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Here’s the long awaited video of Drunk Trek! I’m doing my best to retell a classic Star Trek episode while being completely wasted. To prepare, we played the Star Trek drinking game (drink every time kirk rips his shirt, every time a redshirt dies, every time there’s gay etc.), using the very episode that we’re going to explain later. Enjoy this mess!

(also tagging these lovely people who wrote such nice replies back when I was hinting at this project)

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Imagine you, jim and bones are super drunk and you ask them 'which of you guys has a bigger junk' which leads to actual comparison because drunk men have fragile pride 😂

BOYS! Will you two give it a rest already?” You laughed out, entering your keycode to your room. The three of you stumbled inside.

Leonard and Jim were glaring at each other the whole way to the couch. Leonard plopped down on the couch with Jim hovering over him, making tiny measurement gestures with his thumb and forefinger. Leonard just scowled at him, shaking his head, using his hands to make larger measurement gestures.

“Come on Y/N, spill! What’s the doctor packin’?” Jim asked you, giving Leonard the side eye.

“I don’t kiss and tell, Captain. Although I am more than willing to do personal comparisons” You winked at Jim, heading to the kitchen to get glasses of water.

“I don’t think so Y/N! I don’t want you anywhere near his junk.” Leonard called after you, gesturing to Jim’s waist. “There’s no telling where it’s been.”

“That’s it, Bones. Were solving this right here, right now.” Jim glowered at Leonard, while starting to remove his belt. You walked out of the kitchen just in time to see Jim start to undo the top button of his pants.

“Oh, no! I might be drunk, but I am definitely not drunk enough for this. I am going to bed if you boys need me. Ya’ll have fun now.” You replied, getting an eyeful of Jim in his underwear, as you made your way briskly to your bedroom. Jim and Leonard’s eyes watched you as you walked away.

“Come on Y/N! We need someone to referee so Bones doesn’t cheat!” Jim whined after your retreating figure.

“I don’t have to cheat to win, you infant.” Leonard growled up at Jim, starting to undo his own pants. Their attention was brought to the floor as a soft “thump” was heard at their feet. They both looked down to see you had thrown a ruler at their feet. Jim and Leonard stopped what they were doing and looked at each other for a brief moment. Jim quickly snatched the ruler off the floor as Leonard returned to unbuttoning his pants. You slowly retreated back into your bedroom.

Boys… so sensitive.” You sighed to yourself, rolling your eyes as you plopped down in your bed, making a mental note to ask Leonard the results in the morning, before quickly falling asleep.

SpockFact #56

After years of insisting that Vulcans cannot get drunk, Spock became unexpectedly soused by eating two pieces of chocolate cake at McCoy’s birthday party. It took a while to notice due to his incredible self-control, but by the end of the evening it was very apparent. Even through his Vulcan mannerisms it was clear that he was actively flirting with 90% of the crew, although most of his efforts were focused on the Captain. He filled conversation with constant innuendo and punctuated most sentences with a wink. Without prompting he revealed that he shaves his eyebrows regularly and, after catching sight of himself in a mirror, ruffled his own hair to make it more “enticing.” Everyone was shocked. Bones called it the best birthday ever.

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Good guy, Quark!!

He brought Miles and Julian coffee because he figured they were working hard to save Odo. That is the nicest, best thing. Oh my gosh. Quark. Yes.