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D&E 2nd Tour - Fukuoka Day 1

Hyukjae’s parents, Donghae’s mum and Wook are all there!

Hyuk: someone I love a lot if here today~
Fans: Ryeowook!
Hyuk: nope~ I’m here!
Hae: donghae is here too~

Hyuk: the fans today didn’t memorize our lyrics! you guys are really our fans~ you’re here to see our faces! Albums are not impt~

Hyuk: everyone looks good even without make up!
Hae: pretty even if barefaced~
Hyuk: no, actually it’s better if you put make up. We applied thick make up too!
Hae: what? I didn’t apply any!
Hyuk: than what’s on your eyes?
Hae: I woke up like this!!!

Hyuk: don’t you all wish to see Wook, there’ll be KRY concert soon..
everybody don’t go >_> or do you want to see us dance~ we sing better than
KRY too~ just watch us, it’s enough~

omg during mother the camera just turned to film hyukjae’s mom instead of the usual VCR T_____T

Hyuk: alright~ the ballad time that ryeowook is watching has ended~
Wook: The best!
Hyuk: of course~

Hyuk: ryeowook sings really well~
Hae: I’ll go prepare to sing a ballad later!
Hyuk: no, you can only sing with me.

Hae: yesung is coming out in one month’s time. I hope he stops using sns~

Hae: I didn’t fall asleep during Ryeowook’s solo…..but I fell asleep during kyuhyun’s…..
After hae said that he fell asleep during kyu’s solo, hyuk said “he will hear this!” then hae replied “it’s ok, he’s not here anw”

Hae: I went to the beach with Hyukjae last night, and it was right beside fukuoka dome. So I told hyuk, “Hyukjae ah, we will be able to go to the dome.”
But Hyukjae said “No Donghae ah. We can only go to the dome with our fans.”

Donghae said that he was holding onto hyukjae’s hand while telling the latter that they will perform in the dome in the future.

Hae: during the celebratory party after today’s concert, let’s get drunk!!!!!
Hyuk: already drunk!!

Hae: if only our mothers were slimmer…
Hyuk: I’ve told them that they need to exercise more!
Hae: but they’re still pretty moms~

D&E talking in Spanish, mentioning the Surrond Viewing in Chile
E: Hi, we are Super Junior.
We are…. Eunhyuk.
D: We are Donghae.
E: I love you.
D: ….(in korean) ok, that‘s it.

They used ‘we‘ as ‘somos‘ (plural of I‘m (yo soy))
when they aaid their personal introductions lol

Hae: hyukjae you’re so handsome!
Hyuk: you too
Hae: not as handsome as you~ I want to be reborn as you!
Hyuk: that’s impossible.

Ryeowook sang the ballad version of Saturday night and donghae said “ryeowook ah sing this during kry’s concert!”
Wook: no.

Ryeowook: I have to leave because I have broadcast tomorrow~ but someone else will come tomorrow~~~

During intro of VCR, the cam zoomed in to hyukjae’s hand. Then donghae exclaimed “what happened to your hand! why is it injured?”

Hyuk: can I take off my clothes?
Elf: yes!
Hyuk: ok! everyone’s hentai right ! I’m hentai too♡

Hyuk: ryeowook you came last year too right? what is different about us?
Wook: more handsome! and shockingly you sang even better~

- about wook
Hyuk: he told me on SNS he want to meet me few days ago
Hae: me too ! l got a message !
Hyuk: no he said he want to meet me badly
Hae: somehow I felt so happy that I screencap the message

Wook: you know about our concert right?
Hyuk: not really
Wook: what?!
Hyuk: we are busy and we still have to prepare album when we get back to Korea

Hyuk: KRY coming soon right? don’t go, we’ll be compared? KRY is a little better in singing
Hae: yesung hyung is surely grinding his teeth now
Hyuk: can he stop SNS ? those selcas
Hae: that’s impossible? that’s his unique hobby

- boys throwing water bottles at each other and the water wetting the stage

Hyuk: yaa stop it in
Hae: ahahahahaha ^^
Hyuk: mop the stage i!!
Hae: we’re not going to dance anymore, it’s okay right ^^

lmfao donghae stole the translator’s specs and brought it to stage and played with it with hyuk…  kids please hahahaha

- wook sang the ballad ver of saturday night
Hae: ryeowook-ah, sing this in KRY concert too
Wook: don’t want
Hae: fine
Donghae you sulking baby

After singing Mother &: Kimi Ga Naitara (ballad songs), D&E looked at Ryeowook who’s sitting Oh the back and asked whether their voices are good enough. RyeoWook said to them, “CHOEGO!” (*You’re the best). But they didn’t hear him well, then the audiences shouted to them, “SAIKOU!” (*You’re the best in Japanese), to convey RyeoWook’s Word!

* When hyuk showed the paper for omoide no tabi,camera zoomed on hyuk’s hand and donghae…*
Hae: wow you really have a lot of hair!
Hyuk: not that much
Hae: like monkey
Hyuk: because its cold..really,can you stop looking at that focus on the paper instead?

hyuk said wook used his own money for this trip and even brought sukira’s staffs with himㅋㅋ so those women earlier were his sukira noonas.

Eunhae were actually fighting over who wook misses the most, hyuk said hae got his message in group chat while wook sent straight to him.

Hyuk: Ah today someone came to see us…
fans scream thinking he was gonna introduce Ryeowook/
Hyuk: our moms ….  and…..you all…..  and…..a member of SJ…..
Donghae-ssi and……me
Finally in the end he said Ryeowook’s name

- talking about their dreams after new year video
hyuk: our dreams are coming true one by one
hae: we can anticipate for the next 2 years right

Hyuk: yesterday we thought of meeting the persons in charge for fukuoka dome but we didn’t manage to
Hae: we need to bring around 35000 fans together as well
Hyuk: everyone pls wait at home ! we’ll go together later okay

Eunhyuk: Ah today there are a lot fans~
Donghae: Yes they are, but they dont know the lyrics of our songs
Eunhyuk: Right….it seems like they only look at our faces but dont listen to our song. But its okay. Have fun anyway today

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