drunk dialing harry

Bimonthly fic rec


A Different Light 99k, kidfic, Louis has a kid and a girlfriend but a lot of things change when he meets Harry

Always Be There For You 5k, ace Harry and aro Louis 

a cage for every ugly spirit 15k part 2 of the religion kink collection

down on your knees, you don’t look so tall 3k

Give It To Me (I’m Worth It) 3k, Louis and Harry have sex in the locker room after the Late Late Show dodgeball skit

give the bruises out like gifts 2k really really angsty and sad

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) 14k, really cute and fluffy, Harry drunk-dials Louis.

If You Weren’t Real I’d Make You Up 7k extremly delicious suffering (don’t read the second part if you love sad endings like me)

i lost all of my innocence 11k, x-factor era, first time

It’s Never Enough 12k, history kink

loving him was red 17k, angsty series

More or Less 10k, aro Louis, angsty and cute.

oh, the kissed limbs 6k, cute HP one-shot

Once in A Lullaby 48k, a bit  of angst and lots of fluff, somewhat canon compliant

something so precious about this 4k x-factor era

Summer Loving Happened So Fast 16k, Louis and Harry meet on a beach bar in NJ but Harry’s leaving for med school in five days

the beast you made of me 4k a/b/o

These Lights Are Blinding Us 9k cute Valentine’s day fic

Web Me Harder 6k, the spiderman AU everyone needs to read

worlds will sing as we fall 7k vampire au

You Got Time 61k, fluff and angst, kidfic, Louis is a dad and Harry a uni student

you’re stumbling like the nazarene 13k part 1 of the religion kink collection


A Waltz For A Night 26k, kinky one-shot where Louis’ has a small penis and Nick loves it

Been a Long Time Since Before I’ve Been Touched 4k virginity kink

I Built A Home for You, for Me 70k, dystopia, some triggers warnings for sex slavery

I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow 122k, I don’t know what to say JUST READ THIS, even if you don’t like Tomlinshaw, you will after you’ve read this. ANGST

Not Your Fault But Mine 127k a very beautiful but painful story, I’ve cried a lot while reading this. Read the tags before you decide to read it! 

Speak Low If You Speak Love 9k, I Had Rather ‘verse one-shot

We could start over again 5k Louis dumps his boyfriend and ends up in Nick’s arms

you and me, baby 11k, a/b/o, they are snowed in in a cabin


nowhere better than this place 29k,  bit too fluffy for my taste but well written

Apocalypse Song 50k, same author, love this even if Gryles isn’t your otp (it isn’t mine either) but this story is beautiful and very well written (bonus: Nemma and Lilo as side pairings) (and great worldbuilding skills)


On Letting Go 9k, very painful. Louis and Harry were together but now Louis is dead

Flex to Fit 5k, size kink