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when he leaves, frame the footsteps; burn your tenth-grade biology textbook when it tells you that fossils are a one-in-a-million chance. make fossils anyway. watch the news when they exclaim that INFLATION IS RISING IN CURRENCY, IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE and
ask yourself how it feels to ruin the world.
remember that you have done that every day since you were six. the time your best friend broke down on a thursday night while you were drunk in the best way possible. when your brother’s dog died and he found her by himself. how your grandfather is recovering from a surgery alone. he has been in rehab for sixteen days.
when he leaves, frame the footsteps. hang them on the wall beside yours.
—  lonely again (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
i've been seeing a lot of au posts for two person ships but not 3(+) person ships so here we go
  • “the ride we want to go on is three people a cart and we’d rather choose a stranger to sit with than have one chosen for us plus you look relatively not sweaty want to join us” au
  • “two people started hitting on me at this bar at the same time and they’re both hot af best night ever” au
  • “i accidentally took the seat that was between a couple because they were fighting and now i have to deal with them fuck” au
  • “i’m your waitress and i totally thought you two were dating because of the heart eyes you’re making at each other but now that i know you’re not i kinda want to ask one of you out but i also feel like you should be together because of said hearteyes” au
  • “it’s the apocalypse and we’re like the only ones still alive high five want to have celebratory sex” au
  • “accidentally got really famous overnight and now i have a manager and an agent and tbh they’re both really hot how am i supposed to cope with this” au 
  • “turns out hogwarts students only give you weird looks when you date multiple people from multiple other houses huh who knew” au
  • “there was supposed to be a party here tonight but no one showed up but us including whoever the fuck’s house this is want to see what’s in their Netflix queue” au
  • “i booked this hotel room cause i wanted some time away with my girlfriend but we ordered room service and the server who brought it up is hella hot should we ask them to join us” au
  • “we’re all in the waiting room on the delivery floor of the hospital but someone none of us are here waiting for our own kids to be born we’re all here for friends how weird is that” au
  • “we’re the only ones in this bar literally what the fuck it’s like a thursday night” au
  • “i am very drunk and flirting with multiple people because my vision is blurry enough i can’t actually tell how many of you there are” au
  • “you’re a total asshole but your girlfriend definitely isn’t” au
  • “we didn’t come to this con together but we’re all dressed as various members of a team so everybody’s making us pose together” au
  • “I WILL BEAT YOU ALL AT MARIO KART IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO also wanna make out. like. all of us. at the same time. i might be high on adrenaline but the point still stands” au


  • flight attendants au
  • tour guides au
  • con artists au
  • cop duo/helpful but curious scientist au
  • roommates au
  • group project au
  • only people aware of upcoming epidemic au
  • band au
  • i cannot stress that last one enough just like a band that is all together imagiNE THE MEDIA CONFUSION
  • owning a restaurant together au
  • TAs of same shitty teacher au
  • camp counselors that live for the confusion of the kids trying to figure out who’s with who au
  • youtubers who everyone wants to collab doing a video together to reveal they’re dating
  • parent teacher meeting au
  • waiting for a flight for 10+ hours au
  • deaf person/only people who know sign language in the whole fucking building au
Hymne à l'amour [ Min Yoongi ]

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Summary: SOULMATE AU! This was how his morning came to be. He would dragged himself out of the bed and into the bathroom he shared with his roommates so he could wash up. Once he dried himself, he would lowered the toilet lid and sat on it while taking out a drawing pen from the bathroom drawer under the sink, the guilt never once stop gnawing at his heart as he traced his fading tattoo, thanking the heavens for giving him a talent in art. He would walk out the bathroom when he was done, feeling like a complete fraud, the same words ringing in his head over and over again. Min Yoongi was a fucking coward and a filthy liar.

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


Min Yoongi, despite his brash and straightforward personality, was a fucking coward.


He laughed quietly to himself as he picked up the fine-tip drawing pen and neatly traced the fading cursive words on his left arm with impressive precision, a painfully heartbreaking routine he had to put himself through everyday. He had done it countless times, too many times, he realized, when he easily pressed the tip of the pen on his skin without a single hesitation, his muscles remembering each strokes and movements as he covered the fading ink with a new black ink of his pen. How pathetic could you be, he thought, eyes fixed on the newly touched-up cursive name on his wrist. How many nights did he spend praying, to God he didn’t even know, hoping it would stay on his skin for the rest of his life? And how many mornings did he spend watching the ink wash away under the running hot water, furious at the universe for being so cruel to him? Didn’t he spend enough time suffering? Hasn’t he done enough for the world? How many bad things do one had to suffer through before they get to be happy? Was it the universe’s way of telling him he was fucked? Well, fuck you too. Yoongi scoffed and threw the marker back into the drawer, slamming it shut before he exited the bathroom.

This was how his morning came to be. He would dragged himself out of the bed and into the bathroom he shared with his roommates so he could wash up. Once he dried himself, he would lowered the toilet lid and sat on it while taking out a drawing pen from the bathroom drawer under the sink, the guilt never once stop gnawing at his heart as he traced his fading tattoo, thanking the heavens for giving him a talent in art. He would walk out the bathroom when he was done, feeling like a complete fraud, the same words ringing in his head over and over again.

Min Yoongi was a fucking coward and a filthy liar.

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I don’t usually make posts like this unless I’m drunk and yet here I am, stone-cold sober on a Thursday night wanting to tell you all how amazing I think you are.

I’ve been in a variety of fandoms in my 20 years online and I’ve been writing fic and obsessing over my favourites shows for a long as I can remember. I can safely say that in the last ten years, no fandom has ever been as kind and welcoming and fun as this one. 

I know we’re going through a really crappy time right now. I know we seem to be fracturing more every day and the thing that gave us the most joy five months ago is making a lot of us sad. 

But I think it’s important to remember why we’re all here in this crazy little fandom for this stupid Yorkshire soap and these ridiculous messed up boys. Whether you think the plot is great or not, whether Robert and Aaron get back together in a month or a year or ten years when Ryan and Danny have both left and come back, whether you’ve been here two years or two minutes, we’re all here because we’re passionate about it and them and each other. 

And I for one am really glad I found you all.

Moonlillie future headcanons

- They don’t really contact each other when Lillie is in Kanto purely because Moon is salty about Lillie leaving and never got to confess. She tells Hau about it when she’s gone and angsts about it.

- Lillie returns to Alola as a Nobel prize winning professor that studies the ultra beasts and other Pokemon

- You’d think Moon would be all rich and stuff with her own house but turns out being the champion of Alola, you don’t actually get paid that much and only get paid for doing events around Alola.

- Moon basically still lives with her mum and is a anxiety prone college student that juggles her work and battles new competitors at the pokemon league at the same time. She majors in dancing after being inspired by Kiawe.

- Lillie knows more about Moons Pokemon than she does. They all immediately pile on her when they get to see her again.

- Hau and her mum are constantly trying to push Moon to confess already. As they know about Moons secret feelings, they start to see how amazing their dynamic is now that Lillie is back home.

- Moon and her mum get drunk on wine on Thursday nights (wine mum and future wine mum.) Lillie hasn’t even thought of touching alcohol and is a little weirded out but amused by it all.

- As soon as Moon gets the time when Lillie is back she tries so many times to take her out to venture around the islands again but Lillie seems to always be busy. Enter Moon overly angst about it.
Even Hau is like T~T’ ‘she’s busy Moon, you can’t blame her. She has a job and you don’t.’

‘Y-yeah I do??’

'Pokemon league doesn’t count.’

- Despite Moon being self conscious about her title of champion and not having a 'real job’ like Lillie. Lillie still loves the way she battles with such care for her pokemon.
You’ve got mail (NSFW)

Rating: Explicit/NSFW Content! 

SummaryRaven sent him a boob pic.
And they are very nice breasts, but he’s not exactly sure what the protocol is for situations like that. He should reply in kind, right? It’s only fair. Some sort of quid pro quo : I show you mine, you show me yours?

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kaylayeomans said: Can you do an imagine where me and had get into a heated Argument and it comes out in pregnant. You can pick his reaction:)

sorry for the mistakes. hope you like it!

You and Jax were fighting so much these past 3 months and thats hurt a lot, you know how jax is and how he can catch every pussy he wants and you being so far of him and it makes you freaking out thinking about he eating another bitch, so finally this ‘’wrong’’ night he doesnt stayed at club house and you was kinda drunk so you started 

- what a surprise, dont have any pussy to eat this night?

jax sighed loud and this gets you more angry.

- what??? you dont wanna tell me?

- no, y/n, i didnt fuck with anyone stop this shit. 

- and why you spend all night on the club house?

- to thinking without you screaming in my ear! - he raised his voice.

- i scream because looks like you never hear me! you dont talk with me anymore, why??? i dont look hot enough to you anymore? 

- jesus, y/n, shut the hell up, you being ridiculous, i love you and you perfect to me but its happening so much thing on the club and i dont want to fight with you anymore

- but ignoring me and doesnt see me anymore makes you feel right?

- no! but i dont want to make you more upset.

- im already upset, im getting drunk on a thursday night bc you nake me sad and im fucking pregnant! - you scream and started cry. jax looks confuse as fuck but he get close to you and hold you hands and you start to cry even more

- y/n, are serious? jesus, im so sorry for dont be here for you… im so fucked in this fucking club that i forget about my only family and its you and now we gonna have another member and i just make you feel sad, im so sorry…

- i know, just want to you stay with me, dont eat another pussy and dont love anyone but me, please. im freaking out.

- i would never do this to you, y/n, and you are just pregnant - he wiped your tears and smile, you cant hide your smile when you see his smile so he kiss you passionately;

A Million Different People

I threw away my diary yesterday. Another life wasted. Literally.

It wasn’t finished, but that’s not the point. It just wasn’t working out. That’s how it goes, right? Call it perfectionism. Call it manic depression.

Call it a scratch drawn on the ground that serves as a starting line for a foot race. That’s where the scratch in “from scratch” comes from.

I should know because that’s my spot. That’s where you’ll find me at 3:00 am on a Thursday night when I’m drunk and crying and alone. Ready to blow it all up and begin again. From scratch.

We all started here, but everyone is so far ahead of me now. They can’t see me. They can’t hear me. They cant remember me. It doesn’t matter.

I’ve grown apathetic to my own self-identity because I know she’ll be gone in two weeks. Thrown in the trash because her old thoughts don’t fit this new skin. New skin that is already getting old.

anonymous asked:

can you write a punk luke where he's a tattoo artist & youre going with your friend who's getting a tattoo & you and luke hit it off & eventually start dating? thanks! (:

a/n: okay I got a little (very) carried away and maybe ventured a off on some sort of fluffy af (honestly so fluffy, so cliche) tangent but anyway. hope you like it, anon :) 
word count: 2800

masterlist | request

The first time you met Luke you felt like a stupid cliche. He was gorgeous and brooding and you had just unwittingly wandered into his domain. You had promised you would accompany your best friend while she got her first tattoo – you know, hold her hand and make her laugh so she wouldn’t concentrate on how much she was convinced it’d hurt.

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Last three nights (very bulimic)

Thursday- drunk binged after senior night

Friday- drunk binged after frat party

Saturday- drunk binged after co-op party

Definitely feel like I gained, even though I obviously purged after all of these things. But I need to just….not do this anymore. People are going to find out if I keep it up and I can’t let it affect my place within the house. My goal for this week is no purging in the house and hopefully that’ll help me eat less. It just sucks because bp works so well for me— gets rid of cravings and I lose weight from it. But good thing about the ana community is y’all are pretty helpful with anti binge tips (even if some of your binges are just like….eating normally) so I gotta do this and keep myself accountable

so this is pretty much 100% inspired by this joint post from @samwellgotyourback and @des-zimbits aka the “Agreement”/”Niagara Clause” post aka

Ransom & Holster hook up freshman year of college and realize they’re pretty much it for each other. In order to experience all college has to offer, and to make sure they don’t screw up what could be an amazing lifelong relationship by not being ready to settle down, they make an Agreement. They’ll hold off on this Thing of theirs until after graduation.

But it was officially After Graduation.
And Ransom looked so good, Holster was done holding back

cross-posted here to AO3 but feel free to reblog this post as well.
this is 3.6k of mostly sap-ass fluff but there’s some NSFW beyond the cut so yeah.

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