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/stalking your blog now like.why not?Senpai's sugoi/ Vongola+Varia+Byakuran+Giotto, what will they do when their s/o was drunk. Their s/o keeps on saying funny, dramatic, and really talkative side mode on? What will they do? *anoniswatchingyou.*

Oooh, you guys are too sweet.  Honestly, you can’t compliment me like this, I have no idea how to handle stuff like this.  But I hope you guys are happy with how it came out.

Tsuna:  When he had first realized that you were completely and utterly drunk, he was taken aback.  Still, as he listened to you, he was a mixture of amused and embarrassed.  Amused because you really were adorable, slurring your words and giggling cutely - making horrible jokes.  Embarrassed on your behalf - not sure if you would really want him to see you this way.

Gokudera:  Was scowling at anybody who even thought about looking at you strangely.  He couldn’t believe that you had gotten yourself in such a situation; and was already planning on what to say in his lecture to you the following day.  Still, he was forced to admit - if only to himself - that you were pretty adorable as you drunkenly clung to him as he walked you home. 

Yamamoto:  While he was laughing with you and enjoying the good times, Yamamoto was also slightly preoccupied with who he was going to take care of you.  He was planning on how he could get you to leave the bar, not liking the looks your antics were drawing from the people in the crowd.  Still, he was getting a fair amount of amusement by listening you as you planned a “fool-proof” way of surprising Reborn.

Ryohei:  Ryohei laughed as you continued your story, helping steady you when your flailing hands upset your delicate sense of balance.  He did give apologies to the other people who you managed to disturb as you left the bar.  He grinned down at you as you finished your story - not laughing so much about the humorous story but rather about the drunken antics you had deemed necessary to telling the story. 

Lambo:  Lambo did not hesitate to mock you, even as he was secretly thinking that you were the cutest thing he had ever seen.  He made sure to point out that he, the “Great Lambo-chan” would never act in such a demeaning manner but then he would tease you to where you would drunkenly try to argue with him so that his source of entertainment kept going. 

Hibari:  Hibari made sure that you knew how ridiculously he thought you were acting.  He also made sure that you knew he was planning on “biting you to death” the following day for disturbing the peace with your antics.  Still, he had one of his men make sure you got home safely - and didn’t actually follow through on his threats from the night before. 

Mukuro:  Out of the Vongola, Mukuro was enjoying this situation the most, and taking the most advantage of it.  He asked you to say words that you would clearly screw up in your drunken state.  He also used his illusions to play with you a bit, presenting you with beautiful flowers that would than turn into sparkles.  And while he did this when you were sober as well, he loved the pure awe on your face when you saw his illusions drunk.

Xanxus:  While making multiple comments about your inability to “hold your liquor,” Xanxus was also getting a kick out of the fact that while drunk, you saw him completely differently.  He made sure to take advantage of the awe in your face when you looked at him - flattered by the amount of positive attention that you positively showered on you. 

Squalo:  Squalo was at a complete loss of what to do with you.  How you could do such a 180 turn was beyond him, still he did his best to take care of you, een though you were making it rather difficult.  Sighing, he headed after you as you shouted your intention to go see yet another Varia member to share the joke you had just come up with.

Levi:  Levi had absolutely no idea of how to handle the drunken you.  You being drunken was completely different from Xanxus being drunk.  Now, he was stuck staring helplessly at you as you carefully investigated the room.  Levi was sure that at some point during your babbling you had told him, but he hadn’t been able to discern one slurred sentence from the next. 

Lus:  Found you absolutely adorable.  As he took care of you and kept you from doing anything that would be to humiliating for you the next day, he kept cooing over how cute and perfect you were.

Bel:  Bel was determined to take advantage of this state.  He had you doing everything he asked for - running errands and the like.  He would follow you partly to watch out for you and partly to laugh at how your mind would change the errands, and the comments you would make to the people who passed by.  He made sure to keep track of all the times he “saved” you so that you would be able to pay him back in full.

Fran:   Fran didn’t seem to get that you weren’t in a position to truly appreciate his witty commentary.  After a while, he ended up getting frustrated by your incessant giggling and inability to be normal.  In the end, Fran did use his illusions to keep you occupied until you fell asleep. 

Byakuran:  Byakuran had his camera out and was recording all of your adorable drunken behavior.  He could not get over how cute you were acting and just gave in completely to anything that you wanted.  He was fiercely possessive when it came to who got to see you that way though, taking you to his private rooms and locking the doors in an effort to keep you to himself. 

Giotto:  Giotto was totally taken in by how cute you were acting, laughing at everything you said and showing you off to his guardians.  Beyond those six though, he was pretty protective of you - but he thought that you were just so adorable that the others had to see you as well.  The next day, he would take complete care of you to make sure you weren’t in too much pain.