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OK so I know people were saying Jensen was super drunk during the JIB8 cockles panel, and at first I thought so too - because otherwise WTF was that all about?? But honestly the more I think about it (and I was there) the more I honestly think he really wasn’t all that drunk?

He’d drank A LOT more the day before, during his J2 panel (IIRC) but I honestly didn’t see him drink a lot on Sunday, and if you recall he’d had that emotional YANA moment mere hours before the cockles panel (he actually referred to this moment - but didn’t go into detail about it - during his M&G the same day which I also attended).

I really don’t think he would’ve drunk a lot after that moment….So honestly, IMHO, what we saw on stage there was more JENSEN than NESNEJ…Just a really hyper Jensen in a super flirty and jokey mood. He’d been in a really good mood / top form all two days of the con so it wasn’t out of place for him to act like that during the cockles panel, too.

Which makes that entire panel all the more unbelievable…Pray4misha


Characters: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 630

Warnings: smuttiness-ish

A/N: These pictures of Jensen flashing his boxers to Misha have taken over my life.  I’ve never written Jensen before so why not start with Drunk Jensen.

Thanks to MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch for looking it over on short notice.

Obviously this is a work a fiction, no disrespect to Danneel.

These pictures are not mine, credit goes to their owners.

You woke with a pounding in your head.  Lifting your head from your pillow you cracked one eye open.  Sunlight slanted through the curtains of the hotel window.  It was definitely late morning.  You looked to the other side of the bed, empty.  Jensen must be up and at the con by now, you think to yourself.  You knew it was a bad idea trying to keep up with everyone last night, but you were having so much fun.  You roll over, snuggling back under the covers hoping that a little more sleep will chase away the raging hangover.

You sleep most of the day before waking again and feeling more like yourself.  You get up and shower.  You’re sitting in your robe, finishing your food when you hear the door beep and in walks Jensen.  You can tell by his eyes and the way he’s walking toward you that he’s had a lot “apple juice” and you can’t help smiling.

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Gotta say I'm really impressed with Misa's self-restraint during the Cockles panel. That was probably the most flirty/adorable/cuddly/vulnerable/precious/sexual Jensen I've ever seen, and I've got no clue how Misha didn't just rip Jensen's clothes off and jump his bones right there, lol.

Omg lol, that was a riot. I couldn’t believe it, it was surreal. That’s what alcohol does to Jensen and I like him like that, relaxed and vulnerable, silly and crazy and funny. He was so happy and it’s a nice change to see him let go of his ‘macho persona’ and just be.

And yes, Misha has a self-control of steel because damn. Jensen was all over him and flirting hard, and poor Misha was between mortified and super amused. Imagine just how much more crazy it gets when they are alone, in an intimate setting. I’m sure this is not the first time Jensen has gotten drunk off his ass and flirted with Misha like that. But Misha had to keep his cool and try to do damage control 🤣😂

We need more drunk Jensen at cons.

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honestly i'm not even a hellenic polytheist or even a spiritual person at all, but whenever i see dionysus described as just "the god of wine" i get 10 years off my lifespan cuz honestly wine is basically just a tool to his thing about liberation and spiritual ecstasy like "god of wine" just feels so reductive for a deity thats so important and represents something so rich within greek culture

i can relate!! i live with my lady dio close in my heart always, and wine is important, yes, but its more than just a drink and dionysus was more than just the fool who went around getting turnt all the time (i mean, i doubt they’d be entirely innocent of that, but it goes deeper than just the alcohol)

dionysus is a god of a certain kind of joy and freedom. the god of laughter, the god of tragedy and comedy through the power of drama… this is human ecstasy. this is that which humans call divine that is allowed to be felt by humans. dionysus is less party god, and more pleasure god. the pleasure of freedom - from our oppressors, from our expectations, from ourselves.

like…. im gettin really excitable about this haha! basically, i love dionysus, my lord and lady, goddess and god. i probably worship them a bit differently than most people, and im sure many people think im a total whackjob (i do, too, so i understand), but i think most people that know her and love her can agree that dionysus is a god of wine, but is also so much more than just what those words appear to mean.

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oh hail Cockles High Lady! I have a theory about very drunk and flirty Jensen and all the Cockles tension at JIBCON . Misha seems a little annoyed about the "who Cas? who's Misha" and Jensen noticed and thought "oh no he's mad" and the apple juice apology didn't really work so Jensen got full on drunk and decided to go full out on the flirtiness and dirty jokes to make him forgive him and like you could see Misha being amused even though he was mad so it kinda worked?

agree !

also he was probably tired and sad about Cas

We sang drunk
Our hearts, faster as they were
We sang, we were drunk
Driveway, night, it’s been a while.
We were aware of the danger
You stopped,
I looked back
You kissed me
We sang, we were drunk
But we knew our love never left
I pulled you, closer than ever
I felt your breath, warm and mellow
We were drunk
But we both know it is our love
That never left
We sang, we were drunk
You whispered “Still you.”
We were drunk, we love.
—  her (MIS), you and pastel pill

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Hope you enjoy it and gifs aren’t mine

(Y/n) and the boys had just gotten back from a rather long hunt and a drink was needed for all of them. As the impala pulled up inside of the bunkers garage, (y/n) was already half way out of the back seats door and making her wat into the kitchen.
Dean raised an eyebrow at her behavior glancing at his brother who for some reason he thought would have the answers to his non spoken problem, only to get a strug from Sam as he replied “We all had a long day and a bad hunt.” Dean just struged and got out of the impala carefully closing the door as him and Sam made their way inside of the bunker, not before Dean had said his ‘goodnight’ to ‘baby’ of course.
Inside of the kitchen sat both Cas and (Y/n) who were both nusing beers. While Cas healed Sam who sat at the table Dean went to get him and his brother some beers.
Dean made his way back into the room and handed Sam a beer who said a soft ‘thank you’ while Dean sat down next to him. Getting straight to work Cas placed his two fingers on deans forehead and healed his cuts and bruises from the hunt.
“So-” Cas began his deep voice cutting through the silence around the table “How did the hunt go?” An annoyed grunt was sounded from across the table side in which the (h/c) haired hunter sat with ber now finished beer. “Oh how I hate witches, I mean why couldn’t she summon a gaint gummy bear on me. But nope the bitch summoned a creepy ass tree on me that just threw me around like a rag doll.” Sam glance up from his lap top that was seated in front of him along with Dean who was staring into his beer bottle. Dean chuckled at his friends behavior.
“Are you drunk?”
“Are you short?!” (Y/n) responded back.
Sam chuckled which earned a bitch face from his brother. “I think thats enough beers, sweetheart.” Dean leaned over the table and went to grab his friends beer but she was quicker then him and pushed back in her seat falling down onto the floor while her empty bottle rolled a few distance away from her.
“Are you alright?” Cas asked the drunk (h/c) haired hunter. (Y/n) whined and rolled over onto her stomach and spreaded her arms and legs out onto the ground. “I’m fine guys!” her voice shurred out. She turned her head toward the two hunters and angel her (h/c) hair fell down onto her face covering her eyes a little. “I’m just giving the floor a hug I mean were always hurting it by stepping on it, I really think we need to just be friendly with it.”
Dean laughed quietly to himself “So now we know (n/n) is a hippie drunk. Cas who was already on his knees helping (y/n) up smiled softly at his drunk friend. “Yes we do happen to step on it a lot but I’m sure it will forgive us.”
Suddenly the (h/c) haired female had an idea, “Let’s play truth or dare guys!” She yelled out surprising Cas which caused him to let go of her and she stumbled a bit before grabbing a near by chair and sitting in it. “Nope sorry princess but it’s bed time for you.” Dean spoke a groan was geared from the female as she pleaded to ber friend “Please just one round.” She held up one finger to show how many rounds she wanted to play that night “And then I’ll go start to bed, scouts honor.” Dean sighed knowing he would regret agreeing toward the drunk female. “Fine.”
Show where along the game, the four friends ended up choosing dare which caused them all to have to drink a full bottle of liquor.
“You’re bossy and short.” Sam complained to Dean who was to busy flirting with a piece of pie which he had taken out to eat but his drunken mind confused the pie with a hot female and he just started flirting with her. Cas was in the corner of the room petting a baby duck which he was dared to get and he kept on telling it what soft fur it had but the duck didn’t mind the attention. And (Y/n) Oh well she was crying and petting the floor telling it sorry for being mean all those times she and the boys walked on it to hard.
Just then Crowley popped in. “What in the bloody hell is going on here?!.”