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I like the "You knocked on my door at 1 am to cuddle" prompt. Or, any prompt for Alistair that won't crush my heart.

My last @dadrunkwriting prompt for the evening, though I have a few I might try and do tomorrow.

Alistair/Harea, some time after the Landsmeet but before they head back to Redcliffe.

Harea’s sound asleep, Fen snoring by the fire, when a quiet knock sounds at the door. They’re both awake in an instant, Fen’s ears back as he growls, and Harea grabs a dagger despite being in the castle.

And despite the knowledge that an assassin probably wouldn’t knock.

The knock comes again, somehow quieter, and Harea tiptoes forward. Fen cocks his head, raising one ear to listen, then lays back down with a quiet huff. Encouraged, Harea pulls the door open a little to see Alistair waiting on the other side, his lower lip pulled fully into his mouth.

When he sees her face, he smiles, the expression wide and honest, and she can’t help but return it.

She steps aside and lets him come in, locking the door behind her. Before she can even fully turn around, he’s pulling her into his arms. He lifts her slightly, holding her easily, his face finding its way into the crook of her neck.

Her huff of surprise is drowned out by his hum of contentment, and she just wraps her arms around him in return, waiting until he can find his words to tell her what’s wrong.

She pats the back of his head with one hand, stroking over the messy auburn locks, and presses a kiss near the tip of his ear, the only place she can reach.

He shivers under the touch but doesn’t otherwise react, and she swings her legs lightly in his grasp. One foot hits his calf and he pulls away, finally, setting her back on her feet. 

She grabs his face in both hands and forces him to look at her. “Alistair? What–” Several questions war for priority in her brain, until her heavy eyelids force her to ask, “What time is it?”

He shrugs with one shoulder, reaching for her waist again. “After midnight.”

She arches her eyebrows. “Eamon had a lot to say?”

Alistair rolls his eyes but doesn’t answer. “Can I sleep in here tonight?” Harea takes a deep breath to respond, but he quickly adds, “Just sleep, I promise. We have to march early.”

She smiles and nods, slipping out of his grasp to climb back into the warm spot in her bed. Alistair pulls his armor off and strips down to his smalls before climbing in behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her flush to his chest.

They twine together quickly, Harea sticking cold toes back between his calves, and he kisses the back of her shoulder with a smile.



“Did you wake me up in the middle of the night to… cuddle?”

His laugh rumbles out of his chest and pulls a smile to her face.

“I suppose I did.”