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Drunk Last Night (Part 4: Stay)

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Summary: you and Dean have one final blowout…

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Sam x Reader friendship)

Song Inspiration: Stay, Florida Georgia Line

Word count: 2,000

Warnings: angst, language, lots of feelings

A/N: the conclusion to the drunk last night mini-series (unless I can think of more…)

This is part of a series! Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Gangsters in Pop Culture - Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel

  • “The Godfather” (1972) / Moe Greene- Alex Rocco
  • “Bugsy” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Warren Beatty
  • “Mobsters” (1991) / Bugsy Siegel- Richard Grieco
  • “Fallout: New Vegas” (2010) / Benny- Matthew Perry
  • “Mob City” (2014) / Ben Siegel- Edward Burns
  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2010-2014) / Benny Siegel- Michael Zegen

Born February 28, 1906, Benjamin Siegel began life in the poor Lower East Side on Manhattan. Sometime in his early childhood, he joined up with friends and fellow mobsters, Meyer Lansky, Charlie Luciano, and Frank Costello to help establish the Syndicate mob of New York City. In his 20′s, he along with Red Levine, Lepke Buchalter, and Albert Anastasia founded Murder Inc, the infamous contract-killer gang operating all over the nation as the Syndicate grew. After establishing his own presence in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Siegel began his dream of building up the emerging gambling city of Las Vegas, Nevada with the construction of the first luxury resort and casino on the Strip, the Pink Flamingo. He was murdered June 20, 1947 in Beverly Hills after the mob could no longer wait for him to pay back his debts for the Flamingo’s construction.

One of These Nights Masterlist

Summary: Dean finally returns from purgatory, but he brought a friend with him. You’re less than thrilled about a vampire joining the family, but Benny and his southern charm quickly begin to grow on you. 

Part 1 -  Dean returns from purgatory with a new friend and you’re not too happy about it.

Part 2 -  You and Benny have a conversation, and come to some even ground. Dean has a PTSD episode about purgatory and attacks you. Benny comes to the rescue.

Part 3 -  Benny adjusts to hunter life at the bunker. You take him shopping and the two of you learn more about each other.

Part 4 -  A hunt provides lots of close ‘family’ bonding time.

Part 5 -  You and Dean get drunk and you and Benny have a little heart to heart moment. The next morning, the four of you begin the hunt, only to find you’d been tricked.

Part 6 -  The leviathans make another appearance. Benny takes care of you, working through his vampirism to do so.

Part 7 -  After a tense week, the four of you head to a local bar to blow off some steam. Benny takes the opportunity to press you about your feelings for him, and you finally cave. Later, Dean puts his foot in his mouth and then two of you have a little heart to heart.

Part 8  -  You and Benny settle into your relationship and find that you mean more to each other than you originally believed. A hunt gone wrong leaves you injured and Benny sacrificing himself for you. Our favorite angel makes an appearance.

Part 9 -  Benny, without knowing anything about Twilight, manages to pull an Edward Cullen in New Moon.

Part 10 -  Dean gets fed up and tracks down Benny to have a little chat. Some life-altering information from Cas sends Benny running home, but he doesn’t receive the warm welcome anyone expected. Cas proves himself.

Part 11-  Life in the bunker gets a bit tense. Bobby calls with a case that brings up some characters from Benny’s past…

Part 12 -  Benny reveals more about his past to Dean; you eavesdrop and learn about Andrea. While out to clear your head, you run into some of Benny’s old friends. Mounting a rescue mission proves difficult for the boys when Andrea appears.

Part 13 (Conclusion) - The final showdown with Benny’s former nestmates… and between you and your vampire.

Black Eyes and Bruised Hearts

Written for: @destielonfire ♥♥
Prompt:  I would really love a destiel drabble please ^^ can you do my absolute fav trope: enemies to lovers, maybe mixed with the soumate trope?
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 2,820
Tags/Warnings: enemies to lovers, soulmate AU, injuries, bar fights, drunkenness, happy ending


Dean was happy to drown his bad day with several beers and more than his fair share of fingers of whiskey. He had always thought that making a business of his enjoyable hobby would be the best thing that happened to him – except people were picky and people were hurtful when things didn’t go their way and people didn’t seem to want to pay Dean what he was owed for the time he spent on their restorations. So he was angry and most of the way to drunk and he knew Benny, the bartender, was giving him the eyebrow as he scowled into the fizz of his beer. He really wasn’t up for caring though, and only huffed at Benny as he handed him a glass of water along with his next beer.

The bar was heating up with the amount of people standing around and chatting. Dean sighed as he stood up and headed outside to get some fresh air. His step was wobbly as he navigated the people and it was only when he felt a shoulder bump into him, spilling his drink down his shirt that he stopped, turned and socked the first guy he saw, assuming it’d be the guy who knocked him.

The guy went down hard, clutching his face and wasn’t able to catch himself as he knocked into a table on the way down.

“Dean!” Someone yelled behind him. The pain in his knuckles seemed to sober him up some and he realised that the rest of the bar had gone silent around him, only the soft tune of atmosphere music was still playing. There was a hand gripping his upper arm, stopping him from going at the guy again.

The guy was completely floored, clutching his side with one hand and his eye with the other. Dean breathed heavily as he forced himself to loosen his fist at his side.

“Dean? C’mon brother, we don’t need none of that in ‘ere.” There was a tug at his arm but Dean didn’t move, he just stood and stared at the guy on the floor, shocked with himself more than anything. It wasn’t like Dean to lose his cool over such a minor thing.

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Bruised Rose - Benny x Reader

Crack Challenge TWSS edition That’s what she said challenge Prompt 10. That was a nasty blow Warnings: Drunk Reader, language and falling down, abo dynamics but no smut

Y/n was sitting at the bar with a few friends and since it was her 30th birthday she was drinking in excess. Normally it was dangerous for an Omega to be getting silly drunk at a bar without her Alpha. But it was a small town and everyone knew she was claimed. Her mate was Benny, he was a big teddy bear of a man, but if you messed with his Omega, he’d kill you. The locals knew to leave her alone, they made sure tourist did as well. No one wanted to feel the wrath of Benny. Y/n kept throwing back the shots and her friends just let her go, until she was sloppy drunk. A bus of college football players had stopped at the bar, they were all as stupid as she was drunk. Her friend called Benny to come get his mate she’d had enough. Plus they thought she hurt herself falling off the stool. Y/n wasn’t even aware of the men there she was too busy spinning on her stool. Drunk people, so easily amused, just as her Alpha Benny walked in the door she fell off the stool landing on her face. “That was a nasty blow, Cher” Benny said, he put his hands under her elbows lifting her up. “That’s what she said” Y/n said before being scooped up by her Alpha, “let’s get you home my little bruised rose, you need a cup of coffee” Benny said.

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Where Are We Even Going?

“How do people do that?”

“Hm?” Benny looks up from his glass and tries to follow Usnavi’s gaze, but it’s difficult in the crowded and sporadically lit space. “Do what?”

That,” Usnavi says impatiently, raising his voice above the music and gesturing emphatically down the bar towards – oh. A couple. This is gonna be one of those conversations. “She just walked right up to that guy and bought him a drink! Look – look, now they’re gonna dance! How do people do that!?”

Benny sighs. Truthfully, he and Usnavi shouldn’t even be here – they’re both a little too tired, and have a little too much work to do tomorrow. They’re not dancing and they’re not drinking – not really drinking – and he wonders how much longer they’re both going to pretend this is a good way to spend their evening. “You go up to someone,” he explains, leaning closer so he doesn’t have to shout, “and you say ‘hey, you’re cute, wanna dance?’”

Usnavi actually flinches. “And after the drink gets thrown in your face?”

“What about what I just said gets a drink thrown in my face?”

“Not your face, maybe,” Usnavi says, still too loud, and, okay, maybe he’s been drinking slightly more than Benny has. “But that’d never work for me! I mean, I mean it’d probably work on me, but not – I could never pull that off, y'know? One does not simply walk up to strangers in bars.”

Benny grins. “One does if one wants to dance. It’s not that hard, seriously.”

“Oh, sure, it’s easy for you.” Usnavi waves a hand dismissively. “You’re hot.”

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skywxlkxr  asked:

*kisses on cheek* ❛❛ your lips taste funny... ❜❜

☆╰ drinking meme. ╯ @skywxlkxr ╰ accepting. ╯ ☆

ben turned his head and nuzzled into anakin’s cheek– lazily leaning his weight against him as his hands clung to his hips. he tried to steal ANOTHER kiss, but was met with the same reaction– causing him to pout as he pulled back and looked at anakin. “hey, you’re meant to love me no matter what, even with my funny tasting lips! it’s in the rules. kiss me, please? just a quick one, i promise, an’ then i’ll be good and go right to bed!” 

One of These Nights (Part 5)

Summary: You and Dean get drunk and you and Benny have a little heart to heart moment. The next morning, the four of you begin the hunt, only to find you’d been tricked.

Pairing: Eventual Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,800

Warnings: language, drunkenness, violence and death (basically the typical supernatural warnings)

A/N: more Benny because he’s the only one speaking to me lately… hope you guys like it. 

This is part of a series! Read Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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We were all having a “good time” reviewing Good Time until Mike threw out a hand signal for Joe to get stabbed in the back!

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Benny stretches, groaning when his back pops. God, he’s starting to feel old. A soft hand runs across his chest, resting over his heart. His skin must feel so cold.

If Samandriel minds he doesn’t say anything. Instead he scoots closer, moaning when he’s pressed completely flush to Benny’s side. “You feel so nice. It’s so hot here.”

Benny chuckles, the boy’s not wrong. Southern Italy in May is a bit much, even for him. He pulls Samandriel close and kisses his damp forehead. “Don’t worry, Petit, we’ll get back to the coven soon and I can show you off to everyone. I think you’ll like Rouen a little better.”

Samandriel climbs on top of him, skin flushed a rosy pink because of the heat. “What else will I like?”

Benny smiles and places his hands on Samandriel’s hips. He stares up at this beautiful thing he found down in the slums and surges up, wrapping Samandriel up in his arms as he does. Samandriel hums when Benny kisses the bite marks, then licks up to his ear.

He’s going to give this boy the world.

Thunder & Angels

Thunder & Angels by pm_lo
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 54,300
Summary: Castiel’s family owns the shoddily-regulated coal mine where John Winchester works, so Dean storms Cas’s mansion, demanding answers from the drugged-out trust-fund kid. In exchange for his help repairing the mine, Cas demands Dean live with him for three months and give Cas a shot at seducing him by allowing him one kiss a day. (This is a fusion of Supernatural and a romance novel called Thunder & Roses that I read when I was 13 and clearly have not gotten over since.)

Well, here’s another m/f romance turned into m/m romance and it is good. I haven’t read the original novel and thus can’t say how much of a crossover it is or how much Cas and Dean’s characters had to be adapted to fit the original mold. Cas’ characterization has some bits of endverse!Cas (drinking, past debauchery, general snarkiness), while Dean is his usual self: big heart who feels responsible for the people around him. This is like a good ol’ romance novel with slow build and plenty of kissage. Seriously guys, the first half of the fic is a story about Cas and his many ways to kiss straight guy Dean Winchester. I liked that the fic didn’t focus on gay panic and was more about Dean facing the reality that he’d actually enjoy being kissed by another man. There’s a curve ball of an emotional conflict variety later in the story when several outside events collide in rapid succession and Dean is left wondering which parts of their bet were a game and which were real, and what he wants to do with it.