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Best performer ever? Wtf ever heard of Queen? Michael Jackson? Aretha Franklin? Hell, even Brittany spears probably tops her

and in case you need a reminder…

This performance was unanimously chosen as the best Queen’s performance but it was arguably more for vocals. Freddie has incredible vocals, but this was about performances.

Legend herself, Aretha Franklin, complimented Beyoncé and even said that they have a MUTUAL ADMIRATION FOR EACH OTHER. And here’s some of her best vocal performances throughout the years. Hell, even look at the Kennedy Center Honors performance. I think you’re mixing up VOCALS with PERFORMER.

I literally shouldn’t even have to address “Brittany Spears” because your dumb ass can’t even spell her name right, but I will. Bey’s worst performance of the decade, which is probably Drunk In Love at the Grammys 2015 is still SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE BRITNEY SPEARS HAD THIS DECADE.

Michael Jackson is genuinely the only person on this list who can rival Beyoncé; however, Michael Jackson CONSTANTLY spoke well about Beyoncé and her work ethic, her performance skills, said she made him nervous while she presented him with an award at World Music Awards, and Michael even gushed about him having a MAJOR crush on her. 

Beyoncé even spoke well about Michael Jackson, again on the Tyra Banks talking about him having a tremendous impact on her, dedicated an entire performance to Michael + breaking down because she loved him. At this point in her career, she’s still able to make the audience grow by over 12 million, pulling a total of 26.05 millions… which outpeaked the last two Grammy awards show in the past years for ONE. PERFORMANCE.

Performance wise, vocal wise, dancing wise –> Beyoncé BODIES all these artists nowadays. The funniest thing is… you had to reach for legends, with the exception of “Brittany Spears”, to try and compare them to Beyoncé.