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You’re drunk again.

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This is a bit of a dark fic. If you need something more fluffy you can find something on my master list.

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- Alcohol, depression, drunk, death.

Could you write an imagine where Y/N and Dan have had an argument over her depression and her need to get drunk as often as possible, so she sits at his piano and starts to play Because I Want You (Redux) by Placebo? And he creeps in while she’s playing and he kind of realizes how fucked the entire situation is and sits beside her and pulls her close and manages to convince her to get help even though she’d refused it before? Sorry, it’s specific but it fits the song!! Thank you. xx -Anonymous.

A terrible cycle has taken over your life. You wake up and have a warm shower to wash away the night from before. You find your outfit for the day and get dressed and go to school, stop at the liquor store on your way home. Once home you can finally let the numb takeover. You change into your comfy clothes then set to your nightly routine.It starts with the first drink. Only a single, mostly pop. Then one more, the preceding drinks become less mix and more alcohol. The drinks are harder and than easier to drink, the burning subsided with every gulp. Yours locked in the office. You always say that you were working on homework or talking to your mother. The truth was that you were drinking your sorrows away.

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metamagics  asked:

for the prompts: jesper and kaz's friendship?

brotp, brotp, brotp 

  • the process of getting back to where they once were was sluggish
  • jesper thought things would be looking up after inej delivered the message about him being missed around the slat, but when he returned for a day there was no ceremonious reunion. kaz received jesper’s presence with indifference
  • affronted with the reality that being missed wasn’t the same as being back in good graces, jesper convinced himself not to be the first one to cave
    • it was possible kaz could even miss his enemies for the sense of purpose and routine they offered him. i’m an idiot
  • he wouldn’t cross that frigid bridge isolating them no matter how badly he wanted to. if kaz wanted him back in his life, he’d have to meet him half the way
  • and deep down he knew kaz wouldn’t. he stopped waiting for any extended civility from him and kept himself busy
    • (though he remained in awe of kaz’s feats as a barrel boss from the distance)
  • the fact he hadn’t expected change made it easier for kaz to take him by surprise
  • it was typical for jesper to optimistically read into everything kaz said. he knew it wasn’t wise. kaz’s mind was inhabited of nothing but deviously beautiful schemes. contrived words from his mouth could make even a skeptic believe. but that never stopped jesper from searching for double meanings
  • so one night when jesper showed up at crow club and kaz sidled to his side asking “is it wise for you to be here?” jesper noted the concern in his voice and instead heard i’m worried about you being here
  • they both turned in unison to the tapping of the rotating makker’s wheel. cheery bellows erupted from the table, fortunes won, drunks celebrating, losers fuming. jesper could taste the rush from where he stood. he tightened his grip around his drink and tore his eyes away.
  • but intent to give kaz a hard time he countered, “why wouldn’t it be?”
  • “because you look ill. considering you ordered a drink without liquor in it, there must be another reason you look as if you’re about to soil my floor.”
  • jesper raised an eyebrow. “were you watching me?”
  • “you’re the tallest person in here and you’re wearing a shirt that rivals only the sun in brightness. hard not to notice your movements.”
  • “i don’t need a nursemaid. i’m not going to gamble.”
  • kaz continued to check on him regardless, but he’d never admit that’s what he was doing.
  • and as jesper stood among the throng of familiar faces—dreg members who clapped him on the back insisting his mischief was missed, wasters that frequented the three man bramble table with him in the past who said they missed collecting all of his money—jesper could see the way kaz’s shoulders shook with silent laughter a few feet away while he eavesdropped
  • jesper glared at him, but kaz looked amused back at him
  • so jesper returned whenever he wasn’t busy. of course kaz would have known jesper was there solely for him, but he didn’t seem to mind
  • one day jesper filled the silence between them by asking about inej and her voyage hunting slavers. or he at least attempted to. the only information he managed to squeeze from kaz was she sent a letter saying she was safe
  • jesper quit trying to probe him and instead changed the subject. he joked about other dregs members behind their backs and kaz occasionally laughed with him
  • he knew things were truly improving when kaz proposed a job offer. “i’ve gone legit, kaz. i don’t need the money.” jesper reminded him
  • “don’t do it for the money, then.”
  • jesper laughed. “what other reason would i have to do it?”
  • “i need someone who i know will watch my back.” it stunned jesper
    • kaz trusts me again. 
  • and it was the closest he ever got to admitting he needed jesper and that the sharpshooter, his second in a fight, couldn’t be truly replaced. he accepted the job, but he would bargain different compensation for it
  • he watched kaz’s trickster fingers. the crimson gambling tokens he was entertaining himself with were shockingly bright against his pale skin like rose petals against the snow. “i’ll go.” 
  • “i’m sensing a condition.”
  • jesper tapped the pearl grips of his revolvers. “wylan and i are going to go visit my da together. he’s asked about all of you. if i take this job, come with us to see him.”
  • kaz’s face remained devoid of emotion, but his fingers stopped, the chips disappearing before jesper’s eyes. jesper knew from this that he stunned him right back. “to the farm?”
  • jesper shrugged to seem indifferent, but he rummaged his thoughts for something more persuasive. “plums are in season,” was the first thought that came to mind
  • kaz flicked his wrist, the crimson returning between his fingers again. he held jesper’s gaze with his amused, black eyes and said, “well in that case…” 
  • jesper beamed back at him. kaz shook his head at the absurdity of it all, but there was a smile playing at his lips.
  • and it was on the farm with the sun glaring down at them as they sat side by side, nearly swallowed by the tall grass and overwhelming mounds of hay colm made them arrange that kaz admitted, “jordie was my brother.”
  • jesper didn’t know what inspired him to confess, but he accepted the information in content silence. if kaz once compared him to his brother, maybe there was more hope for a full reconciliation than he realized
  • jesper had a sense things would never go back to how they used to be. 
  • instead, maybe they’d be better…
Face the Truth (Dean x Reader)

Character: Dean x Reader (Neutral)

Word Count: 1,821

Warnings: Swearing. Infidelity? Angst.

Request: Can you write a fic of the reader finding out Dean cheated on her?

AN: Hey, guys!! So, it’s official. I’m an aunt to a bouncing baby boy :) Ugh. I love him so much already!!!

I hope everyone enjoys! Feel free to leave a request, tell me what you think, or just drop by to say hello :) I’d love to get to know y’all!

-Megan :)



“What were you thinking, [Y/N]? You could’ve gotten us all killed.”

Rolling your eyes maliciously, you leaned against the shiny, black hood of the Impala. You had seen this coming… the inevitable argument that had been bubbling under Dean’s skin for more than a week, now; and if you were being completely honest with yourself, you knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

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there is this feeling in your chest,
and it is both lightning and thunder
and it is holy. 

the beat of your heart is steady and loud,
echoes like sound in a church yard,
like a thousand voices raised in prayer,
you are devout but your god is not their god.

your god is 71% water,
it is the house of humanity,
and of every other species we know.

your god is angry,
fed from tornadoes,
drunk from the fumes of volcanoes.

your god is pure,
crystalline structures shining in moonlight,
salt lakes and craters of gold in the ground.

your god is loving,
the cradle of life everlasting, repeating,
a cycle that winds back to the beginning. 

your god is the earth,
and you bow to it every night in your dreams,
and every day as you walk on it’s surface.

—  your god // l.s.
drunken tears

It was an average night for a certain black hole eyed young man as he stumbled out of the bar drunk off his ass. Tom had done this walk before being too drunk to see straight and too drunk to notice tears in his eyes at this point. Another day where he’d drunk pain away to the point of not feeling it but as the night came around and he wasn’t at home tom had the routine of becoming the truly depressed drunk Edd and Matt never met. It was with great effort to say the least to be an angry or grumpy drunk during the day and keep his broken heart hidden. Tom however did it to keep the feelings buried until he was somewhere nobody cared he was crying . Tom didn’t want to get them involved in his problems unless he needed a ride home then he’d call Matt who’d forget he’d even picked up the crying drunk by morning but that was only a rare thing.
Tom had been walking crossed the street when something bright hit his eyes and he was tackled out of whatever it was way by someone. Tom’s head was swimming in confusion as he looked up. Tord had seen the familiar hoodie walking out of the bar while he been heading the other way , the man was clearly drunk which Tord knew clearly from other nights he’d seen Tom out and about this late. Usually Tord follow the drunk from a safe distance to make sure he made home it safely or had called for a ride and never got involved because usually Tom never walked straight into traffic. Tord only followed him to make sure he didn’t die and this was the first he’d been seen by tom. Tord had taken quick notice and action to get tom out of the way of a massive truck the drunk hadn’t noticed driving straight towards him, being lucky neither of them had gotten hit as he looked down at the drunk. Angry clear fuming from Tom’s carelessness of his own life only to melt into concern at the drunk’s cheek stained cheeks and mellow circles.
“t-tord….?” The drunk said sounding as if it was the first thing he’d said all night being pinned to the ground after being tackled by the familiar red hoodie. Tom was stunned at see his face after so long that he’d hug the guy if his arms weren’t pinned down. There was silence as tord glared at the drunk who was trying to wiggle free before realizing he was still on top of tom. Tord rolled off sitting up still a bit thrown off by how upset Tom looked as the last time he’d seen tom in that much pain they were 12 and Tom’s pineapple father had been killed by a bear with gun. He’d introduced tom to his first beer from Tord father’s stash to cheer the kid up so he get tom out of the pineapple soaked clothes. It had been an horrible experience but in the end Tord gotten his first kiss from the drunk 12 year old wearing his old checkered pants and a blue shirt. The two never talked about that event and Tom never asked what happened to his father’s remains mostly cause whenever him or matt for some reason were asked about it they froze and whenever Tord was asked he’d pull out gun and shoot the closes non-living thing without a thought. It was a deeply horrible event for the three that Edd never knew about mostly because Edd met them in the end of middle school at 14. Tord had never wanted to see tom so broken again , especially now since Tom was drunk and Tord couldn’t fix the problem by getting him drunk. He been sitting there deep in thought when he was pulled in to a hug by tom.
“-! Tom what the hell” Tord snapped before pausing and hugging the drunk back, “lets get you looked ok”
“ok “ tom said rubbing his eyes as Tord helped him up before they walked the opposite direction of the house. The two walked through the streets down to as tom’s head began to come back to somewhat of its senses ,”Tord…why’d you save me?”
This question had made itself clear as his still pretty bad head was trying to piece fuzzy things together since the strong part of his buzz was fading. The last time the two had seen each other Tord was calling him the son of a dirty bowling ball infront of edd and Matt. Tom had threaten to gut him in his sleep for calling Tom’s mom a dirty bowling ball. She always waxed herself and never got herself dirty unless she was rolling outside her house and they both knew that. Tord was the only one of his friends who had met his mother and knew she really was a bowling ball, so the remark had gone over the others heads. The fight almost went to a bloody beat down until Edd told them both to calm down and tord yelled he couldn’t stand living with an alcoholic anymore. Tord left the very next day with a shallow good bye to tom as he left. The fight had started over something stupid of course all their fights had but it had gotten a lot deeper and anger fill than the others which had caused Tord to leave. It was over what had happened to Tord’s favorite gun which tom was last seen with which was true tom did have and he still had it now but Tord had accused him of selling the gun which was name Sans to their neighbors who had suddenly had a similar gun. Tom hadn’t sold Sans because Sans was in his dress , He’d been trying wash the blue marker off it that Matt written on it . Tom actually had just given on washing the marker off and recently had the gun recolored red to match Tord’s hoodie. It ate him up inside that Tord thought he’d sell the guy’s favorite gun, but he’d didn’t want Tord attacking Matt for writing Suzanne on the gun in blue marker thinking it was Tom’s. So they’d fought about it and he said he didn’t remember where sans was cause he was drunk the last time he saw it to protect Matt’s ass, and Tord got anger at him for selling it drunk. Edd tried to step in but it didn’t help and Tord left Tom got a lot harsher on matt because matt had taken the gun without asking and thought the gun was his when Tom didn’t own a gun. Then the guilt was washed down with alcohol as Tom continued to try wash the mark off and send it back to Tord at some point. Some nights its all he do was try washing the marker off. Even if it had ruined his demeanor in Tord’s eyes he’d fix it and send back to guy. Tom still became a functioning drunk buying his flask and filling it with vodka.
Tord however was surprised by his question, why wouldn’t he save tom? Did tom think just because he’d lost Sans Tord wouldn’t save him from getting it by a truck. Tord may have been upset but he wouldn’t let tom die because of his gun being lost. He could tell Tom was lying about drunk the last time he’d seen it because back then tom wasn’t a heavy drinker and he was never round guns drunk in the first place. But Tord was mad he was being lied to about the wear abouts of his favorite gun while they were fighting and said somethings he shouldn’t have , Sans getting lost shouldn’t have made Tom sob that when he thought no one hear him and Tord should of apologized back then that night even. He’ sat in his room hearing Tom sob through the walls and done nothing but leave the next morning. Edd had wrote to him about how they were doing and so did matt but nothing from Tom , Edd wrote about him though and Tord was halfheartedly destroyed to find out that Tom become a functioning drunk.
“Cause I still care tom”Tord said as they stepped in front of what looked to be an abandoned building as he sat tom down and lifted the cover of the light box next to the door, “Red rover in and over the blue stain inside”
“Hello sir opening the doors for you now welcome back” a said over the intercom as Tom looked to see a hole open from the wall beside him.
“Have Doctor Manny meet us on the first floor I brought the blue stain and he was nearly hit by a car” Tord demanded as he help tom through the door before getting a ‘I’m on it sir’ from the intercom. They step into his base of operations as they passed a few of his men who were asking questions while whispering to each other.
‘ do you really think that’s the blue stain pual?’
‘It couldn’t be right isn’t the blue stain some type bad ass drunk?’  Tord chuckled a little bit at the remark, he’d developed code names for the three he used to live with they become rumored bad ass who’d earned his respect. Which for the names he given them you’d think it be clear that they were his friends, Matt was the purple mirror, Edd was the green cola can and Tom was the blue stain.  Tord let the rumors fly around as it made him seem much harsher as no one else had code names, The doctor ran over to them Taking tom out from under his arm.
“Sir did his head hit the side way or grable?”
“we both hit the side walk but I didn’t see any blood” Tord replied following the doctor,” Also Paul, Patryck get rid of any fresh pineapples in the headquarters I don’t want any chance of seeing them”
The men nodded running off towards the kitchen on a another floor as the doctor walked tom towards the med bay ,”Sir do you have any injuries the need treatment ?” the added as they all walked in to the med bay.
“just a scrapped knee Doc just make sure he’s alright if you need info I put his medical files in your cabinet next to mine”Tord said as he grabbed his phone as tom plopped on the mat in the med bay , going through his contacts and left a message for Edd and Matt,”hey guys Tom’s hanging with me for a bit found him stumbling around and I didn’t want the drunk to hurt on his way to the house Tord” ( @nicktoonsunite hope you enjoy theres more on the way)

Used to Be Mine

Summary: Loosely based on the song She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles. Dean comes home drunk and confesses feelings about his life to the reader he buries deep 

Characters: Dean Winchester X Reader

Warnings: Language

Content: Angst

Word Count: 1427

Originally posted by acklesjensen

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For raisesomehale because of this post (a postcard that says “Hey! I used to live in your house. I’m drunk in Boston, and it’s the only address I know.” and tags #HI HELLO PPL OF MY DASHBOARD PLS WRITE ME THIS STEREK FIC. I couldn’t help myself.

Rating: T for drunk!Stiles

Tags: drunk!stiles, human, awkward!derek, un-beta’d


It’s weird, but also slightly funny. Derek can’t help but smile as he reads the backside of the postcard again.

“Hey! I used to live in your apartment. I’m drunk in Boston and it’s the only address I know. Happy holidays. SS”

Derek doesn’t get many postcards so he sticks it to the fridge and smiles every time he sees the card in the next few weeks. He can’t help but wonder who SS is. He doesn’t remember the previous tenant, doesn’t think they ever met.

As the months pass he gets used to the card and doesn’t look at it twice anymore.

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wombatking replied to your post“Fanart prompts. Prompt for fanarts….”

Clint signing Kate’s cast after she hurts her ankle? He gets beat up so often compared to her that it’s probably a rare occurrence that he won’t let pass by without marking it. :)

“You don’t have to enjoy this so much.” “Well maybe you should be more careful.”
Unhappy Ending

Inspired by an ask from @speaknow1989red96 and some helpful suggestions from @ohhnoobabe :)

- - - -

Seven and a half months of bliss, she was surprised it had lasted this long. The inevitable had finally happened. She knew it would happen eventually but in truth this was still shocking. This was a step too far. Unforgivable.

She read the headline again - 

Taylor Swift dumps Calvin Harris after ‘happy ending’ at LA massage parlour

Her eyes welled up with tears and she didn’t try to make them stop. She cried because she knew it was over. She knew they were done; it was almost like grieving.

She went to pick up her phone to speak with him, to get this out of the way, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She wasn’t ready to let him go.

How could he forgive this? How could she ask him to deal with this? She couldn’t.


He had just returned from the gym, mercifully he didn’t meet any paparazzi on the way. He was in no mood to deal with them today. His phone beeped from his pocket - a small smile appeared on his face thinking it might be her. He’d be seeing her later but that wasn’t soon enough. His smile faded when he read Charlie’s name on his screen, he opened the text - smile turning to confusion.

Charlie: Hey dude, have you seen the latest story about you and Tay?

His brows furrowed in confusion as he opened up his emails, sure enough there was an email from his publicist - subject line URGENT. He opened it, slightly nervously, and clicked on the link that directed him to an article on Hollywood Life. His confusion turned to anger, anger lead to fury until finally he put his phone down and succumbed to an uncontrollable fear.

Has she seen this? Does she believe it? He felt sick, his skin clammy with a cold sweat. He stood up, completely unsure what to do and began pacing back and forth. He went to grab his phone to call her but fear stopped him. If she’s seen it she hasn’t called him - she doesn’t want to speak with him. His worst fears were all but verbally confirmed by this action. She was done.

He walked into his kitchen and did something he hadn’t done for a long time. He grabbed a bottle from the side, not even bothering to see what it was and unscrewed the top. Liquid sloshed into the glass as he poured a healthy measure. He downed it in one and preceded to pour another.


She was pacing her kitchen with her phone against her ear. She’d been calling him non-stop for the past half an hour. No answer. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t worried. SHe knew without a shadow of a doubt that the story as false but this reaction frightened her. The fact he hadn’t reached out to speak to her; the paparazzi had finally done it, they’d drive another relationship away. She was due to go over to his place within the next hour and she nodded to herself, almost to convince herself, that she would go.

She was nearly ready, she grabbed some shoes, tidied up her hair and slicked her cherry red armour over her lips as the final flourish. Grabbing her keys she ran out of her door and straight to the car.

Within 20 minutes she was at his door, the key he’d given her in hand. She’d had time to think and she was angry now. He hadn’t called, hadn’t check on her. The promises he’d made about not leaving were broken and she was mad.

She opened the door, music coming from the lounge. She followed the sound, anger increasing with every step.

‘Adam!’ she shouted out. His reply was delayed and his voice sounded unfamiliar to her but she couldn’t figure out why. She turned the corner and he came into view. He was sitting on his couch, an empty bottle of what she ascertained was whiskey next to him. He looked up at her; a mixture of emotions on his face that she couldn’t quite read.

‘Adam, what the hell? I’ve been trying to call you. What the fuck is going on?’

He just continued to stare at her, opening and closing his mouth as he struggled to form words.

‘I- I’m s-You’re here. My baby is here.’ he finally got the words out. He was stuttering, his voice shaky. She immediately recognised the symptoms. He was drunk - blind drunk.

‘You’re fucking drunk? You’re that scared to talk to me, to tell me to my face that we’re done so you get drunk?’ she was fuming, she stamped her feet over to him grabbing the bottle and waving it in front of his face. ‘I can’t believe this’ she finished, more to herself that anyone else.

He stood up now, his face dropped with sadness. ‘So we are done? You’re finished with me? I swear I didn’t do it Taylor. I love you. I love you so much it scares me.’ he stuttered his way through the sentence, slurring almost every word as he made his way towards her but his footing was awkward and his depth perception obviously off. He walked directly into the low coffee table in front of him and plummeted to the floor.

She watched everything happen in almost slow motion, she reached out to him to break his fall but it was no use. He was too heavy, too big. She watched helplessly as he hit the floor. She rushed to his side, he was unharmed but passed out.

‘You idiot. I love you too, always. But don’t you dare do this to me again.’ she whispered to him, knowing full well he couldn’t hear her. She tried to lift him, to at least get him back on the couch would be better than this. Even with all the strength in her arms he didn’t move an inch.

She started shaking him, lightly at first. ‘Adam. Adam wake up. Come on baby.’ she said, louder than before. He was still - his heavy drunk breathing the only sound. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and called the only people she knew that would be able to help her.


Almost 20 minutes later a knock at the door pulled her out of her seat where she’d been watching Adam breathing in and out, whispering her name in his sleep.

She opened up and was greeted by her security team -. ‘Thanks for coming guys, he’s through here.’ she said, relief running through her. They followed her in to the room, lightly laughing as she rolled her eyes comically as she gestured to him. They pulled him upright with ease and carried him to the bedroom, flopping him down on the bed.

‘Thanks guy, I really appreciate it. I’ll take it from here.’

‘No problem, Ms. Swift. Let us know if you need anything else.’

She turned back around, looking at her boyfriend and sighing. She moved over to him, pulling off his shoes and tugging his jeans off. As she made her way around to her side of the bed he began to stir, his arms reaching out to her.

‘M’sorry, babe.’ his accent deeper and stronger with the added alcohol.

‘I know, I know. Go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.’ she said, stripping off her own clothes and grabbing a tshirt of Adam’s to throw on. She crawled into bed beside him as he rolled towards her, leaning his head on her shoulder. She absent-mindedly stoked his hair thinking about the events of the day. Adam hadn’t spoken to her thinking she believed the story, she hadn’t spoken to him thinking he was done with the paparazzi intrusion into their life but she was wrong and so was he. He loved her - he didn’t run. He was scared of losing her but he didn’t run and she focused on that thought as she drifted off to sleep.


He groaned; his head was thumping, his mouth dry and gasping for water. He hadn’t felt this bad in a long time. He’d stopped drinking precisely to avoid this feeling. He stretched his arm out to her side but found it empty. His mind wandered through his fuzzy memory of last night - she’d come over and they’d been shouting. After that his memory was blank - nothing. He looked around the room for evidence of her. Her clothes were on the floor, her jewellery tangled on his bedside. She was still here somewhere. He let out the breath he was unconsciously holding in and jumped out of bed.

He walked down the stairs, sounds of life coming from the kitchen. The soft melodies of music and singing spreading out towards him. He walked through the door into the kitchen, nerves shaking through him.

She turned to him as soon as he entered. ‘Hey, you’re awake.’ she was quiet, almost somber.

'Yeah.’ he replied. His hand going to the back of his neck, he was unsure of how this was going to go.

'We should talk about last night, Adam. Firstly, please don’t get like that again. I could barely move you alone, I had to call my security.’ He nodded at her, this was it he thought. He couldn’t breathe he was so nervous. 'But mostly, I’m sorry.’ she finished.

'You’re sorry? Why are you sorry? It’s me that should be sorry. I didn’t do anything at that massage place. I swear Taylor! And then I got drunk, I’m the biggest idiot. I was so terrified you believed the story and wanted to end it. The thought of not being with you killed me.’ he was rambling, talking ten to the dozen.

'Stop.’ she said, she’d walked over to him during his ramble and placed her hands on to his. 'Stop talking.’ He breathed out, in relief. 'I know the story isn’t true. I knew as soon as I read it. I trust you. I love you. I was scared that you’d had enough of the paparazzi and that’s why you didn’t call. I thought you were done with me.’ she looked down at the floor, sadness in her eyes at the mere thought of being apart from him.

He titled her chin up with his finger and kissed her lightly on the lips. 'Never. I’ll never be done with you.’

She smiled, the kind of smile that made his heart stop. 'Good. We need to trust each other, we need to talk to each other. I need to call Tree and get this story retracted’ She hugged him close, snuggling her face into his chest. ’…and you need to shower. You smell like a brewery!’

He laughed. Kissing her on the forehead and heading upstairs to the bathroom, he started thinking about what she’d said about Tree. He should do something to show her that he can deal with this stuff and that he can deal with the stories, the ridiculous lies. He opened up Twitter and laid the rumours to rest with one simple tweet.

clarke-kom-titkru  asked:

Alicia is really drunk and got into a squabble with Elyza over her safety because she went on a raid and got a little too close to a walker so Elyza scolded her. To get back at her (at least in her extra teenage mind) she decides to get drunk. She's completely zipped herself into her sleeping back with a bottle of wine and is yelling, for all to hear, secrets about Elyza while Elyza tries to unzip the back and get her out. "Did you guys know Elyza is TERRIFIED of spiders?" 1/?

Elyza rolls her eyes. “Okay, Alicia, wow, you got me. People know I’m afraid of spiders,” the blonde deadpans. From inside the sleeping bag, Alicia responds “Yeah, but you CRIED that one time when you found one in our cabin.” Elyza’s face turns red when she hears Nick and Chris snickering behind her “You know what, it was HUGE. You’d be afraid of spiders too if you grew up in the outback where LITERALLY everything can kill you!” Alicia laughs within the sleeping bag and continues. 2/?

“Guess what else?” Elyza hears her girlfriend hiccup under the blanket and hears the liquid from the wine bottle tilt and assumes Alicia is taking another drink. “Elyza LOVES to call me ‘Commander’ when I’m fucki–oof!” Elyza tackles the bundle to the deck and tries to feel where Alicia’s head is so she can cover her mouth. “Alicia Clark, I swear!” She’s struggling against the cocooned brunette and hears a giggle before “Oh yes, Commander. You’re so good!” 3/? 

Elyza shuffles around a bit more with the bundle of her girlfriend and hears her shriek from within before finally finding the zipper. She hears Nick and Chris laughing hysterically behind her and growls at then before unzipping the closure on the blanket. To her delight, Karma did her dirty work. She peered inside to see a drunk and fuming Alicia, hair and face drenched in sticky red wine. “Well babe, I may love when you’re the Commander, but I can get you wet easily.” 4/? 

Alicia shoves Elyza over and she falls on her ass and can’t stop laughing as Alicia storms off, albeit drunkenly stumbling to her cabin, mumbling something about her favorite plaid shirt being ruined. Elyza shakes her head and follows her girlfriend, hoping she doesn’t have to grovel too much. 5/5 YAY DRUNK BURRITO ALICIA


Milah!Verse: Lacey & Milah

Previous installments:

[ An Awkward Reunion | Charity Begins at Home | The Spinner & the Princess ]

Belle has an accident at the town line, bringing Lacey back for a one-night only performance.  Meanwhile, Milah is still hanging around town and holding a grudge against her ex-husband and his new wife.  Unfortunately, Lacey is not Belle and isn’t the sort to take the high road.

Well, it’s been awhile since I did anything with the Milah!verse, but anonymousnerdgirl wanted to know what would happen if Lacey and Milah met.  The answer is this.

On AO3 for those interested

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