” She said, picking off her nail varnish.
“I know he’s important to you, but you must realize how important you are to him? He looks at you with stars in his eyes, and if you say that they’re just naturally twinkly, I swear to God.” Laura threatened.
Laura had met her in a thrift store and the pair had bonded over their love of cute, vintage, high-waisted mom jeans. They wandered through the entire store together, exchanged numbers and hung out twice before she had accidentally revealed what a massive Spider-Man fan she was.
When Laura had brought her onto set, she and Tom melded together and into one. Nobody knew quite what it was,but it was like the invisible hand of fate kept throwing them together.
She literally bumped into him the first time they met. Tom had held her in his arms longer than what would be deemed polite, and they had just stared at each other, completely mesmerized by the face in front of them. Then, Tom bumped into her at the craft service table, and then she ran into him as she was leaving the set. Again, the light of day seemed to melt into a faint dusk before he let her go. Then, for weeks later, Tom pestered Laura for her number. He needed to know her.
Now, after spending the summer, autumn, winter and spring together, Tom definitely knew her. He understood her, she littered all of his thoughts and his actions, and she very well could be likened to stars in his own, personal night sky.
After another two glasses of wine, she was absorbed by thoughts of Tom and wanted nothing more than to be curled up on his lap like a cat while he combed his fingers through her hair. Hiccuping her way out the door, she called out to Laura, “I’m gonna do, it’ll be done, and it’ll be by me. He’ll be done by me in the ways of asking out, and then everything will be like ‘Penelope,’ and he’ll kiss me, but I don’t have a pig’s nose?”
Laura rushed to her friend, hugging her into her arms, “You’re gonna do so great! He’s going to love you, and you’re going to be in love, and then everyone is going to say I told you so! Get out there and do it!”
Her legs wobbled as she parted groups of people in an attempt to find Tom. When she finally spotted him, she waved and called for his attention. “Tom, I found you! I got something in my mouth for you, to say to you!”
Tom raised his eyebrows as he placed his beer on the table and began to make his way over to her. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he said, “Jeez, darling, how drunk are you?”
Tucking her head beneath his chin and curling her fingers into the fabric of his shirt, she replied, “Oh, I’m not drunk at all! I’ve only had a few, actually a few means a small number of, and Laura and I finished a bottle and a half of wine, so i guess that would be more of a dyad of drinks?”
Tom called out to Harrison and Jacob, motioning for them to grab Laura from the kitchen so they could all head back home. Judging by her level of intoxication and description of how much the girls had to drink, Tom figured that this is when the party should end for them.
Guiding her out the door with a firm hand around her waist, he felt one of her hands stroke across his cheeks. “You’re so pretty.” She said, fingers still gliding over his skin.
Tom chuckled, she always got this way when she had too much to drink. “No, you’re so pretty. In fact, you’re prettier than all the princesses in the whole, wide world.”
“Laura and I were talking about you tonight. I think you look like Prince Philip and she thinks that I should ask you out. What do you think?” She asked when they’d finally felt the air’s cool breath fan across their faces.
“I think you’re drunk and talking shit.” Tom said, blowing on his hands and rubbing them up and down her arms while she leaned into his chest, fully supported by his touch.
“No, I am not!” She gasped out childishly. “I’ve been wanting you since the summer. Wanting, waiting, but you,” She booped him on the nose, “Have yet to give me a sign. Why haven’t you given me a sign? I wanna be with you, don’t you wanna be with me? Laura thinks you do.”
Tom shook his head and mumbled a quiet, “Let’s talk when you’re sober, baby. You don’t know what you’re talking about right now.”
He glanced down at the girl’s head that rested on his shoulder, and he felt her eyelashes tickling his skin. Tom wanted to believe he felt the love in her words, but he was afraid that it was just the wine he smelt on her breath. He decided that he would wait until morning, and maybe then some, to ask her what she meant.
The night sky may as well be colored in completely charcoal if she were to walk out of his life. His night sky would be no more, and all he’d have to remember her by would be a black hole.


okay so i get it, i really do. in most of the deamus head cannons i read Dean can get pretty jealous because he wants to protect his baby and i feel that and i believe that. but have we taken a moment to consider NOT JEALOUS DEAN?! not just “passive whatever it doesn’t bother me” Dean but  “so confident that Seamus only has eyes for me” Dean that he doesn’t NEED to be jealous

•now i assume Seamus believes he’s good at hiding his never ending crush on Dean (he isn’t) so after a few hours of thinking it over he decides the best way to see if Dean reciprocates his crush is to make him jealous and force it out of him because Seamus lives in a fucking teen romantic comedy. 
•One night after a Gryffindor win, the tower is a frenzy of celebration. Seamus take this chance and while Dean is still in his line of sight he starts to flirt up the rather attractive new Hufflepuff beater. After receiving a quick peck on the cheek, Seamus looks towards Dean only to find him smirking at him, causing Seamus’ cheeks to flush.
•Dean turn his attention back towards Neville who he had been talking to prior. “Aren’t you worried about that?” Neville asks. Dean simply shakes his head for he knows that Seamus only has eyes for him and after this he’ll remember who he really loves. Because if he didn’t Seamus wouldn’t be looking at Dean right after the  peck on the cheek and if Dean didn’t love Seamus he wouldn’t have dragged him up the stairs that night when he got drunk or tucked him into his bed and he definitely wouldn’t have let Seamus climb into his bed 4 minutes later because “he couldn’t sleep"

thank you for inspiring me to make this and throwing me into another deamus hell hole @marauders-mess

7 Days of Heaven (Prologue)

Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Day 1-Jaebum  Day 2-MarkDay 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson  Day 5-Youngjae  Day 6-Bambam   Day 7-Yugyeom

Before everything and anything goes downhill, here’s to give you an insight on how the story will start.

This is short, plain, and very simple.  No warnings involved or anything like that!


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fabulousnerdgurl  asked:

How the boys in the RFA would react to a secretly self-loathing MC? As in, she (or he) doesn't say it outright, but they do little things like stare at themselves in the mirror, judging. Or making lighthearted jokes that inside they take seriously


- He calls you on it after only a few self-deprecating jokes
- “Why do you say such things about yourself?”
- Your silence sort of says it all; they weren’t really jokes, were they? 
- And, listen — this boy worships the ground you walk on. He’s made it explicitly clear he’s not going to stand for Anybody hurting you, and you were no exception to that. 
- He asks you to explain your feelings about yourself, and he listens intently, processing. And you go into great detail; laying out all of the things you hated about yourself before him.
- “…and, I just feel like I’m not good enough to love you.”
- That strikes a nerve.
- Taking both of your hands in his, leaning in close, letting his intense gaze linger on you, he begins reciting your list of why you hated yourself back to you, but he tweaks his responses just slightly.
- “Yes, it’s true you didn’t grow up in a ‘refined’ setting, but god if you aren’t a breath of fresh air for me. You’re a ray of clumsy, awkward, beautiful light in a sea of dark suits and business discussions over wine. Don’t you see that?”
- Despite the faults you find in yourself, he loves you dearly. All of you.


- Once your relationship with Zen becomes public knowledge, the amount of pictures you’re in increases drastically. Unsurprisingly, most are on Zen’s instagram, snapchat, and various other social media platforms of his.
- He sees you looking at them daily, and he’s pleased because he thinks that hey, MC looks at these all the time, that means they like seeing us together!!
- One afternoon he comes home and finds you glued to your phone, thumb scrolling quickly and occasionally screenshotting whatever it was you were looking at.
- He approaches from behind, and from over your shoulder he sees that you’re not looking at pictures of the two of you; you’re looking at the comments.
- Zen feels himself deflate as his eyes begin scanning over the comments.
- Just…awful comment after awful comment after dear lord, how could anyone say that?
- He pulls the phone out of your hand, surprising you, and is about to just exit out of the app when his eyes see the tiny letters in the search bar – MC hate
- And oh
- He already knows, but he goes into your photos anyway and sees the folder titled “comments” that had over 100 screenshots. 
- It all sort of clicks for him, and he almost doesn’t believe it because you’re so beautiful, so handsome, so perfect and how could you believe these awful things about yourself?
- You apologize, and he tells you no, don’t, it’s not your fault. You…You couldn’t help that you saw that in yourself, right? Seeing it said enough instilled it in you. He knew.
- He deletes the pictures and tosses your phone aside before joining you on the couch and wrapping himself around you, just aching to comfort you. He knew these wounds needed time to heal, that self hatred didn’t just vanish because of a few compliments and a cuddle session, but he would be there whispering encouragement and praise til the bitter end because you’re his everything, and you deserve to know how much he loves you.


- Admittedly, he’d always taken your especially hateful comments about yourself as jokes. He never would have imagined you meant anything by them.
- Until one night when you got drunk and began spilling all of the details about your self hatred to him.
- “A-And, like…I’m really fucking ugly, you know? And,” hiccup, “You’re so much better than me, y’know, Yoosung? You’re so pretty and nice and good and I’m just. Awful. Sometimes I’m not sure if you really love me, or you just feel bad for me.”
- And Yoosung is just stunned into silence.
- It was such a cliche thing to say, but really, he’d never dreamed that someone so bright and beautiful and overall amazing could ever do anything less than love yourself.
- He wanted to argue, he wanted to scream that no, MC you’re so amazing, how could even begin to think that about yourself? Of course I love you, I love you more than anything, how could you…
- But he wasn’t going to argue with a drunk person. So he tucks you in bed with a bottle of water and a few Tylenol at your bedside and thought about just how he was going to broach the subject with you.
- Be it fortunate or unfortunate, you wake up remembering everything you told Yoosung. 
- “So, uh, about last night–”
- The conversation following is awkward and makes the two of you uncomfortable, but it all needs to be said and in the end it’s better for the two of you.
- Yoosung takes the day to just hang out with you, reiterating in any way he can how important you are to him and how wonderful he thinks you are.


- As an assistant, Jaehee has gained the ability to watch and read a situation without anyone taking much notice of her.
- She’s also learned patience working under Jumin, so she takes her time in unravelling the issue regarding you and your, quite truthfully, blatant self esteem issues.
- It was subtle at its most extreme, but even then Jaehee could tell in an instant. She knew the sorriful gaze that you give yourself in the mirror each morning as you’re dressing. She knew the way your whole body seemed to wilt when you did something you considered inadequate. She knew the look on your face that hinted at the tears burning behind your eyes when someone came up and began flirting with Jaehee.
- Jaehee had lived all of those things, once upon a time.
- So she broaches the subject carefully. Sits the both of you down on the couch, cups of your favorite beverages in your hands and one of Zen’s DVDs that you both enjoy playing in the background. 
- “MC, I’d like to tell you something about myself, if that’s alright?” 
- She knows that this isn’t an easy or comfortable subject for anyone, so she figures that she can get you a bit more comfortable and share a bit of herself with you all at the same time.
- So she does, explaining gently the inadequacy and self-loathing she felt when she was younger. How she never felt loved in her home, how even though she did her best in everything her aunt never was proud, how she had, once upon a time, succumb to the lowest of lows in the self-esteem department.
- “And the main point of me telling you this is…I feel that you may be feeling similar feelings of self hate. And I want to help you, so please, let me.”
- The day ends with the two of you having a long talk about things, and generally just letting you get everything off your chest. It wouldn’t solve things, but it was a start.


- Seven is the worst and best person to be around if you hate yourself honestly
- The worst because god damn this boy hates himself too but he’s not gonna tell you that
- If you start in on the self deprecating jokes, he’s going to be right there with you
- “Shit I lost this guest I hate myself lolol”
- “I’ve been at this one job for weeks I hate myself too lololol”
- You two are the worst
- But, at the same time, Seven is super perceptive. And crazy in love with you. So when he gets suspicion that hey, maybe MC’s not really joking, he is on your ass immediately.
- Being a sneaky bastard he starts giving you compliments rapid-fire and watching your reactions. 
- “Hey just so you know you’re perfect and I love you so much!!”
- “Uh, thanks Sev.”
- Yeah, he smells bullshit. You’re ignoring his affection and praise like it’s the plague or something.
- He calls you on it immediately. Why do you hate yourself, you’re so amazing, don’t you see how wonderful you are?? Why are you doing this to yourself??
- Now it’s your turn to call bullshit. “And what about you?? You’re just as bad as me!”
- Queue couple fighting over how much they hate themselves
- After a particularly petty fight, mostly comprised of you’re worse and no, you are! you both take a few minutes to chill out before seriously talking.
- You’re both awful in the self-esteem department, and both could stand to love yourselves a little more.
- It’s generally about correcting each other on little slip ups of self-deprecation and cheering each other up after really bad days, but slowly you come to think of yourselves highly with the others help. Oh sweet love borne out of hating yourselves

Best Friends

Sometimes your best friends aren’t the ones you spend slumber partying saturday nights with. They’re not the ones who know all your secrets, all your quirks or even your birthday- your oldest friend isn’t the only good friend to have. Sometimes your best friends are the ones who drive you home from a party at 1 in the morning, buying you donuts and playing all your favourite childhood songs, not because she knows they’re your favourite, but because they’re her favourite too. Your best friends aren’t always the ones holding your hand through difficult times, or the ones with pictures of you in your awkward phase. Sometimes they’re the ones giving you room to breath, to grow, to find you five Fridays down the track in the corner of a graveyard getting high. They’re not always the ones to pick you up, sometimes they’re the ones who sit beside you. And there is nothing wrong with that.

anonymous asked:

i came out to my roommate when i was 18. i was drunk in a home depot and i was still figuring shit out so i was like "i don't think i like boys" and she was like well okay that's cool pal and she bought me cheese fries and ice cream and tucked my drunk ass into bed and the next morning she was like "tell me if anyone fucks with you i'll fight them" and she's like barely 5ft tall with the strength of a chicken but i'm love her friends are good

the friend we all deserve im so glad u have her (ง •̀_•́)ง 💕💕💕💕

Away From Redemption

Request by anon: Idk if you’re taking requests right now but can you do an angsty dean x reader with extremely jealous dean and many complicated misunderstandings, and huge fights? I just can’t seem to find anything angsty enough lately and you’re one of the best writers on tumblr, with good grammar to boot. (Surprisingly rare). K, bye. Love ya honey!

Word Count: 1383

Warnings: Depression

A/N: This takes place a few months after Swan Song. I’m not quite sure if this is the kind of angst you were looking for, but it’s the kind of angst I was feeling so… it’s what you’re getting. I’ll keep going with A+ Secrets later, but I just needed to write this one last night. And I’m not writing a part 2 for this one because sometimes you just can’t find a happy ending. You just need an ending that doesn’t try to make you feel better. And sometimes that’s okay.

Version en Español: Away From Redemption

He came back smelling like he’d taken a shower in beer. Again.

You knew he was just going to stumble past you and fall onto the creaky hotel bed and pass out until noon tomorrow. That’s what he did every night since Sam jumped into the Cage. Nothing you did or said could make him feel better, and it hurt that you couldn’t help him.

So you stood from the table, grabbed your jacket and purse, and headed for the door. He was safe for now. That was all you needed to know.

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friends, 1962.

(hank rescued the second photograph from a fire after charles (in a drunken stupor) threw them in a wastebasket, along with kerosene and a match.)


James was laying on his bed with his eyes half open. He saw a third year boy approach Sirius, who was across from him, smoking oh his own bed. 

The boy leaned over and whispered something in his best friend’s ear, and James watched as Sirius’s expression slowly changed from a relaxed one into one full of panic.

SIrius sprang up and James’s head sprang off of his pillow. 

“Where are you going?” 

Sirius grabbed his wand and sprinted over to grab James’s invisibility cloak. As he fumbled with the cloak, he looked over at James with wide eyes. 

“Y/n is in the hospital wing. I have to go see her.”

At this, James got up too. 

“Well I have to go too. She’s my friend and you’re half drunk.”

The two boys tucked themselves under the cloak and ran as quietly as they could to the hospital.

Philosophical Graphic Novels 

Word Count: 8,552 (good lord)

Warnings: Like… sex. a good bit of sex, yeah. Alcohol.

Summary: “You’re my favorite person,” Phil confesses quietly, his voice slurred and closer than Dan had anticipated. They don’t speak for some time, just lying there and staring at the ceiling like it’s a work of art instead of a plain white mess that occasionally leaks water. Not much run through Dan’s mind besides the fact that he’s never wanted to kiss a person more in his life. “I’ve never had anyone in this apartment besides you, Phil.”

A/N: jfc this took me like three weeks. not to complain but i’m complaining. I incorporate quite a bit of smut. please enjoy and thanks for reading xx

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A Master List Of Every Recording I’ve Ever Done (Updated 4/25/2016)

A Master List Of Every Recording I’ve Ever Done (Updated 4/25/2016)

Okay! Here is a list of every audio I’ve ever done, in order. Older recordings will be at the top, with newer ones at the bottom. Reblogging this will really help me out!!!


Armin’s Journal:

  • 0    |       1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 1     |      0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 2     |      0, .5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 3     |      0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 4     |      0, 1, 2

Eren’s Journal:

  • 0  |      1

Attack on Titan Asks:


  • Armin’s Unspoken Ballad
  • Armin’s Dating Problems
  • Armin’s Love Letter
  • Armin Practices Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
  • Armin Has Something He’d Like To Ask
  • Armin Attempts To Ask Eren Out
  • Armin’s First Time Seeing The Ocean
  • Eren Proposes to Armin
  • Armin’s Gift for Eren
  • Armin is…very drunk
  • Armin Has a Nightmare and Panic Attack
  • Sassy Armin
  • Armin’s First Kiss
  • Armin Talks to Eren, Who’s in a Coma *Trigger Warning: death*
  • Eren Confronts Armin About His Bruises (Yandere)
  • Eren Reads Armin’s Suicide Note
  • Armin Likes Eren’s Ass
  • Armin Breaks His Ankle
  • Eren Cheats on Armin
  • Armin Practices Asking Out Eren
  • Armin Says Goodbye to Eren Before a Recon Mission
  • Eren Tries to Talk Armin Out of Suicide
  • Armin Leaves a Voicemail
  • Eren and Armin go Christmas Shopping
  • Eren Tucks a Drunk Armin Into Bed
  • Armin’s Date Request
  • Armin’s Last Words
  • Eren’s Voicemail
  • Armin and Eren’s First Fight
  • Armin Calms Down Eren in Titan-Form
  • Armin Confronts Eren After Being Pulled out of the Titan
  • Eren Comes Bck Home (Yandere Part II)
  • Armin Tries to get Eren Under the Mistletoe
  • Armin and Eren’s New Family Member
  • Armin Likes Bunnies and Eren is Kinky
  • Eren & Srmin’s Sloppy Make-out Session
  • Eren Gives Armin his Varsity Jacket
  • Eren & Armin Come Out to the 104th Squad
  • Armin’s Hangover
  • Armin & Eren Get in a Car Accident
  • Armin Gets Bullied at a Frat Party (Eremin Yandere)
  • Armin Teaches Eren About The Birds And The Bees
  • Armin Finally Calls Jean (Eremin Yandere Part 1.5)
  • Armin Gets Hit on at a Bar. Eren Intervenes.
  • Eren’s Varsity Jacket Part II
  • Jean & Eren Get in a Fight Before a Mission
  • Armin & Eren During a Cuddling Session
  • Eren Sings Armin into Eternal Sleep
  • Armin isn’t Ready for Sex
  • Armin Tries to Guess Eren’s Chapstick Flavor
  • Eren’s Arsenal of Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
  • Armin & Eren’s Wedding Ceremony
  • We’re Going to Explore the Outside World, Right?
  • What Armin Really Wants
  • Eren Proposes to Armin
  • Armin & Eren get in a Car Accident Part II
  • Eren & Armin: Until the End of Time
  • Armin has Finals. Eren has Needs.
  • Armin & Eren’s First Dance as a Married Couple
  • Armin gets a Valentine’s Day Boner
  • Armin is Allergic to Cats
  • Armin Tells Eren About Visiting The Ocean
  • Armin Has Ben Too Distracted For Eren Lately
  • Armin & Eren Watch a Horror Movie
  • Armin’s Last Night Working in the E.R.
  • Eren & Armin’s Very Important Day


  • Sometimes, I just Like to Hear You Say it
  • Eren Gets Mud on Levi’s Uniform
  • How Fast can Levi Tie a Cherry Stem With His Tongue?
  • Eren is Ready for Heichou
  • Levi is High as Balls
  • Eren’s got Jokes: Levi has French
  • Eren is Sick & Levi Won’t Touch Him
  • Levi Admits to Eren that He’s Bisexual
  • Eren in a Crowd, and can’t Find Levi
  • Eren has a Question for Levi
  • Levi After Eren’s Death
  • Levi Tries on Eren’s Clothes
  • Eren & Levi in the Snow
  • Hange has a Question for Levi
  • Eren Tries to Seduce Levi with a Joke
  • Levi Proposes to Eren
  • Eren Admits He Likes Levi
  • You’ve got to be the Bigger Man, Levi
  • Eren Finds Levi’s Weakness: Puppies
  • Levi & Eren Having A Cuddling Sesh
  • Eren’s Haiku For Levi
  • 4th Grade Levi Helps a Second Grade Eren Cope With the Fact that He’s Gay
  • Eren Asks Levi to Kill a Spider
  • Eren is in a Maid Outfit and Levi has…Plans
  • Levi is Smol. Eren is Tol.
  • Levi Finds Out Eren Has Been Feeding A Stray
  • Eren & Levi Wake Up With Their Bodies Switched
  • Eren Admits He Likes Levi
  • Eren Finally Tells Levi He Loves Him
  • AI!Eren & Space Cadet!Levi
  • Eren is Concerned with His Weight
  • Eren Finds a Broken Levi
  • Hey, I’m With You, Okay? Always.
  • Eren Tells Levi He’s Going To Be Blind
  • Time Goes By…So Slowly


  • Levi & Erwin’s Anniversary Dinner
  • Levi Feels to Blame for Erwin Losing His Arm


  • Jean’s Last Moments
  • Armin Gives Marco Advice on how to Ask Out Jean
  • Jean & Marco Argue About Dinner
  • Jean Interrupts Marco While He’s Cooking…For The Sexy Times
  • Jean is Cheesy. Marco is Horny.
  • Jean Discusses His Long Lost Friend, Marco
  • Marco Saves a Horse & Jean Rides a Cowboy
  • Jean Asks Armin & Eren for Help on Asking Out Marco

Armin Arlert:

  • Armin Rants About Thanksgiving
  • Armin Says Adele’s ‘Hello’
  • Armin’s Poem
  • Armin’s Son
  • If Armin Were Irish
  • I Want to Understand the Outside World
  • Time Flies When You’re Having a Gay
  • Armin Confronts a Dying Comrade Who Saved His Life
  • Armin’s First Time
  • A Message From Armin To You
  • TFS’s ‘Attack on Titan: Abridged’: Armin’s ‘Tink Tink’ Speech Cover
  • Levi Informs Armin Of Eren’s Death.
  • Armin’s Take on the Trojan Horse
  • Armin Finds Jean Crying About Marco’s Death
  • Armin’s Secret

Levi Ackerman:

  • Introducing: Levi.
  • Levi Babysits Eren & Armin’s Kid
  • Levi Can’t Decide Which Paper Towels To Buy
  • What’s Going on in Levi’s Mind During Missions
  • Levi Informs Armin Of Eren’s Death.

Seraph of the End Asks:


  • Mikaela’s Lament
  • Mika’s Vows
  • Mika’s Goodbye
  • Mika’s Crazy About Yuu-Chan’s Ass
  • Mika’s Goodbye
  • Mika Takes Yuu’s Blood for the First Time
  • Mika has a Mental Breakdown
  • Mikaela Yandere
  • Young Mika Getting Blood Taken for the First Time by Ferid
  • Yuu has a Panic Attack
  • MikaYuu Episode 22 Rewrite *Warning: Spoilers & Screaming*
  • Yuu Confeses His Love to Mika for the First Time
  • Yuu Confronts a Lonely Mika
  • Yuu Tries out for American Idol
  • Mikaela’s First Kiss
  • Mika & Yuu at Breakfast, After a Night of Kinky Sex
  • Mika Finds out Yuu is Dead
  • Mika Tells Yuu He Loves Him Over and Over
  • Mika Tries to give Yuu his Jacket
  • Mikaela Be Starin’ Too Much
  • Mikaela Tries to Kill Himself
  • Mika Drinks too Much of Yuu’s Blood
  • Yuu Finds Mika After He Attempts Suicide
  • Mikaela Tickles Yuu
  • Yuu Flirts With Mika at a Bar
  • Mika is Overprotective
  • Yuu-Chan’s Got Jokes
  • Mika & Yuu “Where is my Supersuit?”
  • Mika & Yuu Visit Their Childhood Home
  • Yuu-Chan, You’re My Everything.
  • Mika & Yuu Titanic AU Final Scene
  • Mika Reads Yuu A Poem
  • Yuu-Chan, am I Your Friend or Boyfriend?
  • Mika Seeing Yuu Again for the First Time
  • Yuu is…very Competitive
  • Mika Likes Cooking. Yuu is a Pervert.
  • Yuu Gives Mika a Massage
  • Cheesy Mika Goes 0 to 100 REAL QUICK
  • Mika Wants a Baby
  • Yuu Brings a Sick Mika Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed
  • Mika’s Last Moments
  • Mika & Yuu’s First Date
  • Mika Wakes Up…Not Alone
  • Barista Mika Can’t Get Yuu’s Name Right
  • Yuu Better Shape Up
  • Kimizuki Walks in on Mika & Yuu
  • It’s 5 am, And Mika Won’t Shut Up
  • If Mika Had Stabbed Yuu, Not The Other Way Around
  • Mika & Yuu Talk About The Future
  • A Little Something Called Fate
  • Yuu Has An…Unfortunate Accident


  • Yoichi & Yuu

Haikyuu!! Asks:


  • Kageyama has Something to Say
  • Tanaka Confirms KageHina
  • Kageyama Asks about Hinata’s Hair
  • Kageyama Can’t Express His Feelings
  • Is Hinata Sleeping With Kageyama?
  • Hinata is too Drunk
  • Kageyama & Hinata’s First Kiss
  • Kageyama is Possessive. Hinata is Oblivious.
  • Kageyama Loses Hinata in the Mall
  • Kageyama’s True Feelings For Hinata
  • Cooking With Kageyama & Hinata
  • Kageyama Wakes Up With No Memory Of Hinata
  • Kageyama Tells Hinata About His Crush (It’s Him)
  • Kageyama, Are You A Setter?
  • Kageyama Attempts to Confess His Feelings
  • Why Does Everyone Think Kageyama Is Gay?
  • Hinata Has Jokes. Kageyama Has…Other Ideas


  • Tsukki has a Confession for Yamaguchi

Yū Nishinoya:

  • Nishinoya Rolling Thunder

Shōyō Hinata

  • Hinata Chews out Someone

Hunter x Hunter Asks:


  • Gon Comforts a Grieving Killua

No. 6 Asks:


  • Nezumi…What Are We?
  • Nezumi Jokes With a Flustered Shion

Black Butler Asks:


  • Alois has a Heart to Heart with Ciel
  • Ciel’s Response to Alois
  • Ciel Can’t Dance
  • Ciel Reads Alois’s Love Letter
  • Ciel Rants About Alois
  • Alois Really Likes Ciel…but…
  • Ciel Confronts Alois About His Love


  • One Hell of a Butler

Tokyo Ghoul Asks:


  • Hide Finds out Kaneki is a Ghoul
  • Kaneki’s First Kiss
  • Kaneki & Hide’s Final Moments

K Project

  • Introducing: K Project Characters!

Audio Book Fics:

  • The Intern, Chapter One Part One
  • Almost Normal: Introduction
  • Almost Normal, Chapter One - Part One
  • Almost Normal, Chapter Two - Part Two
  • Help Me Stand, Chapter One Part One
  • Help Me Stand, Chapter One Part Two
  • Of Love & Wheels Chapter One
  • KageHina Blind AU Part I
  • KageHina Blind AU Part II

NSFW (18+):

  • Armin Tops Eren
  • Eren Tops Armin
  • Eren Gives Armin Head
  • Yuu-Chan tops Mika
  • Armin and Eren’s First Time
  • Mika Tops Yuu
  • Eren Gives Armin a Handjob Under the Table
  • Eren Walks in on Armin Masturbating
  • Mika Has a Dominance Kink
  • What Levi Really Wants
  • Yuu-Chan is the King of Salt
  • Mika Masterbates While Thinking of Yuu
  • Levi Tops Eren


  • My First Blooper Reel
  • 1000 Follower Special
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Armin & Levi Fight About Eremin & Ereri
  • Voice Clips of All my Characters
  • Mika & Armin Talk About Their Boyfriends
  • Armin & Levi Fight About Bringing Eren Breakfast in Bed
  • Eren & Jean Have a Staring Contest While Armin & Marco Watch
  • You and I…Baking a Cake.
  • The Real 3000 Follower Special
  • Now I Just Sit By The Lake
  • The Survey Corps: Star Trek Edition
Hardison Meta

By @iwannalearnhowtoship

So I binged watched leverage and have loved the meta but there’s a big hardison scene that I feel like needs recognition. Remember in The Bottle Job (season 2) Hardison asks Nate if the green blanket holds in sentimental value? Like that has been on my heart for like 5 reasons. I am now going to share them with you.

 1.) He knows that Nate lost his son and is making sure he won’t be dishonoring his son by using anything of his to break the law.

2.) He stops in the middle of a very difficult task to ensure that Nate would be comfortable with him using the blanket. Like TBH he probably needed the extra like six seconds it took to ask.

3.) He had the presence of mind in scrambling to fake a weather broadcast to make sure his efforts wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially Nate.

4.) He knew about the blanket but thought to ask which tells me that it wasn’t like out obviously like a throw or anything because then he wouldn’t have had to ask, he’d of just used it. Leads me to believe Nate got super drunk, Hardison tucked him in and Nate showed him some of his son’s things.

5.) As a foster child, he knew how certain innocuous things can mean so much to a person and he didn’t hesitate to gain consent before even attempting anything that may have made anyone uncomfortable. Hardison is amazing and deserves all the love and I wanted to share cause that scene is highly underrated

Eggnog - Calum Hood [FLUFF]

12 Days of 5SOS - Day one

Summary~ Meeting the mother for the first time has you nervous but paying attention to getting Christmas dinner right should have been the least if your concerns, your boyfriend should be the one you’re keeping an eye on.

Word Count - 812

You’ve never met Calum’s mother, Joy, and even if Cal insists she’s the nicest woman you’ll ever meet you can’t help but picture her as your worst nightmare. Calum met your parents on a whim when they showed up one Sunday morning for brunch, he had no time to worry, and you met his dad when his sister was visiting the new apartment for the first time, but his mother is the last on your list.

“Honestly, [Y/N],” Calum sighs leaning on the kitchen island, “My mum isn’t going to judge you for having store-bought eggnog, you don’t need to make it on your own”

“I don’t care, I don’t want to give her any reason not to like me,” you answer frantically whipping egg white.

“What even is eggnog?” he questions, “What part of the egg is the nog?”

“You’ve never had eggnog?” you stop to give him a look of death.

“Nope, I don’t even think my mum has,” he replies.

“Okay, well you can have one glass just to change your life but after that, you get no more,” you tell him resuming your activities.

Calum smiles beyond happy.

After the eggnog is made you turn back to making the Christmas dinner, a one-woman operation as it seems, you move at light speed through the kitchen too distracted by what need to be done to focus on anything else. You set the table and soon there’s a matter of minutes before Joy is to arrive

“Calum,” you call up the stairs, having not seen your boyfriend since you poured him a glass of eggnog.

“Hey baby, ooh, ahh, I wanna know… if you’ll be my-”he’s cut short of his little serenade by a large belch.

“Cute,” you barely look at him, “Could you get changed your other will be here soon”

“Sure,” he chuckles starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Woah there, upstairs, what you think you can change into the table cloth?” you go to shove him to the stairs but the doorbell rings.

He chuckles, “Better button this up”

You look him in the eye, “You had one glass of eggnog right”

“One glass.. 6 top ups,” he shrugs

“Dear god your drunk, uh, wait here I’ll-” you sigh but don’t finish.

Quickly you cross to the door and open it seeing the smiling Hood family at the door.

“Hi, Mr. Hood, Mrs. Hood, Mali, come on in, Calum’s just uh..” you turn around and see him with his shirt halfway in over his head, “Changing”

You shove him in the kitchen and see him pull the shirt back down.

“You know what, you need a nap,” you sort him out, “We’re gonna take you out there and you’ll tell them you’re not feeling well, maybe tell them that we’ll have them over a little later”

Calum is quickly ushered out of the kitchen but not before he grabs another glass of eggnog.

“Sorry, M-mum,” he giggles. “I don’t feel good”

Joy steps towards him, “Honey you’re drunk” she laughs.

He hums in discontent, “I just had eggnog”

“How strong is the eggnog you buy?” she asks you.

“I made it myself,” you reply with a small ounce of hesitation.

“Eggnog has alcohol?” Calum’s eyes widen.

“That explains it,” Joy sighs. She moves over to her son and takes him by the arm, “Here love get him sat down at least he’ll get something to eat and I’ll show you how to put him to bed when he’s like this”

Goofily Calum is sat down but his head bobs around like a bobble head.

Luckily for you, the attention of Calum’s family was swiftly drawn from you to Calum for the duration of the dinner. He kept asking stupid questions with a mouthful of food, blatantly making himself more idiotic.

Once it was all over Joy stood and took the arm of her son, “You know how to get him to sleep when he’s like this?”

You shake your head with a grin.

“Come on,” she pulls Calum to the stairs, “It’s been simple since he was 18″

You watch and help as your boyfriend’s mother tucks your drunk boyfriend into bed. He struggles but calms down immediately as Joy strokes his head and hums a soft tune from the top of her head, from that Calum is out for the count.

“I’ll let you take over,” she moved away and watched you lul your boyfriend into a deep sleep. “We’re going to get going, it was really lovely to meet you”

“I’ll walk you through the door,” you go to stand up but Calum’s hand is gripping your hand. “Maybe not”

“It’s okay we’ll make it to the door, I’ll see you soon,” Joy walks out and waves goodbye to her son.

When Joy leaves Calum hums waking up a little and mutters, “See she loves you”


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Masterlist // Request

anonymous asked:

I'm living for these living together prompts so could you do something where even tho Murphamy hate each other at first once they have to live together they fall in love?

There sure is a lot of them aha!

  • I’m not Iiving with that little fucker.“ “Bell, come on-” “he’s impossible, O!” “Yeah well so are you asshole! That’s why he’s all you got left.”
  • "Blake, I am not keeping this couch it smells like otter piss.” “You don’t even know what otter piss fucking smells like Murphy.” “I do. It smells like this couch. Get a fucking new one.”
  • They can’t even walk through their own hallway without butting heads, sometimes literally
  • “You know maybe if you just opened up once in a while-” “We can’t all be over dramatic hoes, Blake.” “YOU’RE THE ONE THAT PRACTICALLY TRIED TO HANG ME FOR THROWING OUT YOUR COFFEE MACHINE!” “IT WAS 90 BUCKS YOU FUCKING UNCULTURED SWINE!”
  • They’re fights get so loud the neighbours just go out for a couple of hours and come back when the clangs aren’t echoing down to the street anymore
  • And they fight about literally everything
  • They fight about who gets in the shower first - and Murphy has to pretend he’s flushing red because he’s mad every time Bellamy victoriously struts out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel
  • And they fight about who has friends over on weekends because they seem to get along just as well as they do - and Bellamy has to pretend he doesn’t hate Finn just because he’s walked in on Murphy straddling his lap “for the last fucking time I was trying to get the remote back, Bellamy.“
  • Then one night the heater breaks and Murphy is so damn cold he flops into Bellamy’s bed and they’re ‘forced’ to awkwardly lie with there sides pressed together
  • And the first thing that comes out of their mouths the next morning is "I still fucking hate you.” “Yeah well I still fucking hate you.” “…we are never speaking of this again.”
  • “He’s the worst fucking human being, Clarke.” “What would make him-” “He leaves his shoes directly in front of my bedroom door to trip over…EVERY MORNING!”
  • “I’m going to fucking murder him by the end of the month. Raven, I’m serious. His lifeless body will be dangling out the fucking windowsill he leaves all his fucking ashtrays on and I’ll have to tell the police it was justified.”
  • Then thanksgiving rolls around and the two roommates make it a full 20 minutes before a screaming match breaks out and Murphy spirals into about 8 tumblers of whiskey while Bellamy profusely hits on Octavia’s, new friend Echo with no idea why
  • Then everyone leaves and a very pissed off Bellamy is left with a very drunk Murphy
  • So he tucks Murphy into bed and without even really thinking about it, kisses his cheek when he says he’s sorry for being so impossible
  • The the next day they both wake up and instantly start screaming when they realise
  • But then for the rest of the week neither of them can let it go
  • “Murphy, pleasejustleave me alone for five minutes.” “You kissed me dude.” “YEAH WELL YOU WERE THE DRUNK ONE!” “EXACTLY!”
  • Then as they’re lying on the couch a month later Murphy’s asks before even thinking “so why did you kiss me?”
  • And Bellamy can only blankly stare at him before replying “I don’t know…I guess I was just thankful for you or some shit.”
  • And Murphy just can’t fucking take it anymore so he crashes forward and smashes their lips together till their a mess of angry tangled limbs and passionate sloppy kisses

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A Master List of EVERY recording I’ve ever done (Updated 12/13/2015):

Here goes…All are in order of recording date, with older fics at the top of each category.

Armin’s Journal

Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay FiveDay SixDay SevenDay EightDay NineDay TenDay ElevenDay TwelveDay ThirteenDay FourteenDay FifteenDay SixteenDay SeventeenDay EighteenDay NineteenDay Twenty (Part One)Day Twenty (Part Two)Day Twenty OneDay Twenty TwoDay Twenty ThreeDay Twenty FourDay Twenty FiveDay Twenty SixDay Twenty SevenDay Twenty EightDay Twenty Nine, Day Thirty, Day Thirty One, Day Thirty Two, Day Thirty Three, Day Thirty Four, Day Thirty Five, Day Thirty Six, Day Thirty Seven, Day Thirty Eight

Eren’s Journal

Day One

Eremin Asks

Seraph of the End Asks

Haikyuu!! Asks

Black Butler Asks

Tokyo Ghoul Asks

Audio Book Fics

NSFW (18+)


@compassicn | x:  continued from here

elena, as your boyfriend i believe that gives you full authority to kiss me whenever you want,” stefan teased as he looked at the drunk human. tucking a few pieces of her hair behind her ear he leaned in and placed his lips to hers without question. the feeling of her sweet lips sinking into his caused a rush of euphoria through stefan’s cold veins but he had learned to maintain those urges. pulling back from her he placed his hands on her warm cheeks. “this music is way too loud, why don’t we go for a walk outside?” 

imagine going to the college that your older sister went to, and she tells you to avoid the frat Psi U but she won’t tell you why but your dorm mate invites you to go to one of the parties at Psi U with her so you go anyways, and there you meet luke hemmings, a total jock and asshole, but you find yourself falling for him anyways and he takes a liking for you so you decide to tell your sister about it and you learn that the reason she doesn’t like Psi U is cause she dated Jack Hemmings and he was an asshole too and he shattered her heart so the Hemmings can’t be trusted. You try to avoid luke from then on but find yourself going to every party they host and making out with him half wasted every time. But when you’re drunk out of your mind and the only thing you want is him he tells you no because you’re drunk senseless and he tucks you in upstairs with a bottle of water and advil and when you wake up hungover in a strange bed with some random guys shirt and sweat pants on, you think that you did the do, but then you see your clothes folded nicely at the end of your bed with a post it note saying “I’m not Jack. Want to go out tonight? ♡, LH” WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF