drunk interview


Pairing: Nick Robinson x Reader

Words: 1,207

Warning: underage drinking, unprotected sex

“Hi, I’m (Y/N). Your interviewer for the day.” I shake his hand as I introduce myself.

“It’s lovely to meet you, (Y/N).” He shakes my hand with a polite smile.

“So, Nick. Are you single?” I ask almost nervously.

He situates himself in the chair he’s in, smirking only slightly for a moment. “Yes, I am.” He answers with ease.

With each question he answers, I can’t help but think of how intoxicatingly handsome he really is. The way he talks and moves is so smooth, how he runs his fingers through his hair so effortlessly turning me on each moment.

After the series of questions written for him are finished, I conclude the interview.

“I’ll see you at my after party tonight, yeah?” Nick asks before he walks away to his next interview for his new movie.

I nod my head, “Yeah, I guess you will.”

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HAIKYUU STAGE PLAY interviews ok so apparently Tatsunari Kimura is a HUGE dork ROFL THAT BRIGHT SMILE CAN SAVE LIVES 32/.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and former star of Broadway’s smash hit, will narrate an entire season four episode of Drunk History, and, of course, the episode is themed all about Alexander Hamilton. It’s a big get for the Comedy Central series, and creator/star Derek Waters knows it.

But how did he get one of the most popular (and busiest) figures in pop culture to agree to get drunk and narrate an entire episode of television about the same man he just finished playing on Broadway?

“Craigslist. I do it all with Craigslist,” Waters tells The Hollywood Reporter with a laugh. “I had heard that he liked the show. I had heard that he was writing Hamilton when he saw our first story ever of Hamilton [on Drunk History]. He liked it and always wanted to do it. I reached out to him and we had a nice conversation over the phone about what would be different about the musical than what would be in this and why we would do a story we’ve already done. That’s why his episode is just one story.”

Normally each episode of Drunk History contains three different stories narrated by three different people, but the Hamilton-themed episode, airing Nov. 29, is a special case in season four.

“He does the whole thing and there are some parts in there that he didn’t get to fit into the musical,” Waters says. “I’m really thankful he wanted to do it. We had a blast. And I made it a point not to see the musical until after we filmed because I didn’t want to fan out on him. But after I saw it I was like, ‘Oh my God, that was amazing.’”

The Hollywood Reporter also spoke with Waters about what other changes he made to his web series turned TV show for season four, if Miranda got drunk enough to barf on camera during filming, and more.

[.  .  .]

*Did you always want to tell Hamilton’s story with Miranda or did that come about after Hamilton blew up?*

“It organically happened with Lin liking the show and the success of the musical. It just felt like it would be a really cool thing to try and bring the whole show full circle since it started on YouTube with Michael Cera playing Hamilton.”

*What was it like having him as the drunk narrator?*

“It was really cool. I wanted to make sure, like I do for every narrator, that they’re comfortable and they’re in a safe place. He wanted to film at his parents’ house which was really funny. I had seen that house when he got interviewed on 60 Minutes. (Laughs.) I was interviewing him but I’m not from 60 Minutes so that was surreal. I was just honored because this man is wanted by everybody. It was so sweet that he took the time and wanted to do it.”

*What was his drink of choice?*

“He got drunk off of Tennessee Whiskey. (Pause.) I know, I know.”

*Please tell me that we’re going to get to see Lin-Manuel Miranda barf on TV … and is it weird that seeing the narrators barf is my favorite part of Drunk History?*

“I think it might be weird that that’s your favorite because that’s my least favorite. (Laughs.) I have to spoiler alert: He does not barf in the episode. But I’m fascinated that that’s your favorite part. I like that you like that. They don’t puke as much anymore. Well, okay they do, but it’s usually the next day or after filming.”


Danny Miller and Adam Thomas DRUNK interview

Danny and Adam at the NTAs completely drunk! So funny, their bromance is incredible


(this is gonna be a longer imagine more like a short story lol.)

TW: talk of cigarette usage, mention of self harm and suicide and abuse, bad language.

I brought the cigarette to my lips and breathed in. Tyler sat and watched me, his eyes transfixed on the cancer stick dangled between my lips. He heavily disagreed with my choice to smoke, even hiding my pack of cigarettes once, but ever since then, has let me do my own thing.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” I mumble. He ducks his head, embarrassed.

“Sorry. I spaced out,” he apologizes. We sit in silence, the whoosh of cars passing by the only sound. He taps his thigh rapidly, before looking up at me. “When are you going to tell him?”


“He needs to know.”

“He’s happy, why should I ruin that?”

“Who said it would ruin anything?”

“Tyler, him and her are very happy together. Even if Josh returns the slightest bit of feelings, it would hurt his girlfriend even more to have him leave her because he loves someone else. I don’t want to hurt that, if they’re happy, I’m leaving them happy. End of discussion,” I snap. Tyler groans.

“Just tell him you love him. It’s not like you and him haven’t-”

“Tyler, no. Don’t talk about that. He was drunk, he didn’t mean it,” you say, your voice choked with on coming tears. “He didn’t mean it.” 

“Sorry,” he whispers. The music from the club can be heard louder when someone opens the door, and when we look up, it’s Josh’s girlfriend, Amber.

“Hey,” she says, an empty smile plastered on her face. 

“Hey. Amber, are you… drunk?” I ask, confused. AMber almost never drank. Me and the boys had never even seen her take one drink before, nevertheless enough to get as drunk as she seems now. Her makeup is heavily smeared, her hair wild, her stance slightly bent over. 

“Yeah, maybe. This really hot guy bought me some drinks. So, to thank him, we had a quickie in the men’s room. It was SO hot,” she says, her words slurring together. Mine and Tyler’s jaws drop. Did she cheat? No, she couldn’t have.

“Amber… was the guy Josh?” Tyler asks. She shakes her head.

“No, a much hotter guy.”

“But don’t you love Josh?”

“Hell no. I’m only with him still because he loves me. Oh, well, I’ll see you two later,” she says, and walks down the road. Me and Tyler gape at each other. Tears well into my eyes.

“Tyler, we have to-”

“I don’t-”

“You do it. You’re his best friend, you have to… I can’t, I mean… please, just tell him,” I stutter. 

“When should I tell him?”

“Tonight. I’ll get a cab for us, the driver can drop you guys off at Josh’s, and I’ll go home. You need to tell-” just then, the door swung open harshly, almost hitting me in the face. “Yo, fucko! Watch- oh, hey, Josh.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry. Look, I’m worried. I can’t find Amber, and she isn’t answering my texts or calls. Last I saw her she went to the bathroom. Although, she must have been drunk, because she accidentally went into the men’s room. Someone asked for a picture before I could go check on her, and then I kinda forgot about it. Have you guys seen her?” he explains. I swallow and put on a fake smile.

“Erm, yeah, she left about five minutes ago. Didn’t say where she was going,” I say. He breathes a sigh of relief. “Look, Josh, I called a cab, we should all go home.” 

“Okay,” he says. We wait as I call a cab, and then it shows up. Tyler hugs me before getting out once we’re at Josh’s apartment, and then I give him a sympathetic smile.

Once I get home, I crawl into bed, still wearing my clothes from tonight, a pocket of guilt swelling inside my stomach. I soon fell asleep.


My phone woke me up, the loud ringtone blaring through my bedroom. I groan and reach around for it, confused as to who would be calling me at this time.

“Hello?” I hear a deep sniffling, then a loud sob.

“Hey, Y/N,” Josh sobs into the phone. I sit up in bed, alert. “I, um, I’m kind of feeling shitty right now. I’m guessing you know why.”

“Josh, I-”

“I’m scared. I’m, uh… I don’t know where I am. I’m by some train tracks. I’m just… I hate myself, and I just… can’t believe she would… oh, God, she…” he sobbed. I quickly changed into something and ran to my key hook. All that was running through my mind was ‘I’m by some train tracks.’ I didn’t know what he would do.

“Josh, honey, tell me exactly what train tracks you’re at. I’m gonna come get you,” I say, running out of my apartment and sprinting down the stairs and out to my car.

“Um, I don’t really know? I think the ones by the pool. Please don’t find me though,” he says, sobbing. 

“Josh, shut up, I’m coming to get you. Stay on the line,” I say, now crying myself. I hear train horns coming from his end of the phone. My stomach drops. “Josh, no, Josh-” I squeak, my voice raising.

“I love you.” he says, then hangs up. I drop my phone and scream, pressing the gas on my car harder than ever before. I come to the train tracks in one minute, and get there just in time. The train is maybe 100 yards from where Josh is standing on the tracks.

“Josh!” I scream, getting out of my car. He turns his head, just as I run up to him, tackling him and sending him to the other side of the tracks. I land funnily on my leg, sending sharp pains throughout my body, but ignore it, latching onto Josh, who tries to break free and run into the path of the train that’s now simply passing bye.

“Let me die! No one wants me here, anyways! I’m just some fucking useless asshole who falls in love too quickly. No one would fucking care, no one loves me!” he screams, curling up in defeat. 

“Josh, don’t you get it?” I cry, frustrated. Tears pour down my face. “I love you!” he stops crying, sitting up. “I fucking love you, okay? I didn’t want to tell you, because I thought you and Amber were happy. And after what happened tonight, I thought it’d be too soon. But I should’ve told you earlier. After what happened that night, I can’t stop thinking about… what you said and how good you made me feel. But you were drunk, so I know you didn’t mean it when you said you were in love with me. The sex, your words… none of it mattered or counted. It was all some drunken stupor. It made me realize how much I actually loved you.” I sob. “I don’t expect you to return any of my feelings, but-” suddenly, his lips are smashed against mine, his hands roughly tangled in my hair.

I immediately respond, tugging his lips with mine. I grip his waist, letting myself melt into the kiss. He pulls away.

“I meant it. I meant every word, every touch that happened that night. I knew what I was saying and I said it on purpose,” he says firmly. “I don’t think I can do a relationship right now, not after her. But… do know I return the feelings.” I smiled.



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honestly why does N*rman Reed*s get away with EVERYTHING? like god you know if Steven or Melissa or Danai or Lauren pulled this shit, or showed up to interviews clearly drunk (even pretty fucking wasted on a few occasions) they would not get away with no consequences from fans and media but like?? this fucking asshole gets to be transphobic and nasty and seems to GAIN fans?? the asshole needs a wakeup call :/


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"I don’t want to say it’s a “bromance,” but it is this amicability between the two of them that we saw play out quite consistently" biiiiitch where?! connor was an ass to wes, wes wasn't an ass to connor. that's not friendship, that's not amicable! literally NO ONE who watches this show sees connor as anything but spiteful and angry towards wes...was jack drunk for these interviews??

I think that he has a hard time distinguishing between his own personal relationships with the cast members in this case, alfie and his character’s relationship with wes. 

Both which are vastly different. 

alfie and jack are really close and he even said in an interview i believe that he is like his brother or something like that. 

However, connor’s relationship with wes could easily be described as not friends at all. He always calls him waitlist and has always hated wes for “ruining their lives” 

Jack has done the same thing in interviews when talking about asher (matt mcgorry’s character) saying that he is amazing and has a heart of gold and a great person. This was during season 2 when we found out he killed sinclair and the gang rape that happened at his fraternity party.