drunk on a thursday night

The fact of the matter is a couple million people across the entire country gathered to express their outrage at the government and, collectively, did less damage than a gang of drunk Red Sox fans or the average Cracked writer on a Thursday night. These are people who have had their humanity questioned and their personal physical safety threatened by the leader of the free world. I don’t know how you can find their restraint anything less than inspiring, to be frank.

So is it, like, great that this Nazi got punched for saying out loud the stupid things that are in his head? And is it healthy for so many people to celebrate that violent? I dunno, probably not, but I bet far worse shit is happening to a woman or minority somewhere within 50 miles of wherever you’re reading this right now, and that’s what the protest is about, dude.

The 4 Worst Reactions To The Women’s March


it is 2:36 in the morning on a wednesday night and i am drunk again
suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bleak anymore

i raise my glass to better tomorrows
the drink burns like the worst kind of rejection in the back of my throat but i smile because i am used to the feeling
(the burn is new though)

the clock reads 3:03 AM and i start to sway with the weight of the world on my shoulders
i throw back my 5th or 8th, no, 13th shot
(dionysus would be proud. atlas would not.)

at 5:47, the memories of the night leave me in the worst way possible and my arms shake under the burden they have to hold up 
(i am starting to think the world is easier to carry than the weight of my sins)

i crave another shot by 8:00 AM.

it is 2:36 in the morning on a thursday night and i am drunk again

—  dionysus would be proud. i am not. // s.z.