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Simon x Reader

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Request: “hey would you be doing requests by any chance?? If so, would you please be able to write a Simon one based off the song ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ - Shawn Mendes ft. Camilla Cabello. So basically the reader has been on a holiday recently and Simon has a feeling/thinks she’s cheated & there’s tension, endings up to you. I love your writing so much!! Thank you xxxx”

Note: This did not turn out the way I expected it to at all. Whelp. You brought this upon yourselves lol. 2950 words. [master list]

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Reasons why - Jughead x Reader

Request: could you do an imagine based on the series ‘13 reasons why’ where the reader is hannah baker and clay is juggie? maybe you could write a series? 💞

A/N: Okay so I kind of went away from the request a little, it is loosely based off of 13 Reasons why, but I re-wrote this like 20 times and I just am sorry if it is not what you like/want x

Warnings: Mentions of rape, violence yeah

Word count: 2856

Jughead woke up like it was a regular day, he got ready for school and make him and Archie some coffee downstairs. The boys then proceeded to  drive to school in Archies truck, they met up with their little gang of friends and walked in as they usually would.

However today wasn’t a regular day.

But no one knew it yet.

Y/N and Jughead were best friends, it was obvious to almost anyone else that Y/N had feelings for Jughead, and Jughead had told Archie that he had feelings for Y/N. Although, they never told each other these feelings, they stayed best friends.

“Wheres Y/N?” Jughead asked at lunch, in the morning he had assumed that you had just slept in, but he hadn’t seen you all day which was unusual.

“She’s probably just skipping, Jug” Archie replied, dropping himself onto the couch with Jughead in the student lounge. Jughead thought about it for a moment, and decided that you skipping would be a good enough answer if you were answering his texts, you must’ve told someone that you were skipping?

Jughead looked around the student lounge until he found the pair of eyes he was looking for, Reggie Mantle. When Y/N moved to Riverdale, she had befriended the boy in the beanie and his gang of friends, but she had also instantly connected with Reggie. Jughead hated it at first, until Reggie stopped being an ass to him because of Y/N.

Jug got up and made his way over to Reggie, yes Reggie had stopped pushing him into lockers, but they still weren’t friends, “Mantle” Jughead said as he neared the boy, “Jones” came the reply.

“We have to talk. It’s about Y/N” Jug said, he was trying not to sound too worried, but he was failing, Reggie was pretty close with Y/N, he was like her older brother, so of course he knew Y/N’s feelings for the Jones boy.

“What’s up?” Reggie said, walking away from his group of friends and into the halls with Jug. “Have you heard from her? She hasn’t been at school all day and usually she would tell someone, you or me. But she hasn’t talked to me so has she talked to you?” Jughead rambled.

“No, and I get what you mean, it is weird, but how about we cut last class and go to hers and see what’s up?” Reggie suggested, Jughead thought about it and agreed, it would be the first time Jughead would be fully alone with Reggie, hopefully Y/N would be at home.

The bell for the start of last period rang and Jughead walked to Reggie’s car to meet him, they drove to Y/N’s apartment and knocked on her door. As Reggie knocked, the door slowly opened, not from someone on the other side, from it not being shut properly.

“Y/N? Hello?” Reggie said as he walked into his friends house, followed quickly by Jughead, “Jesus, her house feels.. Different” Jughead said, “Like all the Y/N joy is gone” Reggie finished.

They walked around her kitchen, then her lounge, they then turned down the hallway to go through to her bedroom, Jughead suddenly got a gut feeling something wasn’t right, “Reggie, I don’t think she’s here, she would’ve come out by now” he whispered, Reggie took a deep breath before he opened the door to Y/N’s room, the door slowly pushed open to reveal…


A clean room, bed made, but something was wrong, “Check the drawers” Jughead commanded, Reggie obliged and the drawers revealed something Jughead prayed wouldn’t be true, “There’s nothing in them” Reggie said, “Fuck, she’s gone, but why?” Jughead breathed out as he slumped onto the bed, as he sat down her noticed a note and a box on the bed, how did he not see it when he walked in?

“Reggie! Look” Jug said as he read the note outloud:

“If you are reading this note, you probably have clicked onto my absence, I’m hoping that Jughead or Reggie are with whoever finds this. If it is both of you, hello my sweets.

I have left Riverdale for a while, I don’t know when I’ll be back or if I’m even coming back, I’m not going to tell you where I’m going, I’ve thrown my phone away, but I knew you two boys wouldn’t be able to let go like the rest of this small town, so in the box provided with this note, is an iPod, listen to the voice memo’s, it’ll explain everything.

See you later

Y/N L/N”

“No fucking way” Reggie said, Jughead just stared ahead, he was in shock, she left, how could she have left him. Why did she leave him. Reggie started opening the box, as Y/N said in her note, there was an iPod, and some headphones.

“Shall we listen to it Jug?” he asked, “Of couse we should Reggie, it’ll tell us why she left and it may give us clues on how to find her” Jughead replied, his heart broke at the sound of her voice.

“Hey, this is Y/N, Y/N L/N, and I’m here to tell you all the reasons why I have disappeared. Get comfy, and lets begin”

Jughead cringed at the sound of your voice, knowing you had disppeared, and hearing your voice telling you why, made him feel sick.

“First things first, Reggie, Jughead, you two were the best friends anyone could ask for, I’m sorry I wasn’t a good friend to you”

Jughead wanted to scream into the iPod, you were, you were a good friend Y/N, you didn’t have to leave, why did you leave, why didn’t you come to us with your problems. We could’ve helped

“Before you say ‘why didn’t you come to us with your problems’ it wasn’t that easy, if it was I would have believe me. So now let’s get into it, Reason number One; This might be especially hard for you Reggie, as the person that is the cause of this reason, is your friend. Chuck.”

Jughead looked at Reggie, his face was frozen, his jaw was clenched, he was holding this iPod like it held all the secrets to the universe, Reggie swallowed a lump in his throat then continued to listen to the recording.

“Chuck Clayton, one of the shining stars at Riverdale high, Chuck is popular, his fathers the coach, what more could he want? He’s got a smile that could kill, he is definitely a people person, charming their pants off, literally, but I’ll get to that in a second. Right now  I’m here to tell you that Chuck isn’t the nice people person he makes himself out to be, and I found this out one night, at a party at Cheryl Blossoms house.

Chuck had too much to drink and I was charging my phone in Cheryl’s room, y’know, Cheryl, my closest girl friend? Well she was until *clicks tongue* I’m getting ahead of myself.

Chuck stumbled through the door, a wolf like grin appeared on his face, I greeted the drunk footballer and continued to try and find my charger, he then came up behind me, hands to waist and mouth to ear, he whispered gross fucking shit into my ear then proceeded to.. Well.. Let me just say these words, not consenual.”

Reggie’s face burned, his eyes full of nothing but hate. “Reg-”Jughead started, he was cut off by Reggie, “That mother fucker, that fucking dick.” Reggie stood up and walked out of Y/N’s room, iPod and all, Jughead chased after him.

“Get in the car or walk, Jug” Reggie said once they were outside, Jughead jumped in the car, “Shouldn’t we listen to the other recordings before we do anything?” Jug asked, “Fuck off. The longer this fuck gets away with what he did, the longer Y/N will stay away. I’m dealing with him now.” Reggie said as he sped to school.

He parked outside the doors right as the end of school bell went off, Jughead and Reggie got out of the car, “Juggie!!!” Betty said from his left, “Hey Bets, what’s up?” Jughead said, not focusing on her answer, he was searching for Chuck with Reggie, “Mother fucker” Reggie growled indicating he had spotted him.

“Reg wait” Jughead called after him, “What’s going on?” Betty asked as they were both joined by Kevin and Veronica.

Jughead ran up after Reggie, who was storming towards the group of jocks, Archie spotted them first “Reg, Jug, how-” Archie’s greeting was cut off by Reggie walking right up to Chuck and punching him in the face, “What did you do to Y/N?!” Reggie demanded, Chuck spat the blood out of his mouth and smirked, “What do you mean Reg?” he said, “Fuck off, you know, admit it. Now. Or I swear to god” Reggie said standing tall over Chuck.

“I’m going to tell you what I told her, Reg.” Chuck whispered, “You have no proof, no one will believe you. Good luck trying to prove that the coaches son did such a horrible thing” Chuck started to laugh, Reggie gritted his teeth and punched him again, and again, and again, Archie had to pull him off.

“That’s enough Reg!” he pleaded, “What happened?” Archie questioned, “Reg, you can’t just beat him up and not explain why.”

Reggie turned to Jughead, “You tell him” he said as he passed Jughead the iPod and left, Jug turned to Archie who had his eyes wide, “Let’s go home and I’ll tell you everything” he said as he walked towards Archie’s truck.

“Y/N ran away?!! Do you know where she is?” Archie asked, Jughead explained the iPod and the recordings, he expressed his hopes on finding Y/N throught these. “Lets listen then”Archie said as he pushed play on the second recording.

“You’re back for more I see, if you’re hoping to know where I am via these recordings, good luck. Heres the second reason I left, Queen B herself, Cheryl.

Cheryl, you were my closest girl friend, I thought we had each others backs, until the night of your party, when Chuck raped me in your room, you walked in right before it happened and I begged you to help, I screamed at you, but you listened to Chuck, he said we were fine, when I for one, was obviously not. How could you let him do that to me. I thought we were friends. I must’ve thought wrong.”

Jughead called Reggie over, he had to listen to the rest of the recordings with him, they finished the recording on Cheryl and wondered who would be next.

“Vice Priciple Carter” (A/N - Made up name because I didn’t want to make Mr Weatherbee a bad guy)

All three boys looked at each other in confusion, what did the Vice Principle have to do with this?

“Ma’am, you saw me crying one day at school, brought me into your office, sat me down and comforted me, that was, until I told you the reason I was crying. When I told you, you failed me as a authority, you told me that there was nothing I could do and no one would believe me. You said that it was cause too much of a scandal, that I would never win against the coaches son. You assured me that I was indeed alone”

“Fuck” Archie said, “She felt so alone.”

Jughead clenched his jaw, how could no one do anything. She was gone because of these people, “People need to know. We have to release the recordings” he said, turning to Reggie who nodded in agreement, “First we have to get Chuck to confess so it’s solid” Reggie said.

It had now been a few weeks since Y/N L/N disappeared, a search started, and ended, people assumed she skipped town, Reggie, Archie and Jughead tried to get a confession out of either Cheryl or Chuck, if either of them confessed they would have case to show Sheriff Keller.

The boys managed to rope Betty and Veronica in on the plan, everyone was ready, they wanted Y/N back, they missed her. Veronica was bonding with Cheryl to try get her to confess, she had no idea how to though.

“Jughead” Reggie’s voice boomed, “What’s up Reg?” “If Y/N does end up coming back, do me a favour, tell her how you feel, because she feels the same. She told me and now I’m telling you, if she comes back don’t let her slip away.” and with that he walked away.

That night the three boys were at Archies, there was a knock at the door and confused Archie answered it, there stood Veronica, phone in hand smiling widely, “V?” he asked, she pushed past him and enetred the lounge, “I got it, I fucking got it” she squealed.

“Got what?” Reggie questioned, Veronica looked at him and pushed play on her phone, Cheryl’s voice came booming through.

“I regret it so much Ronnie, I wish I could take it back”

“Take what back Cheryl?”
“That night, I left Y/N there, in the room, with Chuck. She asked me to help, but I was scarede of what Chuck might do to me so I left. I left and I let him do it, I let him rape her”

The three pairs of eyes widened and they smiled, Reggie stood up and hugged Ronnie, “How the hell did you get this?” he asked, Veronica opened her handbag and pulled out a bottle of vodka, “Works everytime” she said with a smile.

The next morning they took the recording to the Sheriff, he listened to it and had to immediately go to Coach Clatyon’s house, where he arrested Chuck for rape, and they opened a missing persons file on Y/N, and a search party began again.

It had now been a month since Y/N disappeared, Jughead regretted never telling her how he felt, Reggie regretting not being there for his best friend. Everyone was slowly being hit by the fact that she may never return, there were still some ‘sightings’ of her in Riverdale and the neighbouring towns, however all of them seemed to be false.

Jughead was sitting in his regualr booth at Pop’s, he ordered some fries and was looking at the rian pouring out the window, he saw familiar face in the rain, standing beside a tree across the road, he could swear it looked like “Y/N!” He exclaimed as he jumped oout of the booth and ran outside, but the figure was gone.

Defeated by this he walked home, he was walking past Y/N’s house, it still hadn’t gone up for rent as her parents continued to pay the rent, and no one could get ahold of them to tell them she had disappeared.

He glanced up towards Y/N’s room, the light was on?! He blinked and it was off again, he must’ve been imagining things, he shrugged it off and walked into Archie’s/his.

He seated himself on his bed and started writing on his laptop, his phone went off over and over so he checked it to see who was trying to contact him so badly.

“Jughead. I swear to god I’ve been seeing Y/N around town - Reg”

“Jug I swear she was standing outside my window 2 minutes ago - Reg”

“I’m going to Pop’s, meet me there - Reg”

Jughead groaned as he got out of bed, he threw on some shoes and a jacket and made his way to Pop’s, and out the corner of his eye he swears he saw Y/N sitting on a park bench.

“I’ve been seeing her too Reg” Jughead said as he sat at the booth with the jock.

“Thank god, I thought I was going crazy, she keeps popping up and leaving before I can say anything to her” Reggie looks like he hasn’t slept, “Reg, how long have you been seeing her for? You look like you haven’t slept in days” Jughead guestures to the boys bags under his eyes.

“A few days. It started so subtly, I thought I was dreaming, and then it started happening in more public places and I never got the chance to talk to her so I can’t sleep because my mind is so focused on finding her, she was my best friend, she was like my sister, and I couldn’t protect her. I failed her” Reg says, his voice cracking when he talks.

“Reggie you didn’t fail her, she didn’t tell us about Chuck, and once we knew we dealt with it.” Jughead reassured the boy.

And they sat in that booth for a few hours, talking. Then suddenly there was a voice said “Is this seat taken?”

The boys looked up and saw a face they had missed for months.

“Y/N” they said at the same time, Reggie whispered “It was you, you’re back”

“I’m back”

I haven’t tagged anyone in this because it is triggering, love you all xox

Reggie x Reader - request - Part 3

Anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where you’re Archie sister and you’re dating Reggie. Someone lets it slip that you lost your virginity to him and he tells Archie “sorry I took your sister virginity won’t happen again” and Archie punched him and a fight breaks out

Warnings: Some sexual content as well as strong language

FYI: I changed the prompt a little in order for it fit the setting I made up for it. I’ve been asked to make a Part 2, hope you like it and thanks for the request!

Anonymous said: Part 3 for the reggie/jughead oneshot thingy 

You sat there stunned.

Your eyes looked up to seeing Jughead walking proudly into his trailer and you just sat there confused.

What was happening tonight? First everything with Reggie and now something like this with Jughead of all people.

You shook your head and finally looked at yourself in the mirror realizing you were smiling. You decided to shake off the feeling as your emotions were already too overwhelmed tonight.

You began to drive back to Ronnie’s and yet your mind couldn’t escape everything that happened of the evening.

You couldn’t believe you were that idiotic to trust Reggie like that. You just kept telling yourself you should have known better.

You made your way to Ronnie’s and grabbed your bag out of the back. Your mind still wandering.

You made it back to the party that was still in full swing when you saw both Ronnie and Betty.

“So how long is this going for?”, your mind finally giving you a break to chalk up a conversation.

“Hey! You’re back!”, Ronnie was a little drunk and began to greet you with a hug.

“You okay?”, Betty’s eyes greeted you with some concern.

“Yeah. Just a weird night in general I guess….”, your mind wandering back to Jughead.

Betty gave a questionable look while Ronnie grabbed the shot glasses once again. “You joining in now?”, she was waving the empty glasses in front of you.

“Yeah, I’m not going anywhere. Betty?”, your eyes turned to the blonde again and Ronnie began to pour some tequila.

“Alright but I’m not drinking as much as her”, she gave a motion to Ronnie.

 “Thanks for the ice by the way,” you looked Betty in the eyes while tapping your glasses together. You decided to drink your night’s worries away. To have the weekend with your friends and not to worry for what was coming Monday.

 Sunday had come and gone which had included a breakfast with Betty and Ronnie after staying over from the party. You needed a lot of waffles in order to soak up the libations from the night before. You woke up to Monday morning in your room. Slowly, you got ready for school, dreading what your day would bring. You had stayed away from social media out of sheer fear but from what you could tell, nothing including you had occurred yet. 

 You were waiting for Archie in the truck. He finally came to the car after a few minutes and looked at your face. Your mind was still wandering.

“You okay?”, he gave a brotherly look. You hadn’t told him what happened with Jughead when you dropped him off. 

“Yeah. I’ll be fine”. You shook off your feelings and started the truck. 

You got to school and headed to your locker while you saw Reggie and Moose turn the corner into the hallway. You gave a deep breath, “Here we go”, you thought to yourself. 

You got to your locker and avoided any eye contact. You heard a grunt attached with a laugh while Reggie whispered, “slut”. You turned around in anger and he laughed at you before making his way down the rest of the hallway. The one pleasure you had was that Reggie’s face was still bruised from Saturday night.

You grabbed the rest of your books and slammed your locker when you heard footsteps behind you. 

“You okay?”, you heard a gentle voice behind you looked to see Jughead there with some worry in his face. 

“Yeah. Just dandy”, you slightly rolled your eyes before Saturdays kiss came to your head. You looked back into Jughead’s eyes. “Sorry, just Reggie being a dick…”. You motioned to Reggie and Moose down the hallway.

“When is he not?”, he blurted out of his mouth before looking back to you. 

“Yeah well, he wasn’t always to me. Should have known better”, your eyes were now on your feet slowly walking down the hallway. 

Jughead gave a small sigh and you looked back to him. His arm was above his head, playing with his beanie. You could tell he was nervous. “Uhm….so…”, you were thinking how Juggie was never really at a loss for words yet here he was stumbling, “Can we talk later?”. 

You gave a smile, “Of course Juggie. Lunch?” Your heart felt like it fluttered a little. 

“Yeah, I’ll find you”. He returned the smile and then went in the other direction heading towards his class. You felt a little blushed until you turned back around. You passed Reggie who was now talking to Chuck. 

Chuck raised his voice as he saw you walk by. “Hey there Y/N. Want to get out of here?!”, Chuck was now laughing. You stared back at Reggie who had looked like he remembered what you did in the hallway. 

“Would you both just leave me the fuck alone already?”, you walked away, deciding not to cause any violence at school. As you walked away, you could hear laughing behind you. You tried to gain some courage heading to class, knowing that at least the majority of your classes had either Juniors or Seniors in them. That was something of a relief. You were only looking forward to lunch now.

guardiansofwolves  asked:

Prompt: Regina and Emma meet for the first time at someone else's wedding. Extra bonus point: if one them is really drunk at the greeting.

A/N I think I got the extra point xd Thanks for the prompt ;) Hope you like it!

A03 version

Emma dodged what was probably the fourth man trying to kiss her and moved to the back of the room in where just the now empty chairs waited along with the dirty plates and stains of wine on white and light grey napkins and tablecloths. She dropped the smile she had been keeping as she finally sighed, feeling the high heels she had been forced to wear cutting deep on her skin. She was probably going to kill Ruby for making her go to the wedding like this but that, she surmised, was going to probably be after managing to move her sore feet back to their shared apartment.

Her thoughts were cut short when a figure plopped down a few seats at her left, in the same circular table she was in. Frowning, she found herself staring to a brunette woman close to her own age and grasping an almost empty tumbler of alcohol. Her fingers gripped the glass tightly but her eyes, chocolate brown, seemed to be swarming in thoughts and her other hand, running up and down the brunette’s neck, seemed to tremble. The stranger was definetely not sober and for a moment Emma let her own alcohol slightly induced brain  rake up and down the woman’s impressive figure before she snapped out of it.

As bad as she felt, she thought, the woman in front of her seemed to be in even worse shape. Clearing her throat and smiling charmingly to the woman once she looked at her she moved a few seats to her left until they both were looking at each other eye to eye.

“From the groom’s side?” She asked. Snow had invited what seemed to be a small town’s worth of people but she was sure that she would have remembered the brunette woman if she had seated with her at her side of the chapel the couple had picked up.

The brunette looked at her before placing the tumbler on the table’s surface, the soft clunk noise being impossible to hear due to the music that, even where they were, echoed on every surface.

Emma wondered if she was doing something similar to what she had been subjected to with almost every man she had encountered that evening but remained where she was.

“I’m Emma.” She provided after an awful long silence. She needed to scream a little but her voice rose above the music enough for the brunette to nod at her, apparently deciding to humor her.

“Regina.” Came the reply in a smooth voice in where only a slight slurring denoted the alcohol the woman, Regina, probably had on her body. “And no, dear, I’m from the bride’s.”

That made Emma frown; she had truly not seen Regina before and considering her age and how Snow had almost invited everyone who had been on her life ever since university it was strange for her not to recognize her name.

“Don’t bother.” The brunette said while chuckling. “I’m the complicated guest, uncomfortable and who no one knows where to sit her at.”

She didn’t seem the kind to overshare so Emma fumbled with her digits, not sure how to keep talking after that. It was Regina the one who gave her an opening.

“I worked with Little Snow’s father on his law firm until he passed away. My mother tried to do a few shady things with the firm a few years ago and when she was finally incarcerated Leopold told me that I could still work with him.”

“You’re Regina Mills.” Emma blurted, remembering when Snow had told her that story. She had never actually linked story to face and now she could she blinked, realizing for the first time who the brunette was. Leopold had died very soon after Cora’s imprisonment and the papers had maliciously commented how close the two incidents- Regina’s mother stealing and the man’s own demise- had been. It made sense that the brunette considered herself quite the complicated guest since Snow had probably invited her in order to feel better about it everything that had transpired. Specially taking into account that later on rumors about Leopold and Cora being lovers had been shared with the public.

“Bingo.” Came the acid response and Emma bit down on her bottom lip, suddenly not sure at all on how to proceed. She had felt interested when she had first seen the brunette and that, being as gorgeous as she was, wasn’t definetely something difficult to understand. However, Regina as definetely not in the mood to do anything but probably drink and be free of the wedding as soon as possible. “You said your name was Emma?”

“I’m friends with Ruby, Snow’s…”

“Best friend, yes, I remember her, she used to come to the law firm every time Snow did as well just to flirt with Leopold’s secretary.”

Emma didn’t say anything about that, Ruby was known to be a flirt after all.

“There was a time when I thought the two of them were together.” Regina shared conspiringly, seeming now slightly more comfortable as minutes passed. Emma gaped at the information before shaking her head. She had seen the two of them interact and Ruby and Snow went way back, the possibility itself was strange to think about.

“I don’t think Snow swings that way.” She finally said meekly, wincing when she realized how that had sounded.

Regina, however, chuckled.

“And you?” She boldly asked, smirking when Emma blushed slightly at the brass question. This definetely wasn’t going as planned.

“I may.”

This time it was Regina’s eyes the ones that traveled up and down Emma making the blonde shudder.

“I see…” Came the reply. “I see.”

Oh, How We’ve Grown (3/4)

Title: Oh, How We’ve Grown
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: swearing, feels?
Spoilers: None

Apparently ten hours of sleep and waking up to freaking 400 notes does a lot to restore you from severe fatigue. You guys are being so kind, and I appreciate all the kind words you throw my way. So much so that and I may or may not have screenshotted some of your feedback to look at on a bad day. Only one chapter left after this one, I’m sort of nervous. As always, if you want in on the tag list, send me an ask. Do not ask in reblogs and replies because they tend to disappear in the notes, and I’d feel bad if I missed someone.

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We found weekend jobs, when we got paid
We’d buy cheap spirits and drink them straight
Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long

”Domino’s, may I take your order?”

So it’s not the most glamorous job in the world. It’s the worst. It’s slaving for minimum wage in Satan’s sweaty armpit while hoards of rude customers chip away at your faith in humanity. You keep repeating that it’s only for another couple of months more, that you need the money, that it’s a good experience. You roll your eyes when the line crackles as the customer hushes violently into the receiver.

”Shh! Shut up, Steve, I'mma order!”

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knittedgauntlets  asked:

The music of Alice Cooper, high humidity, and eyeliner. Give me some classic rock feels. :D

Castiel doesn’t understand why he’s in a bar on Halloween. Why Dean had invited him to a bar on Halloween and isn’t even here. Sam is, though. Which isn’t unusual. He also looks pretty drunk.

“Sam,” Castiel greets.

“Hey, Cas!” Sam greets, pounding him on the back hard and handing him a beer. He’s flushed and almost giddy. Most people in the bar are, though. Everyone except the two of them in costume and talking loudly. “Glad you could make it!”

“Dean invited me,” Castiel says over the din. “Why are we here? The crowds are… uncomfortable.” So saying, he gets jostled in the shoulder, his beer sloshing and almost spilling.

“You’ll see soon enough. Come on, table’s up front.” Sam uses his huge size to break a path to a sticky, unbalanced table right at the stage.

There’s no time to talk as the lights dim and and people start to cheer loudly.

A disembodied voice echoes, “Happy Halloween, everyone. Costume karaoke begins now!” More cheering and when it starts to settle, the voice continues, “please welcome to the stage for the first time, Alice fucking Cooper!”

Castiel blinks.

The stage lights flip on, smoke rolling over the stage. The music begins and it’s deafening. And none other than Dean Winchester steps onto the stage, mic in hand. And he’s unrecognizable except for the fact that Castiel knows the man’s face so well, he’d recognize him anywhere. He’d be laughing at his appearance if he weren’t so startled.

Dean’s in honest-to-goodness leather pants, ripped black t-shirt, heavy eyeliner, and a black wig teased up high and frizzy.

“Holy shit,” Castiel whispers.

Dean points directly at him. “You couldn’t hide your guilty pleasure from me forever, babe! This one’s for you!”

A moment later, he’s screaming No More Mr. Nice Guy with everything he’s got.

Castiel sits back in his chair while Sam howls with laughter. “I’m going to marry that man someday,” Castiel murmurs to himself.

Love Drunk

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for a lovely anon.

Prompts: “Meet me there midnight.” and “Stop! Someone will hear us!” and “What happened last night?”


Imagine during the celebration after his coronation, a drunk Bard announces his love for you and his intention to make you his queen, when you try to make him retire to his chambers, he peppers you with sloppy kisses before passing out.

You lifted your head as another roar came from the table across the front of the banquet hall. It was not often that Bard laughed so loudly or earnestly, but this night, he seemed uncharacteristically jolly. Earlier that day, he had seemed to dread his own crowning and yet here he was, drowning in mirth among men he despised.

You chewed your lip as you watched him curiously and the epiphany washed over you as you saw the hiccup. His chest leapt suddenly and his laughter, for a brief second, was interrupted by a small gasp. He was drunk! You allowed yourself a muted chuckle as you watched him knowingly. He was unsteady, even sitting down, and he appeared to find even his own breath comical.

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open to: males only
possible connections: stranger, close friend, significant ex 

it wasn’t a usual thing for jihan to do  — go out and get drunk off his ass. but tonight he did that, and did it by himself. which probably wasn’t the smartest idea. but here he was making his way back to his apartment, well that’s where he thought he was going, but god knows where he was when he began banging on a door loudly at 3 in the morning, while laughing his head off. “baby let me in.” he continues to bang on the apartment door, waiting for his ‘baby’ to greet his drunk self. without allowing the other to say anything he instantly throws his body onto the other males, wrapping his arms around their waist, once the door had been opened. “oh god, you smell so good.” he whispers into the ear, his nose rubbing against the skin on their neck.


It was not very gotten that Sly decided to bother his alternates. However today was a sort of special occasion. He thought that he had fucked up pretty bad, which had led to heavy drinking. Especially since he had previously just turned off his emotions and now they were back on. Which meant he was in a certain mood that sometimes required company.

Which meant he was currently knocking on his alternate self’s door, a sans he knew as Squish.

“HEELLLOOOOO,” well that was a pretty obviously drunk greeting as well.

Intoxicated - A Kristanna One-Shot

summary: 11 months in a relationship with his best friend, Kristoff finds himself in a tight situation he’s never experienced before: a drunk Anna. And having her almost say the three words isn’t helping very well either.

a/n: so I saw this file with this fic idea in my laptop last December and just decided to finish it. aahh fluff because I am Kristanna trash. ;-;/

Kristoff jerked awake in his sleep when his phone bleated for the fifth time against his bedside table, eyes finally cracking open and a half-asleep arm reaching out for it. He groped around a few times before he’d knocked his statistics book over and found his phone vibrating against wood.

“Hello?” he slurred, almost falling back to sleep the second he put his phone against his ear.

“Krishtoff!” came a familiar upbeat voice, which he almost didn’t hear over the blasting party music at the background. The sound almost made his ears bleed.

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Okay I’m mixing two AU prompts from daddari-no and celestine-ev

aka: Childhood best friend AU+Roomates AU. Hope you like this

‘You’re drunk.’ 

Alec greeted his friend who was stumbling into the room, one hand gripping the door edge tightly. The green-eyed boy laughed an easy laugh and stepped into the room closing the door behind him loudly. He leaned against the door and looked at Alec, head cocked slightly. Alec felt his heart beating a little faster which wasn’t unusual but it was a secret Alec would take to the grave.

Not his friend, not Sebastian, he always convinced himself that it would ruin what they have. 


Sometimes he tried to tell himself that it wouldn’t be that way, that they would last forever and love and cherish each other but he never let that side win.

Sebastian looked at him now, with a strange expression on his face. Suddenly Alec found himself inches away from his friend and he could smell the alcohol in his breath.

‘Seb,’ he said nervously, putting his hands on the other boy’s chest in attempt to pushing him away. ‘Hey, you’re drunk.’

‘No I’m not,’ Sebastian slurred. He reached up and cupped one side of Alec’s face. ‘I have all these feelings for you. Ever since we became friends but I always told myself…it doesn’t matter. I like you Alec, alot.’

Alec stared at him a moment before shaking his head, laughing a little.

‘You’re drunk.’ He said again.

Sebastian moved closer, caressing Alec’s cheek. ‘And stupid,’ Sebastian whispered and Alec felt himself leaning in continuously. ‘And totally in love with you.’ 

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19 Harry please :)

19; “Baby come put your lips on mine and shut me up…”

It has been eating away at him all night. Slowly but surely consuming his mind, and he needs to let it free before it takes all of him.

His fingers chip at the beer label of his Guinness, which is still half full. It was handed to him forty-five minutes ago by an over-active Niall. But Harry can’t be bothered to focus on anything else but you.

You’ve always been in his mind, whether he realises it or not. The decisions he makes are subtly influenced by you, as for some reason he would be drawn to one option over the next. You stick to the edges of his thoughts like gum on the sidewalk; sometimes he would be well-aware of your presence, sometimes he’d skim by you but acknowledge that you are there. 

Now he stands at another one of Niall’s random get together’s, with at least thirty other people he didn’t know but evidently knew him by the way they’d greet him with an “Oi mate!” and a man hug. Harry remembered a handful of them, but had trouble recalling the rest as your face clouds his mind.

You have yet to arrive at the party, which makes Harry wonder when the hell you are going to show. He personally invited you over the phone, to which you sounded pre-occupied but accepted anyways. 

“You alright there, Harry?” Liam interjects his memory of you. He nods, raising the beer in his hand.

“Never better.”

“Do you uh… want to chat with the rest of us? You’re looking a bit like a zombie the way you’re just standin’ there, hardly talking to anyone.”

Again, Harry nods. Though he pauses beforehand to decide. Might as well do something before you show yourself.

Harry realises, however, how out of his usual behaviour he is acting. Normally, he’s the life of the party and enjoyed being so. But not today, no. He had something bigger than downing a few drinks and dancing crazily around with random folk to accomplish.

A couple laughs and witty lines come from him whilst in the group of old but always good friends. You’re taken away from his thoughts but only for a few minutes until you arrive, fashionably late.

You don’t see him at first however Harry eyes your body through the crowded room, greeting several mutual friends. You’re stunning as always to him, the wind on occasion being knocked out of him. 

“You going to stand ‘ere or go after her?” Liam nudges him gently as he follows Harry’s gaze to you. 

His mouth his dry, blinking at you to register that you’re truly there. 

“Er-Right, right.” He nods, “I’ll be going.”

Liam smiles; it might just happen.

“God, I love your outfit, it’s so-” Sam is cut off by a cheeky Harry, who puts on a confident facade for the moment. Though he knows he’ll turn into putty with you.

“Harry.” You grin before hugging him tightly. His scent hits your nose presently; Tom Ford cologne with a hint of vanilla and somehow through it all, mint. It jumbled together to make the perfect concoction that is, Harry. 

You look to him with gleaming eyes, growing happier with his presence. In a room full of people, he’s the only one you’d ever find yourself smiling with. 

“Hi, love. How’re you?”

“I’m good, good. And you?”

He beams, “Good, good.”

From there, you don’t even notice that his figure has moved significantly closer to yours. You want nothing more than for him to close the gap right then and there.  

“Listen, love, do you think we could go talk somewhere? A bit more pri-”

“Y/N! Woo!” A very drunk Sophia greets you with two margaritas in her hand.

“Drink with me! You’ve got to do a lot to catch up with me since you were lateee!” She shoves it in your hand, some sloshing around before spilling. You laugh whilst gripping her shoulder with one hand.

“Calm yourself a bit, Liam won’t be happy about this.”

She giggles, “Who cares? He’s getting some anyways.” You gasp at her confession, Harry chuckling beside you.

“We should probably get her to Liam before she does something she’ll regret tomorrow.” You say, getting a grasp of her side for support.

“Oh, she’ll already be regretting this tomorrow regardless of anything else.” Harry goes to carry her other side. 

For a second, Harry is thankful for the slight distraction. However, he is a bit irked at being interrupted. You probably wouldn’t want to shy away from the party just yet, but all he wanted was alone time with you.

“She’s a handful, don’t let her out of your sight.” You tell Liam, who thanks you both profusely. He then looks to you, “You told ‘er yet?”

“Told who, what?” You glance between them. Harry’s eyes widen, “I was just getting to it, Payne.”

“What’s happening?”

Harry sighs, taking your wrist and leading you into an empty bedroom of Niall’s. On your way there, Niall himself winks to you both, causing you to blush. 

For the longest time you’ve wanted to be more than just friends with Harry, and you wondered if he’d ever felt the same. But he would’ve said something by now, right?

“Harry, please tell me what’s happened. You aren’t dying or something, right?” You joke whilst in the quiet of your own space. 

He shuts the door behind you, then moves to the space just inches away from your face. You detect the faint scent of beer in his breath, wondering why he is again so close.

“I’m not, but I wanted to tell you something.”

Unfortunately for you, he takes a step back, biting his lip softly.

“You see Y/N, we’ve been best friends for what feels like a lifetime, but-but last night, I had a revelation, you see, and-and hear me out on this,” He struggles with his words, putting a small smile on your face for him being so adorable.

“ ‘m surrounded by so many girls and so many different people but the more I think about them, the more I just… fook, I know this might ruin a lot but, the more I think about them, the more I realise that it doesn’t get any better than you. It just can’t, and that’s because I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

You freeze, never in a million years did you think you’d hear those words come out of his mouth.

“Shit, I know that I’ve probably ruined things, feel free to shut me up or something, I’m sor-” You crush your lips against him, finding it to be the best way to shut him up.

Before you know it, his hands are around your waist, tugging you close enough so that there is not any space in between. Finally, the gap is closed and in the best way possible.

Pulling back, the most massive grin you could ever have places itself upon your lips along with his.

“You talk too much, my love.”

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19 Bruce Banner :)

19. “Wait a minute. Are you drunk?”

“Hey, Brucie,” you greet, sauntering into his lab with a rather obvious lack of grace, keeping the bottle of wine concealed behind your back.

The doctor raises his gaze up to you from the paperwork he’d been analyzing. “Hi.” You approach him carefully, trying to keep your movements as steady as possible but evidently failing. Bruce gives you a strange look. “Wait a minute. Are you drunk?” he asks.

“No!” you protest, feigning denial. Then a smile works its way onto your lips as you lift the bottle of wine to his face. “Well, not entirely.”

“Y/N, you’re not supposed to be drinking that in here…”

You scoff, clasping the bottle closer to your chest when he tries to make grab to take it away. “I can drink it in my room. I can drink it in the common room. I can drink it on the training floor, but I can’t drink it here?! What bullshit!” you exclaim, your own slurred tone making you cringe. “Such a shame. I was wonderin’ if you’d share with me, too…”

Bruce sighs, eyeing you up and down before he slides his glasses off and strips of his lab coat. “I’ll share with you, but we are not drinking it in the lab.”

You smile goofily. “Aw, yay!”

He leads you on into the common room. “Does Tony know you have that?”

“No,” you answer. “But he once told me to feel free to take out my sorrow from the bottom shelf.”

“Sorrow?” Bruce asks. “What happened?”

You frown at the reminder. “Um. Caught my boyfriend — ex-boyfriend — with another girl.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.”

He takes a seat next to you on the couch. “If it helps, I may just get the Other Guy to, uh, teach him a lesson.”

You laugh. “You don’t have to, Bruce. What makes you think I haven’t already beat his ass?”

He smiles at you.

gale-of-the-nomads  asked:

Drunk!sonic is great, I bet when he is drunk, he is all for shadow and aurora dating. Like what if, one day shadow brings aurora home after a date, expecting sonic to be mad that they were out late, drunk sonic greets them and yells "Theres my daughter and bestie! Did you two have a fun night? I did!"

He is very supportive of him when he’s drunk. In FPS he even calls Shadow his in-law. However they’d better hope he’s been drinking AFTER they’ve already headed out for the night instead of BEFORE they go out…

Have You Met My Boyfriend, Luke Hemmings?

Rating: PG-13/R? I don’t know, you choose.

Requested: No, but you’ve all been wanting some Luke, so here he is!

Word Count: 2,305

A/N: I saw a similar prompt somewhere and suddenly I felt the undying need to just write Luke bar fiction. Anyway, I hope you like it and will check out my other writing and continue to be lovely! M xx

Only Marissa would have a engagement celebration at a bar. It wasn’t as if she was the classiest girl on her best days, but I’d expected something with less seedy characters while she celebrated the ring Michael had given her.

Everyone was excited for their upcoming nuptials. We had watched the two fall in love since year ten, bonding over their mutual love of pizza and irritating teachers with stupid questions. It truly was a match made in heaven. The wedding was to take place later in the year, after Michael finished touring with his band and Marissa wrapped up her big project at work. I was a bridesmaid, and this was the first time the entire wedding party was getting to meet each other. Both Michael and Marissa had made friends as the years passed, and looking over to the rest of the party, I realized I only recognized about half of the heads.

The point of the night was to be merry and get drunk. Michael was already half pissed with a beer in one hand and his bride-to-be in the other. She herself held a very large shot of tequila. As much as I complained about the location, it truly did suit the couple.

My own hand contained a mojito, hoping to maintain some sort of class this evening. The mint taste kept my head cool as I introduced myself to person after person. Since when did Marissa have so many aunts? People kept popping up from every corner to learn my name, and I suddenly was feeling very confused on who exactly I had met. Surely Michael didn’t have three different mothers.

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