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🥐Ways to Celebrate Mabon🍂

Mabon is the second harvest festival in the Wheel of the Year that is celebrated on the autumnal equinox. 

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🍎Make apples into bowls! Carve out an apple so that the filling is gone and all that is left is a thick bowl-shaped apple shell. You can put small plants in these, offerings to spirits or deities, or you can place a candle inside. Put it on an altar or windowsill and it’s complete!
🍎Donate food! If you have food to spare, donate some to a local food pantry. Also, if you have pet food or toys to spare, donate to those to a local animal shelter! Mabon is a great holiday to give back and donating what you can is a wonderful way to celebrate the equinox!
🍎Burn bad habits! Literally. If you have a fireplace or somewhere where you can safely burn things, write down your bad habits and throw them in the fire. Then write down good habits you wish to have and hang it near the fireplace or on the fridge if you don’t have a fireplace. This season is all about change, so burn away the bad and work towards positive change!
🍎Spend time with friends and family! Surround yourself with good company and have a fun time! You can visit an apple orchard, watch a movie and eat sweet treats, spend time in the living room together, enjoy a meal with each other, and more.
🍎Bake and share! Apples are an ideal ingredient for homemade goods this time of year. Share your homemade treats with friends, family, or share them with a deity or spirit as an offering. Not only will you get to enjoy your goodies, but your loved ones will, too!
🍎Visit the deceased. Gather some fallen leaves (or flowers if you prefer), acorns, and pine cones and adorn the deceased’s grave with them. You can also light a candle for them and pray or talk to them. Take time to remember them on this holiday.
🍎Harvest and take care of your plants! Gather your herbs or take extra special care of your plants. You can use your harvested materials right away, dry them out, and/or store them away for later use! If your plant is not ready to be harvested, treat it to some new soil or fresh water!
🍎Make or buy wine! Unless you’re underage or an alcoholic. Otherwise, get or make some wine and celebrate! Who doesn’t like to get a little drunk on holidays?
🍎Take time to bask in nature! Winter is coming soon and those walks in the park won’t be as pleasant. Spend some time in the woods, an apple orchard, a lake, or just in your backyard and embrace what nature has to offer!
🍎Meditate or do some spells for balance! Mabon is an ideal time to perform spells that help balance your life. You can also meditate to relieve stress or whatever it is you like to do to relieve stress. Take time to relax and take care of yourself this holiday!

Title: The Morning After

Author: noodleinabarrel

Word Count: 50381

Rating: M 

Summary:  Jim convinces Spock to take shore leave with him on Risa, hoping the time together will help re-solidify their bond of friendship after some recent tension. Meanwhile, Spock convinces himself he’s on Risa for one reason and one reason only, to prevent his wayward captain from getting into trouble.
After a passionately illogical night of Romulan Ale and chocolate infused liquor, everything changes when Jim wakes with something other than a hangover filling his head. Something he’s sure neither he nor Spock can handle. Because if Jim knows anything for sure, it’s that his messed up thoughts belong nowhere near Spock’s clean, ordered mind.

My feels: What a FIC. I can’t believe I haven’t read this. Absolutely delightful. Accidental marriage + drunk Spock + earnest/emotional Spock and oblivious!insecure!Jim. All of my fave things lbr

General Tags: Tarsus, Accidental Bonding, AOS, Fluff, Shore Leave, Angst, Hurt Comfort

TW: References to past sexual abuse


** = contains sexual content. 18+ readers please!!


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Alex (Dunkirk)

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smol-grumpy-goo  asked:

If you still wanted to do that writing prompt thing- either 47 and 48 paired together or 49 and 50 paired together with the boyf riends pl e a se

I couldn’t bring myself to write another angst one shot so I made fluff… too much fluff.
Also thank you so much for the prompt! :)

47 - “Kiss me”
48 - “Go on, I dare you”


Even after the events of last Halloween Jake just had to throw his annual party didn’t he? There was no stopping the boy. His house burns down and all he can think about is getting drunk on a national holiday - though Michael did see some of the appeal given that he did get high quite often. But that’s on his own, in the comfort of his basement where had nothing but the games he played to judge him. At a party, everyone turns into hawks, seeking out their next prey.

Michael had learnt his lesson from last year and there was no way he was going anywhere near Jake’s house that night, let alone inside it with a hundred drunk horny teenagers. Jeremy had tried to convince him that if he just stayed by him all night everything would be fine, but Michael knew Jeremy’s limits and drunk Jeremy was not someone he wanted to be depending on for a whole night. This one time, Jeremy thought it was a good idea to steal a sip of his father’s wine while he was asleep in front of the TV. As much as Michael protested, he did it anyway.

Jeremy ended up chugging the whole bottle.

Regardless, Michael found himself outside the party waiting to help Jeremy get home. His best friend had drunk texted him about an hour ago saying things like “Hey Mlke, yOU th ink Pigeons have feelings.?” and “OmG dude Rich just made out with JAKEholy shit you gotta get ovAR here!!!!”

He had replied to Jeremy a few minutes later telling him to meet him outside but had heard back no response. He really didn’t want to go in there. He really didn’t want to have to go through that all over again, not even for a few seconds. But for Jeremy, he would. He knew that if Jeremy was wasted enough to not reply to his messages, there was no hope for him. And that’s when Michael came in.

Full of regret, he opened Jake’s front door. The sound of karaoke, chugging, sex and laughing immediately hit Michael like a bus and he already wanted to crawl under a table. Good to know Jake was partying right. Restless to get out of there, Michael wormed his way through the crowd of drunk teens until he eventually found Jeremy, Rich, Jake, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine gathered in a circle in the hallway. Most of them were flat out drunk, Michael noted, except for Christine (the presumably only responsible one there) and Jenna (who wanted to stay on high alert for any gossip to spill the next day). Jeremy was holding an iconic red plastic cup and laughing to himself, cheeks flushed and hair flown back with teenage grease. He looked pretty cute, Michael also noted.

“Michael! Oh thank goodness you’re here,” Christine cried, getting up from the circle and hauling Chloe with her. “I think it’s about time we all head home. Especially… ummm…”

She gestured to Jeremy, who was now being whispered something by Jake. The secret sentence shared between them made Jeremy even more flustered than he already was but nodded and smiled shyly. Michael didn’t really know what was going on and didn’t really care as to what the drunk teenagers were doing. That was, until Jeremy started to lean into Jake-

“OK THATS ENOUGH JEREMY GET UP!” He practically squeaked, yanking Jeremy off the ground before he could touch Jake. He noted the sight pout of Jake’s face until it shifted to a cheeky grin and a wink before turning back to Rich. Jeremy was a giggly mess as he said goodbye to everyone, heavily relying on Michael for support. Christine smiled and waved sweetly as the two left the household and soon it was just him and Jeremy waddling their way down the street towards Michael’s house.

“You really need to control your beer, dude,” Michael tried to break the awkward atmosphere between them, “this can’t happen every time you go to a party.”

Jeremy didn’t seem to be listening. He had a gigantic pout of his face and made a small huff at Michael.

“We were playing truth or dare.” He stated, a little louder than Michael would have wanted for someone who was pressed up against his ear.

“That’s great Jer.”

“Jake gave me a dare and you didn’t let me finish- *hic*- finish it! Now he’s gonna haaaate me Michael.”

His best friend sighed, “no ones gonna hate you for not completing a dare Jeremy.”

“But Miiiichael it was impoooortant!”

The two stumbled into the house and made their way slowly up to Michael’s room. After laying Jeremy down on his bed he sent a quick text to Jeremy’s dad to let him know his son was ok and was going to start getting ready for bed when he felt a hand tank on his hoodie, pulling him back into bed until he was faced with Jeremy climbing onto his lap and staring at him intently. The situation was all too sudden for Michael and, needless to say, his face soon matched the shade of his hoodie.

“JEREMY! What are you doing-”

“Since I couldn’t do it to Jake can I do my- *hic*- dare on you?” He stuttered, gripping to Michael’s shirt in fear of toppling backwards.

“Your… dare?”

“YESSS the dare! The one you wouldn’t let me do you… you meanie!”

Michael couldn’t help but giggle at the sight before him. Jeremy was sitting on Michael’s lap, practically straddling him, trying not to fall backwards out of laughter. His hair was a mess and his face was still bright red from the alcohol in his system. Needless to say, Jeremy wasn’t going to remember any of his in the morning… so what the hell.

“What was the dare?”

“You gotta let me do it fiiiirst.”

Michael sighed, “and why is that?”

“Cause..” Jeremy shifted awkwardly. “You might say no…”

Michael couldn’t help but laugh. He smiled at his friend. “Ok Jer. I promise I won’t back down. Whatever you’ve got for me I can take it! What did Jake say?”

Michael knew exactly what Jake had said before Jeremy even opened his mouth. He saw the look on his face after he had whispered the dare to Jeremy. He knew what he was about to hear.

“Kiss me.”

Michael didn’t need to be told twice.

He grabbed his best friend’s face and smashed their lips together. He didn’t really care that he had no idea what he was doing, the kiss was perfect all the same - even with the clattering teeth and skewed glasses.

Jeremy, however, had other ideas and he scrambled away after a couple of seconds leaving Michael extremely concerned.

“W…what?” He said, worried he had messed everything up. Their friendship, their partnership. Had he been reading it wrong?

Jeremy sat there pouting until he finally spoke: “I was meant to kiss you! That doesn’t count!”

Michael stared at his best friend for a couple of seconds before bursting out laughing, leading to a very flustered Jeremy shouting at him to stop it. He eventually managed to calm himself down enough to look back at Jeremy. And he smiled. Even if Jeremy didn’t remember anything in the morning, it would all be worth it. Just to know that he felt the same, that he was still the same Jeremy he had loved for how many years. Jeremy might not remember, but he would.

With that thought in mind. He swung his arms around his best friend’s neck and leaned in close.

“Go on, I dare you.”

Jeremy didn’t need to be told twice.

unsupported snape headcanons

oh boy hold on kiddos bc literally everything i think about snape is unsupported because there’s very little of his personal life in the books and i have so many hc’s it needed its own post. in answer to @snape-community‘s post and bc its been awhile since ive done one of these:

- he and hagrid are lowkey bffs. idk, i feel like hagrid just defended snape a lot in the first book. you can tell his demeanor towards the potion master definitely changed throughout the series and i think that’s bc hagrid had a lot of loyalty to harry and seeing snape treat the boy so badly created a rift between them

- when they were lowkey bffs, snape would have tea at hagrids. they would talk about the current status of the forest and if it was safe/viable to venture into it for potion ingredient gathering
- sometimes when hagrid was in there, if he saw something severus would appreciate, he would pocket it to give to him later

- snape visited hagrid for tea as a student. i feel like lily was the sort who would visit hagrid (idk, i just feel it) and she would drag snape along. he didn’t bother going back when their friendship ended and honestly, hagrid didn’t really mind. for all of hagrid’s stellar points, he was pretty prejudiced of slytherin. 
- he warmed up to him again when snape unofficially joined the light and became a professor/dumbledore’s man

- he and minerva pretty much hated each other when he started teaching. 
- he was angry at her for always backing up the mauraders and she frankly, just didn’t trust him
- their friendship started on a tentative foundation of overhearing the other make a snarky comment under their breath (either during a staff meeting, the head table, or an incident caused by a dunderheaded student that required all the heads of houses, the headmaster, and the mediwtich to assemble) and they couldn’t help but smirk in response
- their friendship was sealed when they got drunk together during the holidays in the staff room, somewhere in sev’s second or third year of teaching. they know a lot of things about each other and severus likes to tell himself he’s only friends with minnie because “the bitch knows too much” and not because he genuinely likes hanging out with the head of gryffindor, nope, of course not 

- he’s a really good head of house
- like, he takes the in loco parentis concept to a whole new level:

- he meets with students who are struggling with classes and directs them to a prefect/older student he knows excels in the subject in question for tutoring
- he will actually proofread potions essays if you give them to him with plenty of time before the due date and highlight sections that are weak to help you receive optimal points. (he does this with the other houses too actually. despite hating his life, he takes his job as a teacher seriously bc that’s just who severus is, but no one but the ravenclaws every bother asking)
- he will give extra credit assignments only if you ask him and show you’ve been making an effort to get your grades up. he doesn’t want to grade extra work if he knows it won’t help you/you dont really care
- all of this is given with a hefty amount of snark but he cares and you can see it in his eyes for a brief second before he makes a comment of “literally the last thing i want is to see your thick skull parading in my common room next year so ask miss doyle to help you with charms so you can pass your newts and leave this school while your parents are still proud of you”

- he keeps tabs on students that are struggling emotionally because he’s been there, done that, has the suicide attempt to prove it and he doesn’t want it to happen under his watch (he would blame himself immensely) 
- he won’t hesitate to tell madame pomfrey if he feels a student is at risk
- sometimes his students finds out it was snape, most of the time they don’t. he doesn’t care if they do and they get angry with him. losing a charges goodwill is far better than losing a charge. 
- he’s not good at the “it gets better” talks, but he’s not as bad as he thinks. if a student does come to him/confront him after he’s told poppy, he articulates something along the lines of “i told madame pomfrey because you were about to do something idiotic and i know you’re not that stupid. so you need help. im not qualified to give it, so we’re finding you someone who can. take it and for the love of merlin, don’t you ever put me in this position again. who do you think would have to tell your mother? your classmates? im sure they’d - i’d -  prefer to keep you alive, you stupid, stupid child.”

- he tends to shake his head at students backs in a very “i love my children but they will be the death of me” manner
- he can be a mother hen and mcgonagall knows it
- why does mcgonagall know it

- anyway, he tried to kill himself when he was sixteen, but that’s a different headcanon post ill make later

- three words: STAFF HOLIDAY TRIPS. that’ll be another hc post too bc this is super long already