drunk harley quinn

but like…can you imagine how awful harley’s first stay in arkham as a patient would’ve been 

all of her former colleagues would’ve been her doctors and all of her former patients would’ve been her peers

she would’ve been forced to face the fact that she flushed her career down the toilet and that no one really liked her anymore

i mean harley is an asshole don’t get me wrong and i know that it was her choice to become a criminal but… i feel like that would’ve been so hard on her and it makes me sad to think about :/ 

The squad as things my drunk friends have said
  • Floyd: My girlfriend...Is the most amazing girl...*girlfriend goes to hug him* *pushes her away* STAPH! Didn't you just hear me! I have a girlfriend!!
  • Harley: If we were WW1 pilots, and we were shot down by the Germans, and you didn't have a 'chute: I'd let you hang onto me while I parachuted down
  • Chato: I just want to know...What's the name of a unicorn WITH WINGS? A pegacorn? And Unisus? WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME?!
  • Waylon: *incoherently mumbling before falling off bar stool, fast asleep*
  • Digger: I wanna drink all the vodka! Maybe I'll wake up with a Russian accent!
  • Tatsu: *quotes Shakespeare on top of the bar before kicking the bartender in the face when they ask her to stop*
  • Rick: Why don't people like me? I'm amazing! I own a handgun....Okay, so it's a toy but still!
  • June: *hung over the next morning* Okay...You were right...I'm a lightweight

You pulled away slowly, dissolving into a fit of giggles before you were even six inches away from Rick’s face.  The alcohol had made the edges of your thoughts all fuzzy, which is why you weren’t surprised you had leaned forward to kiss Rick.  Despite the fact that the whole squad was scattered around the bar, watching.

“What was that for?”  Rick asked, hands reaching out to grasp your waist to keep you upright as you stumbled.

Giggling again you patted the side of Rick’s face, grinning widely.  “Because I like you.  Stupid.”


me and my pal were drunk and did these…
happy valentine’s day everyone!!

  • Harley: From now on, we will be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Harley: Mistah J, codename: Been There, Done That
  • Harley: Ivy is Currently Doing That.
  • Harley: Selina is It Happened Once In A Dream
  • Harley: Two-Face, codename: If I Had To Pick A Dude
  • Harley: Croc is Eagle Two
  • Croc: Oh thank god.
Queens of Gotham Part 2

Part 1

warning: alcohol use, weapon use

“I want to show you the club!” Harley grabs my hands after our shots kick in.

I get up after her, “O-okay, let-let me grab my stuff first.” I put my knife in my boots. “Fuck you, jacket.” I say to my jacket as I through it on the ground. “I’ll pick that up later.” I point at the jacket, now on the floor.

“Puddin’!” Harley screams in the void.

“I’m right here, baby.” He says behind her.

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“10! 9! 8!” You and the rest of the Suicide Squad cheered as you waited for the new year to come. Diablo had a fireworks in his hands, and was ready to light them up with the small flame at the tip of his finger. 

You were sitting next to a very drunk Harley Quinn, who had been blatantly flirting with you for the past three hours.

Not that you were complaining

“3! 2! 1!” You barely said ‘one’ when Harley grabbed your face and kissed you. You were shocked at first, but then melted into her lips, kissing her back. You broke apart after a few seconds, slightly shocked. Damn, you thought to yourself. She’s a good kisser.

Harley winked. “Happy new year, Y/N.”

“Happy new year.”

I feel like Joker and Harley would go down in some deal gone wrong y'know? Like if J got shot then I’m sure Harley would kill herself and visa versa… or if something went wrong where they both end up dead…

I have big red hair and I wear green a lot, last night drunk Harley Quinn broke into my apartment and started calling me red. She was extremely drunk so I let her stay the night and in the morning helped her with her hangover, she’s not that bad
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