drunk tommy

better late than never right

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for the prompt: Valentine’s day SNS 2k15


SNS 2k15 -Resolutions

first time making something like this, I had a different ending planned out but yea


rangeriiisms  asked:

“please stop making these monsters they're getting ridiculous. i spent two hours with billy trying to get alpha sober how do you even get a robot drunk.” tommy no.

“Never! I’m finally winning!” Just like he planned all along! And totally didn’t do all of this accidentally. Nope. Clearly all part of the master plan to keep the rangers off balance! 

  • Newt: *drinks 'gally's secret recipe drink'*
  • Newt: *gets drunk*
  • Newt: hey tommy, I love you so fucking much. literally most hottest glader, I don't even care your hair is 'MTV'
  • Thomas:
  • Newt: #newtmas5life tommy
  • Gally: I'm sorry what's going on *being the cockblock*

This Jessica is a Jessica I do not know but I like her a lot. I kind of want to see this more…blunt and reckless Jessica being the one who helps out with the Young Avengers.

“Listen, shitheads, you want to be superheroes? That’s your decision but you’re going to have to be better at it.”

“Kate, I heard you turned 21. C'mon, I’ll take you for your first drink and teach you how to fight while drunk.”

“Tommy, what the fuck man? We’ll talk about your homicidal tendencies in the car.”