drunk on

Imagine introducing Loki to different Midgardian cocktails. He finds it hilarious that humans can actually get drunk off of them but enjoys a few nevertheless. However, there’s one cocktail that contains a liquor which for some reason he is sensitive to. You end up with a thoroughly drunk Loki, who is overly affectionate and slightly silly, and have to take care of him for the night. The next day he’s incredibly embarrassed but you laugh and say it’s fair after all the times he’s seen you drunk.

“Mr. Kenton is a kind and beautiful man,” Nessa says absolutely. “Why are you looking at me like that? It’s true!”

“Princess, please,” Reina nearly begs. “You can’t talk about a man who isn’t your suitor like that.”

“I didn’t realize it was a crime to think someone attractive! I think you’re beautiful, too,” she says, looking to Reina. She can still feel the awful tug of her skin as the needle is worked quickly through her cut, but the rest of her feels to good to give a damn about it. Reina offers up a half-smile.

“You’re hopeless,” she says, patting Nessa’s free hand almost affectionately.

Doctor/Master are this sort of friends who don’t see each other in centuries, only to meet up again & realize they’re still in perfect synch.

They still laugh at each other’s jokes.
They still get everything the other says, even if they don’t want to.
They always work as a team.
They’re always so alike, even in all their differences.

And I think if the Master eventually would stop and acknoledge that, he might wouldn’t hate the Doctor just as much.  
(Missy is the not so living example of that.)   
It’s funny. They change so much, their personalities, their looks, their genders, but the one thing that never changes is their relationship, even when it does.

They’re always the same amount of close to each other.
Even with Missy trying to gain redemption, they kind of were the same.
The Master can try to kill him, hurt him, humiliate him, be his friend again, gain forgiveness or forgive - Their essence stays the same.    
In the end, when all the masks are dropped, they’re two angry, hurt, lost friends in perfect synch and all they’ve got is each other.                      

They’re like magnets, constantly facing the wrong ends towards each other.   

And their history is so deep and long and always entangled, they just can’t be without the other, they can’t.
The Master has started to define who the Doctor is and the other way around. Only together they’re in perfect balance. Like all these old myths about light and darkness taming each other, Ying & Yang, all of it. They’re exactly that. ‘Two sides of a coin’ isn’t just a term for them, it defines who they are. They’re each other’s complimentary other half.            

Doctor/Master is the most beautiful, poetic and richest ship I’ve ever shipped & I love it with passion.

They’re very, very deeply connected and they will love each other, no matter who and what is to come.
I shipped the Doctor & Rose and the Doctor & Sarah Jane and both ships have a special place in my heart forever, but in the end, for me, they’re temporal.
Nothing as deeply rooted as Doctor/Master.


here’s btob singing missing you live while drunk. kings of vocal, even when they are tipsy i stan the right group 😂