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hurricane during a beach trip au~?

“Oh god,” Lydia cringes beside Stiles, and he looks up from where he’s arranging their bags in the trunk, glances over her shoulder.  

“What? Are Scott and Allison making gross, sappy—” he trails off as his eyes land on Derek, wearing board shorts and flip flops. 

Derek has feet. 

Nice, perhaps slightly over excessively hairy toes. 

Toe nails. 

Two years of frat boys at college has still not adequately prepared Stiles for the sight of Derek Hale wearing flip flops. And board shorts. Black ones, of course— heaven forbid he actually deviate too much from the norm— but also a bright red vest that clings to his waist, and shows off his arms and, oh Jesus. 

Christ,” he blurts out. 

“I know,” Lydia agrees, for no doubt totally different reasons. “What a mess.”

Of course, she’s worried about his apparel for its style related reasons. Not because Derek looks hot like the burning sun, and Stiles might have a meltdown before lunch.

Derek glowers across at them, “What. What are you looking at?”

“Shins,” Stiles says faintly, and then shakes himself when Derek arches an eyebrow and Lydia turns to stare at him incredulously. “I mean, I just— have never seen your uh, calves before.”

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dine and dash (stefan salvatore ft klaus mikaelson, pt iv)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. You wanted to move out of the region and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion. While trying to figure out what to do with Stefan, you lose another lover.

Pairings: Delena, Carenzo, Jalaric, Mebekah, Tyliv, Stefivy, Haylijah, Konnie/Kennett, Damon x Bonnie x Reader (friends), Klaus x (you’ll have to read and see)

Warnings: anger, cursing, heart-wrench (sorry no smut)

A/N: I know I know I know… I need to work on the stupid plot :( sorry! I just wanted to get this out bc I really love it. thank you for reading this series! this part is a little more based around your friendships than anything. Your feelings for Klaus remain a little unclear but also become a little clearer… if that makes sense? pls let me know what you think!!! (no gifs are mine!!!)

dine and dash masterlist

“Looking for this?” Damon holds out the clipboard, eyes on Elena as she help cleans the mess they all made.

“Yes, and shouldn’t you be helping?” You grab the clipboard and Damon raises a brow.

“Do you really think I’d get in the middle of that chaos with the threat of you ripping out my throat hanging in the air?” He turns around and faces you, feigning hurt.

“Are you telling me you had nothing to do with this mess?” You raise your brows at him and Damon scoffs.

“I didn’t say that. I just said I wasn’t in the middle of it,” he smirks and you roll your eyes, flipping through the pages of the clipboard.

“Why am I not surprised?” You whisper, not really paying attention to Damon anymore.

“Because you know me too well,” he shrugs and keeps an eye on you. “How did the talk go, by the way?”

“It went well. He’s moved on, he’s happy. He’s in a good headspace and I’m happy for him. It’s time for both of us to leave the relationship in the past and open our hearts to other people,” you look over to Damon, a soft sigh leaving your lips. “It’s a bit of a relief. I don’t have to feel guilty now.”

“Feel guilty for what?” Bonnie walks over to you two, grabbing a bottle of water as she sits next to you.

“Stefan and I talked and it’s a weight off both of our shoulders I think,” you whisper and look up at your best friend. “I don’t feel guilty about wanting something else. You know?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Bonnie whispers and makes eye contact with Damon as you look back down at the clipboard.

“So have you–?” Damon speaks up and you cut him off.

“Wait… Klaus has a plus one to the wedding?” You whisper, catching both your friends by surprise.

“What?” Bonnie grabs the clipboard.

“There’s no way,” Damon narrows his eyes and takes it from her, staring at the page. “Who the hell is Val–WHAT? There’s absolutely no way.”

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“Who’s his plus one?” Bonnie raises a brow and rests a hand on her hip.

“It’s no one, I’m sure it was a mis–”

“Valerie. Klaus’s plus one is Stefan’s Valerie,” you clench your jaw, staring straight ahead as you try to steady your breathing.

“Excuse me? There’s no way she’s-!”

“Guys, please,” you whisper and your friends immediately turn to face you. “It’s okay. As long as he’s happy, it’ll be fine, yeah?”

“Don’t give me that shit, Y/N. Everyone knows how much you care about him,” Damon scoffs and shakes his head as you let out a weak chuckle.

“I just feel like a jackass for pairing us together in a room, you know?” You shake your head and sigh. “I’ll let him know he can share the room with Valerie. I’ll make other arrangements.”

“I’m so sorry, babe,” Bonnie wraps an arm around you and rests her head on your shoulder while Damon kisses the top of your head.

“Seriously it’s only your first day back and everyone’s screwing you over,” Damon observes and you laugh.

“I’ll be fine. I have a wedding to plan,” you kiss Bonnie’ head and Damon’s cheek. “Now, you two finish cleaning while I figure this shit out, yeah?”

“Do I have to?” Bonnie sighs and looks up at you.

“No, you can grab a glass–just ONE glass–of champagne and lounge for a little, somewhere I can see you,” you raise your brows at her and Bonnie escapes while she can.

“Do I have to?” Damon gives you puppy eyes.

“Yeah, what the hell are you thinking? Get your ass over there and clean,” you push away a grumbling Damon and head over to the hallway in search of Klaus. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

“Hey, Tyler,” you grab the person closest to you.

“Yeah, what’s up Y/N?” He and Liv look over to you, a few bags in hand.

“Have you guys seen Klaus by any chance?”

“I saw him leave right after you walked away earlier,” Liv speaks up, shrugging. “He kind of ran off.”

“Wierd. Thanks, guys. You’ve been a great help,” you smile at them and walk back to the bar, taking a seat. “Alright, here goes nothing.”

You look at your phone for a few minutes, not sure what to say or how to say it without conveying your hurt. You realize this won’t get any easier, so you just go for it.

After the deed is done, you set your phone aside and make yourself another drink. You turn around to see that the cleaning’s finally done and all your friends look more than just a little exhausted. So you follow through on your deal: you make everyone drinks, and they could not be more grateful.

You all spend the night talking and laughing and catching up and playing drunk charades/pictionary. If you were being honest, this is how you wanted your time back home to be like. You apologized to Ivy. You and Stefan managed to smile at each other a couple of times. You got to know Kai, Luke, and Liv better. You had some intellectual conversations with Marcel. It was overall a great time.

“Alright, I think it’s time for us to hit the hay,” Kol announces as Bonnie yawned yet again. He waved goodnight as he picked up his bride-to-be and took her to their bedroom.

“Yeah, we’re gonna head home, too. We’ll be back tomorrow, eight am just like it says on that damn clipboard,” Alaric groans as Jo smiles at you all and they head home to their precious little ones.

“Us too!” This comes from Damon and Elena.

“And us!” This from Tyler and Liv.

“Same here!” And this from Caroline and Enzo.

“Alright, you old geezers,” you roll your eyes as Matt and Rebekah chuckle nervously.

“Oh all right. You guys go, too,” you shoo them away as all four couples make their way to their respective rooms.

“Hayley and Elijah, you two should also probably head out. Hope is in the guest room at the end of Kol & Bonnie’s hallway,” you smile at the couple who hugged you and said their goodbyes. Yes, they grabbed Hope.

“Stefan? Ivy? This is your chance. The night is only gonna get wierder,” you shrug as the couple looks at one another.

“Yeah, we’re gonna take off, too,” Stefan holds Ivy close and you smile at them.

“Your room is less than 100 feet away. Go to sleep, losers,” you scoff as the couple laughs and leaves.

And, true to your word, the night got a lot wierder. At one point, you all played strip poker (you’re very sure that was either Marcel’s idea or Kai’s); sometime later, you guys went skinny dipping in the Salvatore pool (definitely Luke’s idea); soon after that you guys drank some more and finally managed to pass out in the living room.

Freya and Cami managed to snag one couch and Luke and Jeremy another. You were left on the floor with Marcel, Kai, and Davina. You were tossing and turning for a while until you felt someone lay next to you and hold you close, calming you almost immediately. You slept the whole night through.

You wake up the next morning to shouting around your head and some slight nudging around your feet.

“What the hell?” You whisper, groaning as someone snatched the sheet off of you. “Leave me alone.”

“Y/N you need to wake up before Klaus murders someone,” you recognize Damon’s worried voice and you sit up, rubbing your eyes open as the arms from the night before rest on your lower stomach..

“Why the fuck does Klaus want to murder someone? And–ooh here’s a better question: why the FUCK did you guys wake me up?” You whisper aggressively, opening your eyes to glare at Damon.

“Because of THAT,” Damon hisses, pointing at the person next to you.

“What is THA-oh god, no,” you murmur as your eyes rest on a sleeping Marcel who’s got his arms wrapped around you. “Oh no no no no no.”

“What the hell happened last night?” Damon helps you up, careful not to wake Marcel.

“Nothing happened, Damon. We all passed out, and I guess I couldn’t sleep so Marcel helped,” you shrug, stretching as Damon leads you outside.

“Yeah, well Klaus seems to think something happened, so–”

You two step outside and are met with the sight of Klaus and Valerie making out.

“Did you need me for something, Niklaus?” You mutter spitefully as he slowly pulls away from that demon witch.

“Me? No, not at all. Please meet–”

“Oh you don’t want me to meet anyone right now,” you glare at the two asshats and walk inside, brushing against an apologetic Damon.

“Look, I swear I didn’t know she was gonna be out there. He saw you two and kept spewing angry bullshit and I don’t–”

“Damon, sweetheart. I’m too hungover to feel anything or say anything. I’ll be fine. I just have to show him what he’s missing… after I get some food and coffee.”


Lancea Longini #5

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff & Female Reader
Word Count: 1,867
Warnings: Angst and language.
Author’s Note: GIF found on Google. 
Miss the beginning?

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It was Saturday night and you were drunk; ruddy-cheeked, giggling like a little girl, flirting shamelessly with Steve, properly drunk. The game of charades had been Steve’s idea, the addition of drinking every time you lost a round had been Natasha’s. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long before the four of you had polished off two bottles of Cuervo.

With a hiccup, you sat on your knees and slapped your hands against your thighs. “Come on, Steve! We got this.”

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     the thud grabs Skylar’s attention almost immediately, she flicks what’s left of her cigarette off the balcony while heading to the window to peek through the spy glass, no one was there from what she could tell but whoever it was probably couldn’t have gotten far in the few seconds it took her to answer.

       “uuuh, hello?” she calls, poking her head out the door frame looking for the apparent knock-and-runner. just as she turns back into the apartment, the corner of her eye catches Maya laying down on the welcome mat. “fuck, bro – what the hell happened?? get in – get in – the wards’ll keep whatever’s after you out.”

Maya made a few hand motions, like a game of very silly and drunk charades trying to explain to her what happened as Sky helped pull the girl in.  The last motion was of her hand slamming into the other with a splat sound effect, “Got it?” she asked with a breathless voice and smile up at Sky.  She forgot how much she actually missed the other’s touch and just being around her.  “The thing is dead though, so we should be safe for now.”

5SOS Preference - He Makes You Insecure So You Teach Him A Lesson (Clearer version)

This is just a clearer version of this one:



You had just woke up really late and you heard Luke talking.

“I love her to the moon and back, but she always keeps her hair the same!”

“That’s a little superficial to say.” Calum said.

“I know but she looks perfect when her hair is just down, I’m glad other guys don’t see her hair like that, because they’ll like her more instead of saying she needs to change her hair.”

 "If she is comfortable the way she is just leave her, but if you think it’s because of insecurities talk to her.“

Ashton said. You walked into the room on your phone.

 "Hey guys!" You beamed, but secretly you were upset.

"Hey They all said.

After 2 hours. 

"Babe we’re going out I’ll be back in a couple of hours!”

 "Okay love you bye.“ 

"Love you too see you later!”

You kissed goodbye. You remembered him saying how he didn’t want you to have your hair down around other guys because they might find you more attractive. You lay back on the couch and pouted your lips while you had a bit of hair in front of your face. You posted it on instagram 

Hair down, no care in the world! ☁☁☁

His P.O.V 

My phone went off saying Y/N posted something on instagram I opened it and saw a picture of her hair down she looked stunning! I looked at the comments and they were even commenting on how perfect she was or how they wanted to do inappropriate things to hers! I walked home and saw her watching TV.

“What’s with the post on instagram?” I asked 

“Nothing really, why?”

“You knew guys would say things about you so why did you?” I asked 

“To teach you a lesson about talking about your girlfriend behind her back!” She said. I went red with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry I just thought you were insecure and not telling me I wanted the boys opinion.”

“I love you!” She said 

“I love you too.” I said leaning down about and kissing her.


You had always been insecure about your chest, people constantly called you flat in high school and it really got to you. One day you went to the bathroom and the boys were talking:

 ”I love her more than anyone had ever loved anyone before, but she has such a flat chest!”

“Dude she ain’t that flat!” Michael defended you.

“It’s just I prefer girls with more on top.”

 ”Look don’t say anything to her. If you love you wouldn’t have any other type or preference except her.” Luke said.

”Don’t make her feel bad about herself she loves you and you don’t know how hard she would try to be the opposite of what you said.” Ashton said.

”True, I’ll get over it.” Calum said. 2 minutes later you walked in. You started to message Michael because it would be private between you and him 

Hey Michael

 I’m across from you!

I know but I want to talk to you, but to just be between us two!


I heard what Calum said 

Oh are you okay?

Yes, but I want to teach him a lesson, but I need ideas??

Take a selfie which shows off a bit - not too much 


 Then post it on instagram!

 Okay keep it between us two!!!!

I promise! 

”Hey calum I think I’m going to bed now I’m tired!”

“Okay me and the guys will be at the studio!”

 ”Bye! Love you.” You said

”Bye love you too!” Calum said kissing you. As soon as the guys left you lay down in bed put your head on your pillow a little slanted and pouted your lips. You made your chest stand out a little and then posted it on instagram.

Such a gloomy day 🌑❄☁

Michael texted you

 He’s on his way home to apologise, he was mad about the selfie I told him it was because u were insecure.

Thanks ☺

You heard the door slam and Calum then walked into your shared room!

 ”I’m sorry Michael told me you heard and I feel terrible! Your so beautiful, your not even flat. No matter how you look I will forever love you.”

 ”I love you too.” You kissed and cuddled.


Ashton had always said in selfies you always looked childish, but he always said this when he was drunk, but one night you walked down stairs quietly to here Ashton say. 

”Why does Y/N always look so childish in selfies?” Ashton asked Luke, Calum and Michael.

 ”I think she looks pretty and innocent!” Luke said.

”I know but in photos of us walking together she looks so adult and sexy, but in photos she looks like she is acting dumb.”

 ”I didn’t think she did! Might just be you on this one!” Michael said.

 ”Oh well I just thought maybes you would think the same!” You didn’t want to look like you were upset so you waited a week and then posted a photo on twitter which was you pouting and you looking more adult, well you thought so anyway!

 I tried different makeup today, what do you think?? ☺

You and Ashton were eating pizza when all of the sudden he said: ”What was with that post on Twitter and Instagram?”

 ”Nothing much.”

 ”You looked different.”

 ”Different makeup.”

 ”You looked more adult!” 

”Oh well I don’t know! “

 ”Did you hear me say something?”

 ”What did you say?”

 ”You heard. I’m sorry I didn’t mean change, you looked hot, but I want to be the only guy to look at you and talk about how sexy you look.”

 ”But you said it looked like I was acting dumb.”

 ”I know and I’m sorry I don’t know what I was talking about.”

 ”I love you.”

“I love you too.” 


Michael was drunk and you had to go and pick him up. 

"Hey Y/N!" 

"Hey!" You both went home him drunkenly singing! 

"Y/N always covers her body too much! She should show off some skin! But shh don’t tell her she would be upset!”

 "I won’t tell her!“ You said to keep his drunk charade up. Your best friend did photography and had always wanted you to do some modelling for her, too help her move on to her course. Michael had fell asleep on the couch, you put a blanket around him.The next morning you called your friend! 

"Hey do you still need help for your class?" 

"Yes! Wait are you finally agreeing to help?” She asked hopeful. 


 "Okay can you do tonight?“

 "Yeah sure!”

 "Okay text you when to come over.“

 "Okay see you later!”

 "Bye!“ You hung up and 1 hour later Michael woke up 

"I’m going out around 6 tonight." 

"Okay I’ll see you tonight!”

 "What will you do when I’m gone?“

 "Oh I’m going to help Y/F/N with her modelling class.” You said nonchalantly.

“Oh my little model!” He smirked.

“Shut up!” You said embarrassed. That night you went to your friends at sunset. She gave you an outfit to wear and you had to have your arm around someone and hold a Starbucks in your left hand and phone in the right while walking. She sent you a photo through email that night.

Can I crop the guy out and put the photo on instagram? xx

 Yeah sure just crop him out xx

Thanks xx

You posted on instagram 

Helped a friend with a photoshoot for her modelling class. Here is the photo ☺

The next morning you woke up.

 ”Hey babe?”


“What was with the thing you did for your friend?”


”Because you look quite exposed on the instagram photo.”

“I was teaching you a lesson!”

 ”What did I do?”

 ”When you were drunk!”

 ”Oh I didn’t realise I said something to you. I’m sorry I didn’t mean it I wasn’t thinking I love how you dress because it’s you and it’s comfortable. I’m sorry please don’t change because of my drunken words!”

 ”I love you so much!”

 ”I love you too babe.”