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5:11 / 3:10 How to get turned on by girls if you are gay? I get drunk and try to focus on what is attractive about the girl. Works for me. 

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 13

(Chapter Index: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14)

When Reigen finally threw open the doctor office’s door, frantic and frazzled and 42 minutes late, he was certain he’d walked into the wrong room.

Colorful was the first thing to come to mind, between the wallpaper and the rug and the toys scattered across it. Blocky cartoon animals rung the wall, each a solid unnatural unapologetic color: pink tiger followed by orange monkey followed by green giraffe. The rug matched in vibrancy, stark geometric patterns stained across it like paint spatter. Camouflaged among the pinks and blues and greens were the toys: one abacus-like contraption of twirling wires and movable pieces, two simplistic puzzles where single pieces belonged distinctly to each of the six gouges in their surfaces, a single plastic truck gunked at the wheels with paint chipped along all sides from years of use.

Reigen looked up, and registered the three distinct sets of moms and children spread around the waiting room, each parent varying degrees of visibly exhausted. The left-most mom sat rocking a snotty and red-cheeked baby on her knee. The right-most spoke quietly and tersely on the phone while her son probed her iPad. The brother-sister pair in the center eyed the abacus toy on the rug with furtive, eager glances to their mom and back.

Reigen would have eased the door shut with a quiet, embarrassed apology for his mistake. He didn’t, once he noticed the married couple tucked away in the wooden chairs in the corner. Recognition registered like surprise in Reigen’s mind—he hardly recognized them—and it was Jun who caught his eye. She flagged him over.

He stepped carefully across the colored rug, lest he step on some well-disguised toy strewn somewhere. He kept his steps high, and relaxed only once he’d made it to the open seat beside Tetsuo. He took it, attention divided between Tetsuo and the kids, who filled him with sort of a confused wonder–the brother-sister pair had now scrambled to the abacus toy, eyes alight, and were spinning its plastic pieces.

“Dr. Wong is a pediatrician,” Jun said, following Reigen’s eyes and guessing at his silent confusion.

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lying on the floor staring at the long cable cord that gives me cable tv like…….. modern au,, wouldbthe ghost man have cable? certainly satellite is right out, he’d never get service,, so isbthere just a really long extension cord running from the cable tv in the managers office down to the fifth cellar like???? subtly who?? the man’s gotta watch the PGA tour! needs that cable tv!


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Pairing: Namjoon/Rapmonster X Y/N

Word Count: 3,280

Genre: Smut, fluff, will probably be some angst, but will always end up with a happy ending because that’s just how I roll.  

Notes: It’s a little known fact that both of my brothers are hardcore rappers. Like, they have mix tapes and go to rap battles and have fans lol. I was attending one of their battles today to show support, when this idea came to me. 

You were a good sister.

You weren’t going to leave before your brother even got to the stage.

You MIGHT get kicked out before then though, you thought to yourself, glaring as another random hand smacked your ass as they walked past you. 

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Better Together (Smut) Part One

Request: Heya hey can you do one where you and shawn are best friends but then sleep together its gets awkward after but then you both decide to try a relationship? (Lil smutty and fluffy?) haha ur stories are cute!!

Word Count: 2,466

A/N: Again a two part, because it became rather long. 

Better Together (Smut) Part One

“Cheers to you being home… for a while at least” I yelled, trying to out speak the noise in the bar. Shawn clucked at me, before raising his glass clinging it into mine.

“And our new apartment together” he hurried to say.

“And our friendship” I joined in, laughing.

“Best friend for ever, bitch” Shawn smiled at me.

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Serendipity [ Min Yoongi ]

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Summary: [requested] college!au w/ yoongi where he treats you like his little sister and he keeps talking to other girls so you decide to push your feelings aside and distance yourself and talk to other guys but then yoongi gets jealous and then confessed.

Genre : Slight angst, fluff  |  Warning : Curse words 

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


[Y/N] hated Min Yoongi. She hated his jet black hair and his gummy smile and the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed. She hated how warm and comfortable his hugs were and how their hands fit together perfectly. She hated the way he looked at her, how his gaze softened, the slight indifference replaced with fondness. She hated his laughter and his stupid smirk and his nagging rant whenever she made a dumb mistake. She hated how he made her heart raced like a racing horse and her cheeks flushed pink like she just ran a marathon. She loathed the fact that he always knew how to make her smile, that she didn’t like it when he ignored her, or that he knew that she always slept halfway through a movie because being in his arms was just too damn comfortable. She hated how how he made her fall in love with him without any effort. But out of everything, she mostly hated Min Yoongi for treating her like a sister.

Like what he was doing right now.


“Okay, that’s enough alcohol for you.” Yoongi took away the red cup from her hand, poured out the alcoholic beverages that smelled too strong for his liking, and gave her a bottled water. “Drink this.”

“I’m not a child.” [Y/N] grumbled, taking the bottle nevertheless. “Why do you care anyway. Go find your girlfriend and ignore me like you did the past hour.” She childishly mumbled, the alcohol slowly taking control of her speech. In her defense, she was really mad and tired and disappointed. But this was a party and she was drunk, which gave her a valid excuse to lash out like a little kid. Yoongi raised his eyebrows as he leaned back on the kitchen counter and crossed his arms in front of his chest, eyes fixed on her pinked cheeks and the way she swayed whenever she tried to move.

“You are to me.” Yoongi replied with a small smile despite his frustration at her drunkenness, memories of them hanging out together when they were kids flashed through his mind. He supposed it had been ingrained in him to always take care of her. “Careful, brat.” He grabbed her arms before her face collided with the marble floor. He was about to scold her when she looked up at him with a sad smile and all anger in him dissipated. His expression softened as he helped her up, holding her waist to keep her steady. “You look sad.” He softly said, feeling a little tug at his heart.

She laughed and shook her head. Yoongi might be a genius at music composition and rapping but he sure was dumb as a fucking prawn when it comes to noticing her feelings.

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100 Day Drabble Challenge Masterlist

Hey guys! I’ve decided to start making a seperate post for the masterlist of drabbles in the 100 Day Drabble Challenge that I’ve been doing. I listed them by member in numerical order and even though we’re not at 100 yet, I’ll keep updating this as I continue making more drabbles.

Hope you enjoy~

Masterlist under the break~

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you know the trope “let’s pretend to be engaged to get free cake samples”? imagine andreil doing that because let’s face it Andrew loves cake and Neil loves free stuff, but they don’t realize that one of Dan’s strips sisters now works at the wedding cake place so she squeals and is like “omg Dan didn’t tell me you guys got engaged, congratulations!” and texts Dan to scold her for not telling her and then it spreads throughout the team from there and Andrew and Neil end up getting engaged for real because they can’t back out now


(Fan-cam) 170521 NCT Dream Mark Focus ‘Drunk Shot’ @ Hope Basketball All-Star Charity Games
— © MO802K | do not re-upload or modify.

And Don’t Tell Me What To Say

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

I woke with a start. The sun was shinning brightly through the thin white curtains that covered my bedroom window, and I heard a bus roll past my building. The bus didn’t stop at my corner until 8:30, so I never heard it during the week because I was already on my way to work, which could only mean…I was late. Again.

I was always thankful for a Friday because it meant a night—well, weekend really—of debauchery lie ahead of me, but I was especially thankful today. Friday’s were casual at the office, and I took full advantage of the word casual in my haste to get ready this morning. I pulled a pair of jeans out of a pile of clothes on the floor and a black jumper out of an open, disheveled drawer. I really needed to tidy up my flat. I couldn’t find a second sock, so I just said sod it and slipped on my beat up trainers without socks. My feet would be rotten later, but I didn’t have time to keep searching. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door without my keys or phone, so I had to turn back around to get both before scrambling out again.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the window on the tube. Not only did I feel like a mess, but I bloody looked it too. My hair was frizzy and my eyes were puffy. Unlike the night before, I slept hard through the night. As soon as I’d given up on receiving a text from Harry, naughty or otherwise, and my eyes closed they didn’t open until my internal clock sent a shock through my system telling me to wake the fuck up! My body was stiff from being in the same position all night, and I knew I’d grow more tired as the day grew long. If I wasn’t careful, I’d fall asleep and miss my stop, so I pulled out my phone to keep me occupied.

I was nearly sick when I saw his name on my screen and quickly pushed the button to dim it. I looked around nervously, as if the other passengers could see who texted me and what words I hoped—god, I hoped—he’d written to me. My heart fluttered as I imagined the dirty words that could have possibly come from his keyboard to my screen. I hoped it had something to do with wanting his beautiful, angelic face between my legs while his strong arms cradled my thighs, holding me open for him to lap me up.

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upthefemme  asked:

:o one, i'mma hassle you to go to the kinkmeme, hassle hassle! two, um um what do the depsters do to celebrate the anniversary of tabinof

If i go on the kinkmeme rn i will just post like, 20 prompts asking for dan to get fingerblasted in various locations. i’m too drunk to have that kind of power…

But without further ado, here is a nonsensical whatever of dnp on the tatinof anniversary. which i just realized now you said tabinof not tatinof jesus why don’t these boys get some originality in their names sryyyyy

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yknow what is like, real hell?? feeling your symptoms bubbling under a threadbare blanket of medication that has thinned but still keeps the symptoms down so you just feel like a breathing time bomb with no outlet

The Colors of the Plaid- Part 1

Childhood friends who don’t understand that they are supposed to hate each other. Family betrayal. An adventure that leads to so much more than a happy reunion. An unexpected love that turns the world upside down. Secrets and lies that threaten to destroy everything. Is it possible to get your happy ending?

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: None for this chapter

A/N: I am so excited about this one, y’all. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with Scottish Highlander!Dean like I have. Let me know what you think! Special thanks to @aprofoundbondwithdean for teaching me how to write in the Scottish accent. It’s much appreciated, love!

1300 AD

You waited on your doorstep. Your luggage was packed and ready, along with some food the servants were kind enough to fix for your journey. Judging from the letter you had received from your dear friend Jess, the Highlanders would be here today to take you to Scotland with them.

The night before had been hell. You had waited until your mother had consumed enough wine for several, much larger people, then went to her in her bed chambers.

“Mother? May I speak with you for a moment?”

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Cookie Dough? [H2OVanoss One-Shot]

Here’s the one shot for you guys. I know a lot of people wanted them to know each other but I just couldn’t make any of it into my idea, I’m sorry. I’ll make one in the future if you enjoyed this one, just let me know :) 

[warning: there’s some smut in here and this is probably hella bad I apologize]


“Nah man, I might just stay stay in this year.” Jonathan muttered as he played with the glass of vodka in his hand. He’d already drank half a bottle of Johnny Black so his plan was to stay in and play Fallout in his drunken thoughts.

“Dude, please come with me to this club, it’s just down the street from your apartment. I bet you’re gonna have a blast.” He could hear Luke’s excitement through his phone but he was just not feeling the hype. 

“I just have so much so do and I’m not feeling too good.” He closed his eyes in hope that Luke would believe his lie and leave him alone to his games and alcohol.

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Christmas Party.

This is my gift for @idioddyssey for @pjosecretsanta2016 (it wont let me friggen tag) sorry its late!

I hope you like it! Also sorry if the formatting is messed up I had to post this from my phone :/

A call came through just as Nico was putting groceries into his car. His sister’s face lit up his phone and he answered it.

“Pleaseeee Nico” Hazel pleaded over the phone. “Please come to the Christmas party.”

Nico sighed audibly. Again with the Christmas party.

It’s not that hates Christmas, but he prefers to share it with family and close friends and recently the company he works for decided to bring together its two branches, San Francisco and New York for one big joint Christmas party in New York, which means hundreds of employees that he doesn’t know.

“You have Frank going with you, why do I also have to be there?”

This time Hazel sighed, “Please Nico, Annabeth and Percy are going on holidays for Christmas, and Jason and Piper are going to visit Piper’s father. So it’s just going to be you, me, Frank, and Leo, if he doesn’t change his mind last minute and disappear again, it’ll be the last time you’ll see them till the new year.”

Hazel has a point, but the thought of putting on a pleasant face and playing nice with people he doesn’t know dissuades him, he does that enough as he travels between the branches as a HR representative, a job he doesn’t hate but doesn’t love, when does he also have to do it during the Christmas break?

“Pleaseeee Nico” Hazel begs after a few minutes of silence.

Nico knew that even he continued to say no he’s going get home to their shared apartment and she’s going to beg him all night.

“Fine. Okay.” he said, it’ll save him a night of torture.

Hazel let out a happy scream making Nico pull the phone from his ear to stop himself from being defended.

“Thank you! It’ll be fun, also you have to wear a Christmas hat, bye talk soon!”

Hazel hung up and Nico sighed. He was going to regret going.

He didn’t.

Well, he did, but not as much as he thought.

A few people teased him for the santa hat he was wearing, but it was very entertaining to watch people he worked with get drunk.

The night had started off simple enough, a few speeches, the bosses thanking everyone for a great year of work, exchanging of secret santas, Nico had given Annabeth a book on Architecture, and he had received a $20 gift voucher to Hot Topic, which many people found hilarious.

And then came on the drinks and it seemed like everyone was drinking with the goal to get drunk.

Nico wasn’t, while he did occasionally had a drinks with friends, he was only 20 and wasn’t big on drinking in front of his bosses.

Nor was Percy, who Nico was pretty never had a drink in his life, though Annabeth did, Nico figured out when she came stumbling up to him.

“Nico!” She said loudly, wrapping her arms around him to give a tight squeeze, he tried to escape her grip before accepting that he was being hugged.

“Thank you so much for the present” she whispered to loudly in his ear.

Nico gave her a raised eyebrow as she pulled away.

“Percy told me, sorry” she said, whisper-yelling again.

Nico smiled, “it’s cool, glad you liked it” he said.

It wasn’t hard to buy for Annabeth, she was constantly raving on about architecture and studying it part-time, he only spent 30 seconds deciding what to get her.

Annabeth smiled a knowing smile and leaned it, “I know who got you your present.”

Nico was about to ask when Percy called out.

“Annabeth! There you are!”

He walked over and pressed a kiss to her cheek, “We should get going soon, our flight leaves at 7 in the morning.”

Annabeth nodded and hugged Nico again, he just let it happen this time, “Merry Christmas!”

Percy gave him a pat on the back and a smile, “Merry Christmas Nico.”

“Merry Christmas guys, have fun on your vacation.” he said with an easy smile, he had once had a crush on Percy and resented Annabeth, but it was had to hate either of them when he saw them together, it was easier to move on when he saw how much Percy loved her, how much they loved each other.

They left and Nico took a seat next to the nibbles table, idly played with the food when Will came over.

“Nico!” He said loudly. Nico had to suppress a groan.

It wasn’t like he hated Will, in fact he did enjoy Will’s company just as much as everyone else. It was just that Will was always so bright and happy, it was difficult to deal with everyday of the week, and Nico assumed drunk Will was worst.

“How you been?” Will asked in a drunken slur. Will was only freshly 21 so he probably took any opportunity to get drunk.

“I’m good Will, how are you?” he asked, attempting polite conversation.

“I'mmm…” Will blinked slowly as he trailed off, after a moment he started tipping sideways. Nico stood quickly to catch him but Will caught himself at the last second and straightened up.

“I’m good, I’m good” he said, holding up his hands.

Nico raised an eyebrow, “I think you should go home.”

Will nodded slowly, Nico reached out and grabbed his arms to keep him steady.

“Will? You need to go home.”

Will stared at him with deep concentration, “Nico,” he said softly. “Nico, I like you so much, but I’ve always been scared to say it because I think you hate me, Nico, Nico, I think I’ve loved you since the first day we met.”

Then there’s silence, Nico can even hear the music even though he’s pretty sure there are people in China who can, everything just sounded like white noise.

Will just confessed his love for him.
“Nico!” someone called out, barely audible over his thoughts, which were like a raging river.

Nico dropped his hands and took a step back from Will when Leo came bounding up.

“Nico! Ha! Hazel’s had a bit to drink and now she think she’s magic.”

Nico looked at Will, who was swaying and didn’t seem to be focusing on anything. “You should go home Will” Nico said.

Will nodded, “yep, I got a taxi coming, see you next year.” he said before stumbling away.

Leo grinned, “Will got you that gift, ha! He was worrying so much about what to get you, I told him to get that gift card for you, hilarious!” Leo said with a grin.

Nico glanced back at Will as he disappeared through the door.

Is this why Will always found an excuse to see him at work? Why, even before they were friends, he would wave him goodbye and welcome him back whenever Nico left on trips? Nico didn’t hate Will, how could you hate someone with such a bright an infectious smile. Who looked like the son of a literal god.

He needed move on, Will was drunk and apparently Hazel was drunk, he needed to focus on that.

Nico looked back at Leo with narrowed eyes, “Hazel is only 20, Leo, why are you giving her alcohol?”

Leo held up his hands in surrender, “I swear I only gave her like two weak ass drinks.”

Jesus Christ, Leo might not live till Christmas if Hazel is as drunk as it sounds.

Nico followed Leo and pushed away his thoughts of Will.


Nico woke to the sound of vomiting.

Him and Frank managed to get Hazel home safely, with Frank driving and Nico sitting in the back with Hazel laying in his lap, sleeping.

He was definitely going to kill Leo.

His phone went off and his fumbled around trying to find it in his bed.


Nico’s stomach dropped, was Will going to text him sorry, I didn’t mean what I said.

Even the thought sent waves of disappointment through him. He was being ridiculous.

Nico opened the message.

I’ve got the biggest hangover.
I wonder why, Nico thought. He seemed not to remember what happened or else that would’ve been the first thing he mentioned.

Yeah, you were pretty out of it last night, I had to tell you to go home.

Nico got out of bed and pulled on a loose shirt and made his way to the bathroom.

Hazel was knelt down in front of the toilet while Frank held her hair and rubbed her back.

“You okay?” Nico asked, not wanting to get to close since he could smell the vomit from the doorway.

Hazel turned slightly and gave him a thumbs up before throwing up again.

His phone went off as he turned away, he felt sick just hearing her throw up.

Jesus, I don’t even remember getting home, I barely remember the party, I hope to lord I didn’t do anything stupid.

If Will didn’t remember then Nico wasn’t going to tell him.

I think you were fine, I only talked to you at the end of the night, you were fine.

“Who are you texting?” Hazel asked in a rough voice. She was now sitting in front of the toilet, Frank still rubbing her back, a worried look on his face.

Nico pocketed his phone and felt his face heat up slightly, “uh, Will, he was texting to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.”

“Oh, he was trying to find you last night, something about needing to tell you something very important” Frank said.

Nico felt queasy and he didn’t think it was from the smell. “Oh,” he paused to steady his voice, “I saw him at the end of the night, didn’t say anything” Nico lied, he hated himself for it but it was better if no one knew, for Will’s sake.

Hazel stood up shakily, Frank’s arm wrapped around her to keep her steady, “you should invite him over for Christmas, I heard he wasn’t able to make it back home to his mother” Hazel said.

He returned to his bedroom as Frank and Hazel returned to hers.

Hazel wants to invite you over for Christmas?

Nico sent the message and felt sick again, was he even going to be able to look Will in the face?

Minutes passed with no answer, then, just as Nico was going to get up and get some breakfast, Will replied.

Do you want me there?

The question caught him off guard, Will had never asked this question before, and Nico had asked similar questions before. If Will didn’t remember the night before, why would he ask that question. Nico needed to question him.

Yes. 12 o'clock.


Nico spent a sleepless Christmas Eve Eve night trying not to think about Will’s hair and his eyes and his easy laugh and bright smile.

Then Nico spent a sleepless Christmas Eve night trying not to think about the next day, confronting Will. He managed to get hour sleep before waking up breathless with Will’s blue eyes in the forefront of his mind.

He sat in his bed for an hour trying to desperately to claw the dream from his brain, he hated himself for having it, and hated himself more for it not being the first.

The sound of footsteps made him leave his bed.

Hazel was up, starting to pull things out of the fridge.

“Morning” she said, looking much better then she did two days ago.

“Merry Christmas” he said, she abandoned her ingredients to walked over to the Christmas tree and grabbed a small present from the tree.

“It’s not much but, Merry Christmas” she said softly.

“I thought we agreed not Christmas presents” Nico protested but he accepted the present nonetheless.

“I know but I swear I spent nothing on it, just a little something to make you feel better” she said, then returned to her cooking.

Nico unwrapped the present to find a photo. It was a photo of all of them.

Him, Hazel, Frank, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Reyna, Grover, even Will.

Etched into the silver frame surrounding the photo was a single word, over and over again.


Nico didn’t cry, but he came very close. He walked up to his sister and wrapped his arms around her.

“I thought you didn’t like hugs” she said with a small laugh.

“I’m making an exception” he said, giving her a final squeeze before pulling away, “I love you, Hazel”

Hazel beamed, “love you too, Nico.”


At 11:30, Hazel, Nico, and Frank were almost finished with lunch, when there was a knock on the door.

Nico, who had spent the last 15 minutes not really doing anything, made his way to the door.

The person on the other side knocked again before Nico reached the door.

“I’m coming, I’m-” Will stood on the other side of the door. “Will” said in a breathless whisper.

I think I’ve loved you since the first day we met.

“Merry Christmas” Will said cheerily, he shoved a present in Nico’s hands.

“Oh,” Nico said looking at the box with surprise, “you already gave me a gift.”

Will went red, “Ah, yeah, I’m sorry about that, Leo told me to get it, I didn’t realise it was a joke until you open it.”

Nico smiled and opened the gift, inside the box was a black scarf. Nico had to chuck his old one out because it was old and holy, so during winter his neck was always victim to the harsh winds.

Maybe it was the Christmas spirit, or maybe it was because he finally realised how his heart beat but he surged forward and hugged Will.

Will took a few moments but then he hugged Nico back.

“I like you so much,” Nico started, repeating Will’s own words back to him, “but I’ve always been scared to say it because I was unsure of my feelings, Will,” he paused and pulled away to look at Will’s face to see a surprised look, “I think I’ve loved you since the first day we met” Nico said, he wasn’t sure until the words flowed from his mouth.

Will went a deep crimson, “sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” Will said, looking down.

Nico took a step back before Will reached a grabbed him before he ran.

“I mean I shouldn’t have said it then, I should of asked you out or something, not when I was wasted at a staff party” Will said.

Nico stared a him, blinking slowly, then he reached forward, grabbing Will’s scarf and pulled him toward him.

He heart stopped when they kissed, it felt like a Christmas miracle. Nico had never been good with his feelings but here he was kissing a beautiful boy after telling him how he felt.

A loud wolf whistle broke them apart.

Leo sauntered down the hallway, a pile of gifts in one hand and another was curled in a fist in the air.

Nico grabbed Will by his hand and pulled him inside, “lock the door quickly” Nico said, not letting go of his hand.

His heart felt warm for the rest of the day.

Left - Hoseok

Hey People. This is a continuation of my other scenario titled Leave. It is a BTS Jhope angst. So get ready for that. Be sure to check it out to kinda get what is going on here. You don’t necessarily need to read it to get this tho.

Uh, so enjoy!

“How’s Ho-Hoseok?” Your mother always had difficulties pronouncing the foreign name but she still tried her hardest. Even after Hoseok had told her that JHope was fine or even a simple J. She claimed that since he made the effort to learn her name, even though he just called her mom most of the time, that she should learn how to say his. Hoseok thought it was so cute when she would stutter and would have the biggest smile on his face anytime she said his name.

You gave her a small smile as your fork lazily pushed the food around your plate. She always asked about him when you ate dinner together. “He says the group is getting busy again. They’re recording another album.” You don’t know where you learned to lie so well to your mother, but you’re happy you acquired the skill. It allowed you to avoid unwanted conversations.

“Is my cooking not good?”

You head snaps up to look at your mom. “What?” You fork clangs on the table as you drop it. “Shit,” you mumbled as you grabbed a napkin to clean up your mess.

“You haven’t even taken a bite out of it. It’s you favorite,” she explained, watching you with a raised eyebrow.

You finally looked at your plate, like really looked at it. Steak and potatoes. It was your favorite. You would always beg your mom to cook it and would sing and dance when she finally did. But looking at your plate, it just wasn’t what you wanted.

You took a small bit of the potatoes. “You cooking is great, mom.” A sigh escaped you lips as you put your fork down. “I’m just… it’s not what I feel like eating, you know?”

Your mother nodded her head and gathers up the dishes off the table. “What do you feel like eating? I’ll tell you brother to pick something up on his way home.”

You chewed on your bottom lip nervously. You knew what you wanted. You have been craving it since you arrived a week ago. But you didn’t want to want what you wanted. All day you have been thinking about Korean take out, specifically the place close to Bangtan’s studio.

And yet, you wouldn’t allow yourself to divulge into your craving. Maybe because anything Korean reminded you of Hoseok. You didn’t listen to Korean music anymore, you didn’t watch the dramas, you straight out avoided it.

“I don’t have much of an appetite for anything. I think I’m just gonna turn in for the night.” You stood from you seat and kissed you mother on the cheek before heading upstairs towards your room.

Your phone vibrated. It caused you to jump slightly, you had been so focused on the documents in front of you that the noise startled you. You looked up at the calendar on the wall of your office and chewed your bottom lip nervously. Without even looking at the phone, you knew who it was and what they wanted.

“Y/N, the boss is looking for you.”

You head snapped around to look at you coworker that stood at your doorway. “Oh, okay.” You quickly tossed your phone into the drawer of your desk. That must have caused for one of the buttons to be pushed because the screen lit up : One Message from Hoseokie <3

You pushed the drawer in a little bit too hard causing it to slam and you to flinch. A sigh escaped you lips as you pushed your hair out your face before heading to the door. Just as you were about walk past your co worker, he stopped you.

“Are you free after work? We could go get drinks or dinner or something.” He asked, his confidence withering away by the end of his statement due to the dead stare you gave him.

This was the first time you were truly seeing him. What was his name again? Brad? Yeah definitely Brad. Brad was the office’s eligible bachelor that all the ladies fawned over. He was decently attractive and had one of the better jobs that paid more.

Your mind was telling you that drinks with him after work would be harmless. Besides, you had no one to answer to. You were an adult who could do what she choses to do. And that is how you found yourself agreeing with a guilty pit building in your stomach.

Dinner with Brad was at a fancy Italian restaurant where everything was made back in the kitchen from the cheese to the sauces to the pasta itself. The food was amazing. Brad was average. He ordered some fancy wine and spoke the whole time about how he would spend summers in Italy when he was younger.

“Have you ever been?” he finally answered after his monologue. You briefly looked up from the pasta you were twirling around your fork.

“To Italy? No.” You answer was short and you took another drink from your wine.

“Surely you’ve been out of the country though. It’s like a rite of passage everyone should go through.” He was a messy eater, he had sauce on his lips.

“I’ve been to South Korea.”

“What was that like?” he asked, wiping his mouth off. You didn’t see the point, he would just have more sauce on his lips eventually.

“It was…” you mulled over words in your head, trying to find the perfect way to describe your stay. “It was fun while it lasted.”

After paying for dinner, Brad insisted that you went to a small bar that had the best craft beer. You somehow found yourself agreeing once again.

The bar was not small nor was it really a bar. It was more of a club and very overcrowded, forcing you to stand closer to Brad than you wanted.

You and Brad were hanging out as colleagues. It was a mantra playing on repeat in your head. But his hand was hanging dangerously low on your back and every drink he would pull you in closer. You were sure you caught him staring at your cleavage, but you had one too many in your system to actually care.

And you didn’t care when he decided to lean in for a kiss.. But the kiss was sloppy, he was too drunk to focus on any technique, just the act of getting his lips on yours was magic. His lips were dry and his hands were awkwardly grabbing you in all the wrong places. And when he pulled you in closer, so that your body’s were flat against each other, you didn’t fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. Everything about this was wrong. But it wasn’t like Hoseok, so you let it happen.

“You didn’t come home last night,” you mother commented as you helped her fold laundry in the middle of the living room. A daily soap opera was playing on the television.

“I was out with friends and crashed at one of theirs,” you answered. Another lie. Gosh, these lies were beginning to eat you up inside.

You mother stops folding briefly and stares you down with that intimidating stare that used to make you break when you were younger. “Just don’t get caught up in something or rather someone stupid that ruins your relationship with Hoseok.”

You blinked. “Mom, I’m not that type of girl.”

Your mom hums. “How is he doing anyways?”

“He’s getting busy. They’re working on an album.” You answer was so rehearsed, you gave the same answer every time anyone asked. You just hoped that since you were always so private, that they didn’t bother to question you any further.

“Is that all he does? You been saying that since you got home a month ago,” your mother huffed.

“What can I say? That’s the life of a musician’s.” You chuckled nervously.

A groan escaped your lips as you stretched out on your old twin bed. You swore under you breath that you were gonna upgrade your bed on your next paycheck. The laughter coming from the kitchen woke you up.

You sat up in bed, massaging the back of your neck as the aroma of fresh coffee hits you, luring you to join the chatter in the kitchen. You let out another groan as you stumble out into the hallways, walking with your eyes closed into the kitchen.

Your morning attire consisted of a messy bun at the top of your hair, an oversized t-shirt that probably had a few stains in it, and more than likely some dried drool on your face. And you couldn’t care about what you looked like.

That was until your eyes open.

Your mother’s head was thrown back in laughter as she was pulled in to dance. Both of her hands was in the air, holding onto another set of hands. You brother sat at the counter, watching them, laughing along with them.

You jaw dropped as you stared in disbelief. You wondered if you could head back to your room unnoticed. But that’s when your mom finally looked in you direction.

“Y/N! Looked who came to visit!” Excitement was laced in her voice. You brother waved you into the room.

But you stood frozen at the doorway. “Hoseok?” His name fell out of your lips, it had been so long since you had said it.

Hoseok had a hesitant smile on his face. He stepped forward to give you a hug but you stumbled back out of his grasp.

“Y/N!” Your mother scolded. “What’s wrong with you? He flew all this way to see his girlfriend, and you won’t even give him a hug.” She swats at you with a newspaper, but you don’t even flinch.

You swallowed. “Let’s talk.” You grabbed Hoseok by the arm and drag him back to your room, ignoring the strange look your family was giving you. You shove him into the middle of the room as you shut the door behind you. You arms are crossed in front of your chest. “What are you doing here?”

“You said two weeks,” Hoseok answered. He takes a seat on the edge of your bed and plays with his hands. “I waited for two weeks.”

“We both knew that when I left I wasn’t coming back. We knew that was a lie.” You chewed on your bottom lip.

“I hoped it wasn’t. I even texted you when the two weeks was up to ask when to pick you up from the airport.” He chuckles dryly. “I should have known then that you weren’t coming home. But then your mom called me and she had no idea about the break up. I thought I had a chance.” He stood and walked closer to you, causing you to nervously take a step back.

“You shouldn’t have come.” You tried to make your voice sound confident and assertive but it cracked in the middle.

“Because you found someone new,” Hoseok nodded his head.

“Our relationship was broken. You couldn’t have expected me to come back to that. What? An empty apartment that feels lonely even if you’re sitting right next to me?” You voice was slightly raised, as you tried to keep your anger and frustrations at bay.

“Y/N…” He grabbed you hands, his thumbs caressing the back of them.

“You didn’t love me. You didn’t treat me right. Was I supposed to just sit around a wait forever?”

“The way I see it. I’m the only one who is trying to fix this relationship. All you have done is run away and avoid everything!” He dropped you hands, and you find yourself instinctively reaching out to hold on to them, but his back is turned to you as he pulled at his hair.

“What is there to fix?! You don’t love me!” You screamed at him. You fling a stuffed animal at his back and as he turned to face you another one hits his face. “You don’t love me, Hoseok! Why are you doing-”

His lips attacked yours and muffled out your yelling. His arms grabbed at your waist and pulled you in so close it was as if your body melded together. You hands went slack on his shoulders. His lips were so smooth and soft. They started out roughly attacking yours but now were much more gentler. It left you breathless and when he pulled away, you were panting.

His face was mere centimeters from yours. You could feel his breath on your face. That one kiss had a million sparks in it. It felt so alive.

“Hoseok…” you started but a knock interrupted you at the door. You pulled apart from him and cracked your door open, seeing you brother nervously standing there.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but some dude named Brad is here to take you to breakfast or some shit. I dunno.” He scratched at the back of his neck.

You had forgotten all about the breakfast date with Brad. You squeezed your eyes shut and chewed on you bottom lip.

Life. Life was complicated.