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I’m not sure how to format this so I’m just wingin’ it. And don’t worry, I’ll tag it “long post”! I’m gonna go newest to oldest! I can be found on Ao3 here.

you knock me out I fall apartEDWIN (T (for Ed’s potty mouth)) oneshot. complete. 

the birth of Ed and Winry’s second child doesn’t go as smoothly as their first leaving Ed fearful and questioning of equivalent exchange. 

i need you so much closer: ALMEI (M) multichaptered, incomplete. tw for miscarriage here. 

Al and Me’s journey into parenthood is much harder (and more painful) than the expected. 

you’re my best friend, and I need you, do you know that?: RIZBECCA (E) oneshot. complete. 

While in the academy, the likelihood of Riza being sent to front lines gets higher everyday. Rebecca is scared to lose her friend. They give each other the closeness they need.

we’ll make the world safe and sound for you: ROYAI, ALMEI, EDWIN. (G) oneshot. complete. 

This was FMA secret santa gift to @lucinasparallelfalchion! Lots of christmasy-little kids being happy feels. 

absorbing everything, the spectrums A to Z: ROYAI (T) 

alphabet series! A-Q are posted. It’s royai and it jumps around from pre-canon, canon, and post-canon

i waited all my life for you, sweet girl: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

Based on the tumblr prompt request “In didn’t know you could sing.”

you outshine the morning sun…my son: EDWIN (T(for Ed’s mouth)) oneshot. complete.

Ed and Winry welcome their first child into the world as Ed tries not to faint. 

and i’ll shiver like i used to: ROYAI MODERN AU (G) multichaptered. incomplete. (and i’m looking for someone to collab w me on this one)

Roy and Riza dated through high school and college but broke up when he left for grad school. He shows up back in town and heartbreak, chaos, and healing commences. 

just leave me your stardust to remember you by: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete.

WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH. Riza has to do some healing is the most nonspoilery thing I can say.

please don’t take my sunshine away: ALMEI (G) oneshot. complete. 

“He’d been with her for one assassination attempt when he was eighteen and she was fifteen. They’d fought together and, while it was scary, it was nothing compared to this. Someone had actually gotten to her. Someone hurt her.”

the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling: ALMEI, EDWIN. (G) oneshot. complete. 

WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH. Al get’s Trisha’s disease. 

please don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me: EDWIN (G) oneshot. complete.

teeny tiny fluff piece.  

your laugh echoes down the hallway: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

WARNING: CHILD DEATH. Roy and Riza’s daughter comes down with the same sickness as Riza’s father. 

we live through scars this time: EDWIN (T(for Ed’s mouth again, what am I gonna do with him?)) oneshot. complete. 

based on a sketch by @fennethianell! Ed tells Winry about his scars from Baschool

sleep pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby: ROYAI (G) multichaptered. incomplete. 

WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH. Person B secretly listening to Person A sing a sweet lullaby to their child every night. After Person A unexpectedly passes away, Person B attempts to sing the same lullaby so their son/daughter, but ends up bursting into tears, much to the child’s confusion.(This was originally a oneshot but then it got out of hand)

never a tear, baby of mine: ALMEI (G) tw for miscarriage. oneshot. complete.

Al and May suffer a loss no one should ever have to.  

your eyes look like coming home: HAVOCAI (i love my tiny canoe) (T bordering on M) multichaptered. complete. 

Jean Havoc’s loyalty is unwavering. That includes his loyalty to his fellow Lieutenant and the changes they experience.

what else should i be? all apologies?: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

Riza has been missing from Roy’s life for years. When she stumbles back into it, she brings a large secret along with her.

whatever could it be that has brought me to this loss?: EDWIN (G) multichaptered. complete. 

“He took her hand in the dark. “I know,” he said. And he did. He was the only other person who understood the loss of Sara Elric in this magnitude. He was her parent too.”

wishing only wounds the heart: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

I was sick of drunk!Roy fics so I made a drunk!Riza lmao. Roy takes care of Riza in this. 

a fire baptism engulfs my shame: ROYAI (T) oneshot. complete. 

Roy destroys the secrets of flame alchemy off of Riza’s back.

(I know everyone and their mother has written this same thing but pls give it a glance (: ily )

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pls quench my thirst. pls.

i will always indulge u Marilyn <3333 this got out of control a Little but i am sending u good vibes rn <3333333

Roy would love to say that this night was going well – and it had been, until Catalina had conveniently ‘found them’ at his aunt’s bar and invited herself to spend the rest of the night with him and Riza. It had only taken half a bottle of Drachman wódka for the two of them to get drunk, and he was a little angry at Rebecca for ruining one of the few ‘date nights’ he could have with Riza. His relationship with the woman had always been a bit catty, but it didn’t help that she was always trying to nick Riza away for a girl’s night – but this was the icing on the cake. She had never been quite so blatant before but Roy was inebriated enough to know that if he didn’t call it quits now he was going to say something rude (but completely true) and then he’d be left with a drunk and angry Riza, and he didn’t like his chances of surviving that.

He slipped out of the booth and made some comment about paying the tab and Riza made a noise of discontentment, leaning further onto Rebecca’s shoulder as she pouted at him.

“Can’t we stay a bit longer?” she asked, trying her best not to laugh as Rebecca’s hand snaked around her shoulder and settled over her bare chest. Roy wanted to laugh at the audacity of the situation – he generally wasn’t the jealous sort of guy – but he was tired and unwilling to pick a fight.

He shook his head. “I think you’ve had enough, Riza,” he replied. “We should call it a night.”

“How sexist of you Mustang,” Rebecca commented, leaning forward slightly. “I think we can decide for ourselves what we want to do.” She turned to Riza and cocked her head to the side. “Right?”

Riza looked at her for a moment, the barest hint of a frown beginning between her eyebrows before she shook her head and carefully extracted herself from Rebecca’s arm.

“Nah, he’s got a point ‘Becca. Besides, you said you have an early train to catch tomorrow – and I’m sleepy.” She held out her hand and Roy grasped it on instinct, pulling her out of the booth. Riza stumbled a little as she came to her feet, leaning against Roy as she smoothed down her skirt.

“Do you need a taxi home?” she asked as Rebecca handed her trenchcoat over. Rebecca shook her head.

“I’m fine, Riza – could do with the walk anyway.” Her eyes flicked over to Roy’s and she ducked her head before laughing quietly to herself. “Don’t worry about the tab, sir,” she said, running a hand through her hair. “I’ll cover it. You kids go have fun for me.”

Roy felt a hand slip behind his waistcoat and nails scraping against the fabric covering his lower back.

“Of course, ‘Becca.”

As promised, here are my Royai fanfic recommendations. <3 A lot of people have been messaging me about this. Sorry, this took a while. Christmas and New Year came. HAHA!

I’m not really into fanfics, but because Royai, I just had to read. I’m sorry, but I’m kinda picky with fanfics, especially when it comes to my OTP for life. <3 I don’t like it when the characters get OOC or when there are OCs in fanfics. (Though, there are exceptions. :) ) I’ll be updating this constantly, so just keep checking this list. :) When I find a Royai fanfic I like, I’ll add it immediately to this list. <3 You can always go back to this, because I’ll be tagging it as “justroyai fanfic recs” :)

HERE GOES! (I’m not sure if I can write my comments for all fanfics, I might have to reread some of the fanfics again to be able to write my comments about it. I’ve read a lot of Royai fanfics. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Trust me.)

I made a similiar post about some of my fave Royai fics/fanfic authors before, but for the benefit of those who haven’t seen/read that post..

1. MoonStarDutchess- She immediately became one of my all time fave Royai fanfic writers. I LOVE HOW SHE WRITES. ROY AND RIZA ARE SO IN CHARACTER. And omg she is an awesome smut writer. All of her Royai fanfics are worth reading, though some are crack fics, tho some of you might enjoy those. :) I also love her Royai + Royai children fanfics. They are absolutely adorable.

My fave Royai fics from MoonStarDutchess, in no particular order:

1. Best Kept Secret- This was actually the first Royai fic I read. And I COULDN’T STOP READING IT. It’s set in the FMA:Brotherhood timeline. Where Roy and Riza were secretly married throughout the whole series. JUST OMG. If you haven’t read this fic, you should go read it NAOOOO. It’s just perfection.

2. Vacuous Heart of Blood- This is an AU Royai fic. (I’m okay with AU Royai fanfics, it’s just that I don’t really prefer it.) BUT AGAIN, this is an exception. SDJSLKDJLSAK I won’t get much into details, but get this: Vampire Roy, Human Riza, fantasy + a whole lot 80s- early 90s feel.

3. How Could You Forget- This was a really good read. I love how it involves Madame Christmas and Roy’s ‘sisters’.

Summary: Roy is distracted by Maes and as a result, he forgets the date and a very special day for Riza and him. 

4. The Things Drunken Men Speak- Funny and sweet oneshot.

Summary: Riza goes to pick Roy up from the bar in what she deems as the typical Friday night. Little does she know that she will get a huge surprise from a drunken Roy. 

5. When One’s World Is Shaken- This is one of my all time fave Royai fanfic. I can’t put into words how beautifully this fic was written.

Summary: When Riza is assaulted the life she has with Roy is shaken. Can Roy help her through her struggle with all her self doubts?

6. Roy’s Teddy Bear- This was really fluff to the max. Cute oneshot.

Summary: When Roy takes a break in one of the nap rooms, Riza discovers a habit he has that she never knew about. 

7. The Trouble With Kissing Booths- A pre-Brotherhood Royai. In short, Young Royai. Back when Riza was still studying in the military academy. This was cute.

Summary: Roy gets jealous when Rebecca has his fiancee Riza run a kissing booth with her and Maria. Will their relationship withstand this seemingly insignificant matter?

8. Does Daddy Love Mommy?- One of my fave Royai + Royai kids fic. This was just so cute and just AHHHHHHH. <3 

Summary: When Roy and Riza’s kids are running an errand, one of Roy’s ex-girlfriends tells their children that Roy doesn’t love them or their mom. 

9. Mama and Papa’s PlaytimeI was thinking dirty when I read the title. You just know it.  Another cute Royai + Royai kids fanfic. 

Summary: Roy and Riza’s kids hear something that worries them coming from their parent’s bedroom and go to their great grandfather for help. 

10. True Reasons- So sweet and so very Royai. <3

Summary: After hearing some women in the locker room talk about Roy’s reason’s for wanting to marry her, Riza has doubts about Roy’s love for her. What will Roy do to erase these doubts from her mind? 


2. Antigone Rex- Another talented Royai fanfic writer. I swear. She keeps Royai so in character - So much that it hurts. *sobbing* 

My fave Royai fanfics from Antigone Rex, again, in no particular order:

1. Reverberations- One of the Royai fanfictions that has OC, but is an exceptional fic. This fanfic made me sleep in wee hours of the morning, because I couldn’t stop reading. This is a post- Brotherhood Royai fanfic. I also love how this also focuses on Roy’s relationship with his other subordinates, not just Riza. But the Royai fluff here is just to the max. ALSKJDKLDJFDF Plus, I love the fact that I learn new words from this fanfic. WOOO More words to add to my vocab. HAHAHA!

Summary: Post-Brotherhood Royai. In the wake of the Promised Day, Mustang and Hawkeye struggle to find normalcy. With a powerful new enemy and a growing Ishvalan Resistance looming at every turn, will they learn to understand one another before it is too late? 

2. The General’s Daughter- Oneshot. A very adorable and sweet oneshot. <3 I just love Overprotective!Roy. <3 

Summary: It’s only fitting that Amestris’ most infamous womanizer should have a beautiful daughter. Introducing Overprotective!Roy.

3. A Dusty Brown Bottle- OMG THIS FIC. Hilarious all-around. Drunk!Riza is the best. The best. Riza might seem to be a bit OOC here, but then again, she’s drunk, so yeah.

Summary:  Vanessa always knew what lay hidden in the dusty brown bottle, secreted on the top shelf behind the bar. 


3. hmmingbird- This girl is very talented. The way she writes, I feel like I’m reading poetry. 

My fave Royai fanfics from hmmingbird, again, in no particular order:

1.  Ruby Throat- Ruby Throat. How do I even begin to describe Ruby Throat? This is one of the fanfics that hurt so much, but it’s still so good. 

Summary: Love fell into his lap at the most inopportune moment. [Royai]

2. The Closed Circle- The ending was quite predictable, but nevertheless, this is one of my all time fave Royai fanfics. <3

Summary: In which Lieutenant Hawkeye drives Colonel Mustang to distraction, and he decides he’s had quite enough cold showers.

——————————– 4. Chuui- She says she’s a horrible writer. (According to her author bio) On the contrary, I don’t think so. I enjoy reading her Royai fanfics very much. <3 Her fics deserves a bit more love. <3 (By love, I mean, faves and follows.) My fave Royai fanfics from Chuui, again, in no particular order:

1. Not In The Mood- Hilarious. Just friggin hilarious. I just love seeing a very horny Roy and a not so interested in Roy’s advances Riza. KJSKJDSKD I really enjoyed reading this one. Summary: Riza Hawkeye was not in the mood, but that never stopped Roy Mustang from trying. 2. Anniversary- This was really cute and hilarious. I was grinning the whole time I was reading this fic. Definitely worth reading. Oneshot. Summary: Roy and Riza are in Resembool and Roy decides to take advantage of the fact that nobody knows who they are and introduces himself and his lieutenant as a married couple. 3. Not Quite Right- I was always so curious about Young!Royai. I love this fic. Hilarious and cute all around. Oneshot. Summary: Riza Hawkeye would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t have any interest in Roy Mustang, he was rather good-looking and she always had wondered what it would be like to…

——————————– 5. Silvery Mist- I stumbled upon this author’s bio by accident. And I’m glad I did. Love her fics. Royai are so in character. <3 My fave Royai fanfics from Silvery Mist, in no particular order:

1. Friday Night- This was hilarious. OMG. SJLKSAJKLSJD I just love it when Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic. You just know that they ship Royai so hard. Poor Havoc tho. HAHA! Summary: Havoc and Breda decided to check out one of the local bars hoping to get lucky. Unfortunately, they get more than what they bargained for when one girl catches Havoc’s eyes.
2. A Not So Perfect Date- This was so funny. I love Roy here. He’s so in character. Especially when his lieutenant is out on a date. But not with him. He be like she’s MY lieutenant. No one can go out with her except for me. Summary: When Riza goes out on a date with another man, a jealous Roy sets out to make sure sparks don’t fly.   3. Stealing a kiss- Pure fluff. Oneshot. <3 Summary: Why do you like reading romance novels Riza? 4. Operation Miniskirt- This fic. This fic. It’s a mix of action, fluff and humor. KSJDKSLSL Yes, and this one of thos Roy + Miniskirts fanfics. :)) Summary: Riza is far from thrilled when she’s forced to go undercover as a prostitute during a sting operation to catch a serial killer.  5. Confession- This was absolutely beautiful. Enough said.  Summary: Riza always knew that she was an important part of the Colonel’s life but it wasn’t until after Maes Hughes’ death that she knew just how important she was.


6. Lady Norbert- She’s a really good writer. Not just for Royai fics- Like her HP fanfics, Legend of Zelda ones are good too. <3 Plus, she’s really nice too. :D Hello thaaar, ladynorbert! :)

Elemental Chess Trilogy: Just read it, and you’ll know why a lot of people like this trilogy. :D Usually, I don’t read fanfics with sequels, prequels or let alone a trilogy, but this is an exception. Now go read! :)

Prequel: Triumvirate

Volume 1: Flowers of Antimony

Volume 2: Brilliancy

Final Installment: The Game of Three Generals


UNSORTED: Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

1. Hawkeye and the General- This is a good fanfic. It’s the type that makes me want to read more. But, I find Riza OOC in some parts this fic. Don’t know if others share the same sentiments, but still, good. :) This fic is ongoing, btw.

Summary: Ed and Winry’s wedding provides the perfect time for Riza Hawkeye and her commanding officer to sort out their complicated relationship. Or so everyone else thinks. But Riza knows she won’t be able to take control of her personal life until Roy reaches his ever-demanding goal, and she doesn’t think she’ll be able to hold out for much longer. And neither does he.

2. Embarrassed Meeting- Multichapter fic. I think the author intended for this to be a oneshot, but due to popular demand- she kept writing more and more chapters. (I’m glad she did!) This is a fic that makes you want more. I love this fic, because it’s sweet and hilarious mixed into one. 

Summary: Roy’s emergency meeting that ends with Riza in his arms.


Kelenloth- I found this author via Tumblr. Ohhh the things tumblr can do! Amazing really! And I do believe that this author deserves a whole lot more reviews. I love the way she writes!

1. This is Gonna Sting- Can I just say this fanfic is one of the best? I love authors who write fanfics about Roy/Riza POV. :) This is the author’s version of what happened in episode 19 of FMA: Brotherhood. I happen to stumble upon this fanfic when the author reblogged one of my headcanons from my Royai headcanons blog. She said that she wrote a fanfic about that particular headcanon. And here it is!

Summary:  "I cauterized the wound closed. I almost passed out a few times from the pain.“ This is the story of Roy closing and preventing wounds the only way he knows how. A short scene that occurs "offstage” in canon. Chapter 38-39/episode 19 Spoilers. Rated for in-canon violence and in-canon language. Second more Riza-centric chap. added with aftermath of Roy and Lust’s battle.

2. Her Name Is Elizabeth- “AHHHHHHHHH!” is all I can say after reading this fic. OMG This a very good read. And I really enjoyed this fic very much. I love fanfics that has “Elizabeth” in it. ;) 

Summary: Riza drives Roy home after the team’s New Year’s Eve celebration at his favorite bar in Central. Some very interesting people had been there, including what seemed to be every girl Roy had ever dated in Central, and that odd woman, Madame Christmas. Riza has question and Roy has a few tipsy answers. Currently a one-shot, may end up a two-shot. My thoughts on Chris and Elizabeth.

3. My Father’s Masterpiece- Ohhh i just love Young!Royai fanfics or fanfics about their past. It just gets me everytime.

Summary: "This is my father’s masterpiece. He entrusted it to me while you were away.“ That morning they had buried her father. That night was the start of the rest of their lives. - Young-ish Royai concerning Berthold’s death, Riza’s back, and the secrets there. Rated T for safety only.

Janieshi- I’ve read a couple of her Royai fics, and they are just so adorable. Haven’t read ALL of her Royai fics, but the ones i’ve read so far are enjoyable. <3

Espionage- A cute fic about Young!Royai. This is a multichaptered fic,

Summary: "He couldn’t quite find the right words to describe the feeling of foreboding that had curled up deep in his belly when he’d looked into his teacher’s eyes.” Pre-series character study of the relationship between Roy and Riza as young teens, spoilers for manga and anime.

Shot Down- Really cute oneshot fic. Set in Pre-Manga/Anime.

Summary: "There was evidently only one pretty blonde female officer in all of Eastern that frequented the range-but the magnificent Lieutenant Hawkeye proved to be wholly unapproachable.“ Pre-or-early series. Slight hints of Royai, naturally.

UNSORTED: Again, this are Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

Awkward Position- This is a hilarious fic all throughout! <3 And I love it when Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic, because my headcanon is that they all ship Royai. :))

Summary: Roy Mustang wakes up in a very awkward position after having to share a bed with Hawkeye and he needs to solve his problem before she wakes up. Royai.


esbethwrites- AHHHH she is one of my fave writers now. SKDJSLDJ I think she’s also new to the FMA/Royai fandom. I’m looking forward to fanfics that she’ll be writing. 

Distraction- OMG. THIS FIC IS THE BEST THING EVER. READ IT NOW. Again, I love fanfics that has "Elizabeth” in it. And I think this is one fanfic I can read over and over again. OHHH AND THE AUTHOR IS NEW TO THE ROYAI/FMA FANDOM. *throws confetti at esbethwrites* Welcome to our wonderful fandom! The one that ruined my life. *sobbing* Thank you for writing this wonderful fanfic. <3

Summary: With Lieutenant Hawkeye out on vacation, and Colonel Mustang stuck with a mountain of paperwork at the office, a seductive “Elizabeth” offers a distraction over the phone to help hasten the Colonel’s progress, but ends up halting it instead.

The Seven Deadly Sins- This fic is very interesting. Ongoing right now. I can’t wait for the updates.

Summary: The Devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. (Royai prompts. Rating to change in the future).

hell-whim- An anon suggested that I should read Royai fanfics written by her. And wow, she is a fantastic writer. I have yet to read all her Royai fanfics, but thank you for suggesting, anon! She deserves a lot more reviews in some of her fics tho. 

Understanding- This fanfic is just giving me a lot of feels and it’s great feeling when you found out that you have a headcanon in a fanfiction form. KDSJFS Best feeling ever.

Summary: There are questions they both know the answer to, but which sometimes must still be asked. [Royai, 2009 anime]

Clandestine- A short and sweet oneshot. Also, the sequel to Understanding.

Summary: Mistakes like this are best made big, and all at once. [Royai, 2009 anime, sequel to Understanding]

Shimegami-chan- This author has written so many fanfics! Not just for the FMA/Royai fandom, but other fandoms as well. And all of them are really good. Again, I have yet to read all her fics. 

Lemon Tea- This is really cute. Nuff said. (Though, it doesn’t really fit the what is now canon for FMA) All the characters are in character and very well written. A good read!

Summary: One-shot. Private Roy Mustang has his eye on a certain female squadronmate. Private Hawkeye has no obvious weaknesses, save one…if Roy can use it to his advantage. Winner of Best Prose in the Anime North Fanfiction Contest.

Elizabeth- Hilarious fic. I just love it when “Elizabeth” and Team Mustang is involved in a Royai fic. 

Summary: One-shot. A note discovered in Roy Mustang’s office leads to an all-out investigation as the Colonel’s subordinates attempt to steal his new girlfriend.

UNSORTED: Again, this are Royai fanfics from authors that I haven’t got to browse all their Royai stories yet. Or they are relatively new or they have only written one Royai fanfic. But nevertheless, I enjoyed all of them. :)

It’s Wedding Day- OMG yaaaay! Royai wedding. <3

Summary: It’s Roy and Riza’s wedding day. Someone in the audience makes observations. Multiple pairings. Post-Brotherhood. Rated T because I’m paranoid.

That Idiot Colonel Wrote a Letter- FEELS EVERYWHERE. This fanfic. <3 Onshot.

Summary: As the promised day approaches Mustang writes a letter to express thoughts he wants Riza to know, should he perish during the war against the homunculi. Letter written for hawkseyeriza of tumblr. A/N: the first two lines are supposed to be crossed out, but doesn’t support that formatting. Also, the combination is the keypad format for “hawkseye”


Cafe Au Liet- I love her fics! She also adds a bit of Havocai to her fanfics. I’m not a Havocai shipper though. HAHA! But yes! Most of her fanfics are good. And she’s from the Phils too! Holla!

Just Get Them Together Already!- This is probably one of my favorite fics from this author. Very witty & naughty. Warning! Suggestive themes. And, did I mention that i just love it when Team Mustang is involved? BEST. BESTTTTT.

Summary: Mustang’s subordinates decide to take matters into their own hands, coming up with a plan to get the Colonel and his Lieutenant together. But they weren’t prepared for this. Royai.

Good Morning- Aww. This is so sweet & very realistic. I can imagine this happening. 

Summary: At this rate, they’ll never get to work on time. Light and fluffy Royai one shot for Royai day! May contain spoilers for 108.

Dangerous- Ahhh! Team Mustang + undercover missions fanfics are the best. 

Summary: Riza Hawkeye finds herself in a dangerous situation. Royai.

Takes Two To Tango- Oneshot. This is a short, funny & witty fic all around.

Summary: “Snipers are amazing at ballroom dancing.” “Is that from experience? Just how many have you danced with?” “Only one.” A short Royai One shot.

Inadequacy- I just love this fanfic so much. I wish she finished this fic. :( But yes, worth reading! :) And ahhh Young!Royai is the best thing ever.

Summary: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye were made for each other. Funny how they don’t seem to know it themselves. My own take on how Royai came to be.



Babysitter Mishap- I’m usually not so fond of AU fics unless it’s really good. kdjsa;kd this is one of the exceptions. Again, this is worth reading. BUT, the author hasn’t updated for 1234567890 years already. :(( *sobbing* Ahhh, but this fic is just adorable and lovely in all ways. I just can’t.

Summary: Wealthy, young, sexy and the father of three lovable kids, needs a babysitter/bodyguard for them. But will his kids make life easy for Riza or make it a wild roller coaster ride? And what happens if this single father falls for her charming ways?

What You Make of a Family- ksajalkjdls ahhhh another one of my headcanons! Royai + Elysia. Adorable. <3 I wish this fic had a sequel. :(

Summary: Roy is called upon to babysit Elicia when Gracia has an emergency. It’s not his idea of a perfect weekend but he steps up to care of a little girl who is in need of a father figure and realizes what he’s missing in his life. Royai. Chapter 6 up.

Merry Little Christmas- Christmas Royai fanfic! Ahhh again, another one of those very realistic Royai fics. I love it. Bittersweet kinda fic. <3

Summary: Roy and Riza are alone working Christmas Eve but skipping out on work for a nightcap is a much better idea. Chapter 2 up, Roy and Riza face their feelings but it’s not so easy… RoyAi

Security- Oneshot. Very moving & well written.

Summary: Lieutenant Hawkeye has an unexpected visitor in the wake of Major Hughes death.

Someday- AWWW. This fic is so adorable. It gives me so much FEEEELS.

Summary: That morning, Roy held his newborn niece for the first time and imagined a new kind of future. Royai, Hughes/Gracia, and general fluffiness.


UPDATES from May 9, 2014:

taylortot- Some people can write, but can draw. Some people can draw, but not write. But this girl is both. She can write and draw. :) I was really surprised to see that all of her Royai fics are worth reading. And visit her art blog too. [X]

Reversal- OMG THIS FIC IS BRILLIANT. Genderbend fic? TEEHEEEEE! All Royai shippers will def enjoy this one!

Summary: A collection of one-shots set in an AU where Colonel Riza Hawkeye is the Flame Alchemist and Roy Mustang is her First Lieutenant. Not necessarily in chronological order. Rating may depend per chapter.

Can You Feel It- I just love this fic. Made me laugh so hard in the end. :))

Summary: Roy’s stubborn antics have led to both a sunburn and the day that Riza Hawkeye could not stop laughing.

Rumors- Lovely one-shot fic. I can actually see this happening. And, this is actually one of my headcanons.

Summary:  Of course there would be gossip. Mustang and his lieutenant were suspiciously close after all, but that didn’t mean it had to tear them apart. In fact, it brought them closer together. Literally. Royai. One-shot.

Safeguard- OMG I can’t stop reading this. Sorry to burst your bubble, but taylortot hasn’t updated this fic for a year. *sobbing* but yeees, this fic is still good!

Summary: After Roy is called to help catch a murderer, he becomes injured and loses his memory, including the secrets of Flame Alchemy. While hiding undercover in his delicate state, Riza takes it upon herself to reteach Mustang all that he’s forgotten, but some things will never be the same. Rated M as of Chapter 6. Sort of AU.

It’s Hot In Here- There’s only one word that perfectly describes how I feel about the weather here in my country and this fanfic. Hot. JFC.

Summary: The office is sweltering on a late Friday afternoon and for some reason, Roy can’t seem to keep his eyes off his lieutenant.

Chaos and Caramel Eyes- This is really cute. I’m always a sucker for fics that involve Royai and Team Mustang. <3

Summary: Riza has taken a short leave of absence from work and it results in a catastrophic office setting that has swallowed everything. Not to mention the hole it put in Roy’s poor heart. One-shot.

Looking for Trouble- AHHH Young!Royai. This fic is adorableeee. <3

Summary: He has been warned to stay away from Master Hawkeye’s daughter, and he thought that wouldn’t be a problem. He is there to learn alchemy, after all. But one glance of her in a pretty white dress is all it takes to have Roy Mustang breaking all the rules. T because Mustang is such a boy.

AlphaCentauri.42- I love how she writeeeees. She wrote 2 fics only. And both Royai. <3

The Alchemist’s Silicon and Gold- Ohhh yeah! This fic is brilliant. Kudos to the author! She must’ve done lots of research for this. Awesome and very unique.

Summary: In retrospect, Riza had to admit calling her superior “useless” wasn’t one of her more brilliant ideas.

Two Steps Forward- Exactly how I pictured Colonel Dork to proposes to Riza. <3

Summary: Kicking off the Royai Day Festival! Roy kept his back to her when he said, “I don’t want you to follow me anymore.”

UPDATES: 10/31/2014

TheRedHabanero- OH. MY. GOOD. LAWD. I just read some of her fanfics. And, all I can say is.. one of my fave authors! AHHHH I just love the way she writes Royai. SO BEAUTIFUL and so in character. If you haven’t read her fics yet. YOU SHOULD. NOW.

An Unconventional Proposal - The first fanfic I read from her. KSAJFKDLSAJFLDSJFLKDS OMG This made me feel all warm and fuzzy. TOO CUTE FOR LIFE. SAKFHKLD PLS READ THIS NOW.

Summary: Edward seeks advice on a certain topic. Roy shows him how it’s done. And naturally, Riza is dragged into it. -Royai, implied Edwin. Post-manga/Brotherhood.

About Time- Sweet cheesus. This is brilliant. And how I imagined everyone wanted it to happen. JKSAHDJKSA

Summary: Roy held his breath, heart thundering as he waited for her response. For her to kiss him or shoot him or yell at him for this sudden life-changing revelation at such an inappropriate time. Royai.

Cherish- love this. Very in character. 

Summary: Because he just can’t wait around for Amestris to finally 'allow’ them to be together. Haven’t they been through enough already? Don’t they deserve to be happy?

To Whatever End - Warning: Deathfic. BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM READING THISSSS. It’s so beautiful. *cries* buttttt yet so sad. HUHU. 

Summary: Riza Hawkeye would have followed him to whatever end. And up until her very end, she was his.


I have more good Royai fanfics, will update this post again soon. :) I know a lot of you want this already, so I will to post this now. :) If a fanfic you’ve read is good, maybe you can suggest it to me. :) Please don’t spam my asks with.. “if I’ve read this fanfic or that fanfic”. If it’s not in this list, I probably didn’t read it yet or it didn’t really catch my attention. :( OR I haven’t updated this list yet. :) I swear, I have read a lot of good Royai fanfics, it’s just that I really don’t have the time to update this list every now and then. Plus, I lost all my bookmarked Royai fanfics to add to this list recently.. so yeah. *sobbing* Might take me a while to find those fics. If I do, I’ll be sure to add it ASAP. cheesus, now my back hurts from all the typing. WOOO!

I’m so glad I found these fanfics. *sobbing*

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UPDATED: October 31, 2014

Enjoy! :)

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Week has begun!

(It’s past midnight here, which means it’s technically Monday, and I wanna start.)

Each day during FWA Week, I intend to post a list of fanfic recs for one of my major fandoms. And for this first post, I’m starting with - big surprise - Fullmetal Alchemist. Some of my favorite pieces, with links to the authors on Tumblr if I know their Tumblr names, are as follows in no particular order:

1) “Shot Down” by Janieshi. A playful one-shot about a soldier who transfers to Eastern Command and is immediately smitten by the lovely, reportedly untouchable Riza Hawkeye. But why is everyone warning him not to waste his time trying to get her attention? This story makes me giggle every time.

2) “Unspoken” by jellyjay​. Five times Roy Mustang didn’t tell her he loved her, and one time he did. I had the distinct pleasure of RPing Royai with Jelly via email for roughly two years, and she always gives these characters delightful and authentic voices.

3) “On the Line” by glamaphonic. Five times Roy Mustang drunk-dialed Riza Hawkeye. A really funny, sexy, well-written one-shot.

4) “Blaze of Glory” by bleedingcoffee42​.  After the battle with Lust, Roy is anxious to leave the hospital and find a way to fix Havoc. Riza has to care for her stubborn injured Colonel and they finally come to terms with the fact that they are much more than co-workers. Coffee is pretty well known around here for writing yummy Royai and she doesn’t disappoint.

5) “Shall We Dance?” by stupidsexymustang.  Mustang and Hawkeye understood danger. But they were rather fond of a particularly dangerous game that no one would stop them from playing. SSM wrote this for this year’s Royai Week festivities and it is a very happy piece indeed.

6) “Lemon Tea” by Shimegami-chan. This one-shot is an AU, although it’s old enough that at the time it was written, it probably wasn’t intended as one. It’s about Roy meeting Riza at the military academy (which we know now didn’t happen) and how nobody could get close to her… but he finds a way to bond over a hot beverage. Even though it’s not canon, it’s still really good.

7) “Drifting Apart” by bayalexison. Bay writes a lot of good Royai stuff, and this is no exception. She takes on the time when Riza is Bradley’s hostage, prior to the Promised Day, and how Roy and Riza are faring in one another’s painful absence.

I know many other stories, but these are some of my favorites, so I wanted to share them. Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Week!

Love Sick

An FMA Hogwarts!AU inspired by the chat and artwork that happened during Pahndah’s livestream. Also special thanks to the-musical-alchemist for enabling by Harry Potter/FMA posts. And to Ohmytheon for encouraging me to write, even after I killed Riza in that one post. As well as The-Flame-and-Hawks-Eye because I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to socialize in the fandom at all if you weren’t so nice. And to anyone else that was present in the chat or has been nice! *throws thank yous everywhere*

The-musical-alchemist…i know you were thinking of writing this, and I hope you still do! There are so many ways this could happen (switch who gets dosed, maybe both of them instead, etc.) But I couldn’t sleep and this just happened.

I wasn’t kidding when I said Harry Potter and FMA are my fandom kryptonite. Before I knew it I had this written out. Considering 90% of this story takes place at breakfast this is kinda long…

Summary: Love Potions are tricky things and so is Maes Hughes. Or: Maes tries to use Love Potion to make his two best friends to admit they have feelings beyond friendship for each other. Roy wishes the floor would swallow him and Riza is confused and suspicious. PSA: Sharing coffee at Hogwarts is a safety hazard.

Pairings: Royai, but mostly Roy and Maes friendship 

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anonymous asked:

Are you still takin requests? If so, 3 for any pairing you want please?

Of course, Nonny! Drunk!Roy and Riza below :3 (I was tempted to do one with Drunk!Ed and Parental!Riza to the rescue the night before his wedding but then I thought of Royai kisses and then this happened). I hope you don’t mind .___.

Just like years past, Jean Havoc’s annual birthday “slosh fest,” as he called it, went off without a hitch.

Even Riza had a drink or two… Or five. Roy wasn’t sure. All he knew was that by the end of the night she had requested they both take a cab to their apartments.

After they said their goodbyes to a rather drunk Havoc and a tipsy Rebecca Catalina, the two of them piled into a cab and requested Riza’s apartment first.

The ride was relatively short from the bar to Riza’s home, leaving time to only gloss over the night’s details. So when the cab stopped outside of Riza’s apartment, Roy found himself not yet ready to say good night.

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Okay, so here is a small Royai one-shot based on this post. (I did change a few words, though… I hope it was okay to use the dialogue!). I was incredibly motivated to write late last night and ended up writing it out a lot earlier than I thought. This is the first of two one-shots I have planned to celebrate 200+ followers.

A while back I thought it would be fun adding to it and making it a short one-shot as a ‘thank you’/dedication to angel-with-a-pipette for just being so nice and such an amazing person (especially when I first joined Tumblr because I had no idea what I was doing). *cough* Anyways, Royai Week brought back the idea of writing this little ‘thank you’ fic again, and then I remembered that she said her birthday was during the summer. I don’t know when it is/was, but it’s summer now, so… XD

But anyways, thank you for being super awesome and nice, and happy birthday at some point! :) Enjoy the first one-shot of my ‘thank you for 200+’ followers celebration :D

“Sir, are you really that drunk,” Riza asked with a sigh as Roy stumbled into her, catching himself by grabbing her shoulder and steadying himself. Obviously he was. The men were in the right for calling her to pick him up, even though they were the reason he was as drunk as he had been.

“Noooo,” he crooned as he wobbled, tightening his grip on her shoulder.

With another sigh, she reached around his waist to help brace him and hold him upright. As he raised his arm to hang it around her neck, she grabbed his hand with her free one to add extra support. “Alright, let’s get you home. Can you walk properly?”

“No,” he said with a pout, “It hurts.”

“What hurts, sir,” she asked as she surveyed him, not seeing anything necessarily wrong with him.

Clumsily grabbing his pant leg, Roy tugged it up as he slurred, “My leg, look right-“ He stopped and let loose an audible gasp, taking Riza by surprise. “Oh my god!”

Alarmed, she asked, “Sir?! What is it? What’s-“

“What is that on my leg,” he yelped as he pointed down… and at his knee.

Immediately her eyes were drawn down to it, noticing that it was slightly red, perhaps from falling or bumping it, but it otherwise looked normal. With a sigh of relief, she noted, “That’s your knee, sir.”

Still alarmed by the existence of the ‘anatomical anomaly,’ he bellowed, “Is it supposed to look like that?!”

“It’s a little red, but yes, it’s supposed to look like that,” Riza explained.

“I don’t believe you,” he quipped as he slowly, cautiously raised his leg and turned it, looking at it at different angles. “It’s just so round and fat… Like it’s pregnant.” Chuckling as he looked up at her, he grinned and said, “It’s a pregnan-knee.”

“Sir, please don’t connect ‘round and fat’ with pregnant. It can be demeaning,” Riza explained as she shook her head. “Would that be something you would say to me if I were pregnant?”

With a sudden gasp he ducked out from beneath her arm and staggered slightly as he tried to gain his footing. His mouth hanging open, he eyed her with a new expression entirely: one of which, she had to guess, was awe. “You… you’re pregnant?”

“What? Sir, no, I’m not-“

But it was too late. His one-track mind had already caused him to zero in on her perfectly flat stomach. Reaching out, he pressed his hand against it, causing her to tense. Then, much to her surprise, then horror, he fell to his knees, ignoring the fact that one of them was supposedly hurting, and gently placed his other hand on her stomach. Leaning closer so that his face was next to it, he cooed, “Hi baby.”

Noticing now that quite a few people were beginning to stare, she grabbed his hands and tried to pry them off of her. Trying to keep her voice level and even, she began, “Sir, it’s time to go. Let’s-“

“It’s mine, isn’t it,” he asked as he looked up at her, his eyes filled with wonder and astonishment.

His?! Where in the world would he get such-?

No, forget it. Right now she just needed to get him home and into bed.

Gripping his hands tighter to the point of pinching them, she finally was able to pry them off of her stomach. Guiding them upward and encouraging him to stand, she helped him rise to his feet. Keeping a firm grip on him, she muttered, “Let’s get you home.”

Just as she finished that sentence, the Colonel suddenly had a bout of sickness… all over their boots and shoes.

Not surprised by this in the least, considering the amount she assumed he drank, she simply began to walk him away from the mess and down the street. After they had walked a few hundred yards, her superior officer looked around and slurred, “This isn’ my neighborhood.”

“No, it isn’t, sir. We’re going to my apartment instead,” Riza replied to his observation. “It’s closer than your place.”

“Our place…,” he muttered hopefully.

“My place, sir,” she corrected him.

After they had made it inside and she had removed both of their shoes, Riza guided him over to the sofa and helped him lie down. When he had settled, she breezed into her kitchen to fetch him a glass of water, returning only moments later… to find him snoring.

Sitting down and back on her heels, she gently tapped his shoulder until she aroused him. Blinking a few times in order to focus on her, he smile widely and said, “Hello Mrs. Mustang.”

She had to admit that for a moment, the comment blindsided her, causing her heart to skip a beat. Shaking her head in dismissal, she held out the glass of water and ordered, “Drink.”

He stuck out his lower lip at her and frowned, reluctantly pushing himself up onto his elbow. Taking the glass with his free hand, he held it to his lips and raised a brow, wiggling it suggestively.

She rolled her eyes at him and pointed to the glass, silently instructing him to continue drinking.

After sighing into it, he tipped it back and finished off the rest of the water.

Taking the glass from him, she got to her feet, walked to the kitchen, and refilled it again. But before she returned to him, she stopped by a closet nearest the living room and pulled out a pillow and blanket. Juggling the items, she made her way over to him and handed him the glass again. As he began to drink, she unfolded the blanket and placed it over him.

Just now realizing what she was doing, he lowered the glass and looked at her confusedly. When she raised a brow in question, he pouted, “No bed tonight?”

“I’m afraid not, sir,” Riza began. “I don’t want you getting sick in-“

“Roy,” he interjected, his eyes now completely focused on her.

“Excuse me, sir-“

“Roy,” he said again with more confidence. Raising his hand, he pointed at her and added, “Riza,” before pointing at himself and again saying, “Roy.”

She was confused about his change in formality, but she decided to just brush it off. Just as she started to get to her feet, he reached out and grabbed her wrist. “Si- er, Roy? Is everything okay?”

Looking up at her with sorrowful eyes, he murmured, “Riza, will I be a good father?”

Feeling her face soften, she quietly replied, “You will be someday, yes.”

“Are you sure,” he asked, a hint of desperation in his voice. “Because sometimes I don’t think that I will be.” Tugging gently on her wrist, he invited her to sit down next to the couch again. Looking down at her wrist as he ran his thumb over it, he continued, “I just want to be a good man… I don’t… I don’t want to be the way your father was.”

“You are a good man, Roy,” she responded softly. “You need to believe that.”

“I’ll try,” he muttered as he continued to stroke her wrist with his thumb. Then, his eyes slowly wandered down to her stomach.

Seeing this, she murmured, “Sir…” hoping to try and bring him back down slowly.

“Please… Just let me dream,” he mumbled as his eyes wandered back up to hers. She realized then, at that point, enough of the alcohol had worn off to where he was now more aware of what he and she were saying.

Smiling sadly, she nodded and murmured, “Good night… Roy.”

Happy with her response, he nodded back and closed his eyes and rolled over, exhaling deeply as he began to already drift to sleep.

After watching him for a few moments, she rose to her feet and quietly snuck out of the room and to her bedroom.

Once she had prepared herself for bed, Riza got beneath the covers but found she could not immediately fall asleep. There was too much going on in her mind for her to even consider drifting off now.

She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but being called ‘Mrs. Mustang’ felt… right. It was something she did not allow to cross her mind for a very, very long time; not since they were both young. Back when she was a young girl with an innocent little crush, where she would occasionally, secretively, write her name out that way in her school notes.

Of course that little ‘crush’ had died after he left, but ever since they had been reunited something else had replaced the feeling entirely. Honestly, she didn’t know what she would call it. Surely it couldn’t have been…

No. She couldn’t, wouldn’t allow herself to think that way about him. He was her superior officer and she his bodyguard. Something more than that was dangerous, uncalled for, impossible…

And yet here she was, despite her best efforts, now thinking about how much she loved Roy Mustang.

Hours later, Riza woke with a start. Disoriented and slightly confused by the noise she heard, she tried to roll over and found that she couldn’t, and very quickly realized that she was no longer alone.

Lying motionlessly, lest she disturb him, she found that she had been pulled into the embrace of Roy Mustang; his arm snaked around her so that his hand feebly clutched her stomach.

As if on cue, the man snored gently again, blowing a puff of air into her ear and causing her to flinch.

For a moment she thought about pulling away and waking him up. Allowing him to stay in her home for the night was risky enough. But this… This was a surefire way for rumors to accumulate and spread. But when she moved ever so slightly, he subconsciously responded by pulling her closer to him, burying his face into her hair. Inhaling fully, he then sighed into her hair and began to drift into a deep sleep once more.

Suddenly something came over her, and whether it was the way he was holding her or her remembering when he muttered ‘Mrs. Mustang’ earlier, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she wanted to feel what he felt too at that very moment. Slowly, carefully reaching up, she placed her hand atop his and wove her fingers through his.

Smiling to herself, she decided to allow them one night to dream. Because who knew, maybe someday it would become a reality.

So thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this little one-shot :) I’m not sure if I’ll put it on Fanfiction or not, since I feel like you need to see the original post to understand where it came from.

Again, hope you enjoyed and thank you! :)