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Come a Little Bit Closer - Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Cant stop listening to the GOTG soundtrack. So enjoy this wonderfully strange rendition of Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay & The Americans.

Steve x Reader x Bucky - Steve is drunk on Thor’s mead at Wanda’s birthday party. He makes an accidental play for Bucky’s girl. 

Warnings: Just fluff. And drunk Steve,

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This absolute gem of a photo is not seen enough on Tumblr, so I present to you once again, drunk Sebastian Stan aka the fluffiest drunk person you will ever see.

this is an evanstan rec list because i’m a dumb asshole.

i haven’t read a few of these they’re from my bookmarks so be sure to read all warning in the author’s tags :)

Fork and KnifeThree years ago, Seb wondered how sustainable it could be to feel about someone like this. Man, would that guy have been in for a surprise if he could see them now. BITH!!!!!!!!!T HIS IS MY SHIT OK???? like this is one of those fics where ur like…. ok if it were to Happen, this is how It would happen. i love it read all of it. also, every title is a brand new reference which like???? wow. 47k

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Title: Moonpie

Couple: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: where Bucky get drunk and just turns into a lump of clingy cuddly fluff?  Where the two somehow end up discussing their turn ons and kinks and then the next day they both are doing the other ones turn ons??? 

Warnings: Sorta (kinda) Sexual, alcohol

Word count: 1853

A/N: So I’m sorry this took so long, but bright side i will be putting another out soon (Finished it right after this one). I have a few request that either line up well or are basically the same so i have combined them to save time. ALSO! if you guys didn’t read the Christmas update, i will be putting out a character list of everyone I’m willing to do, I’m hoping this will help me stay motivated through the variety of characters. Anyway, love you guys and hop you enjoy.

You and Bucky sat in a bar a couple of miles away from the towers. You two had become close friends, not as close as him and Steve are…where, but still close. No one was actually sure why the two of you had become close, in fact you guys didn’t even know yourselves, it had just happened. Though you thought it had to deal with the two of you having a hard past and coming into the avengers around the same time.

“You have a serious problem” He downed another shot, the both of you thought you had a higher alcohol tolerance then you did so you guys kept drinking, trying to one up the other. “Every guy you’ve dated this past year has been from the bottom of the barrel” Bucky said, motioning this by sticking a finger from his left arm into the shot glass and breaking it.

The bartender came by, getting the pieces and giving him a glass of water as Bucky looked down and apologized as you laughed like a hyena. “What about you, you haven’t brought anyone back. Not even Steve knows what you like anymore” You got closer and looked at him, causing him to back up a bit. “What do you like?”

“what” He said confused, trying to not look you in the eyes, afraid that he might do something stupid or that you might see his true feelings that he had yet to fully figure out himself.

You shrugged and downed your glass as you sat back in your seat and looked back to him. “You know what I mean! What turns you on, what gets you going? What doesn’t get that gears turninnggg?” As soon as the words left your mouth and hit his ears the two of you started to sober up.

His face had the slightest hint of red peaking across his cheeks and his mind started to wonder at the thought. Over the past 50 years he hasn’t had the time nor will really to think of what he wanted, what he liked.

You watched, examining his face closely as his head was tilted up a bit and he stared at the ceiling in deep thought. If it wasn’t for the fact that the bar stool was nailed to the ground you would have tried to scoot closer, to be able to be nearer to him, maybe give off some of your essence to persuade his thought process. As soon as you thought that a chuckle fell from your lips at the thought of him ever even seeing you as more than just a friend. By the time you came to your senses you realized Bucky was staring at you with a big grin trying to hold in his laughter. “Hey mister” You poked his chest “fess up, I can’t wait all day”

He let his huge grin dull down to a small smile and he grabbed his drink, not to drink but more so to distract him from looking at you so he could hide his embarrassment somewhat. “I like it when the girl is fun, smart…you know a good head on her shoulders, knows what she wants…” He stared off at all the liquor behind the bar. “Caring, forgiving… yeah”

You kinda felt down at that moment, though it wasn’t Bucky’s fault, it was more so you letting your brain overthink and say you were none of those things. Not wanting to bring down the night you laughed and ordered 2 beers. “Well now I know what you’re looking for but what TURNS you on?!”

The bar tender, which you learn name was frank when he placed a napkin down next to you with his number, sending Bucky into a fit of rage in his head. “What about you little missy! What turns you on? You’re asking twenty questions over here yet you always avoid mine.”

Placing the bottle to your lips you grinned a bit, “turn ons?” you hmmed and ‘thought’ about it though most of them were displayed right in front of you. “Biting lips, like that stretching where it more so just seems like showing off, teasing, being a bit dominate but not like in everyday… just like in the bed…” You motioned for Frank to bring a few shots, which he gladly did and the two of you gladly drank. “light sweet touching” You thought about it for a second “Like in the morning, when you get hugged or a peck or something and it’s just like their happy to see you and love you… just.. yea” You laughed and he just nodded with a big grin. Your eyes darted back to him and you gave a huge grin. “Your turn mister”

He shrugged staring down at the granite bar top “when she’s playing with her lips, ” He gave a small smile, “I really love it when she runs her hands through my hair, just caring and sexy. ” he shrugged and leaned in toward you. Not thinking you did the same and he just smiled as he planted a little kissed on top of your nose. “You’re beautiful you know, like a moon pie” he started to laugh at the thought of your face on a moon pie “Who’s idea was it anyway to make that, it’s like the sexiest form a diabetes that you can get”

Laughing hysterically you both rocked back and forth on the seats, bumping into each other and at some point placing your guys arms around the others waist to keep steady… well as steady as two drunks could be.

“We should go” Bucky just nodded at your statement and stood up, then toppling over. Laughing so hard that your sides hurt you helped him up and only started to laugh more as he put his arm out for you to kiss, which you did happily.

You guys went back to the tower laughing and being drunk buffoons that irritated the crap out of the taxi driver. Finally getting into the tower you helped him to his room considering you were his crutch and his ability to walk was almost none existent on his own at the moment.  

Going into his room you helped him into bed were he tossed his shirt off to the floor and crawled into bed, taking off his pants and shoes following the shirt. He looked up to you with his big blue eyes and gave a small grin, “You should crawl in and well tell stories and cuddle”

Catching you off guard your face turn a thousand different shades of red. You wanted to, you wanted to so bad but you knew it wasn’t right, “That’s not a good idea” He looked to you confused and hurt, like a sad puppy. “We’re both drunk” you slightly slurred not meaning to but proving your point. “Drunk and cuddling make babies and we don’t need a baby right now”

Bucky chuckled and put a hand out toward you, you placed your hand in his, “Our baby would be cute and amazing. They’d be the smartest assassian baby soldier things man and human kind would ever seen”

Laughing and blushing you nodded “It would.” You leanded down and kissed his cheek and squeezed his hand. “Night Buck”

“Night Y/n”

The next morning you woke up with one of the worst hangovers you’ve ever had, coming in second to the time you and Thor had a drinking contest. Washing up and trying to look your best with as little work as possible you headed downstairs to the kitchen to get something that could ease your head and stomach.

Thankfully no one was in sight and it was completely quite. You grabbed a glass and filled it with water, taking some pills you stood there with your back to the open. Seconds later, in the middle of your deep breathing to help relax, a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and did a quick squeeze.

You let out a little squeak and when the person let you go you turned around surprised to see Bucky. “Bu…Bucky?” He gave you a little smile though he was obviously embarrassed.

“Sorry, just … thought it was a good way to start the day” He said and started to stretch his arms out. That’s when you realized he had on no shirt, you could see every flex, every muscle, every ton…. He was doing your turn ons. He had to be, he never came downstairs unless he was dressed for the day, and affection, psh he never showed that.

Not wanting to call him out you didn’t say anything, though now you wanted to play along. Maybe this was the sign that you were wanting last night, this was him making his move. Then again, he was hungover to so it could just be that… still, you were going to try.

You laughed and bit down a little on the corner of your lip, as you blushed a bit. He watched your expression and couldn’t help but be turned on a bit. “You’re right, it is” You slid your hand down his arm as you walked by to the counter with your water and grabbing a banana. He watched you walk away, adding that extra umph to your step. “So… you slept well last night?”

He followed you to the table after grabbing a cup of coffee. “Could have slept better” He looked from his coffee to you and gave a wink. You started to giggle a bit.

You got up and tossed away the banana peel and washed your hand. Going back over to the table you stopped in front of Buck. He looked up to you and your hands went to his hair, running up and down his head. “You’re hairs so soft” You said still playing with it. He must have enjoyed it because a small moan fell from his lips.

“Oh Y/n” He stood up quickly and picked you up, pushing you against the closest wall. He looked you in your y/e/c eyes and grinned. “You’re teasing me” You just bit you lip in response. “I thought I was supposed to do that to you”

“Then do it” He smashed his lips against yours. It was a manic rampage of passion and need. He hiked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He pulled apart from your lips and a pout came across your face. He moved his lips to your neck and started to nip at it. “Oh Bucky”

“Oh! Woah!! We have bedrooms for this exact reason” Tony stated as him, Sam, and Steve walked in laughing.

“So that’s why you missed our morning run, Buck?” Sam asked and started to nod his head and laugh. “Good reason, good reason”

Buck let you slide down from him but kept his hands on your waist and he stared at you with a huge smile. “Yeah, I think so” He placed a kiss on your lips and smiled into it. You couldn’t help but smile back, he was definitely worth the wait.

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Life lessons, chapter 7 (the end!)

Fluffy fluffy fluff. I can’t write smut, I admire anyone who can. You’ll just have to use your imaginations. ;) Or feel free to write the smut yourselves!

I’m not happy with this :( (I never am). The fact I could write a complete miserable fic two days ago in an afternoon but I’ve agonised over this for ages says a lot about the state of my life… So, sorry it’s rubbish. I’m going to stick to writing angst after this I think. Sorry.

Life Lessons masterlist

Imagine finding this, drunk, on your doorstep <3

So that was it of course, you got your happy ending and sailed off into the sun on a sea of sex and happiness. The end.

Or, not.

Sebastian stayed for dinner, and you didn’t even try to pretend that fish fingers and beans was a culinary masterpiece, but that was what Isabel wanted. He sat and read the paper downstairs while you put Isabel to bed and it all felt enticingly, terrifyingly, domestic.

When you came back down, you poured two glasses of wine and sat down together on the sofa.  You both started talking at once, then both stopped, laughing.  You sipped your wine, feeling self-conscious now you were alone and not separated by a text message.

Sebastian leaned closer and kissed you, gently, on the lips.

“So there’s a problem, I think.” Oh god. He was married. Had kids? Two months to live? Was gay? Or just didn’t like you? You gulped down another mouthful of wine then coughed as it went down the wrong way.

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It’s been a REALLY shitty Friday

I think I’m going to follow Seb’s lead and drink all the drinks

Until I’m at the point that I don’t even know where I am

And then I’m going to drink until I don’t know who I am or why I’m here

And then I’m just going to drink some more

Until people wonder if I’ve lost it completely

Until I almost piss myself

Until I show my ass and then pass out

I don’t even care if I wake up feeling like this

Drunk In Love

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Prompt: Person A has a massive crush on Person B and Person B has a crush on Person A and both have no idea until Person B gets drunk and confesses their love for Person A then passes out then the next morning Person B remembers everything!

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 1,023

Warning: None

You scored a roll in the big, new, Civil War movie. You played an agent who was a trusted friend of Natasha both coming from similar background.

The cast took a liking to you, especially the man with those blue eyes. You had some what absorbed a crush on the Sebastian Stan. But you constantly pushing it down thinking that he only saw you as a friend.

God you were wrong. Sebastian always watched you like a lost puppy. But he too thought you only saw him as a friend.

Everyone knew how you both felt about each other and constantly tried to put you both in a situation where one of you finally confess but everything went wrong, until tonight…

“Y/n! Wait!” Y/n heard the familiar voice of the one and only Sebastian Stan. She turned and locked eyes with his usual cheerful blue ones. She stopped and rolled her eyes,

“C’mon old man.” Her y/e/c eyes trailed up and down his body, blushing a little and mentally kicking herself in the face, why am I like this? When he did catch up he swung an arm over her shoulder.

“Coming to the party tonight.” He asked, watching her face scrunch up. “Oh and you call me the old man? Right.” Rolling her eyes she shoved his side.

As you both got in the car ready to go, Anthony turned to Robert with a smirk on his face a plan in his mind. “Look whatever you’re thinking. I’m in.” Both turned to the other casts, who were also watching the two. “Guys-”

Y/n was curled up on her hotel bed, y/h/c hair all over the place and the t.v illuminated the room as she slept. The digital clock beside her hit 1am. Outside was the cast members who were giggling uncontrollably.

“I didn’t actually think this was gonna work.” Chris said holding up the drunken state of Sebastian. “This is her room.” Sebastian was mumbling to himself as Anthony held up his other side. 

Chris grabbed his face, “Okay Seb. Knock on the door. It’s Y/n” Immediately he perked up at the sound of your name, spinning around then wobbling a little bit. 

“Y/n! Y/n!” He knocked on the door swaying as he missed the door, knocking on air. Chris and Anthony ran of hiding behind a corner giggling. Seb took a staggering step forward, face-planting on the door. “Y/n! Baby! Hnggg”

You rolled out of bed confused and half asleep. “Y/n!” You heard the familiar voice of Seb, his heavy knocking at the door. Quickly, you opened the door, almost making Seb fall on you in his drunken state.

“Seb what the hell. God it’s 1 in the morning!” You watched him, obviously he was drunk. Picking him up from his arm his eyes locked with yours.

“Oh my god- Y/n- I think that- Yea I know-” He was trying to put together words but he was to drunk to piece it together.

“Seb calm down, c’mon you can sleep in my bed.” You helped pick him up, pulling him to your bed. “I am gonna kill Evans for making you drink so much!”

Finally Seb pieced what he was going to say. “Y/N! I got it.” Surprised at his outburst Y/n turned and blushed when his face was close to her. She wanted to say something and nothing came out. His eyes leveled with hers. “I love you. I think I like you. Like a lot.”

“Look Seb you’re obviously to drunk-” You tried to protest but he grabbed you and pushed you against the wall. Your heart thumped in your chest, nervous as what was about to happen.

“N-no. I really do Y/n. I like you. A lot.” His voice was sincere his eyes showing the same, before you could say anything his eyes fluttered closed and he landed on the floor with a thump. Content snore coming out his mouth.

“As a friend Seb. As a friend.” You sighed dragging him to your bed. “Why are you so heavy!”

Seb eyes snapped open, groaning at the large thumping in his head, he looked around, focusing on anything, then noticing some of Y/n clothing. “Y/n?” As soon as he said your name, everything came back to him. Everything. “Oh my god.” Y/n waltzed in the room a smile on her face as if nothing happened earlier this morning.

“Okay so Evans said coffee would help and a bit of-”

“Wait.” He said sitting up, the blanket falling from his chest, revealing his bare torso, he raised an eyebrow at you. Blushing you said,

“You spewed when I tried to get you in bed.”

“Did I really confess my love for you?” He questioned watching you as you froze up a little. He can’t actually remember that; okay just lie… You turned to face him after setting down the cup, he immediately picked up. 

“I think you may have been a little to drunk-”

“No. Look Y/n” He sighed. “Right now I have a massive headache but- god.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I…I r-really do.” He coughed awkwardly, “I do like you. Like I love you. Like the way girlfriends and boyfriends work, basically escalating to wife and husband-”

He started to ramble on. Your mouth was wide open. Heart beating, face flustered. “Seb- Seb SHUT UP!” He went quiet, both faces were red, “I- I may have something of a thing to you. Like lovey things.” Stop being awkward please Y/n. Your eyes were focused on the carpet; a very nice carpet and didn’t notice Sebastian walking up to you until your lips were captured by his.

Puling back surprised, “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first meet you.” He whispered grinning.

The bedroom door slams open making you jump back in surprise. Evans, Anthony, Robert entering your room, “Finally! Oh my god!” Anthony said smiling. You rolled your eyes and threw a pillow at them.

“Get out!” You yelled at the giggling lot, as they stumbled out your door. Squealing as Sebastian scooped you up, pecking your nose, then returning back to the kiss