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What are your camp camp hc for David?

oooh boy.

- david has been dealing with depression and anxiety since his early teens. he’d taken up a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach towards happiness later in his life, and is still keeping himself to it ever since. it’s….as healthy as it sounds like. he just ends up repressing most of his emotions, which just worsens his anxiety. that is probably connected to his sleeping problems which have been adressed in canon.

- tl;dr: max can’t break what’s already broken.

- he’s on medication though and accepts he has issues to work on.

- i imagine his childhood wasn’t that great, and he either had an absent father or a pretty awful one. his summers spent at camp campbell were the absolute highlights of his childhood, and, well that sure says something.

- when david was a kid, cameron campbell was more present in the life of the camp and probably less present in running from the law. i think he and david had a pretty good relationship (think dipper/grunkle stan type of bonding, if you’ve seen gravity falls, that is).

- cameron campbell did actually seem to care about david (more than his own parents did, at least) and probably still does in a way.
there is not much canon proof about cameron caring about anything other than money, but him still calling david “davey” (a childhood nickname, probably?) while not even knowing gwen’s name has to mean something imo.

- (i also like to hc that cameron has more depth to him then we’ve seen so far, but that’s info for another day)

- that pretty much lead to david seeing him as a father figure and role model, and even though he realises that he’s most probably a wanted criminal, he decides to look the other way.

- the summer jasper died was the first summer david spent at camp campbell.

- even though they didn’t have much time to spend together, they became fast friends and got along well.

- i hc that jasper’s death was most probably an accident that happened in spooky island. i have my theories about that too, but let’s just say it was gory and david was present.

- honestly, if you’d ask david to talk about his first summer at camp campbell, he could talk for hours, probably mentioning jasper too, but never thingking about the fact that he died or how he died. his brain is not really letting him go there without being directly reminded.

- david honestly loves his job and loves working with kids - he does his best to be the role model cameron campbell was to him. it’s… not working out, but at least he tries.

- even though max’s home life is the show’s biggest mystery element, i think we can all agree that it’s probably, well, not good. i’m pretty sure david has gotten to this conclusion too.
he doesn’t think max is a trouble child or has hard feelings towards him, but he does think he has his reasons for acting out. he can relate to that, and that’s why he’s trying his DARNEST to be patient and make sure max has the BEST possible summer at camp campbell. just like he did, when he was his age.

- again, it’s not working, but he’s trying.

- he’s both a sad, a happy and a gay drunk. but he’s also a full-time gay, so no surprise here.

- i’d like to think that after things didn’t work out with bonquisha, he introduced her to gwen. that worked out well.

Request: Hii, I was wondering if you could do a jack lowden imagine where the reader is a cast member, I’ll leave it up to you just anything to do with jack lowden as I bloody love him, btw live your writings

A/N: thank you so much, I’m glad you like them!


“Hey Y/N, Chris needs you to help out over on set 2.” Your assistant said, barging into your make-up tent.

“I still need to finish up on Fionn, what do they need me over there for?” You questioned, gesturing to the boy sitting in front of you.

“Apparently Max got drunk last night. The waves didn’t settle well with his hangover and he ended up getting seasick. Chris sent him home.”

“Bloody great. Who’s gonna finish Fionn? He’s got a photo shoot in 10 minutes.” You complained, looking down at Fionns unfinished makeup.

“I can finish for you. Besides you already did the hardest parts. They really need you over there, you’re the best artist we’ve got.” The assistant pleaded, making you sigh.

“Wait, Max is usually on set 3, why would I need to go to set 2?” You questioned suddenly, looking at your assistant in confusion.

“One of his guys is on the boats today, I’m not really sure why.” You still hesitated, looking down at the 19 year old.

“Oh go on Y/N, they obviously need you more than I do.” Fionn said, shooing you from the tent.

“Fine.” You told the two of them, grabbing your jacket and portable makeup bag, heading into the cold.

You had been a makeup and hair stylist on the set of Dunkirk for 6 months now. Chris absolutely loved that you were able to do both, so you mainly stayed on the beach with the bulk of his cast. You worked a lot with Fionn, Harry, Kenneth, and Aneurin, even working on Cillian and Tom for their land scenes.

Chris had never sent you to set 2, the civilian ships, because Annie was able to handle the four men, Mark, Tom, Barry and Cillian just fine. Those four didn’t really get much makeup, just slight touch ups.

Max was in charge of Tom Hardy and Jack Lowden, the two pilots in the movie. If what your assistant said was true, one of these men must be on the boats now. Maybe one of their Spitfires had gone down in the script.

Based on the fact that you had already seen how Tom’s plane went down, you could only assume you’d be working on Jack Lowden.

Jack Lowden was actually the only member of the main cast that you hadn’t met yet. You’d met Tom, Barry and Mark at a dinner party. Jack had flown home that weekend to visit family, so you hadn’t met him.

You were actually kind of excited to meet him. You’d seen his work in ‘War & Peace’, instantly becoming a fan of his.

There was a car waiting for you outside, which then brought you to a small boat. You were on the boat for 15 minutes before you arrived to where the sea filming was taking place.

Chris sighed in relief once he saw you, taking your hand and helping you onto the Moonstone.

“Thank god you’re here. That other idiot was spending all his time hunched over the side of the boat, and this one can’t do hair to save her life.” Chris sighed, gesturing over to Annie who was currently working on Barry.

“S'alright I suppose, Fionn was pretty much done. But I’m warning you, if I get sea sick I’m gonna throw you in the water.” You joked, smiling up at the man.

Laughing, Chris led you into the cabin of the ship. There was a blonde man standing there chatting with Mark, both of whom looked over at your arrival.

“Bout time you got here.” Mark joked, smiling over at you.

“Yeah, well I can’t just walk over here can I?” You asked sarcastically, sharing a laugh with the older man.

“No, I s'pose not.” Came the reply.

“Well, this is Jack. Jack, this is Y/N.” Chris spoke, introducing you to the blonde.

You both made eye contact, sending shivers down your spine. Seeing him on a TV did not give this man justice. He was absolutely stunning in person. His blue eyes were electric as he looked at you, a crooked smile lighting up his face.

“She’s the best stylist we’ve got. I’m just glad she was able to get over here.” Chris said, smiling down at you again. “Anyway, we just had Jack filming a scene in the water, so his makeup is off. I need you to redo it, and make sure his hair isn’t just sticking to his face.” He told you, before heading back out of the cabin.

Mark followed, giving you a smile and a pat on the shoulder as he went. Turning to Jack, you saw he was already staring at you. Flushing slightly at his intense look, you quickly got to work to try and distract yourself.

“Chris told me he was sendin’ ov'r a woman, he forgot te mention how beautiful you were.” Jack spoke from behind you, making you jump. Turning around, you noticed he was right in front of you.

“Alright hot shot.” You laughed, trying to force down another blush. “Flattery will get you nowhere. Take a seat over there.” You demanded, pulling out the items you needed.

“Yes ma'am!” He smirked, taking a seat like you asked him to. Rolling your eyes playfully, you moved over towards him to begin his make up. “You’ve got beautiful eyes, you know tha?” He smiled as he stared up at you, allowing you to rub on some foundation. Your eyes flickered to his briefly, a smile on your lips, before focusing back on your work. “A pretty smile too.”

“My Jack, you’re quite the charmer, aren’t you?” You teased, reaching for a different brush and toner.

“Only when I fin’ myself in the presence of a woman as perfect as you.” He winked, his eyes trailing down your body as he checked you out. When his eyes were back on yours, he was biting his lip in appreciation.

'Mother of god’ you thought to yourself, heart racing in your chest 'he’s gonna kill me with those damn eyes.’

“I’m sure you say that to all the ladies.” You laughed, finishing up on his makeup. “Alright, one thing down, one to go. I just have to fix your hair.” You told him, walking back to your bag and pulling out your comb and gel.

For the next 5 minutes, Jack stayed silent as he stared at you. Every once in a while you would squirm slightly under his gaze, but for the most part managed to ignore him.

“Wha’s a gorgeous lass like yourself doin’ working on a film set?” Jack suddenly asked, breaking your concentration slightly.

“A lass like myself?” You asked, confusion coloring your tone.

“Ya. You’re much too pretty to be hidin’ yourself behin’ the camera. They should be hangin’ your photographs in museums.” He said seriously, nearly making you pass out.

“Oh, uh, I… um.” You were stammering, an absolute mess in front of him. His smile suddenly grew devilish, leaning towards you in his seat.

“Am I makin’ you flustered darlin’?” He questioned, one hand coming up to rest on your cheek. His thumb brushed against your red cheeks, leaving you speechless.

“No, of course not.” You responded once you found your voice, looking away from his eyes. The hand on your cheek moved to your chin then, turning your head to face him once more.

“I think I am. And I think you’re just as attracted te me as I am te you.” He spoke huskily, his eyes dilating slightly. You swallowed harshly, a sudden wave of confidence overcoming you. After all, he had just admitted he was attracted to you.

“And what if I am?” You questioned boldly, maintaining eye contact with the Scottish man as you set down the comb and gel. He suddenly stood up, making you stumble back slightly. His arms were then wrapping around your waist, pulling you into him.

“This.” You had one more fleeting glance of his blue eyes, before his lips were on yours. For a few seconds, your body froze and your eyes remained wide open in shock.

A moment later, your body finally responded. Closing your eyes, your hands found their way to his muscular chest, holding onto his Air Force costume tightly. Smiling against your lips, Jack pulled you even closer as he kissed you senseless.

His teeth were suddenly nibbling gently at your bottom lip, forcing you to let out an involuntary moan. He made an appreciative groan in response, gliding his tongue into your mouth. His tongue fought against yours for a few moments, before pulling back breathlessly.

The two of you just stood there staring at one another, small smiles on both of your faces.

Unbeknownst to the two of you, five pairs of eyes were watching you from the deck.

“You owe me $20 bucks Tommy boy.”

“Shut up Barry.”

Alexander had lost track of Max for just a moment, but it was long enough to make him panic. He knew he didn’t have to babysit his best friend when he was drunk, but he did it anyway.

Alex! Mi amigo! Come dance with me!” Max exclaimed, happy as ever.

“Actually, bud, I think it’s time someone took you home.”


Finally done with the fourth Part of the What if Series: where a small 16 yr old obsessively searches for a way to extend the game that broke her heart.

This time: A teensy bit of Caulscott. Drunk Nathan and Max try and fail to steal the Tobanga! This one was based off of a request! (thank you so much for this amazing idea anon) 

(I take requests! Please feel free to drop an idea in our ask box and I’ll try my best to deliver)

Others in this series: Party with Vic, Dorm Sleepover, Less innocent Caulscott ;) 


Strip poker with the boys

A/n: this is more of a crack fic, just a random long idea. If you’re looking for something more sexy…I’m sorry V_V


“I hope no—I hope no.” The boy is dangerously playing with the bottles, making a tower out of them. Everyone else in the room is holding their breath, watching with interest if Max could pull it off. “I said I hope nobody—hic—does a…” His expression turns twisted, the grin on his lips malicious, preparing for the attack. “SMASHING GRAB!” It’s a given that he fails in grabbing the bottles properly, and the top and bottom ones fall loudly on the ground.

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“H-Hello? What time is it?” I answered groggily.
“Max! It’s seven! I said I’d take you to breakfast? Or you don’t remember? Fuck Max, did you get drunk without me?”
I was busy rubbing my eyes to catch most of what she said.
“Yeah Mila-”
“You got drunk?! Fuck!-”
“No! I didn’t, I meant I remember but uh, it’s fine. I have work in three hours. I kind of wanted to sleep in as long as I could. I’m just tired.”
“Mhm. Sure. Anyway, how was the show?”
“Fucking amazing! I’m so glad I stayed to watch. You find amazing bands. How do you do it?!”
“Shit, I’m the best. Don’t forget that Max. Anyway, there’s another show this weekend, you wanna go? It’s a….”
I zoned her out as I sat there. Kota. I had forgotten for a moment about last night. It all started flooding back. That feeling, that feeling I couldn’t shake. I reached into my coat pocket, yeah there it was. The napkin with her number on it. I tossed it to the side and decided to make the decision after work. Mila could talk for hours, I slowly refocused on her voice.
“…and that was how they got started. Sounds badass right? So you in?”
I’d be in even if I told her no.
“Yeah Mila, send me the info. I gotta go, I’m still rolling on sleep.”
“Fine, you think we can hang after work?”

I think max’s parents are trying their best but they suck at it. Max’s mom drinks because she’s depressed and she gets violent sometimes when shes drunk. Max’s dad is obsessed with success and is scared that max wont use his potential unless he pushes him. They are awful and abusive for sure but they love max very much and they probably dont realize how bad they are for him.

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❝Does playing Mario Kart drunk count as drunk driving?❞

Drinking Starters [[ Accepting ]]

Chloe held onto the controller of her games console, her eyes focused on the split screen in front of her as she concentrated on the mario kart race that she and Max were currently competing against each other in.

It had taken a night full of drinking to actually get Max to play the game with her and if she was honest, she was glad she had gotten the brunette drunk beforehand because everything she asked during the game was priceless.

She let a howling laugh escape her lips as she heard Max’s most recent question before she pressed the pause button on the controller, unable to pay attention to the game because of how hard she was laughing. “Damn Max… That has to be the best drunken question I have ever received…”

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I mean the most extreme thing that could have happened with Max would be if he was drunk or on drugs and he was the one that somehow hurt Meg (on accident) and she made up a lie cause it was her best friend. But then again she still would have lied to Jake so I she isn't fired too then idk.

But if it was Max she just could have not talk about it at all… Idk it’s super weird.


“Why am I getting that look?”

Max blinked a few times, looking down at Kate who was pointedly staring right back at her. Max let a lopsided grin fall into her face. Kate narrowed her eyes at that playfully, her finger tips tapping at Max’s cheek. You are so beautiful, Kate. How are you mine again? Max grabbed Kate’s hand, placing a tender kiss on the insider of her palm. She intertwined their fingers, as their locked hands fell to their sides.

“I just think sometimes…about things.” Max admitted looking into soft brown eyes, ones that she cared for so deeply.

“Things? My love, talk to me.” Kate asked, a worried frown on her face.

“No, no.” Max retorted, her thumb wiping away the worry lines. “It’s not anything bad…it’s just really, really good.”

“You are not the riddler and this is not Batman, Maxine.” Kate grumbled, tugging at Max’s hair playfully. “Can I know?”

“Hmm. I don’t know can you?” Max teased, biting her bottom lip.

Kate was having none of it as she tipped foreword and placed a gentle kiss on Max’s lips. Max gasped at the unexpected show of affection. Kate was more of a cuddler and hand holder but kisses? Kisses were Kate’s expertise and as Max pulled away, she was just as breathless as all the other times. Wowsers, just. Wow.

Kate rubbed at Max’s lips. “I think I can know now.”

“Remember when we first started dating?” Max explained the memories still fresh in her head. It was a lot of fumbling on both sides and more than a little courage taken from each other. Max nervous because she didn’t know if Kate was into girls. Kate was nervous because she had not done much in the dating world. But, soon enough they had come to know that the world was just saving them for each other. “I was always holding you-“

“-Max you still hold me.”

Max bumped Kate’s nose with hers. “Shh. No interrupting. But, I was always holding you because I always felt like I h-had this little piece of heaven with me.”

“What?” Kate blurted out, face in complete shock.

“I-I…yeah.” Max stated again wondering how Kate could be so shocked. “Don’t you know how big you are in my world?”

“That’s not…Max…I’m not that good.”

Max pulled Kate closer to her. “Yes, you are. To me, you are.”

“That can’t be the only reason why you like holding me.”

“Well.” Max drawled out before peppering Kate with kisses all over her face. Max let the biggest grin fall on her face when she heard Kate’s giggles. One of her most favorites sounds. “I love you.”

Kate opened her eyes, after closing them with Max’s onslaught of kisses. “And I love you.”

Max felt her entire body warm, when Kate laid her head on Max’s shoulder. It was one of the best things to feel. To know that with one movement, one gesture, Kate could show Max just how much she loved her. Some days, Max would be brought to tears because there was such a genuine love between them both. How Kate could say just one word and Max would know something was wrong. Or how Kate could just see Max’s body signals and figure out what had gone down while she was away.

They often got teased for the way they were with each other. Getting called “old school” or “old fashioned.” The joke was on everyone else because that’s the way Max and Kate wanted it. That was their own game, their own plan. Their own brand of fun and yet the comments slid off their backs. While everyone else was wild, Max and Kate were in their own world. One that they were happy with and both deserved, after everything they had gone through.

Max kissed the top of Kate’s head softly, as the blonde nuzzled closer. It was Max’s secret but she adored the fact that she was just a bit taller than Kate. She had always gotten teased for her height but it was almost logical, considering her parents weren’t all that tall either.

Max just loved how could she just bend her head and meet Kate in a kiss. How she loved when Kate would tip on her toes, just that much, to reach her lips. Max’s most favorite being when Kate would tip her very tips, just so she could be Max’s height and would then give an eskimo kiss.

Max would then pout, Kate would giggle before placing a wet kiss on Max’s lips.
Most people didn’t understand why she liked being taller so much. Always getting the stereotypes thrown back at her. She didn’t get all egotistical about it, the fact was that it was special to her.

It was in the many little ways Kate would hold her back, in the way Kate would snuggle right into her. In the ways Kate made Max feel so damn wanted, all the time. That Max hoped she could convey the same to Kate, which was why she would hold Kate so close and so tight. She’s a dream I never want to wake up from.

“Your bow-tie is crooked.” Kate mused as she pulled away from the warm embrace. Max felt as soft fingers reworked the garment around her neck. She let a snort fall from her mouth and Kate peered up at her briefly. Bow-ties were Kate’s thing and so Max conceded to wear one, in green, to match Kate. She didn’t really mind. “There, all better.” Kate said, patting the front of Max’s shoulder.

“We have to go.”

Kate nodded looking around them trying to find her heels. Max caught on, searching and fist pumping when she found them. She winked to Kate as she went down on one knee holding the heels. “My lady.”

“Wait, Max. S-stand up?” Kate mumbled.

Max frowned getting up once more, walking close to Kate. She was about to ask what was wrong when Kate tugged on her bow-tie and pulled her down into a deep kiss. Max was sure she let out a soft moan and that Kate was smirking, but she didn’t care. Kate wins, oh god, does she win.

“My princess.” Kate giggled as she pulled away, watching a dazed Max.

“You are such a tease.” Max mumbled before going on one knee once again. Kate held her foot out and then the other as Max strapped them in. Max stood up, but this time she had to look up as Kate was now taller than her. She didn’t frown though because Kate looked absolutely stunning. Her eyes had mixed in the sunlight, looking more like a pretty shade of green than brown. Not to mention how the dress she was wearing complimented everything that was Kate, from her soft smile to her golden locks. “But you are s-so breathtaking.”

Kate blushed, her tendrils of hair falling to the front of her face. “You look beautiful too, Max.”

Max was the one with the heavy blush this time, messing with the sleeves of her white button down. Her vest in a green that matched with Kate and her hair pulled up, the loose ends in soft curls. Max held her hand out but Kate walked close, linking their arms together before intertwining their fingers. Max rolled her eyes, she really should know better by now.

They continued their walk, the sand crunching under their feet, as they walked across the stone steps. Laughter and faint music was becoming clearer, the soft ocean waves a little louder. Kate squeezed Max gently as they were close to their destination. Max just couldn’t keep the grin off her face because she couldn’t believe how amazingly happy she was in this moment. Max took a moment to side eye Kate, who had been fixing the small flower crown around her head. We made it…we really made it.

“They’re going to get crazy…aren’t they?” Kate joked, shaking her head.

“Chloe and Rachel had say over the drinks and bar. Not to mention Vic and Dana.” Max laughed to herself. “I think there pretty drunk by now.”

“But Victoria is our photographer.” Kate said worriedly

“Hey! Where the hell have you been!” Shrilled Victoria.

Max and Kate both jumped at Victoria’s yell before they were bombarded with a few flashes. Kate just started to laugh, holding her stomach and Max was close to throwing Victoria in the water. Then of course, out came Chloe, who was riding on the back of Rachel, both of them red faced and laughing.

“Mad Max! Yo-you…you’re missing your own after party!” Chloe slurred out.

“Chloe!” Rachel hissed, before placing her down. “Your Max’s best man!”

Woman.” Chloe dead panned, pointing her finger towards Rachel.

“Guys?” Kate said, wanting to have her dance with Max.

“Right, where are my maid of honor duties at?” Rachel said walking to Kate, hugging her tightly. “You both look amazing.”

“That was my doing!” Victoria chimed in.

Kate shook her head because her wedding was everything she wanted it to be and more. Max made her feel like nothing in the world would ever get to them. Kate looked down towards Max, wishing she weren’t wearing her heels. She liked tugging Max down to meet her lips, but Max didn’t know of that little factor though.

“Ready, Mrs. Marsh?”

Kate snorted. “That’s Mrs. Caulfield to you.”

Max bit her bottom lip, looking at Kate shyly. “Yeah?”

“I thought it had a nice ring.” Kate whispered, a twinkle in her eye.

Max grinned as she lead the way to the dance floor, making sure everyone was following. The party was going at full swing now. Their guests cheering, as they saw Max and Kate enter together, more flashes going off. Dana was dancing in the corner, taking two shots at a time. Brooke was all over Warren, worse than Rachel and Chloe. Which was saying something entirely.

Max pulled Kate close to her as they reached the middle. The music slowed down, as the DJ spotted them and everyone started to separate, wanting to see the newlyweds dance. Max felt Kate tip down so their foreheads were touching, Max smiled. It reminded her of the first time they danced together at their prom. Max looked into Kate’s eyes, nothing but love shown, stating the one thing that was floating in her mind.

“I hope you know that Marsh works too.”

In that moment right there, Max and Kate knew that they may be inches apart, but in their hearts, they were always one.

Just like they had said in their vows.

Everything Changed... In the Bathroom

For @felicityollies

I’ve always wanted to write the Can’t Hardly Wait bathroom scene as an Olicity fic and this seemed like the perfect opportunity because…well goth!Felicity and pre-island!Oliver stuck in a bathroom together was always going to be a gift lol. I hope you enjoy this little fic and that you have a happy holiday! - Jesse @spaztronautwriter


She didn’t know why they were even here. High school parties weren’t exactly Felicity Smoak’s thing.

“It’s the last one before graduation, babe,” Cooper said, pulling the car to the curb half a block down from the party. Even so, Felicity could hear the thumping music from here. “Our last chance to laugh at these rich assholes.”

“I’m sure we’ll have a whole new group of rich assholes to laugh at in Boston.” Felicity rolled her eyes, but got out of the car to follow the steady stream of people into the house.

“These assholes deserve it, though,” he said, gripping her arm. “And they’ll get what’s coming to them.”

She tilted her head to the side—her long black hair falling over one shoulder—and shot him a questioning look, but he just winked at her.

“Come on. This is gonna be fun.”

She scrunched her brow, totally confused by how ominous Cooper was being, but not that surprised. She should have known Cooper was planning something for tonight. He was always planning something. She’d found it fun and even a little charming at first, but after a year of dating, she just hoped whatever it was wouldn’t get him arrested. On the list of things she wanted be doing tonight, potentially bailing her boyfriend out of jail wasn’t one of them.

The music got even louder as they approached the house, the crowd bottlenecking at the front door. Carter Bowen’s parties were pretty legendary according to people at school. Not a Queen or Merlyn bash, but still pretty good. Felicity wasn’t interested in the drunken shenanigans of her classmates as much as she was interested in free booze until Copper decided he was bored with whatever prank he was playing and wanted to leave. She didn’t think it would take long. She honestly had no idea what he was planning, but this wasn’t his scene any more than it was her’s. He hated Carter and the other rich kids that went to Starling Prep. She figured he’d pull whatever prank he had planned and they’d get out of dodge before anyone was the wiser. Or, she hoped that was the case.

Cooper’s little pranks had been getting more intense lately and, she hated to admit it, but it scared her a little. Cooper was smart and a good hacker with a self-righteous sense of justice. It wouldn’t take much for him to cross that line from innocent fun after school to orange jumpsuit in Iron Heights.

Once they made it inside, Felicity left Cooper to do his thing while she found the keg. If she had to be here she might as well try to enjoy herself, after all. She found it in the living room, a group of howling idiots surrounding it. She didn’t let that stop her from elbowing her way to the keg and grabbing a cup.

“Here, let me,” someone said and a hand reached out, nabbing the red solo cup from her. She raised an unimpressed eyebrow at her knight in shining polo shirt. Tommy Merlyn smirked down at her as he filled her cup, blue eyes sparkling like he’d already had one too many. “What brings the infamous Felicity Smoak to our little old party? I thought you wouldn’t be caught dead at one of these things.”

Felicity rolled her eyes. The guys at school didn’t usually mess with her, not after she’d hacked Max Fuller’s phone sophomore year after he’d been nothing but a dick to her since she first transferred to Starling Prep the beginning of that school year. To be fair though, everyone hated Max Fuller, so she’d gained a certain respect from the incident. And Tommy had always been nice to her, so she allowed him to tease her every now and then. It was his best friend she couldn’t stand.

“My boyfriend thinks watching billionaire spawn get drunk and idiotic is a form of entertainment,” she said over the music, accepting the beer and taking a sip.

Tommy laughed, shaking his head. “If you ever get tired of Seldon, you know where to find me. You know what that goth look does to me.”

He winked and Felicity repressed the laugh that wanted to escape. Tommy really was a good guy, it was too bad he had such rotten taste in friends.

“And what would your heterosexual life mate have to say about that?” she asked, taking a long sip and watching him over the rim.

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I’ve been thinking about Halloween lately and thought about how cute Max and Nathan would be in matching costumes. So, I present my very first caulscott holiday themed fic. I know it’s short, but I’ve been so busy lately and didn’t have a lot of time to write.

Also, I really liked the ideas everyone gave me for costumes, and I used one of them, so enjoy

Summary: Max begs Nathan to wear a matching Halloween costume for trick-or-treating and Nathan finally agrees. He soon regrets his decision when he finds out what he has to wear

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Personal Imagine for Eden

Imagine: You were incredibly excited to be invited to Harry’s cousin’s wedding. Harry is your best friend and so naturally, you became close to his family as well. However, your bubble is burst immediately when Niall texts you a week before the ceremony:

Niall was the only one who knew your true feelings about Harry. After some serious threatening to snap his FIFA game in half, you managed to get Niall to swear he wouldn’t tell a soul. You read the text again, unable to believe your rotten luck. You were there for Harry through his nasty breakup with Kendall. Why on Earth would he get back together with her? After the fourth time of reading those awful words, you frown and turn off your phone in disgust. Fine. You weren’t going to be the loser single girl while Harry clearly wasn’t waiting around for you. Sighing, you turn on your phone again, already regretting what you were about to do. Before you can convince yourself to stop, you text Max, asking him if he was free next weekend. You squeeze your eyes shut after hitting send. Max was basically the most cliche jock you’ve ever met. He went to University on a track scholarship, which was basically the only thing he was knowledgeable in. Well, that and maybe the woman’s anatomy. He was constantly hitting on you during Bio class, which basically made you want to vomit and kick him in the groin at the same time, but you were out of options.

By the time you get to the wedding reception, you’re ready to spend hours at the open bar to forget all about your horrific date. However, when you get there, you find that Harry’s date seems to have made it her personal mission to consume every alcoholic beverage at the bar. Rolling your eyes, you turn around and run smack into Harry. Staring up at your tall best friend, you bite your lip nervously. “Oh…heyy Harry.”
You mumble. Harry frowns down at you. “Have you been avoiding me? I haven’t talked to you all day?”
“Why would I avoid you?” You ask, avoiding his gaze.
“Honestly? I have no idea. But if I said or did something to upset you, I’m really sorry.”
You sigh. “Harry…”
Just then, Max appears in between you two, grabbing your arm and pulling. “Come on babe.” He slurs, obviously drunk…already. “Come dance with mee!”
“I’m kinda busy right now Max.” You sigh, glancing at Harry. He was watching Max with a frown evident on his face.

“I wanna dance with youu!” Max whines, pulling your arm again.
“Not right now, Max.” You mumble. Harry steps forward, glaring at your date. “We’re trying to have a conversation, mate. Piss off.”
Max frowns and drops your arm, advancing towards Harry. “What?” He growls. “I believe she’s MY date.”
Harry looks from you to Max, obviously not sure what to say. Just then, a loud squeal draws everyone’s attention to the bar, where a very drunk Kendall is trying to dance with each guest that approaches the bar. Harry sighs. “Duty calls.” You watch as Harry walks away to babysit his date, and you know it’s petty, but you can’t help but snicker.

An hour later, you manage to sneak away from Max. Leaning against the brick building, you inhale the cool night air and close your eyes. “Is this seat taken?” You open your eyes to see Harry standing over you, grinning and gesturing to the grass beside you. You smile weakly and shrug. Harry settles himself down next to you, sighing as he too leans against the wall. “Do you think people noticed that I’m the asshole who brought Kendall to this wedding?” He mumbles, his eyes still closed. You look over at him. “Why?”
Harry raises his eyebrow at you. “Did you see her?” He shakes his head. “So embarrassing.”
You’re not sure what to say. After all, you kind of agreed with him. But you know that saying so wasn’t going to make anything better, so you stay silent.
Harry sighs. “You know, I’m starting to think dates are overrated.”
You shrug. “Maybe you just have the wrong dates.” You slap your hand over your mouth, shocked that you actually said that out loud. Harry looks at you. “You think?”
You raise an eyebrow at Harry, who nods. “Yeah. I guess you’re right. But what can I do? I mean, the good ones are all taken.”
“Like who?”
“Like, Beyonce. Like, Kate Middleton. Like…you.”
“What?” You blurt out, unsure that you’d heard him correctly. Harry looks down at the ground, awkwardly yanking up blades of grass. “I wanted to ask you to be my date tonight.”
You feel your heart speed up as your head swirls with thoughts and emotions. You want to scream and cry and hug Harry all at once, but you do your best to play it cool. “Why…why didn’t you?”
Harry gives you a look, as though the answer should be obvious. “I heard you already had a date. That’s why I brought Kendall. It sounds bad but…but I was desperate and I didn’t know who else to ask. I didn’t wanna be that loser that came without a date, when you had someone else.”
“I didn’t already have a date, Harry!”
“What about that blockhead you were with?” Harry asks, making a face.
“I only asked Max after I heard that you were taking Kendall! Trust me, I would’ve much rather come with you.” You admit.
Harry’s green eyes widen slightly. “Really?” He mutters. Leaning in so slightly, that you almost wonder if you’d just imagined the space between you closing in.
“Really.” You whisper, now very aware that your lips are nearly touching his. Harry looks from your eyes down to your lips, licking his pink ones subtly. Your heart is pounding, and you worry that if something doesn’t happen soon, you’ll have a heart attack. Just as your nerves become almost unbearable, Harry shakes his head. “Screw it.” He mumbles, smashing his lips into yours. Your eyes flutter closed as you reach up instinctively to touch Harry’s slightly stubbly cheek. Your other hand rests on the back of his neck, your fingers lightly twirling his curls. Harry hungrily presses himself closer to you, as though he’d been waiting ages for this moment. All of your thoughts and nerves drift away as Harry holds you in his arms, your lips moving in sync with one another.
“Hey there you a - Oh!”
You and Harry quickly pull apart to see Niall standing above you, smirking. You reach up to fix your mussed hair as Harry clears his throat. “Uh, yeah Niall? You were looking for me?”
“I was looking for the both of you actually.” Niall says, the amused smile still on his face. “I was gonna tell you that your dates were kinda in a corner snogging right now. But apparently you two have already moved on!”
You look down at the ground, trying to hide your grin. Harry blinks in surprise. “Oh. Um, okay thanks!”
Niall nods and turns to walk away. “Gotta love weddings!” He mutters. You and Harry grin at each other. “Gotta love weddings.” Harry repeats, before leaning in to pick up where you left off.

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Pricefield and something kind of fluffy?

“Kiss me,” Chloe says in a rush of breath.

Max, taken aback by what was just asked of her, just stares at her best friend, dumbstruck and unsure of what to to. Teeth latch onto the soft skin of her lips as she nervously gnaws at her lower lip. Surely Chloe didn’t mean—

“I dare you to kiss me,” Chloe says with much more confidence this time. Still, there’s a tremor in her voice, a drunken shudder at the end that confuses Max to no end. “You’ll do it if it’s a dare, right?” 

Blue eyes, bloodshot from both alcohol and tears, stare at her, almost pleading Max to just do as she asks. The bottle that was in Chloe’s hand falls to the floor, spilling over the mess of magazines and discarded clothes before Chloe collapses onto her bed, head in her hands as a sob wracks her entire body. 

Max only left her alone long enough to get a change of clothes from her dorm, how did Chloe wind up drunk already? Sure, she expected the older girl to do something to help get over the shock of Rachel’s death, but drinking herself into a stupor wasn’t on the list of possibilities, and Max feels like shit for allowing her best friend to suffer alone all for a change of clothes. 

“Chloe…” Max whispers her name, carefully stepping over the puddle of spilled beer before sitting next to Chloe and wrapping her in her arms. “I’m so sorry, Chloe.”

“This is so fucked, Max,” Chloe whimpers, sobbing louder as she latches onto her friend. “Why– why would anyone want to hurt her?” 

“I don’t know,” Max states, running her fingers through Chloe’s messy blue hair as she tries to calm her down, ease her sadness and loss. “But we’ll get Nathan for this. I promise.” 

A soft hiccup escapes Chloe as she just silently nods in approval of Max’s words. 

For long minutes the two sit there on the edge of Chloe’s bed, just holding one another as Chloe continued to sniffle softly, slowly losing the sadness that had engulfed her. 

It’s long after nightfall before Max pulls away, stiff and sore from staying stagnant for so long. Her shirt was damp from the tears and snot Chloe had wiped against it, but a quick change would have her feeling better in no time. 

“Thank you, Max,” Chloe murmurs, laying back and curling into a ball atop the sheets. Her lids flutter before sliding shut. Within mere moments, her steady breath indicates that she had fallen fast asleep. 

It’s with little thought that Max leans over and presses a kiss to Chloe’s cheek, brushing aside the messy blue bangs she sported before curling up beside her.