drunk interview

How they met

- Person A was standing on a chair/on top of something and when they slipped and fell person B happened to be walking by and caught them
- Person A and Bs dogs really liked each other and in the process got their owners tangled together from their leashes
- Person A was playing [insert sport] at the beach and the ball hit person B, simultaneously spilling their drink on them, so A offered to buy them a new one
- While engaging in a spontaneous group snowball fight (in a public place)
- While both hiding under a table (for whatever reason)
- A and B were on the same rollercoaster and A grabbed B’s hand
- A was B’s waiter who dropped pasta on them
- When the vending machine got stuck and A started hitting it and B helped
- In a haunted house where A bumped into B in the dark, mistook them for a dressed up monster and in the process screamed so loudly they startled B more than they were scared themselves
- At a Christmas party where A was costumed as Rudolph the reindeer and B made fun of them only to find out that they were very hot underneath
- A showed up drunk to an interview and B was their interviewer
- They both missed their bus and ran frantically after it until they realised it was futile


Pairing: Nick Robinson x Reader

Words: 1,207

Warning: underage drinking, unprotected sex

“Hi, I’m (Y/N). Your interviewer for the day.” I shake his hand as I introduce myself.

“It’s lovely to meet you, (Y/N).” He shakes my hand with a polite smile.

“So, Nick. Are you single?” I ask almost nervously.

He situates himself in the chair he’s in, smirking only slightly for a moment. “Yes, I am.” He answers with ease.

With each question he answers, I can’t help but think of how intoxicatingly handsome he really is. The way he talks and moves is so smooth, how he runs his fingers through his hair so effortlessly turning me on each moment.

After the series of questions written for him are finished, I conclude the interview.

“I’ll see you at my after party tonight, yeah?” Nick asks before he walks away to his next interview for his new movie.

I nod my head, “Yeah, I guess you will.”

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HAIKYUU STAGE PLAY interviews ok so apparently Tatsunari Kimura is a HUGE dork ROFL THAT BRIGHT SMILE CAN SAVE LIVES 32/.

“i don’t like the type of music liam makes why would i support him?”
well i’m sure a lot of yall didn’t even like the other boys’ singles as much as yall claimed but there were still tons of projects and support posts going around so doing the same for liam literally wouldn’t kill any of you.

“but liam was rude to harry! he said he hated harry’s music!”
no he didn’t. he said harry’s music is not his cup of tea and there’s nothing bad about it. if yall feel entitled to your opinions about music genres then liam should be allowed to have his own opinions and preferences. and harry’s music just happens to not fit those preferences.

“liam shaded 1d!”
again, no he didn’t. he always speaks fondly of the other boys and wants them to come back and make albums and tour together. in what universe would liam shade the other boys lmao

“but that 1d lyric in strip that down says something else!”
how many times does liam have to explain this lyric before yall finally understand it? he said he’s “free” bc he gets to make the music he’s always wanted to make and he doesn’t have to write and compose songs anymore that fit four different people. the other boys all have said something similar and i don’t see anyone dragging them.

“liam’s voice/accent/clothing style/behavior has changed.”
for the third time: no. yall just never paid attention to him.

“liam is on drugs/drunk during interviews.”
he’s tired, jetlagged, entered a new chapter of his career, does tons of promo in different places and literally just became a dad. i’d like to see you manage all of this at once without stuttering or mumbling once. not to mention he’s always been a fast speaker that got muddled sometimes. it’s normal. a lot of people do that without consuming any kind of drugs. you’re gross for even making these assumptions.

“liam tries too hard to be someone he’s not.”
no he finally gets to show the parts of his personality that he kept hidden for the sake of the band. if you don’t like that then’s it’s your problem. liam never pretended to be someone or something he’s not.

“i know liam is insanely talented and has everything to be an incredibly successful solo artist and i’m scared he’ll do better than my fave which is why i feel the need to tear him down for breathing.”
nobody said that but i know that’s what yall actually mean.

Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

Or when your roommate Niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with Harry while you freak out…

You roll over and immediately groan at the mounting pain in your head. Why the fuck did you drink all that last night? You open one eye, the other barely opens from the gobs of mascara you forgot to wash off the night before.

The phone next to you lights up with a notification, grabbing for it, you notice the time and groan again. You never get a good night’s sleep after drinking heavily, you’re dehydrated body woke you up at 6 a.m.

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Comedy Central UK released two new videos of their interview with Matthew Lewis prior to his appearance on Drunk History tonight at 10pm. He talks about Drunk History, Netflix’s Stranger Things and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play.

Way overdue Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori highlights from Gallifrey One 2017

For reference…

Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto in “Torchwood,” Solas in “Dragon Age: Inquisition”)

Naoko Mori (Tosh in “Torchwood”)

Just the fact that they had come from a reception backstage and came onstage for the interview drunk. This ensued:

Interviewer: Was playing Ianto again like slipping on a pair of old jeans?

Naoko (to Gareth): They were probably way tighter now, huh?

Gareth: Yeah, they were definitely tighter in the groin area.

Attendee: Was John Barrowman a good kisser?

Gareth: He was after me.

Gareth, talking about his band Blue Gillespie: We sing songs about things we’re angry about and we were going to come out with an album but then we were like…”We’re not angry about anything anymore?” So we didn’t release one.

Gareth: I like to play villains like heroes and heroes like villains. I don’t think anyone is purely good or evil.

Which I thought tied in very well with the character he played in “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” Solas, which he talked about here:

Gareth: They just gave me lines on a screen. You just had directions like “*out of breath* No, Inquisitor, don’t go that way!” There was no script so it wouldn’t leak. I just knew I was an elf and I was magic. But over time, I knew more about him than any character I had played.

Attendee: Other than the Ianto shrine, can you guys recommend places to visit in Cardiff?

Gareth: Hmmm…Charleston’s…hmm…castle…hmm…no, they’re just not as good as the Ianto shrine.

Naoko: I know a really good salad bar!

Gareth: *stares at Naoko incredulously* I talk about Charleston’s and a castle and the Ianto shrine and you mention a salad bar????

Naoko: But it’s really good! They have all this fresh fruit! I can’t remember what it’s called.

Another attendee, looking at his phone: Is it called The Salad Bar? Because there’s a place called that in Cardiff.

Gareth:you looked it up????? *valley girl voice* Omg…is that a salaaad??? Ohhhhhh. Omg, is that olives???? Ohhhhh. Omg avocado?? Ohhhh.”

Naoko: Actually, it’s a cafe! I think it only has one salad! No, Crumbs! That’s the name!

Attendee: Naoko, I just wanted to let you know that at the Ianto shrine, there’s a picture of you with the words “We miss you too!”

Gareth: A small picture, very small.

Naoko: Actually, Gareth and I were going to go to the Ianto shrine! I called him and he said, “No, I’m not going to go. I’m hungover.” And I told him “It’s two minutes away!!”

Gareth: It was a Monday. I go to the shrine Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I leave flowers and underwear and I beg for change and no one recognizes me.

Naoko mentioned she has a small part in the movie “Life” coming out this year. You can see her here in the newer trailer at 0:02 and 1:34.


Woody: [answers question mid-way]

Woody: [sees Elizabeth Banks] [greets Elizabeth Banks]

Woody: [smiles and touches her arm] 

Woody: [lost focus and has no idea what the interview question is] what was that?


Isco interrupting Sergio’s interview to drunk kiss him