drunk hookup

Unpleasant Situation

Summary: Phil is going to have dinner with his mum’s new boyfriend and his son for the first time. Turns out Dan is his son and they remember each other from a drunk hookup, a month before. They both still think the other is hot but their situation is not ideal at all. 

Written for this prompt

Words: 4.1k

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A/N: After months of absence, I’m back with this oneshot! I really do apologise for taking so long to write something. My muse was completely nonexistent and i’ve always been a firm believer that it’s better to write nothing at all then to force myself to write something that ends up being shit. Hopefully, you’ll find this oneshot to be worth the wait. 

P.S. From the summary it may sound as if there’s smut. Don’t read this if you’re looking for loads of smut as it’s only mentioned throughout the story then there is a short smutty scene in the end.

“Do I really have to come to this dinner mum?” Phil whined, completely uncaring of how he sounded.

His mother had been dating Christopher Howell for about two months and she seemed to be convinced that he was the one. Phil was tired of hearing the same thing over and over again every time she met someone new so he tended to ignore her until things stopped working out and he could stop hearing all about her perfect boyfriend. Well, at least until the next one comes along.

This time, his mother decided to ruin his perfect plan of ignoring everything she had to say about her new relationship by organising a dinner for him to meet her boyfriend and his son. His mother was in countless of relationships before this one but Phil never had the opportunity to meet them. He couldn’t say he was terribly disappointed about it.

“Philip stop complaining and whining like a little child, I raised you better than that,” snapped Silvia, finally getting tired of all his complaining. Phil glared but he didn’t say anything as he knew that he was whining.

Phil wasn’t usually this difficult with his mother but he just didn’t have any interest in meeting this Christopher guy. He didn’t resent his mum for going back out there and choosing to see different people after the mess that was his dad. He just had no interest in meeting said people when he knew the relationship would end up going in flames sooner or later. It always did.

Silvia knew him well and so she didn’t have any problems figuring out what the real issue was. “Look Phil, I know you don’t like meeting the guys I’m going out with and I don’t blame you but Chris is different, I can tell. That’s why I want you to meet him. Can’t you just do this one little favour for me? Besides, you won’t be alone. His son will be there and he’s around your age. It will be fun, I promise.”

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Watching Ellie’s family explain how she was too drunk to consent and is not to blame on Hollyoaks while also watching everyone hold Robert accountable for his drunken actions as well as shaming him and telling him he’s nothing really drives home the massive fucking issue Emmerdale has with drunk/sober hookups. An issue that is being reflected in a large part of the Robron fandom atm.

It’d been a long night and she’d had far too many drinks to be anywhere near okay and she didn’t really know you, and she’d slurred past your name and you were a faceless no one to her, but that didn’t matter, you were cute enough. For the night she could pretend you were the one she really wanted, the one who’d decided that they didn’t want her at all and she had nothing to offer. So she drank some more and offered up a flirty grin and took your hand and next thing any of you knew, it was dark in that room and there were too many pillows on the bed but that didn’t matter. Until it was morning, nothing would really matter.
—  It doesn’t matter
Unpleasant Situation

Summary: Phil is going to have dinner with his mum’s new boyfriend and his son for the first time. Turns out Dan is his son and they remember each other from a drunk hookup, a month before. They both still think the other is hot but their situation is not ideal at all. 

Written for this prompt

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Genre: Fluff/Little bit of smut

Words: 4.1k

Warnings: None

Additional Tags: one night stand, drunk sex, bathroom sex (almost), riding, implied sexual content, strangers to lovers

I can’t really take this storyline seriously if the writers are now just ignoring reality & facts.
If they want the baby to be Robert’s, if a DNA test is done after birth, then fine.
Rebecca cannot be sure now that it’s not Ross’. Even if they used protection every time, contraception is not a 100% guarantee.
Any of the contraception they used could have been defective.
Ross has been proven to be able to father children, Robert has none so far.
We have no idea how good Robert’s sperm count is, he could even be shooting blanks. Ross could have very strong swimmers.
It’s been stated that Ross/Rebecca have had mutual drunken sex, what makes her so sure they used their protection correctly every time, especially with both being so drunk on some hookup occasions.

What A Weird Relationship (6/5) - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Stark

Originally posted by allfandoms-imagines

Words: 2214
Pairing: Brother!Stark x Reader x Peter Parker
Warnings: swearing, bullying kinda(?)
Requested by anon
I really liked your "What a Weird Relationship” and I just need more of the Brother/Father!TonyxReader. Like maybe a sorta prequel? When Tony first became Iron Man or finding her or the Avengers or anything. I just need it assjdjsjdjkhjshd.
Author’s Note: soooooo I kinda made it a series of small stories but I didn’t really know how to include the becoming the iron man but it’s definitely a prequel, of like three parts :) and to keep it the Peter Parker x Reader part, I made sure to include a story about him :))) Also, the italics is memory, and the normal text is real time woo

One Two Three Four Five


Ever since you were able to understand the relationship you had with Tony and Pepper, you wanted to hear about how it all came to be. So every year, right around the time they found you- which also happened to be right around your birthday- they told stories from when you were found.

And this year was no exception. But since it was official adoption time, again- right around the your birthday, you both decided to include some extra memories. It was nice, to just remember how things started, and what a weird relationship the two of you have had over the past ten-plus years.


All your five year old self wanted was food. Just something small. And you found the perfect target.

A man walked past you, holding a bag of fast food in his hand. He stopped at the crosswalk, and talked to the lady beside him, looking at something in his hand. He was too distracted to notice a little movement on the bag.

So you walked up to the crosswalk and stuck your arm into the bag, but the man turned around. "Hey!” He yelled, realizing that you weren’t face to face with him, but closer to the ground.

“Tony!” The lady caught the man’s attention. “It’s just a child, be careful.”

“But, Pepper, they tried to take my food!” The man whined.

“Am sorry.” You looked down at your fingers, sad that your plan had not worked.

The woman bent down and was now eye level with you. “Where are your parents?”

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Texts, Reactions, Snaps, Imagines, MTLLT, and Aesthetics Masterlist!

Okay, so, maybe there is a specific reason, or maybe it’s just my own stupidity, but I can not find a way to link two or three different Masterlists to my Tumblr bio (is it not allowed, or…?), so I decided to take down the link to my fan fiction masterlist and put it all on a separate page (http://yukisbts.tumblr.com/FFMasterlist), and I will put the link to this masterlist, which will basically be everything else, on my bio!

Okay, so, here is my masterlist!


  • BTS Reacts to Reading Fan Blogs/What Fan Think About Them.
  • BTS Reacts to Smut
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing Their Girlfriend Sitting by an Open Window During a Rainstorm with a Blanket
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing You Crying On a Bench Alone in a Park (high school au)
  • BTS Reacts to Having a Crush on a Popular Girl At School
  • BTS Reacts to Getting Caught Watching You Dance and Sing in Your Dorms
  • BTS Reacts to You Kissing Them First/Randomly
  • BTS Reacts to a Cute Surprise Date on Valentine’s Day
  • BTS Reacts to You Having Trouble with Homework
  • BTS Reacts to Accidentally Walking in on You in the Shower/Bath
  • BTS Reacts to Teaching You Their Choreography
  • BTS Reacts to You Reacting Badly to a Drunk Hookup
  • BTS Reacts to You Falling & Getting Badly Injured
  • BTS Reacts to You Hurting Them While Playing Tennis
  • BTS Reacts to You Wanting to Travel the World With Them
  • BTS Reacts to Them Being Your First Boyfriend
  • BTS Reacts to You Accidentally Confessing During a Fight
  • BTS Reacts to You Messing Up a Special Meal
  • BTS Reacts to Meeting You For the First Time and Falling For You
  • BTS Reacts to Spilling a Drink Down Your Shirt During a Date
  • BTS Reacts to You Eloping With Jungkook
  • BTS Reacts to You Signing for a Deaf Colleague at Work
  • BTS Reacts to You Sitting on Their Lap With a Book While They Play Video Games/Work
  • BTS Reacts to You Liking Video Games
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing You For the First Time in a Long Time and You Jump Up On Them
  • BTS Reacts to You Falling Down the Stairs (Again)
  • BTS Reacts to Finding You Singing in the Middle of the Night Because You Can’t Sleep
  • BTS Reacts to You Still Sleeping with a Stuffed Animal
  • BTS Reacts to Finding Your Poetry About Them
  • BTS Reacts to You Getting Insulted and Hit by a Fan at a Fan Meeting
  • BTS Reacts to You Wanting Something Expensive but Being too Shy to Ask
  • BTS Reacts to You Getting in a Car Accident and Having to Stay at the Hospital
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Pregnant
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Being Able to Get Pregnant
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Pregnant & Getting Kidnapped
  • BTS Reacts to a Miscarriage
  • BTS Reacts to You Having Separation Anxiety
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Weird Laugh
  • BTS Reacts to Your Child Disrespecting & Insulting You
  • BTS Reacts to Your Younger Sibling Not Liking Them
  • BTS Reacts to Loosing You in a Big Crowd of ARMY’s
  • BTS Reacts to Coming Back From Tour and Seeing You Waiting for Them and Crying
  • BTS Reacts to You Being So Short You Can’t Reach the Top Shelf in the Kitchen
  • BTS Reacts to Finding Out Their Crush Breeds Kittens
  • BTS Reacts to Your Best Friend Telling Them He Likes You, and They Should Leave You
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Bullied Online by Fans
  • BTS Reacts to You Loosing a Important Sporting Event
  • BTS Reacts to the Other Members Wanting to Play a Prank on You With Something You Are Really Scared Of
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Bad Migraine
  • BTS Reacts to You Wanting a Piggy Back Ride
  • BTS Reacts to You Waking Up From a Nightmare
  • BTS Reacts to Finding Out You Stopped Doing a Nervous Habit Because of Their Comments on it
  • BTS Reacts to Your Younger Sibling Being Mad at Them Because They Made You Cry
  • BTS Reacts to Your Friend Cutting Ties with You
  • BTS Reacts to You Trying to Speak/Learn Korean and Pronoucning the Words Cute (Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook, and Yoongi)
  • BTS Reacts to You Being in the Hospital Because You Got Hit by Gangster
  • BTS Reacts to Wanting to Meet Your Parents, But They Were Abusive
  • BTS Reacts to You Telling Them You Suffered From a Eating Disorder/Depression/Social Anxiety
  • BTS Reacts to You Singing and Rapping
  • BTS Reacts to You Being as Strong/Stronger Than Them
  • BTS Reacts to Seeing You Cry
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Being Able to Stay Mad
  • BTS Reacts to a Handsome Guy Flirting with You
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Wanting Them to Get Out of Bed
  • BTS Reacts to You Feeling Dizzy and Passing Out
  • BTS Reacts to You Singing Them a Sweet Song
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Hard Time Saying “I Love You”
  • BTS Reacts to You Not Talking to Them After a Fight
  • BTS Reacts to You Being a Sports Fanatic
  • BTS Reacts to Your Comfort Food
  • BTS Reacts to You Unkowingly Being Touched by Your Personal Trainer
  • BTS Reacts to Falling For Their New Makeup Artist
  • BTS Reacts to Being an American Celebrities Crush
  • BTS Reacts to You Being Loud in Bed
  • BTS Reacts to Their Friends With Benefits Confessing Their Love
  • BTS Reacts to Another Idol Dissing You Because You Don’t Fit Korean Beauty Standards
  • BTS Reacts to You Having a Belly Button Piercing
  • BTS Reacts to Realizing You Haven’t Been Eating
  • BTS Reacts to Celebrating Their First New Years With You


  • Jimin Reacts to You Getting Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Picking Flowers For You
  • Adoping a Kid
  • Proposal
  • Kidnapping Prank


  • Cheering You Up When You Have Stage Fright
  • Hyung Line Is Your Best Friend But They Are In Love With You and You Go On a Date With Someone Else
  • Cheering You Up When You Trip in Front of the Whole School
  • BTS is Sick and Begs You to Take Care of Them But You Have School/Work
  • Trying to Make You Laugh During Class Because You Embarrassed Them (-Namjoon)
  • Asking You Out Nervously
  • Trying to Buy Makeup
  • Being Cheesy Randomly
  • Confessing.
    Part 1
    Part 2
  • Texting You Because They Lost Something
  • Accidentally Texting You
    Part 1
    Part 2
  • Trying to Seduce Their Noonas
  • Texting You Random Questions in the Middle of the Night Because They Can’t Sleep
  • Trying to Out What Food to Get You From the Other Members
  • You’re Horny and Telling Them to Come Home
  • Comforting You While Your Relative/Close Friend is at the Hospital
  • Trying to Find a Vacation Spot
  • Fighting For Your Love After You Try to Break Up With Them Because of Fans Comments
    Part 1 (Yoongi & Jimin)
    Part 2 (Hoseok & Namjoon)
  • Texting You When They’re Horny (Jungkook, Yoongi, Taehyung)
  • You Ignoring Them After a Fight
  • Yoongi Texting You How Much He Loves You Before Bed
  • Big Brother Jungkook
  • Trying to Make You Feel Better After Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend Who Only Wanted Sex
  • Comforting You Before Your Exams

Texts AND Snaps

  • Texting You Sweet Things While You’re at Work (Yoongi, Jungkook, Hoseok, Taehyung)
  • Everyday Texts and Snaps
    With Jungkook
    With Seokjin
    With Yoongi
    With Hoseok
    With Namjoon
    With Jimin
    With Taehyung
  • Helping You With Depression/a Eating Disorder
    Part 1 with Maknae Line
    Part 2 with Namjoon and Hoseok
    Part 3 with Yoongi and Seokjin
  • You Coming out as Pansexual
    Part 1 with Seokjin and Yoongi
    Part 2 with Hoseok and Namjoon
    Part 3 with Maknae Line


  • BTS is Away and Misses You
  • BTS Finds Out You and Hoseok are Having a Baby
  • Maknae Line Teasing You About Your Crush on Hoseok
  • Cheering You Up When You’ve Been Crying


Married Life

  • Married Life With Jungkook
  • Married Life With Yoongi
  • Married Life With Hoseok
  • Married Life With Namjoon
  • Married Life With Jimin
  • Married Life With Taehyung
  • Married Life With Seokjin


  • Marrying Yoongi
  • Marrying Taehyung
  • Marrying Seokjin
  • Marrying Jungkook
  • Marrying Namjoon
  • Marrying Hoseok
  • Marrying Jimin

Family Life

  • Family Life with Seokjin
  • Family Life with Yoongi
  • Family Life with Hoseok
  • Family Life with Namjoon
  • Family Life with Jimin
  • Family Life with Taehyung
  • Family Life with Jungkook

Being Pregnant

  • Being Pregnant (Jungkook)
  • Being Pregnant (Yoongi)
  • Being Pregnant (Taehyung)
  • Being Pregnant (Namjoon)
  • Being Pregnant (Seokjn)
  • Being Pregnant (Hoseok)
  • Being Pregnant (Jimin)

Trying to Woo You

  • Seokjin Trying to Woo You
  • Yoongi Trying to Woo You
  • Hoseok Trying to Woo You
  • Namjoon Trying to Woo You
  • Jimin Trying to Woo You
  • Taehyung Trying to Woo You
  • Jungkook Trying to Woo You


  • Sex with Seokjin
  • Sex with Yoongi
  • Sex with Hoseok
  • Sex with Namjoon
  • Sex with Jimin
  • Sex with Taehyung
  • Sex with Jungkook

On Your Period

  • On Your Period (Seokjin)
  • On Your Period (Yoongi)
  • On Your Period (Hoseok)
  • On Your Period (Namjoon)
  • On Your Period (Jimin)
  • On Your Period (Taehyung)
  • On Your Period (Jungkook)

First Date

  • Your First Date with Hoseok
  • Your First Date with Yoongi
  • Your First Date with Jungkook
  • Your First Date with Jimin
  • Your First Date with Taehyung

Poly Relationship

  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Yoongi
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Jungkook & Yoongi
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Taehyung & Jimin
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Namjoon & Jungkook
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Jimin
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Jungkook
  • A Polyamorous Relationship with Hoseok & Taehyung

First Time

  • Your First Time with Seokjin
  • Your First Time with Yoongi
  • Your First Time with Hoseok
  • Your First Time with Namjoon
  • Your First Time with Jimin
  • Your First Time with Taehyung
  • Your First Time with Jungkook


  • Jealous Namjoon
  • Jealous Seokjin
  • Jealous Yoongi
  • Jealous Hoseok
  • Jealous Jimin
  • Jealous Taehyung
  • Jealous Jungkook

MTLLT… (Most to Least Likely to)

  • Date a Girly Girl
  • Date “One of the Guys”
  • Date a Shy Girl
  • Date a Guy
  • Date a Girl With a Master’s Degree
  • Want a Fancy Wedding
  • Buy Their Girlfriend Expensive Things
  • Play with their Girlfriends Hair
  • Enjoy a Lot of PDA
  • Give Their Girlfriend Their Jacket When it’s Cold
  • Be Awkward Around the Girl/Guy They Like
  • Be Annoyed When Their S/O Doesn’t Reply to Texts
  • Date Someone Who’s Already Dated Another Member
  • Like/Love Freckles on a Girl’s Face/Body
  • Go to the Gym With You
  • Liking Walking in the Rain
  • Help You Cook
  • Be Strong
  • Make the First Move on the First Date
  • Be Jealous/Over Protective
  • Dance Romantically With You
  • Watch Anime/Read Manga With You
  • Lie in Bed and Listen to Music With You
  • Be the Dominant One in a Relationship
  • Talk a Lot on a First Date
  • Be Clingy when Jealous
  • Like Their SO Being a Foody
  • Dance Weird With You
  • Date Someone Who is Usually Outgoing, but Shy to Ask for Something
  • Wear Couples Shirts
  • Date a Girl with Colored Hair


  • Boyfriend Yoongi
  • Couples Tattoos
  • Engagement Rings
  • Boyfriend Jungkook
  • Husband Jimin
  • Wedding Day Jungkook
  • Wedding Day Yoongi
  • Parenting with Jungkook
  • Night with Jungkook
  • Cuddling
  • Perfect Date with Jungkook
  • Perfect Date with Jimin
  • Jealous Jungkook
  • Wedding Day Jimin
  • Favorite Sleeping Positions
  • Camping with Jungkook
  • Camping with Hoseok
  • Camping with Yoongi
  • Holding Hands
  • Favorite Positions
  • Making Out
  • Small Things
  • Dancing with the Boys
  • Turn Ons
  • Hugs
  • Bubble Baths
  • Expensive Gifts
  • Baby Girl Clothes
  • Small Things with Yoongi
  • Couples Items

General Aesthetic Colors

Picture Reacts

  • Couples Tattoos

Other Cool Things That Don’t Fit In a Category

  • Why BTS Would and Wouldn’t be Good Boyfriends
Truth or Dare?

Author: ceruleanbucky

Warnings: SMUT (should be expected by now honestly.) Cursing, Drinking, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving) 

I’m working on a series that’s coming out soon, so the oneshots will be postponed for a while, but feel free to request anything to me. ;)

Sorry I haven’t been active, like… at all. School just started and I am hella stressed, with homework, and the fact that I don’t have time to write all of the sin for you peeps so I’m sorry children pls forgive me

“So, Seb. Truth or Dare?” You ask, definitely feeling a bit of a buzz. Sebastian and you grew up together, and stayed in touch over the years. Now, he had just moved in with you, because you ere lonely and couldn’t pay the rent on your own. With nobody else, you had called Seb.

He said yes in a heartbeat. You were best friend when you guys were younger, and he would give anything for it to be like that again.

So here you were; celebrating his first official night in the apartment, with alcohol of course. After some catching up, he had decided to take a risk and play truth or dare. It didn’t take long at all for things to get dirty; both of you asking the other a wide variety of sexual questions, or doing vaguely inappropriate dares. 

“Hmmmm… I think I’ll have to go with truth.” He says, pretending like he doesn’t know that it’s probably going to be something extraordinarily personal.

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Kiss and tell

Can u do an imagine where y/n and justin are friends and them and squad go on a camping trip or sum and like they end up hooking up and the next morning j is making jokes to y/n and shes getting annoyed cause she doesnt want squad to know about what happened?❤️


Originally posted by ppinkbow

*Warning, steamy content ahead*


“We can’t tell anyone” I moan as Justin presses kisses against my neck, my eyes closing in bliss.

“I don’t kiss and tell baby” He whispers in my ear, making me smile and attach my lips to his.


*12 hours earlier*


“Are we honestly doing this right now? Tell me we’re not doing this. Tell me I’m dreaming and in a few moments I’ll wake up and be in my bed.” I pant as we continue to walk through the woods.

I hear laughter in front me, Justin, Kendall, Za and Khalil all ahead of me.

“Y/N the more you complain the longer it’ll take to get there.” Justin says over his shoulder, and I huff, wiping the tiny droplets of sweat from my head and cringing in disgust.

“Are we almost there! I’m starting to stink.” I ask, the blazing sun scalding my skin and I curse when I realize I didn’t put on sunscreen.

“Justin seriously, I’m dying over here.” I moan as I watch my feet in front of me.

“If we’re not almost here I’m stopping and going back because I can’t deal-” I stop short when I bump into a body, making me look up.

“Justin what the hell? Why’d you-” it was then that I noticed the extremely large cabin in front of me, and my mouth dropped.

“We’re here.” Justin chuckles, grabbing my hand and leading me inside the cabin.

“Power, AC , Alcohol. Everything you could ever need or want is in this cabin. And it’s ours for the weekend. Our stuff was dropped off earlier.” Justin grins, and I can’t help but smile too.

“Yo Justin this is dope!” Za says, doing some handshake with him before going upstairs to check the rest of the place out.

“This honestly is amazing Jay.” Kendall says, giving him a hug.

“Ugh I need a shower.” Kendall adds before turning and going upstairs also.

I look up at Justin. “You really outdid yourself huh.” I smirk at him, and he laughs.

“Anything for my friends.” He says, bumping fists with me before walking over to the kitchen, starting up a conversation with Khalil.

I sigh as I turn to walk upstairs and find my room before stepping inside and shutting the door behind me.

I open my suitcase and pull out clean clothes,

Walking inside the bathroom, I turn on the shower before stripping off my sweaty clothes, the warm water hitting my skin.


“Y/N are you feeling better now?” Khalil teases and everyone laughs, making me roll my eyes and take another sip of my drink.

“Much better thanks” I say sarcastically, before snuggling closer to Justin.

“Guys leave her alone.” Justin defends and I smile.

“We all know what a drama queen she could be.” He adds, causing another rupture of laughter and I glare at him before standing up, moving to sit next to Za.

“Oh come on don’t be like that.” Justin laughs, and I rest my head on Za’s shoulder, his arm wrapping around me.

“Screw you Justin” I slur slightly, my mind fuzzy from the shots we had taken previously.

“Uh oh you did it now Jay” Kenny giggles, completely wasted and on her third cup of beer.

“Alright Kendall I think that’s enough drinking for you” Khalil says as he grabs the cup from her, making her pout.

“What a lightweight” Za mumbles and I burst out laughing, ignoring Justin’s eyes on me as I did so.

Za looked down at me, amused.

“Alright so I think it’s time for all of us to get to bed. We’ve had a long day.” Za says, and I groan as he stands up.

“Damn it Za you were a good pillow” I laugh, and he chuckles.

“You got her J?” He asks and Justin nods.

I got up and walked to the kitchen as the squad went upstairs, opening the fridge and grabbing a bottle of water to drink.

“You okay?” Justin asks, startling me.

“Justin! You scared me.” I laugh, clutching my heart.

“Sorry. And sorry for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Justin rubs the back of his neck, and I smile, walking up to him. I put my hands on his shoulders.

“You didn’t upset me silly.” I say, before staring down at his lips.

“You have really nice lips.” I blurt, making Justin furrow his eyebrows and smile. I close my eyes in embarrassment.

“Thanks. So do you” he says, taking me by surprise.

I looked up at him, and before I realized what was going on, I was kissing him. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me, my entire body igniting as he deepens the kiss, our tongues moving against each other.

“Take me upstairs” I whisper before pulling away from him, letting him lead me to his bedroom.

He closed and locked the door behind him before turning around, his hands finding my waist as he kissed me again.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks as he lays me down on the bed, his lips finding my neck. I nod quickly.

“We can’t tell anyone” I moan as Justin presses kisses against my neck, my eyes closing in bliss.

“I don’t kiss and tell baby” He whispers in my ear, making me smile and attach my lips to his.


I woke up to the sun shining in my face making me squint, my temple throbbing and I could feel a distant headache.

I moved to sit up before realizing that I was completely naked and I froze.

Turning to my side, I spot Justin on the bed next to me and all the imagines of last night run through my mind in flashes. Justin and I in the kitchen, Justin and I on his bed, Justin on top of me, me on top of Justin.

I cup my mouth, quickly sliding out of the bed and grabbing my clothes, slipping them on and quietly leaving Justin’s room before tip toeing to mine.

Once the door was locked behind me, I let out a deep breath, bringing my fingers to my lips as I remember Justin’s lips on mine. I smile before moving towards the bathroom to take a shower.


“Morning everyone” I say as I get downstairs, everyone already in the kitchen and eating.

“Morning sunshine.” Kendall says and I grin at her.

“You look happier today.” Za says, and I sigh.

“You look like you got laid.” Justin says, a smirk on his face. My eyes widen in shock as everyone laughs, my face heating up.

“Can you not be a jerk for once in your life?” I snap at him as I grab the orange juice from the table, pouring myself a glass and taking a sip.

“I think you know exactly what I can do, don’t you Y/N ?” He asks,raising an eyebrow and I choke on my juice.

“Ummm, am I missing something?” Khalil asks and I glare at Justin.

“No, Justin’s just being his usual jackass self. We should go swimming!” I quickly change the subject, and everyone agrees.

As we all go upstairs to change, I pull Justin back, crossing my arms.

“What happened to no telling anyone!” I whisper shout at him, and he rolls his eyes.

“Chill I was just joking.”

“Yeah well your jokes aren’t helping. I don’t need our friends knowing about a drunk hookup between us.” I say, and Justin clenches his jaw.

“So that’s all it was? A drunk mistake?” He asks, his tone hard.

I look at him, refusing to give in.

“Justin I -”

“You may have been tipsy Y/N, but you knew exactly what you were doing when you kissed me. So don’t give me that ‘drunk hookup’ shit.” He growls, and I rub my temples.

“What’s your problem? We both agreed-”

“To keep it to ourselves. I got it, whatever.” he says, before turning and walking away, leaving me confused.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: 3,783

Imagine: The reader confronts Dean about his feelings for her, and when he refuses to admit how he feels, the reader gives him an ultimatum. 


A/N: Taking a little break from Night Falls to bring you some juicy smut, Enjoy.

You kept replaying it over and over, trying to figure out what went wrong.

You took your sixth shot, slamming the glass down before Dean and throwing your hands up in victory. 

“That’s four!” You yell, your voice echoing off the bookshelves.

You look across the table, the oldest Winchester pouting as he drops his glass in a clattering defeat.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waves you off and you roll your eyes.

“Sounds to me like someone’s a sore Losechester if you ask me.”

Losechester? Really?” His voice is deep and rough, and if you didn’t know him, you’d think he was angry.

“Well,” you lean back in your chair. “You definitely aren’t a Winchester, that’s for damn sure.” You snicker.

Dean just rolls his eyes at you, but you can see the slight smirk on his lips.

You push yourself out of your chair and stumble around the table, lowering yourself onto his armrest, not really thinking about what you’re doing, but not liking the huge space between you.

His dopey green eyes look up at you, a rare moment with your usual height difference. 

His hand finds you knee in a touch that would have been innocent enough had there not been enough tension between the two of you to ignite a room on fire.

You were so sick of the back and forth these past months. All the looks, the touches, every little thing he did to you, without ever doing anything. And with whiskey flowing through your veins, you can’t stand it a moment longer.

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Baekhyun - Play (VI)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

; to you, you who were once my everything, my universe, my light.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

     Everything was a blur, as the vision of Baekhyun faded from your mind. Each alcoholic drink that entered your mouth and went down your throat, causing an irritable burning sensation you seemed to feel through your heart. A man’s body grinned yours, his masculine hands holding your waists tightly, as he sweetly whispered to your ears, “Let’s get out of here.”

     You do just as he says, following him out of the filled club and into his luxurious car. The exact plan you had in mind when you left the theatre, slamming close the doors on Baekhyun and Nana, as you’ve decided they were worth nothing more than the dust gathered up on the bed you once passionately shared with Baekhyun, the last reminiscent item for him to regret his careless actions and words to you.

     Your depressed feelings led you to this perfect moment, as a man’s lips kissed your neck, the places where Baekhyun once filled you with pleasure. This man was a drug you wanted to overdose yourself with, hoping the sweet and addictive taste of Baekhyun was long gone and forgotten.

     But unfortunately, you were you, and this man was not Baekhyun, and no matter how many times you’ve told yourself that you were never Baekhyun’s girl, it still made you feel guilty to have another man kiss the same spots Baekhyun kissed, to hold the same spots Baekhyun touched.

     But unfortunately, you were drunk, and this man was drunk too, a good substitute to Baekhyun, as he touched you in the parts you missed Baekhyun’s soft touches and kisses. “Are you okay with this?” the man asked, awaiting your response, before continuing on your drunk hookup.

“Yes,” you said in between satisfied moans, looking up at the man’s handsome features, “do it. Do me. Let me forget and enjoy tonight.”

      And the night continued on. Baekhyun left your intoxicated mind, as the man pleased you the way Baekhyun never could and never would; never willing to give himself up for your sake.

     You woke up with a huge headache but a handsome view of the man you had a one nighter with. His messy hair covered his eyes, and his toned body held you in his arms. You tried to move without waking him up, but it was impossible, seeing his eyes flutter open behind his messy hair.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, immediately letting you go, “so we did it last night?”

     You laughed, watching the man blush at the sight of you, a contrast to the hungry stares he sent your way last night. “Yes, we did. I need to get going now. Thanks for last night, I really needed that.”

“Break up?” He asked, pity washing over his face. “Something like that,” you responded, trying not to remember your heartbreaker’s name and face.

     The man apologetically smiled at you, “It’ll be okay. Get over him, he isn’t worthy of you.”

     The man’s kind words surprised you, causing you to continue conversing with him, as you both got ready for the day ahead, forgetting last night’s wild adventures. You soon learned that the man’s name was Kim Junmyeon, a wealthy man with a smooth voice (you heard him singing, as you were on your way out). You exchanged phone numbers, and for once, you didn’t seem to remove the name of a certain someone who broke your heart. You couldn’t feel the guilt nor the pain, as you stared at Junmyeon’s sweet smile, offering you endless amounts of support and care, although you’ve only met last night.

     Your mind lingered to Junmyeon, as you were on your way to the theatre for rehearsals. You wondered of what he thought about you, if he were thinking about you at this very moment, if he enjoyed last night. An embarrassing heat spread across your neck up to your ears, thinking of his smile and kind words. Your thoughts were so filled with him that you didn’t notice the approaching danger right before your eyes.

     Right in front of you was Nana kissing Baekhyun. The two giving the other a long kiss, filled with a loving passion that you’ve never shared with Baekhyun, or at least, never received from him. It tore your heart silently, your world slowing down and replaying this moment, making it continue for eternity, watching Baekhyun kiss Nana, his eyes fluttering, enjoying each moment his skin meet hers, and he could taste the mints she always took in. It hit you like an unpredictable earthquake, shaking each of your senses to cry at the sight of this unforgivable moment which you could never have with Baekhyun. You were broken and jealous beyond belief, unable to keep yourself on two feet, as you collapsed to the ground, crying like the mad lovestruck woman you are.

     With the last bit of courage in you, you looked up, hoping to see a bit of lust in their eyes, but instead, you saw Baekhyun pull away from Nana to lovingly look at her, brushing away the stray hair that obstructed his eyes from enjoying her beauty, right before saying the three words you’ve worked three whole years to hear.

     Baekhyun said them to her, right before leaning in to Nana, kissing her slowly like as if he were in heaven. Your heart was no longer existent, as you’ve read his lips and heard his words to her.

“I love you.”

     Playing with Byun Baekhyun was a bad idea.

Me watching the dtmwagt vid
  • <p> <b>5 sec in:</b> i hope this reaches the usual panic! level of awesomeness<p/><b>10 sec in:</b> looks like a typical pop video<p/><b>30 sec in:</b> a random drunk club hookup?? That's the best you could come up with????<p/><b>1 min in:</b> seriously Brendon, i had like,, expectations!? what is this trash??<p/><b>1 min 30 sec:</b> god he really sold out i swear I'm- WOAH!<p/><b>2 min:</b> ahem someone has been watching too much kinky stuff wait till Ross sees this lol<p/><b>2 min 30 sec:</b> noooooo what the fjuck how could you wtf damn you!!,.!<p/><b>3 min 43 sec:</b> i have no words what did i just watch<p/></p>