drunk on

The signs as things I've done while drunk
  • Aries: stole an entire bottle of champagne from my friends, ran, and drank the whole thing by myself under a tree
  • Taurus: asked my friends parents if I could make weed brownies as a joke and they said yes
  • Gemini: talked to a friend about the universe for an entire hour in some random person's yard at 2 am
  • Cancer: held my friends hair back while she threw up, put pj's on her, and tucked her into bed
  • Leo: danced on a bar in front of a wall that said "fuck yeah" with an American flag
  • Virgo: made plans with a complete stranger to go see Niagara Falls (I live in Florida)
  • Libra: when my dad's girlfriend asked for a lighter, I misheard her and ran to my room and grabbed my weed because I thought she said "light up" let's just say my dad wasn't happy
  • Scorpio: kissed three guys within the span of 2 hours
  • Sagittarius: went driving with friends (a sober person was driving dw) and had a titanic moment through my sun roof by myself (it was magical)
  • Capricorn: destroyed two grown ass men in beer pong my first time playing
  • Aquarius: went to a party with a friend when we heard a girl say "hey are we going skiing tonight?" (aka doing coke). My friend and I just looked at each other and got tf out of there
  • Pisces: grabbed a blanket and fell asleep in about 10 different places in my friend's house

whatever you do, don’t forget about how good raphael santiago was before he turned. don’t forget about how pure that boy was. don’t forget about how he wanted to get rid of vampires, probably thinking about his little brothers safety. don’t forget about how a fifteen-year-old boy wanted to fight against the beast, believing that god will help him because he was always a good catholic and he went to church every sunday so dios should be by his side, right?

whatever you do, don’t forget about how raphael was turned into this monster (or at least raphael thought so about himself). don’t forget about how he was left alone and killed his friends. don’t forget about how he wanted to kill himself because he hated what he became. he hated what he had done. 

whatever you do, don’t froget about how guadalupe santiago loved her son. don’t forget about how she was ready to do anything, just to get her rafa back. how she believed he’s out there, missing his home. missing his mamá. don’t forget about how she was ready to give magnus all she had (even though she didn’t have much and she was barely holding on as it was), just so he would find her little boy.

but most importantly, whatever you do, don’t froget about how raphael loved his mother. don’t forget about how he decided to live just for her. don’t forget about how he pushed his self-hate aside just for her. how he hurt himself and burned himself by holding the cross his mamá gave him or walking through the sacred land, just so one day he could come back to her and show her his love and respect. don’t forget about how he would sacrifice literally anything to make his mother happy because she raised him and he loved her more than anything. don’t forget about how he would swear that he won’t ever drink human blood because that’s not something guadalupe would approve of. 

whatever you do, don’t forget about how he craved blood, crying into magnus’s arms and saying that he can’t do this. that he’s not good enough, he’s not that strong. he’s doomed. don’t forget how magnus would hold him, stroking his back and whispering that raphael was even more than enough. “maybe you can’t see the sunlight anymore, rafa, but you have sunlight inside of you. you’re better than this. your mamá made you better than his, pequeño” magnus would say. 

whatever you do, don’t forget that raphael went through SO much just so casserole clare would have sebastian kill him. just because. without any reason at all. don’t forget that the sh writers decided that he would bite izzy not once, but twice, after he swore he won’t do this. again, without any reason at all. just because.

whatever you do, you can’t forget that even though raphael had his mother and magnus, he saved himself. 

raphael santiago saved himself. and he deserved so much better.

Studies show that 106 percent of people hate their jobs. Now imagine what everyone else thinks of your job. At least you get paid to do your job, the rest of us get nothing, so when you meet up with someone at a party and your conversation turns to work, you better limit yourself to “I collect roadkill for Arby’s” with no further exposition because that’s all anyone needs to know. Sadly, that’s not all everyone shares.

Every gathering has at least one guy who’s so fascinated by the fact he sells molded carbon toilet seats that he needs to tell you the entire production process, from ass-measuring all the way through turd capacity and urine splash physics. This guy never realizes that each word causes your brain to start desperately trying to master pyrokinesis in an effort to either set him or, as a last ditch effort, yourself on fire as a means of escape

Aside from psychic fire, the only thing that ameliorates a terrible work anecdote is ample amounts of Tom Collins. Once your third sheet is to the wind, you could tolerate even the life story of someone who works in middle management at the DMV.

Most People You Can Handle, These 5 People Are Why You Drink

let’s live in denial
of how we didn’t
want to break
each other’s hearts
just because ours
were broken and
we wanted to know
how breaking
someone else’s heart
feels like, let’s not lie
about how
we wanted to know
what it felt like
to be so damn powerful
that one word
could break someone’s heart
—  Let’s pretend how we never meant to kill each other even with the murder weapon in our hands and each others blood on our souls // JustScribbledWords

She frustratedly sighs, rubbing her tired face with her bony fingers. “You don’t understand,” she whispers.

She looks up and you see that her eyes are brimming with tears. “You left the moment I confessed to you. How do you think that makes me feel?

—  m.d. // excerpts from a book i’ll never write #51

letsrebellamy  asked:

HOW ABOUT HARRY ft. A PUPPY or a whole pile of puppies (i'm excited to see this happen ily)

Harry had never felt any animosity against animals.

He had loved Hedwig, that snake had once done him a big favour in his youth (it had made him laugh, which was a huge thing back then) and he had always laughed himself silly whenever Sirius changed into animagus form.

And now, staring at a huge pile of puppies - so many of them crawling over each other, yipping happily up at him - he felt like his heart would melt into a tiny puddle of love.

They were all golden Labradors, looking up at him with these dopy, glassy eyes full of wonder and trust, almost as if they were curious to who he was, why he was almost on the verge of tears (cuteness overload), why his face was breaking in two due to his wide smile.

“Draco,” Harry breathed finally, not daring to take his eyes off the puppies, “what did you -”

“I love you,” Draco said simply.

Harry looked to the dogs, staring and staring and staring until he was sure the image would be imprinted in his mind forever, before he finally felt calm enough to reply, “I love you too.”

Because he did.

(He loved Draco almost as much as the puppies. Which was saying a lot.)