drunk on the idea of love

i love that les mis quote where grantaire’s like “who has been unhooking the stars without my permission” because 1. it’s poetic and pretty and 2. it implies that, were someone to defy all laws of the universe and unhook the stars, they would have to run that idea by this fuckin drunk-off-his-ass rando and make sure he gives them the thumbs-up on it

Water (John Laurens x Reader)


Requests- “Hi I was wondering if could you write a imagine with John Laurens and he gets a little tipsy/drunk and he flirts with the reader and he tells her that he loves her. And the next day they try to talk about the night before.Thank you and love the blog!”

Hi! I was wondering if you could write a John Laurens imagine where the hamilsquad and the reader go out and John gets drunk (Reader is sober) and John tries to flirt with reader and says “You look pretty good in ya’ frock.How ‘bout when we get back, we all strip down to our socks?”. And then the next moring John asks her what had happened the night before. Thank you so much!”

A/N-(I love the idea of calling someone by their first name in the squad being a huge deal)

Words- 2,103

“Tavern?” Laurens suggested. You and your friends were all sitting in the park doing various activities. You, Lafayette and Laurens were playing some French card game. Eliza was reading. Hamilton and Mulligan were arm wrestling. Hamilton lost every time. 

“Dude you always get way too wasted.” You told him. He looked offended. 

“L/N, you say that like it’s a bad thing.” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up, wiping the grass off your dress. The boys raised their eyes at you. 

“You wanted to get drinks, right?

Mulligan slammed Hamilton’s fist on the table. “Let’s go!” Mulligan shouted. Hamilton looked royally pissed off. Eliza walked over and kissed him on the cheek. That seemed to cheer him up. 

The group made it’s way loudly to the nearest tavern. There was never a dull moment with your friends.

Hours later, you were in the bar with everyone. Eliza was totally sober, she had a suspicion that she might be pregnant. You were feeling a bit of buzz, but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. Lafayette and Hamilton were thoroughly tipsy and laughing at everything. Laurens and Mulligan were blackout drunk. Laurens slid ungracefully into a chair next to you.  He grinned at you. 

“You’re preeeetty.” he said. Lafayette burst out laughing, and you heard Eliza’s soft giggles too. 

You raised an eyebrow at John “Am I now?” 

“Now?” he threw his hands in the air. “You’ve always beeen pretty! Not jus’ now!” 

You rolled your eyes and turned away from him again. He was very very drunk. You felt his hands start to play with your hair. You glanced at him from the corner of your eye and saw a stupid grin on his face. That was kind of cute. He smiled, and you decided to let him keep playing with your hair. Eliza gave you a look, but you turned away. 

About an hour later, Eliza decided it was time for everyone to go home. Laurens had ended up with his head in your lap, staring up at you with a smirk. A blush was playing on your cheeks, and it wasn’t from the alcohol. Eliza was going to walk home with Alexander. Lafayette was sober enough to walk home by himself, besides you were pretty his planning on taking the girl he’d been eyeing with him, and you wanted no part in that. 

This meant you were tasked with bringing home Mulligan, who was practically already passed out, and Laurens, who would not stop complimenting you. You got up, leaving Laurens splayed across several chairs with a frown etched into his features.  You pulled Mulligan’s chair out from the table, but god damn he was so heavy. You shook his shoulders until he woke up a little more. 

“Can you walk?” you asked carefully, not wanting to be rude. “I don’t wanna break my back.” 

Mulligan nodded and got up slowly. He swayed on his feet. You placed a hand on his chest and back to steady. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder. You heard crashing behind you. 

“Oh hell no!” Laurens growled. He walked in front of Mulligan and put his fists up. 

“Woah! John!” You put your hands up. “He’s your friend!” 

Laurens stared at you and put his hands down slowly. Many people were staring at you now. 

“Let’s get you guys out of here.” you mumbled. 

You help Mulligan out the door with Laurens trailing not far behind you. Mulligan’s house was closer, which meant you would have to spend some time along with Laurens, and considering his actions throughout the course of the night, you weren’t sure how that would go. Laurens had been glaring at Mulligan the whole time, and it was started to piss you off. What were you supposed to do? Let the boulder topple over? He was asking jealous, and he had no right to be. He’d never made any claim on you. You were probably felt the closest to him out of anybody, but that didn’t mean he had any right to be upset about you being near another guy. 

Mulligan mumbled incoherently on the entire walk to his house. Every once in awhile, he’d yell something, but you still had no idea what he was saying. Finally, you arrived at the front of his residence. You told Laurens to wait outside, which he objected to profusely. You walked Mulligan up to his bedroom, pulled his coat off of him, and got some water for him, two glasses, one to drink now, and the other for when he woke up. He pulled his shoes off and collapsed on his bed, already snoring. You giggled and walked back out to Laurens. He was sitting on the step, with his face in his hands staring at nothing. He whipped around when he heard your footsteps. 

“Took you long enough! What did he do to you?” Laurens stood quickly. 

“Nothing!” you said, disgusted. “John, he’s asleep! He’s one of your best friends! What is wrong with you?!” 

Laurens stared at you blankly. 

“That’s the second time tonight.” he whispered. 

“What?” you asked, still pissed. 

“You called me John twice tonight.”  

Your heart raised slightly. “So?”

“You…you never call me John.” 

You sighed. “Just..start walking home.” Laurens turned around and walked onto the sidewalk again. You followed behind him silently. 

“Why does Mulligan get carried and I don’t?” he whined. 

“Mulligan could barely stand. You’re walking just fine on your own.” 

At your words, Laurens sat down in the middle of the sidewalk causing you to almost trip over him. 

“Uh oh, I fell…” he looked up at you with the sweetest face. You couldn’t help but laugh a little. 

“C’mon, time to go, Laurens.” You bent down and put his arm around your shoulder. When he stood you put an arm around his waist. 

“I like it better when you call me John.” he said. You rolled your eyes. “I’ve got a pretty girl on my arm!” he started singing. “She’s so nice and she’s mine now! Suck my dick Hercules Mulligaaaan!” 

You laughed loudly at his antics. You couldn’t help it! He was being so…adorable. At the sound of your laughter, Laurens looked at you and grinned. 

“Hey Y/N.” he said. 

“What?” you asked, taking note of the way your first name sounded coming from his mouth and the way it made your stomach tickle. 

“You look pretty good in your frock, how ‘bout when we get back, we strip down to our socks.” He smirked at you. 

“Did you just use a pickup line on me?” you asked. 

“Depends,” he shrugged, “did it work?”

You smiled. “You are so drunk.” 

“Drunk on loooovve.” Before you could stop him, he leaned over and kissed  your cheek. A small pink flower started to bloom where he planted it. John gasped. “You are so pretty when you’re blushing! I wanna make you blush more!” He started leaning in and you stepped away quickly. 

“Oh look we’re here!” you said nervously. You walked inside and followed quickly. You walked all the way into his bedroom, knowing he would follow you. 

“Take your coat off and lay down on the bed.” you ordered. 

“Ooh kinky.” John winked and started shrugging his coat off. You rolled your eyes and moved to leave the room. “Where are you going?” 

“I’m getting you water.” 

“Oh okay, come back soon.” he said waving. You giggled and left. 

When you brought water to him, he was laying on top of his blankets. You sat down on the edge. 

“John, drink this.” you told him. He sat up and smiled at you, taking a huge gulp out of the glass. 

“I love you.” he said. 

You froze, completely unable to breathe. Your hands were getting sweaty. 

“No you don’t.” you reasoned, “You’re drunk.” John frowned. 

“Alcohol doesn’t make me love you less.” he said like it was the most obvious fact in the world. 

“John stop.” you warned. 

“I can’t. You’re the kindest person I know! You take care of everyone else before you take care of yourself. I wanna be the guy who gets to take care of you and know and hold you.” 

You knew he wasn’t, but his words seemed so sure and sincere that he seemed sober. 

You stood off the bed. “I have to go.” You moved quickly towards the door, but he managed to grab your arm. 

“Please don’t go!” he yelled. You dared to turn and face him. 

“I have to.” 

“No. You don’t. Stay here.” 

You raised your eyebrows at him 

“I won’t try anything, I promise. It’s dangerous being out this late and I…I really want to be with you right now.” he said. Looking at him, he looked so hurt by the idea of you leaving that you just couldn’t do it. You sighed and nodded. He pulled you into a hug, his hand running through your hair. You sighed and smiled, leaning into his chest. 

“You need to go to bed.” you said. 

“Only if you come with me.” 

You walked over to the head of his bed and pulled the blankets back. Gesturing for him to get in. He smiled and laid down on his back, patting the spot next to him. You laid down on your back as well. He pulled the covers over both of you. John rolled onto his side and draped a hand over your waist, his nose nuzzling the side of your face. 

You awoke tangled up in John, and surprisingly you didn’t mind. It was a little weird, yes, but you felt comfortable there. You poked John in the cheek. He groaned. 

“John, wake up.” you whispered. 

“You’re so loud.” he mumbled. You giggled. Suddenly, his eyes shot open.  

“Y/N! I mean L/N!” He pulled away from you. You frowned at his correction. “Did…did we umm..” he looked down at you. 

“Oh god no!” you explained. You pulled the blanket aside and showed him the one piece dress you had slept in. He sighed in relief. “You wouldn’t let me leave.” you explained. 

“Oh.” He rubbed a hand over his face. You stood up. “Where are you going?” he asked. Your mind flashed to last night. You turned and smiled. 

“I’m getting you some water.” 

When you came back, you thought John was asleep again, but he sat up when you heard him walk in. He gave you a weird look when you sat on his bed and took the water from you. 

“So uh, what happened last night?” he asked carefully. He seemed so guarded and honestly, it hurt. 

“You don’t remember anything?” He shook his head. “Well,” you sighed, “you were kind of all over me John.” 

“Oh god.” he groaned. He peeked his eye open at you. “Did you just call me John?” 

You nodded, trying to swallow the lump growing in your throat. 

“John. Laurens. Whatever.” You took a deep breath. “You told me you love me.” 

He laughed. He fucking laughed. “Wow. I must’ve been really drunk.” He wasn’t even looking at you anymore. You couldn’t breathe. 

“I’m sorry, what?” 

“I told you I loved you? How much did have?” 

You couldn’t breathe; you could do nothing but stare at him.

That was the moment you realized that you loved John Laurens. And the moment you knew he didn’t actually love you. 

“Okay.” you whispered, and got off his bed. 

“Wh-what are you doing?” he asked. 

“I’m leaving.” 


“Why should I stay?” You turned around to him. He was speechless. “Because apparently the idea of loving me is laughable!” John opened his mouth. “No!” You cut him off before he could speak. “Just don’t…” you whispered. Tears were brimming at your eyes, but you refused to let them fall. You turned and reach for the door handle. 

Then hands were on your hips. You were spun and pressed against the closed door. John’s lips crashed against yours, and you responded quickly. Your fingers tangled in his hair and pulled him closer to you. He pressed against before pulling away. 

“I do love you, Y/N. I swear.” John said. You raised your eyebrows in question. “I just..” He looked down. “I thought you were weirded out by it so I tried to play it off like I haven’t been in love with you most of the time I’ve known you.”

You caressed a hand on his face. “I love you too, John.” His eyes met yours hopefully. 


You smiled. “I stayed the night didn’t I?” 

John grinned like he had so many times last night and pressed his lips against yours once again. 

Sex and Chaos (Part 1)

Aaaaaah, at long last, this Tony x Reader idea I’ve had in my head for a while. What started as a quick drabble idea is turning into a two part mess!! :P

Word count: ~1400

Warnings: Drinking, Drunk Tony, Swearing, Sexual innuendos, sex talk (No sex till second part though) Daddy kink talk? (oh Drunk Tony… shame shame)

Taking care of Tony when he’s drunk off his rocker, but that’s your job for you… you just never expected to fall in love with the guy.

Originally posted by tonystarkandpepper


Two months. Two months after the accords, the fight with Steve and Bucky (and Bucky becoming a popsicle again), and now Tony’s bad alcoholic habits. Good God, even Pepper had left him at this point from how bad he was getting. As an assistant, you couldn’t help but to think you weren’t getting paid enough for this shit, but as Tony’s best friend, this broke your heart. It was that time of night again where Tony came stumbling back into the tower, plastered and a complete wreck. It was just you tonight, seeing that you sent everyone else back home to get some rest. You were dressed casually tonight, in just jeans and your favorite band t-shirt, hair a disheveled mess. “Welcome back, Mr. Stark.” you offered.

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Jilted (Laurens x Reader)


Request Queue (I reorganized it and it looks so PRETTY)

Request- “27 and 16 with Laurens please? Love your writing!!!”

16- “Get outta my sight!”

27- “What’s going on here?” 

Warnings- ANGST if i roll with the idea i have in my head rn, this won’t even be the angstiest part ;)

A/N- (Lol so this is probs gonna be a mutiple part fic and I blame today’s skype call cuz we talked about Laurens a lot and i got Inspired™️)

Words- 1,930

“He’s doing it! He’s asking for permission!” you said excitedly. Your friend, Martha,  looked up at you eagerly. 

“Really? How do you know? Did he tell you?” she asked. You sighed and shook your head. 

“No, but I have good reason to believe he’s meeting with my father and why else would he be doing it if he wasn’t asking for my hand?” you explained. Martha nodded. A smile stretched across her face, crinkling her eyes. 

“When do you think he’ll ask you?” she inquired. 

“I don’t know!” you bubbled. “There’s a ball coming up, but I don’t know if he’d want to do something that public.” 

“Whatever he does, I’m sure it will be beautiful. John’s a very romantic man.” she confirmed. 

You were out for an evening stroll. The sky was a deep blue, but not yet black; a few stars were waking up.  You held tightly onto John’s hand and looked up toward the sky, admiring the way you could almost see the curve of the earth. 

“God, you’re beautiful.” you heard John say.  You looked over to him and smiled. 

“You’re pretty good looking too.”  you joked. He stopped and turned to look at you, taking both of your hands in his. 

“I’m serious.” He leaned his forehead against yours. “Your hair is sparkling in the moonlight, and it’s driving me mad.” he whispered. Your grinned, reached up, and pulled at the black ribbon that was keeping his hair back. 

“Now yours is too.” you cooed. John smiled and tilted your chin up to kiss you. You smiled into his lips and squeezed his hands lightly. He pulled away and sighed. 

“Y/N I need to tell you something.” John said. Anxiety filled your gut. Whether it was excitement or fear, you couldn’t tell. 

“You’re…” he looked down awkwardly. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Nothing compares to the way I feel about you.” he explained, stumbling over his words. You felt your heart sing. “I love you so, so much.” His eyes met yours. They were so full of emotion that it took your breath away. John slowly bent down onto one knee. 

“Y/N, will you…will you marry me?” 

It took a second to register that you actually had to answer him. He didn’t automatically know your thoughts, though sometimes it felt like he did. 

“I..yes! Of course, John!” you stammered quickly. John grinned and in a flash he was on his feet and his lips were against yours. Your lips tingled and your heart raced. Your limbs were going numb and all you could feel was him against you. A million things filled your mind, but the thought of John was the only one that wasn’t fleeting. You held onto him tightly, praying that you would never have to let him go. And soon you wouldn’t. 

“My only goal is to make you look beautiful.” Hercules explained as he circled around you. 

“It feels like your goal is to make me stand here until my legs give out.” you mumbled. Hercules showed you an angry look and bent down to adjust the pins towards the hem. “Hercules! You don’t have to be so particular!”

Hercules looked scandalized. “I do!” he gasped. “Two of my closest friends are getting married! The dress is the most important part of the wedding! Everyone will be looking at it.” You sighed and let him finish until he was satisfied. 

“Laurens won’t be able to keep his hands of you.” he said with a smile. 

“Let’s hope.” you smirked back. 

“I can’t do this.” you sighed. Martha’s head snapped up at you.

“Get married?” she asked eagerly.

“What? No…well yes and no.”

Martha gave you a look and encouraged you to elaborate.

“I want to marry John, of course I do.” you sat down beside your matron of honor with a huff, “It’s just, this whole ceremony. What if I mess up? Everyone will be looking at me! I could fall or say my vows wrong or drop my bouqet.” You placed your head in your hands and gripped your hair in frustration. Martha’s hand gently rubbed your back.

“It’s going to be okay.” she soothed. “Think about it, Y/N. It’s a few weeks of stress, and then the rest of your life spent with a man like John at your side.” You looked up at her, and she smiled softly. “Isn’t that worth it?”

You thought of John and the idea of spending the rest of your days with him, starting a family with him, having him beside you when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

Your eyes softened. “It’s worth it.”

“I wish we could just be married now.” Your fiancee remarked. He was leaning against a tree with your head in his lap. His fingers were running through and detangling your hair. You closed your eyes in contentedness. 

“I know,” you sighed, “but there’s preparation that goes into these things. Only one more week, love.” 

He sighed deeply. “I can’t wait.” 

You beamed up at him. “Me either.” 

“Mrs. Y/N Laurens…” He let a finger trace along your face. 

“Sound good?” you taunted. 

“It’s great.” He brought your hand to his lips and kissed it. “It’s all I ever want to here again.”

You stared up at your ceiling. You felt cold and alone in your bed with nothing to do and no one to talk to. The darkness was creeping its way off the walls and into your mind. 

You’d told all your friends that you didn’t want to do anything this night. You made sure all the preparations were ready days before. You said that you wanted to enjoy a quiet night by yourself so as to not further aggravate the nerves you were already feeling. You wanted to spend time with your thoughts before morning came and your life changed forever. 

Now that you were here, however, you desperately needed a distraction. You sighed and looked out your window. Night had not yet fallen completely, though it was very dark. You sighed and made up your mind. 

The night air was chilly, but you didn’t mind. It was nice feeling the breeze brush past your skin. It made you feel alive. You closed your eyes and relished the moment before continuing on your way. 

It had gotten supremely dark by the time you reached Martha’s house, but your nerves had already settled quite a bit. You reached a fist up to knock on the door, but realized it may wake her or her neighbors. Instead, you pushed on the door, which was almost was unlocked. However, this time, you were met with resistance. You sighed and searched along the side of the house you’d often stayed in growing up. You knew exactly where they kept a key. Your hand felt a coolness on the underside of one of the panels, and you grasped the key with relief. 

The house was eerily quiet when you stepped in. Even the dust was completely settled. 

“Martha?” you called out. No response. You walked through the house, quietly approaching her bedroom. The door was open slightly and you heard Martha’s voice drift softly through the air. Before you were able to register what she said, you pushed the door to her bedroom open. 

She was on top of him. His hands gripped her bare waist. Their lips were locked in a tight embrace. Her hands ran up his chest slowly. Both their eyes were closed in bliss. 

“Wh-what’s going on here?” You already knew the answer but your mind couldn’t form one coherent thought. Martha screamed and fell off John. You were already out of the room. 

John’s voice was calling after you, but you couldn’t hear anything but your blood rushing. His hand clasped around your wrist. You turned quickly and slapped him. 

“Don’t you ever touch me again!” you shouted. He cupped his face with one hand, the other gripping a sheet around his waist.  You moved toward the door, but he was too quick and stood in front of the door. You heard Martha’s footsteps behind you.  

“Please, Y/N lemme explain.” His speech was slow and his breath reeked of liquor, but that wasn’t the only reason you were disgusted with him. 

“Get out of my sight.” you seethed. You pushed John out of the way and opened the door. 

“Y/N please! It’s late you could get hurt alone out there!” John pleaded. 

You kept your back to him and Martha. “I already am hurt, Laurens.”

You didn’t dare look back at him. 

The air was no longer refreshing; it was suffocating.You wanted to cry, but you couldn’t. You wanted to scream, but no sound came out. You just stared straight ahead, even unaware that you had stopped walking. 

“Is there a problem miss?” someone asked. You did not answer. You felt a hand on the small of your back. Half of you screamed to run or kick or punch, but the other half was too tired to care. “Missy, I bet I could wake you up real nice.” he slurred. 

Fine. Do it. You thought. See if I care. 

His hand went around your waist and-

“What the fuck are you doing?! Get off her!” a voice boomed. You hardly noticed when the man’s hands left your body. 

“We were just trying to have some fun, weren’t we?” 

You did not move. 

“Get out of here before I do something I regret.” the other man growled. You heard footsteps slowly dissipate into the night. “Y/N, fuck, are you okay? What did he do to you?” Hercules’ blurry figure appeared before you. His hands went to your arms and his eyes scanned for injury. You stared straight ahead towards the moon, your body numb. “What happened to you? Me and the guys are out looking for Laurens and-” 

You snapped back to reality. “Don’t you dare say that bastard’s name in front of me.” you spat. 

Hercules’ eyes widened. “What did he-”

“He fucking cheated!” you screamed. “He slept with Martha! My best friend and my fiance!” 

Hercules pulled you tight into his chest. You finally cried. You cried and you screamed and you pounded your fists against Hercules’ chest. He just stood there and took it. You sobbed until you could barely stand, and when that happened Hercules’ held you up. When you had reduced to hiccuping, Hercules put his arm around you and walked you back to your house, his eyes showing apprehension the whole way. 

As soon as you got through the door, your body snapped into action. You ran up the stairs to your bedroom and ripped the dress Hercules’ had spent so much time on out your closet. Grabbing an oil lamp, you sprinted out your back door, Hercules finally catching up to you. 

“Y/N w-what are you doing with that dress?” he asked carefully. 

You ripped several strips of fabric off the dress. Hercules winced but didn’t stop you. You threw the rest of the fabric down on the ground, your demeanor eerily calm. Opening up the lamp. You let the end of one of the strips dance over the flame. When it caught, you threw it on the rest of the dress, doing the same with each piece of fabric until a fire roared in front of you. The only sounds were the rush of the blazing dress and Hercules’ breathing. 

You look out at the rising sun, shining orange as the flames. 

Morning had arrived, and your life had changed forever. 

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I love the romantic percabeth proposals but I'm also in love with the idea of them getting married on a dare. Like they're a lil drunk and not together yet but trying to figure stuff out and then one of them is like "you can't commit to anything" "I can commit so hard, I could get married" "you could not get married" "I absolutely could" "fine, I /dare/ you to get married" and I feel like they could be either person in that bc Annabeth is stubborn and you can't tell Percy not to do something.

I think that could definitely work for them in an au where they’re just best friends into adulthood but secretly pining for one another and then they dare each other into a marriage but they’re like “….I like this….” lol so good 

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Hi bbys. I was wondering if you could do a few hc's about how McCree would take care of his drunk s/o. (If you're comfortable. I think the idea of him having to deal with a sassy and snarky drunk s/o would be funny. "There's a snake in my boot" in an awful southern accent along with terribly sung country songs. See "Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy" and just imagine it for a laugh.) Drink responsibly kiddos. I hope you have a lovely morning/night.

oh gods this sounds hilarious (and yes drink responsibly!)

McCree with a drunk S/O:

  • i think that generally Jesse’s right alongside his s/o while drinking, possibly having a higher tolerance
  • if he’s not drinking with them ‘n he’s watching over them, he’s very vigilant
  • he lets them have their drunken fun, for sure, but he never lets them go overboard
  • if they start with the mocking of his accent he definitely gets pouty
  • he knows it’s all in good fun and he definitely laughs but he also rolls his eyes a lot
  • he has an amused smirk plastered on his face the entire time
  • he might join them if they start to sing tbh
  • if they pull the “There’s a snake in my boot!” shtick he honestly just loses his shit because it’s so funny to him
  • the mocking of his accent makes him laugh too, cause it’s so exaggerated and just hilarious
  • after a while he definitely gets his s/o to ease off the drinks and gets them to bed
  • if they refuse he 100% sits on them until they comply because holy shit stop being stubborn pl e a s E

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22 and 227 with Dean Please. Thank you :)))

22.  “I hate that I love you.”

227. “Let’s play this game called I do something stupid and you don’t judge me.”

Sitting alone in a bar with Dean Winchester has never been a good idea. You usually wound up doing something extremely stupid, and getting into trouble.

Tonight is no different.

After about an hour of just sitting and bull-shitting around, flirting with random patrons of the bar, you and Dean wind up beside each other at the counter.

Let’s play this game called I do something stupid and you don’t judge me. Sound like a plan?” You propose, turning to Dean with a grin. Dean raises an eyebrow and waits patiently for you to elaborate. “We’re gonna have a drinking challenge. And I’m so drinking you under the table tonight, Mr. Winchester.” You challenge, and Dean smirks.

“Just don’t get mad when this goes different than you expect, sweetheart. But I’d never judge you for trying to get me drunk.” He warns and winks as he signals the bartender for a row of shots.

You huff softly but take your shots and knock them back one after another, the burn of the alcohol a sweet reminder that you’re alive and kicking as it slides down your throat. Dean has his finished just two ahead of you, and already has the next row in front, waiting for you. You shoot him a glare and he chuckles, then lifts a shot glass in a sort of toast.

You lift your glass then knock back yours, finishing the same time as Dean. You start to feel a bit woozy and your bladder suddenly seems to be screaming at you to go on empty, so you put your hand up and then slide off the stool, stumbling and almost falling. 

Of course, Dean manages to be right beside you and catches you, holding you up and rolling his eyes when you giggle drunkenly. “Let’s get you home princess. Just let me pay the tab.” He slides some bills onto the counter and then shifts his hold on you, practically carrying you out to Baby and sliding you in the passenger seat carefully.

“Y’know, I hate that I love you, Dean Winchester. Wanna know why? It’s ‘cause you’re always flirting with other girls and I’m so super plain compared to them. They’re all curvy and pretty and soft and I’m all hard lines and rough edges and calloused. My hair’s always a mess and my makeup is never done unless it’s one of them fancy cases. I wear jeans that are loose and flannels that are old and raggedy but oh so comfy. And that- that’s never gon’ turn your head and bring you to my bed. I’m just your best friend, and it sucks!” You exclaim, your drunken state removing your inhibitions and your inebriated mind telling you that admitting your feelings is a smart idea.

Dean sighs wistfully at your words and holds your hand as he drives you both home. You doze off on the ride and when you two get back to the motel, Dean carries you to your room. As he turns to leave, you try to grab his hand, missing and grabbing the edge of his shirt instead. He stops and looks at you, slightly confused. “Stay with me Dean?” You ask softly, pleading, and Dean shakes his head sadly.

“I can’t when you’re drunk (Y/N). I don’t want you to regret anything in the morning, especially when it comes to me. We’ll talk tomorrow and maybe if you’re sober then, we’ll see about sharing a bed.” Dean presses a kiss to your forehead and steps away, walking to his bed and sliding under the covers, trying to ignore the aching in his heart and the need to reach out and pull you across the room and into his arms.

Opposites Attract P2

A/N: I’v decided to carry on with this after a lot of encouragement (you know who you are) The third part is going to get a bit ..  gruesome so be prepared I already have ideas. Sorry if this part is short the third part will be much longer! 

Warning: Slight smut if you squint

Tate x Reader 

Word count:561

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Good Vibes~ (I'm not out as ftm trans but I think my dad has an idea) I told my dad about me wearing a suit for my senior photos (cause I am), then we talked about if I wanted to change my name when I'm older (he suggested one) but liked mine, and he's even said "I love you, you've always been like my little boy", then he mentioned he thought I was pretty as a girl but said "i'm gettin' drunk now so I'll shuddup", I think he's coming around instead of denial now :')

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Hi there. I have the silliest request, in fact I'm laughing as I type. I read the drunk Jacob story and I adore it so much and...I can't help wondering what happens the morning after! What's hungover Jacob like? Was it the drink talking? So many questions! Is there any teeny weeny chance of a part two? Thank you, and love you guys 😘

A/N: I did have a lot of fun writing that, I hope this one makes you laugh also! We love you as well! 


As much as I loved to sleep, maybe laying on the headboard wasn’t the best idea. My neck ached terribly as I moved it, along with my shoulders and lower back. I moved my hands to find my left one still in Jacob’s locks, said man still sleeping. I gave a breathy chuckle and started stroking his brown locks once more, looking down at his head that seemed to stick to my thigh. His arms were wrapped around my knees and seemed content to curl up against them. My stomach fluttered in nervousness, what will the leader of the Rooks do when he wakes up and found out he’s snuggling his initiates legs. But, he’ll be hungover, the man wouldn’t care about my legs, he’ll care about his headache. As if on cue, Jacob stirred and groaned deeply, his hand coming up to rub his head. “Ughh… my head.” He whispered hoarsely, making no move off my knees.

“Rough night, huh?” I asked, feeling his nod against my thigh.

“What happened?” He rolled over on his back, looking sad that he pulled away from me. Feeling relief in my legs, I gently slid from the bed, stretching my arms over my head.

“You were drunk, boss. Trying to charm me in your drunken state.” I turned to look at him, seeing a pained frown on his usual smug face. “So, I carried you up here and you ended up sleeping like a rock.” He raised an eyebrow, turning his head towards me.

“(Y/N), I remember something else.” I sucked my teeth, turning to the door.

“Wait to tell me when I get back, I don’t want you having a hangover all morning.” Jacob made a sound of approval as I opened the wooden door, making sure to close it and give him his privacy. In fact, I did remember what happened as he fell asleep, he confessed his love to me. I didn’t let it affect me too much, telling myself ‘it was the drink talking’. Walking down the stairs, I couldn’t help, but wonder what he said was actually true. I know he’s flirted with me plenty of times in the past, only, I thought it was his attempt to become great friends. Can an initiate really date their boss? Coming up to the counter where the same bartender was cleaning mugs, I sat on the stool and waiting for him to finish.

“You’re the girl from yesterday? (Y/N)?” He asked, an eyebrow raised as he walked over.

“Yeah, what’s it to you?” Putting a sack of coins on the counter, I ordered a water afterwards. He smirked and shook his head.

“Nothing, just Mr. Frye always comes here and compliments you all the time. Like yesterday, even in his sober state he wishes to at least have some of your love. Poor man, he really adores you.” The bartender explained, pouring cold water into a mug. “I suggest you tell him how you feel, better safe than sorry.” He passed me the mug, along with a wet rag. “Rub this over his eyelids a bit, it should lessen the pain.” I nodded with a slight ‘thank you’ and headed up the stairs once again. Poor Jacob, indeed. He’s got some explaining to do. I arrived at the door and knocked gently.

“Boss? Can I come in?”

“Yes.” I heard a muffle response. My hand turned the doorknob and walked in with the mug in my hand and the rag on my wrist.

“Doing okay?” I gently kicked the door shut, moving to sit on the bed again. “Did it get worse?” He nodded with a muffled groan, he was face down on the bed, hands running through his hair. “Here, drink some water.” Jacob turned to look at me and rose to his knees.

“Thanks.” He whispered, sipping the cool liquid so he wouldn’t choke. As he did so, I took the bartenders advise and gently rubbed Jacob’s closed eyelids, hearing him sigh in content.

“Try to relax for a bit, when you feel better you’re free to leave.” Jacob nodded, taking another sip of the mug. “So, what was it that you remembered?” Taking the mug from him when he was done, I helped him back on his back and continued to wipe his face, hoping to relieve some of the pain. Jacob closed his eyes and laid his hands on his stomach, he was tired, I noticed.

“I remember confessing to you, love. But I bloody fell asleep before I could say anything else.” He rolled his head towards me, letting me get that part of his face. “I know what you’re thinking, and it wasn’t the drink talking… ever since you’ve joined the Rooks to help free London, I admired your fighting style and how you seemed to never back down from a fight. How you would always care for the children when setting them free from hard labor, and how whenever I’m up for a gang war, you would always be there. I hope this doesn’t ruin our relationship, (Y/N). It wasn’t the drink talking, I truly love you, lass.” He turned to faced me, holding my wrist in his calloused hand with care. I huffed and laugh and laid the rag over my thigh, leaning down and kissing the man’s temple.

“Well, Jacob. Care to admire these moves some more, Jacob Frye? I’m giving you a first class ticket to the show.” I smirked, watching as a big and goofy smile stretched across his face.

“Depends, will there be room service?” I rolled my eyes, playfully pushing him to the side.

“I love you too, Mr. Frye.” I entwined his hand with mine, giving it a gentle squeeze. He sighed and laid his head on my thigh once again, putting my hand in his hair.

“Let’s lay like this for a bit more, yeah?” He smiled as I started to stroke his locks once more, leaning on the headboard.

“You owe me a massage if I get aches in my neck again.”