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Sunday morning / Cassidy

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REQUEST: Can I request some Cassidy from Preacher with a few of the prompts? #12,#29,#33 and #40. Sorry if it’s too much :’D you can split them into two if you wish x) by @wafflii

A/N: It’s a bit short, but the prompts just fit so perfectly ^^ I hope you like it!

12. “You’re the most beautiful person in the world to me.”
29. “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”
33. “I love you, you asshole.”  
40. “I may be an ass, but I’m your ass.”

Warnings: Kissing, biting, cursing

You were wearing a church dress, a fucking dress for the holy sunday. It was midi length and even had a nice little collar, needless to say, you hated it. He could see it in the way you tried to stretch it around your neck or how you uncomfortably fiddled with the hem.
Cassidy looked at you in awe. He leaned over the last bench and admired you sheepishly. It just fitted you perfectly, he thought. Though he wouldn’t mind taking it off.
You waved at him and broke his stare. “Are you drunk, Cass?“, you asked while approaching him.
He grabbed your hand and pulled you into his lap. “Drunk in love, lassie!“ He kissed you deeply and you were glad the church was still empty. Nobody knew about your little romance, not even Jesse. And you didn’t dare to tell him, since he was probably going to kill one of you.
Cassidy wrapped his arms around you tightly and only broke the kiss to look you up and down. „Hot pink, what a cheeky color“, he exclaimed with a wide smirk. You rolled your eyes. “Tis my favorite color, you know?“, he asked rhetorically and landed soft kisses along your neck.
“Yesterday it was green, you gotta make a decision“, you replied playfully and jumped as he placed a small bite on your shoulder.
“Whatever is on you, lass. You’re the most beautiful person in the world to me“, he said and looked up at you with slight amusement in his eyes and a huge grin. He loved to make cheesy remarks and tease you with it, but he couldn’t deny that it was the truth. Just his own twisted way of saying it.
You shifted in his lap so you would have better access to one another, your knees on both sides of him. You placed kisses along his jaw up until the sensitive spot under his ear. He grunted.
“Ya know“, he started but got interrupted by your teeth on his throat. “… we should really be open about this“, he tried to speak, his accent only turning you on more. “… I’m telling Jesse“, he finally managed to say, which made you freeze mid-action.
“What?“, you asked and sat back up.
“We should tell him, so we can make out in front of everybody“, he explained and tried to pull you into another kiss. You slapped his hand off your cheek.  
“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!“, you cut him off completely serious. He blinked and needed a moment to process your words, until he chuckled.
“I knew the time would come“, he started. He mockingly furrowed his brows and placed your hand on his chest. He was an awful actor, so you knew he was making fun of you. You tried to wiggle your arm free, but his grip was inhumanly firm. “I’m a vampire, love, I’m immortal“, he dramatically sighed. “So now it’s said, you know it, how are we going on from this, I’m not even glistening.“
You punched his shoulder. “Cass!“
He cheekily smiled up at you. “You’re so hot, when you’re mad.“
You couldn’t but smirk when you saw his pleading eyes. “I love you, you asshole”, you said and inched even closer to him.
Cassidy tilted his head and pursed his lips. “I may be an ass, but I’m your ass.”

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I feel like every time I watch Psych it's like a Teen Wolf au! Stiles is Shawn, Scott is Gus, Derek is Lassetter, Sheriff is Spencer, Lydia is Juliet, etc. I'm watching a psych marathon and my head is exploding with fix possibilities


Anon, you cannot know how many times I’ve thought about this. I was just watching “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing” the other night and dying over the Sterek possibilities. And then there was the episode where Lassie “secretly” got Shawn’s motorcycle out of lockup, and the episode where they tussled randomly in the kitchen, and the time Lassie got drunk and told Shawn “you astound me,” and…

Ok, you might have awoken the Shassie fangirl in me. But that’s because I have a serious type when it comes to my ships, and they’re so Sterek it hurts.

And I can see so much of Stiles and the Sheriff in Shawn’s interactions with his dad – even the painfully strained early ones, because can’t you just imagine the Sheriff raising Stiles to hone his skills in the hopes that he’d join the force some day? Playing the “how many hats” game and teaching him how to escape the trunk of a car just in case, just wanting his son to be as prepared as humanly possible for the big bad world. (Especially after Claudia dies, when Stiles is all he has left, so he has to make sure he can keep himself safe.) But Stiles just chafes under all that pressure because his dad has so many expectations for him and Stiles just doesn’t fit in that mold, he never will. So they argue and butt heads and love each other so fiercely, and the Sheriff is constantly scoffing at Stiles’ “psychic” antics but is secretly so proud of him and the job he’s been doing in helping the city.

And Stiles and Scott are so Shawn and Gus, too. With Scott trying to be the reasonable one but getting constantly pulled into his best friend’s crazy schemes, and being such a dope whenever he’s interested in a girl (can we please picture Scott meeting Allison for the first time, reaching desperately for a smart, interesting conversation topic, and landing on “So you heard about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?”). I mean, there’s even the fact that Gus has been able to help with medical cases because he knows pharmaceuticals, and Scott knows about medicine from his mom & his work at the vet clinic.

The only thing I might disagree with you on is Juliet. I thought of Lydia too at first – if only because Shawn’s got the “obvious crush” on her. But personality-wise I think she’s a lot more like Allison. She’s the sweetheart who’s tough as nails underneath, and even though that would mean kind of random Stiles & Allison flirting, I think that makes more sense for her. Maybe Stiles is flirting with her to help Scott realize he’s got feelings for her and do something about it :P (And while i never shipped Gus & Juliet, I’m pretty sure that was a decently big fandom ship!)

Maybe Lydia could be the Chief?

Anyway this got super long and rambly but *coughs & composes self* yeah. Yes, I think I might see some parallels there. ;)


Filmed my (drunk) reaction to the Christmas episode and boy was I a mess.

Fair warning, the first three minutes is just me getting drunk and watching Lassie. Skip to 2:50 if you just want to see Ladybug stuff.