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Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches Official Timeline

Some people have been asking for a full timeline of the events of the Rivals Series so I’ve decided to finally make one. This will be updated as the series progresses. Also, I am listing the events by calander years (January to December) but the actual skating seasons usually cross from the August of one year to the March of the next so keep that in mind as the fic tends to refer to the skating by season.

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anonymous asked:

Will Yuuri ever find out what he said to Viktor when he was so drunk after the Olympics party?

No. He never remembers and there was no-one there who understood him


キッチンドランカーの女とラブラブクッキング|with Hannah hart Invade London (Amusing MEGWIN TV)

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I was inside the attic earlier and I found my old Team USA volleyball jacket… It’s still brand new considering I never actually got the chance to wear it.


Dubbed Figure Skating- Drunk In Love

I can’t even..


the internet has given the world many amazing things, and this may be one of the most amazing

My dear friend Kiyo (deanthebrave) gave me a prompt for a destiel college au in which Castiel has been injured and Dean is helping him to carry books, get to class, etc. Kiyo, I’m sorry it was so late, and I hope you enjoy it! it’s a little bit long, oops

Castiel Milton broke his leg doing something stupid with his no-good siblings.

Valedictorian of his high school, honors student in university, former intern for NASA, Castiel is living proof that even the most studious, most well behaved, most intelligent individual can be persuaded to do awful things when his elder brother is dangling words like “triple dog dare” and “I still have those photos…” in front of him.

None of those had worked. It had been Anna’s quiet, traitorous voice whispering other things, things like, “make some memories” and “put yourself out there”, that had finally convinced him to join their night escapades.

Castiel made memories, alright, and he has a gratuitously sharpie-d cast on his right leg to prove it. In following his siblings on their ridiculous crusade through the streets, he has managed to trap himself in a hell of his own making.

Right now, he is hobbling up a set of stairs on his crutches, trying to make it to his British Lit class without toppling back down the flight of steps he’s already made it up. He’s late – his roommate left early this morning to go grope his girlfriend or something, and Castiel had no one to help him maneuver his dead-weight leg around when he was asleep and uncaffeinated. He ran out of his dorm room (more like stumbled) twenty minutes late, no time for breakfast – or even coffee. No one is around to help him up the stairs, and he forgot his key to the elevators in his dorm room.

So he trudges endlessly long, an irate mess with no coffee.

This is how he meets Dean Winchester, six feet of easy smiles and sparkling green eyes, standing on the stairs like a total tool and holding a cup of coffee, headphones slung around his neck and a leather jacket covering his Star Trek T-shirt. Castiel stumbles up the final few stairs, nearly knocks Dean over, and what follows is coffee-stained greeting that has Castiel attempting to flee in humiliation with all of the elegance of a dying gazelle. Even that is generous.

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