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“ Gladio, I think I just saw them engaging some… Kind of activity in the living room.
“ Holy shit, lemme get the camera!
“ Fuck off, big guy!

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imagine in the how to train your assassin au tucker teaches wash how to make unhealthy foods like cake and pie

awwww omg teaching about home-made personal foods!! 

tucker would be like “what do you like to eat” and the only answer wash has is like…food. good food? food thats filling. 

grilled cheese maybe? u like it?

whats a grilled cheese. why would u grill cheese

so tucker makes him a grilled cheese and it remains as wash’s #1 comfort food years and years into the future

Im just gonna write some KM moments that happened today. And its basically from the post it posts some fans gave to jimin and jungkook.

- namjoon said JK not going to Busan. Instead he is working and producing music alone at the dorm

- Jimin interupted and said he was there too ( THEY ARE BOTH ALONE IN THE DORM DURING HOLIDAYS)

- a fan asked JK who is jk’s drink company. He answered Jin and Jimin

- Jimin said when he was drunk he could do a baby talk and saying “i am cute i am cute” (and can you imagine when he do this when there’s kook?? Like imagine all the cute shits he do when he’s drunk)

- jimin suggested hashtags, one of them is #honeyjimin

- remember that time jk answered what is jimin existence meaning to him? And he answered it with “honey”

- they both wearing blue jeans and white shirts for today’s fansign at hongdae (if im mistaken pls lemme know)

- after they go out from the car, jimin looking at his back and jk immediately follows him like usual.


- JK posted a selfie after a minute of jimin posted his selca

- JK took a selca with Tae but both of jimin and jungkook wearing a black hoodie.

- JK post it said, jimin often come to his room

- JK post it said , jimin often treat him a meal

Im living my life. What would they do in another day??

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I love you so much. sending vibes of love and support from across the planet always. Also hugs from a big fluffy dog named pearl ✨

asjfdjskdks ur the best i love u so much!!! and sending u love and good vibes from across the world as well and aaaaaaaa give me a big hug to baby pearl love u both!!! 💞💖💕💗💓😘