drunk on me

So here I go (with my shitpost)
The wonderful @electricblueals-dustygarage tagged me to post a picture of myself

It’s funny to know that I really hate selfies and also I hate when someone takes a photo of me but let’s be honest… This filter makes me look funny, so this is my most recent picture of me, enjoy it and laugh.
Don’t drink beer… You will look like me.
This time without tags. :)

Yesterday two coworkers and I were discussing when we’ve used Uber or Lyft and I said one of the times is when I’ll arrive on campus after 10pm. My (male) coworker responds with the fact that he just uses public transportation and doesn’t understand why I don’t just use that. I explain to him that I’m a young woman and riding by myself that late is dangerous. He responds with “Yeah, but…”

My other coworker (female) and I exchange The Look™. Here we go.

I just want to rant a little because I just got back from twitter and youtube and have been freaking out over Taeyang’s new MV 


my man Christian Yu directed it!

and it is so very beautiful! I just love the MV so much

and I love the talented man behind it. I’m so sorry for being a sap right now but I am totally in love with this man and his talent I just need a place to scream^^

Todays mood: being creeped out because I had to drive my dad and his friend to a party and his friend touched me 3 times in the car and told me several times how nice it was to see me all grown up. And knowing that I have to pick them up again when they’re drunk…

anonymous asked:


Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

(Lol why’d you have to pick the most GENERIC word ever


Fuyuki stepped out onto the lawn, his eyes searching for that familiar tuft of light green hair. He was sure that, wherever his best friend was, he was probably tipsy as hell and spouting grandiose ideas of how he’d finally conquer the planet.

(More KG stuff aaaaay
Kero n the rest are all human in this one :3c)

“be my coach!”

seeing all the photos from the yoi museum makes me want to cry and draw more yoi :’))) <3