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What I hate the most about the F1 fandom is that it is totally accepted to openly hate and curse Hamilton while one bad word over Vettel causes your death. 

“stop saying hammertime who cares about his records it is so annoying” while “my princess vettel is only 7th mercedes are cheaters” 

and if you say Vettel is annoying you loose like 12 followers, get 32 mean anons, are blocked by 76 blogs, and the neighbors will not say hi to you next week

just to be clear: I support Fernando Alonso until the day I’ll die. None of these drivers are my favs. It’s just fucking annoying that Hamilton is breaking records which were thought to be unbreakable and people are whining over ‘Hammertime’. I actually hope he beats Vettel. 

Reach Out & Touch Her

She’s hot, she’s blonde and she’s deadly. 

But in a way, they both are. 

When Queenie walks into the nightclub she doesn’t expect to see someone she knows, much less the fucking President, so she walks by, says hello, smiles sweetly and thinks its the end of it. 

Then Seraphina comes to find her around 2am, and instead of scolding, she’s kissing her, putting her red lipstick clad mouth to Queenie’s baby pink one; all teeth and tongue and lips and tasting sharp and sweet like whiskey. 

Oh, this is bad. 

Queenie doesn’t want to have a crush on another impossible person.

But there she is, gone.
She feels hands on her waist and she’s kissing harder, scrambling for purchase against the silk that makes up Seraphina’s outfit, wishing it wasn’t there, wishing they were alone. 

But they aren’t. 

They’re on the dance floor around dozens of people, yet it feels like less.
Queenie gasps after the kiss and Seraphina says, ‘They can go to her place,’ so she nods, and they vanish. 

Right out from in the middle of the dance floor.
The sheets are 700 thread count and they caress her skin before Serphina’s hands do, but her fingers, oh, they’re magic.

Bliss shocks through her in waves when the President’s hand slips under her dress and underthings and she wonders, have they ever admitted such a thing?

Why have they ignored each other for so long?

Queenie doesn’t know.

Work might have some thing to do with it.

So for the moment, she lets it linger, she enjoys it. Queenie wakes up alone in the President’s bed, and the sun kisses her face, making her frown. Her head aches and her thighs are sore, but, she walks out and finds Seraphina making them both coffee, blonde curls askew, and she smiles.

They can share a secret, perhaps.


Perfect Wife, 12

In another twist on the standard kdrama Cinderella story, the men in this show exist for no reason other than to be prizes for the ladies. Under normal circumstances, the genders would be reversed and we’d spend 16 hours watching a woman be tugged back and forth by two men like a rag doll. But in Perfect Wife, it’s Jung Hee who gets that treatment. (Only nobody really cares because he’s so boring and the ladies around him are so interesting.)

I also love that decency and respect live in the strangest places in this show. Instead of ditching her husband’s former squeeze after getting her drunk, President Park’s wife piggybacked Hye Ran all the way to Jae Bok’s house, where she knew she would be safe. And Jae Bok herself didn’t mock the high school classmate who had a girl crush on her–instead she treated her with kindness and helped her find happiness after her jarring move around the world. That’s what I’m talking about, Drama Overlords.

So I didn’t watch the APMAs. Here is what I’ve gathered from the wonderful people I follow here on Tumblr:

-Jack made out with someone’s grandma

-twenty one pilots won everything and people are angry

-more shade was thrown at Trace Cyrus

-the audio didn’t break this year!

-the maine wore leopard print suits

-Jack built a wall in front of Metro Station’s dressing room

-Jack was drunk

-Jack won the presidency

-basically Jack stole the show and everyone went along with it

I don’t get all these people getting pissy and unsubbing to Hannah because she finally smoked weed on camera. We knew this was coming and she admits it openly enough AND weed is legal in California!
So what if 14 year olds want to smoke weed? Surely it’s better they get relaxed and chill because of weed than hyped up and angry because of alcohol?!

Some people need to lighten up

anonymous asked:

Please say which birb each Presidential candidate represents? And also, which birb overall would make a good President (so independent of birb being a candidate)?

Donald trump isn’t a bird he’s a pile of triceratops poo from Jurassic Park

Hilary Clinton is a titanosaur at least she’s a dinosaur but man we really wanted Bernie 

Bernie Sanders is a velociraptor perfect poofy and adorable 

(Matt Martyniuk) 

And I think a raven would make a wonderful president