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HAIKYUU STAGE PLAY interviews ok so apparently Tatsunari Kimura is a HUGE dork ROFL THAT BRIGHT SMILE CAN SAVE LIVES 32/.

what they say: i’m ok

what they mean: my name is alaska thunderfuck and i have something to say. i like black tea, i like black d. i never touched tina and that’s the t. i know on what’s the t i said that i don’t drink so you bitches probably don’t know what to think. when you see me in the club getting crunk, acting stupid getting drunk. i got 100 problems, drinking ain’t one. i tried to quit drinking but it’s too much fun. i keep it cute and i act my age and you’re never ever gonna see me drunk on stage. it’s a new dawn, it’s a new age. Metallica, turn the page

How You Meet

I have never wrote preferences before so stick with me here, I would love any advice about writing preferences if I royally fucked up on these haha, but on the upside I loved all of these so I will make an actual oneshot out of any of these if any one is interested, and if anyone wants a How You Meet for any other character let me know and I’ll add it to this post. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm like a little worried about Matty?? I know he gets drunk on stage and stuff but he was really weird at the awards? I guess I never really payed attention

I think he is in a way better place than he was in 2015 ect and actually drinks far less on stage. I know what you mean though, I obviously don’t know him personally and so I can’t say with any certainty what he feels but I can speculate from interviews ect that he struggles with award shows / being in the spotlight so I can speculate that maybe why he would drink a lot is to try and bury the uncomfortableness and anxiety. He also was the only one in the band who went and he tends to do that frequently but I also think they are a good support for him when they are with him.


(Spoilers if you want to see the show)

So I saw hamilton yesterday and it was the most amazing experience ever and so worth the amount of effort I put into getting my Canadian ass over to NYC.

Now every stage show is different but this is just some of the neat shit I saw on stage and thought I should share.

-Aaron burr spends the entire beginning of “my shot” trying to ignore the crew and read a book but he keeps looking up, continually distracted by hamilton

-somebody threw a stool across the stage in “my shot”, like a couple metres, and someone caught it perfectly like a big ass stool was just chucked from one ensemble member to another with ease it was amazing.

-Laurens acted drunk his entire stage time and just got progressively more wasted as the show continued.

-during “the story of tonight” Laurens goes over to ham and the do that arm hug thing and stare longingly into eachother’s eyes. Mulligan and Lafayette pull Laurens away into a friendship hug and roll their eyes when he inevitably goes back to sorta hugging Hamilton and gaining longingly into eachother’s eyes.

-in “farmer refuted” he tries to fight Seabury immediately but is pulled back by burr and so seabury actually manages to get through his first few lines.

-seabury is standing on a box and when hamilton starts harassing him he picks up the box and moves it in from of hamilton so he can block the other man. Eventually hamilton gets on the stool with him to further yell into his ear.

-when ham gets Philip Schuyler’s approval in “helpless” he secretly does an awkward dance that reminds me of usnavi when Vanessa agrees to go out with him, it was that sort of dance (oh snap who’s that don’t touch me I’m too hot yes!)

-in “satisfied” when it rewinds to the ball scene Angelica is dancing with Washington while singing about her love for hamilton.

-daveed does in fact jump off the table when he starts rapping fast during “guns and ships”

-In “what comes next”, Groff walks in under a red stage light. When he says “I’m so blue” he taps his cane and glares at the lights angrily. They change to red.

-in “dear theodosia” burr and hamilton are both siting on chairs symmetrical to eachother and gazing forward lovingly at a child they cannot see. Hamilton has a huge smile on his face that remains until the end of the song where Eliza comes in and tells him they’ve received a letter. Hamilton keeps smiling at the Philip we cannot see when he dismisses her (it’s from John Laurens I’ll read it later). The smile drops when she starts reading and above, behind them mulligan and Lafayette are reading the same letter.

-during hamiltons second rand in “non-stop” he is standing on a table while the ensemble members watch him in awe. But is sitting with them but keeps rolling his eyes at the audience and gesturing to ham like “see what I have to put up with?”

-in “cabinet battle 1” Jefferson drops the mic and it is immediately caught by Madison

-also when ham starts insulting Madison, poor James is having a coughing fit and has to sit down. Jefferson comforts him while glaring at hamilton. Early in the song he was grinning but the second Hamilton brutally insults Madison’s health he looks about ready to kill a bitch.

-during “take a break” at the end of the French counting, like Philips final count at the beginning, he jokingly growl/screams the final CINQ

-(mnsfw)at the end of say no to this Maria sits on hams lap and starts grinding and this was 100% buttsex I’m not lying lin is making an orgasm face. He gets up and hands James Reynolds the money saying “nobody needs to know”. Then James snaps his fingers at Maria to get her to come. She looks back sadly at Hamilton before reluctantly following him.

-in cabinet battle 2 Jefferson proudly shoves the microphone in James Madison’s face to prompt him to say “France”

-at the end of “I know him” the king goes and sits in the corner of the stage and starts jamming out to the Adams administrations before getting shooed of stage

-in “the Adams administration” hamilton throws a large pile of papers loudly only the floor from the upper back balcony before swearing and storming off

-at the end of “hurricane”, it’s Maria Reynolds who hands hamilton his pen to begin writing the Reynolds pamphlet

-in “the Reynolds pamphlet” Philip is looking up shocked as his father while he gives the speech. He stumbles backwards into Jefferson who eagerly hands him a pamphlet. He reads it and runs off stage. Washington also come in glaring at ham and seems to yell at him before storming of. Groff walks on and throws some for good measure.

-“my looks not where the resemblance stops” Ramos gestures to his dick in case u weren’t sure

-at the end of “stay alive (reprise)” when the counting stops Eliza screams this agonizing scream and breaks into sobs. It tears your heart out of your chest.

-burr is eagerly listening to what the people have to say to him during “the election of 1800” and When the final ensemble member says “like you could grab a beer with him” he fist pumps the hair and jumps backwards really excited (this might just be Sidney’s version of burr but it was dope)

-in “the world was wide enough” burr shoots at the end of ten and an ensemble member grabs the bullet in midair, everything freezes and she dances while she carries the bullet closer to ham during his soliloquy

-Eliza let’s out an indescribable sigh at the end of “who lives who dies who tells your story”. I’m not sure if it was relief, it’s hard to say. Hamilton comes out while she’s taking about all the shit she’s done and just watched her in awe.

Other stuff:
-if you want shit signed at the door have your stuff ready and Sprint out the door the second you’re done clapping for the final song, like seriously run
-there doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the theatre, not from the mezzanine anyway.
-Sydney James Harcourt always signs his name between hamiltons legs if you hand him a playbill or any thing with the main logo on it.