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I have so many questions...

Does Sherlock do his own laundry?
Who irons all his suit shirts?
Does he charge clients for solving their cases?
Does John get a cut?
How do they share the money?
How often is John working at the medical clinic and how does he work sleuthing and parenting around it all?
Did Tom know Molly was friends with Sherlock before he came back from the dead?
Did Tom know Molly was in love with Sherlock?
Did Molly get in trouble with the hospital for helping him?
Was anyone mad at Molly for knowing the truth the whole time?
How does Sherlock have such good access to the hospital?
Does Molly ever get in trouble for letting him take body parts?
Did John or Sherlock ever catch each other in compromising situations while living together with a girlfriend or alone?
Do they buy each other Christmas presents? Birthday presents?
Does Sherlock ever go to any normal social events like a birthday dinner at a restaurant?
What did Molly and Sherlock do when they were hanging out/her keeping an eye on him so he didn’t do drugs?
What did they talk about when they all went out for Sherlock’s birthday cake?
Is it ever awkward because they don’t do normal socialising very often?
What did Molly and John talk about when she was taking care of Rosie after Mary died?
How did Molly find out Mary died? Who told her?
What the hell did that letter say? Why would John even bother writing a letter to Sherlock?
Does Sherlock wear his coat even when it’s really hot?
What kind of underwear does he wear?
What is the background of his phone?
Why is Molly not close with her family?
Same with John- why doesn’t he get along with his sister?
After Sherlock is done with a case does he tidy up all his scraps of paper that he sticks to the walls?
Did Sherlock ever blame Molly for getting him and John drunk at John’s bucks night?
Like was he all ‘you calculated it wrong’?
Did Sherlock ever fool around with Janine? We know he didn’t sleep with her but did he ever feel bad about kissing her and anything else they could’ve done?
Was he lying about loving dancing because he was trying to be close to her?
Does everyone just have keys to everyone else’s places? Like does Molly have keys to 221B, same with Mycroft and how did that exchange go?
How did they all end up with each other’s phone numbers, were they all ‘oh hey Mycroft let me just put your digits in my phone’?
Was Sherlock allowed at Mary’s funeral?
Anyone else got any?

Not That Drunk

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Drunk confessions

When you go out for a friends birthday and get a little too hammered, Buck to the rescue to bring you home, that is till you make an out loud confession in your drunken state.

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scarlthesnarl  asked:

“Fifteen bucks you can’t hook up with Satan.” “Make it twenty.” You know.

“Fifteen bucks says you can’t hook up with Satan,” Laila declares after her fourth shot of the night.

Natalie finishes her screwdriver and slams the empty glass on the table between the two.  “Make it twenty,” Natalie says with a type of confidence that only someone completely shitfaced can muster.  She pulls out the pins holding her hair up and shakes the tresses out, turning on her heels sharply and marching over to the bartop where Lucifer is nursing a cocktail of some sort.

“Laila says she doesn’t think I can hook up with you,” Natalie tells him.  Lucifer snorts and glances at his human out of the corner of his yellow eyes.  Or, at least she thinks they’re yellow.  His earrings and eyes are switching places too quickly for her drunk brain to keep track.

“Does she know what we did in the bathroom four hours ago?” Lucifer asks.  

Natalie shrugs and braces her weight against her demon’s arm.  He’s warm and steady and the floor isn’t shaking as much now that he’s supporting her weight.  “I dunno.  If we fuck, I get twenty fucks from her.”

“That’s it?” Lucifer says incredulously, “Twenty bucks? Have I taught you nothing, girl? This is a bet you know you can win, you should’ve raised the stakes up to a hundred at least.”

“It’s too late to go back and change the terms.  Ravage me, Lucifer!” Natalie yells, throwing her arms out and tipping back as gravity-on-alcohol’s-terms hits her.  Lucifer grabs her arm and pulls her close, dropping his head down to hiss in her ear, “You’re drunk.  No.”

“But…but twenty bucks!” Natalie pouts, looping her arms around his shoulders and hugging him.  “We can buy a whole double-fudge sundae with that!”

“…we’re not fucking,” Lucifer begins slowly, shushing Natalie with a glare when she opens her mouth to complain.  “We’re not fucking because you’re drunk, but she doesn’t need to know that.”

“Wait, wh-” Natalie squeals when he throws her over his shoulder and stands up, heading for the door.  Her stomach is twisting and water rises to her mouth in waves.  It’s like being excited but drowning all at once.  The sensation rises in her chest, peaking once they’re outside and walking down the street back home.  She opens her mouth to tell Lucifer and her jaw locks up and-

“…did you just throw up on me?”


The Prices We Pay - Chapter 1 - Part 2/?

 Rating: M

Warnings: Sex, age gap relationship, BDSM (always consensual), heavy alcohol usage, drug references, violence, daddy kink (dd/lg), and cheating. If you find any of these themes to be triggering or offensive to you in any ways, shape, or form, please reconsider reading this.

Authors Note:

Story Master-list : HERE

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Jally Headcannons pt.2
  • It started one night when Dally was drunk at bucks and Johnny came over bc he got hit again by his folks
    • Dally was like ‘let me take your mind off of everything’ and then kissed him
    • Johnny was so confused but he kinda liked it so kissed back
  • The next morning Dally remembered everything and didnt know what to do with himself
    • He tried to avoid it but Johnny had brought it up
    • It was lowkey a mess unitl they both confessed how they felt 
  • They ended up dating after getting together
  • Pony was the only one that knew about it 
  • Johnny loves the smell of Dals cologne that he wears
    • he smells it on dals collar bones when his head is in the crook of his neck while cuddling
  • Dal 10/10 is always the big spoon

You can find part 1 here

‘All I Do Is Imagine You Happy’

Summary : Love doesn’t simply conquer everything.

Prompt : “You know, it hurt when I realized you weren’t in love with me. But nothing can compare the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him”

Word Count : 1,309 words

Warnings : Angst.

A/N : I fucking hate uni, it’s draining my soul, disabling me from taking pleasure of anything. Ugh. This is from my old archive, collecting dust. Actually forgot I wrote it and it was missing the ending. So I wrote it in like 5 minutes (so it will be shit). ALSO, I might need to stop torturing our poor Chubby Dumpling.

Note that English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes, point them out. 

You looked at him warily, sure that it was the alcohol talking and not him.

“You’re drunk, Buck” you remind him as you grip his body tighter to you, trying to avoid him from staggering and falling. His cheeks were flushed, but his eyes were still blue and clear, focusing on you huffing underneath his massive frame in the darkness of the compound.

“Not enough” he states when the two of you continue the journey to his bedroom –one that you find unbelievably long in this state. You ignore the way his hot breath tickles the side of your neck and how the tip of his nose kept brushing the same spot with every sway of a step you take. You realize then just how close of a proximity his face was to yours, and you tried to put some sort of distance by leaning your head onto your other side.

The both of you finally managed to reach his door, and you fumbled momentarily in trying to open it without losing your footing. When it opens, you bring him inside and made a move to place him on his bed.

But he stops you when he brings his free hand to cup your cheek, lightly brushing his thumb across. Though you were still supporting him heavily, he manages to root his feet on the spot.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispers. In the dark the blue in his eyes were vivid, and so was the way they were dilated.
“Thanks?” you said, lowering your head down to avoid his stare before pushing forward.

But Bucky was persistent (like he usually is) and holds you down firmly again. You didn’t look up, not wanting to let things spiral out of control. Yet it was inescapable when Bucky tilts your face upward by your chin, and you were forced to look at him in the eyes once more.

He didn’t speak, and neither did you. The two of you stare at each other with two distinctly different looks; his eyes held a great deal of longing while yours were filled with apprehension. It was when he looks down at your lips briefly before leaning in that you break the moment by avoiding the kiss.

Somehow, that manages to sober him up, and he felt the all too familiar ache begin to crawl its way back to his heart. He takes his hands off of you, swaying for just a moment before standing on his own. You swallow the lump in your throat when he took a step closer to his bed, still not wanting to look at him.

You know, it hurt when I realized you weren’t in love with me” he began, his voice clear as day. Your heart is now picking up its pace, and with every irregular beat you could feel his gaze burning at your silent form.

But nothing can compare the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him” he finishes his sentence, letting the tension skyrocket in the room.

You felt the sting in his words and physically wince. It was never in your intention to hurt him, because deep down you did love him –you just decided not to reciprocate. He was too important to you to be gambling into chances, so you tried to steer the bond the two of you shared safely to friendship. You wanted to tell him why you had to do it, but thought better not to. The engagement ring in your pocket weighs heavily, reminding you of your decision.

Bucky throws himself onto his bed when you didn’t respond, and let out a frustrated sigh. You never did enjoy being confronted but he had to let it out. It was unfair to him and he knows you know that.

It was when the silence was deafening did you softly spoke the words “I’m sorry”. But what good did it bring? It only reminded you of the little things you did that carried horrible consequences.
“All I do is imagine you happy –you deserve nothing less than that” you said, your voice strong even when everything inside of you was trembling, the throbbing ache getting unbearable with every beat of your heart. You didn’t have the courage to look up at him because how could you look at the man you had hurt when all he did was care for you?

Bucky was sitting upright, looking at you standing in the middle of his room with slumped shoulders, eyes practically glued to the floor. Your voice may have been strong and steady, but he notices your quivering hands.

‘All I do is imagine you happy –you deserve nothing less than that’. Your words rang loudly in his ears. He remembered then the times the both of you spent before things went downhill. He remembered eating pizza while binge watching Disney films with you and Steve. He remembers the way you sang off tune to Aladdin’s songs. He remembers you making breakfast for him, Steve and Sam after their routine jog.

‘All I do is imagine you happy’. He remembers the way you lean back with your eyes closed, laughing without a care in the world at one of Nat’s jokes during a barbecue they had. He remembers your dimples popping on each side of you cheeks when you smiled brightly as Wanda took a picture commemorating that day.

‘All I do is imagine you happy’. It was when he notices how you care for the team that he sees you differently. He recalls the times you make sure that Tony eats properly and rejoin society once in a while whenever Pepper is busy, the times you helped Clint get out of a vent when he got stuck, the times you accompany Bruce during missions. What he remembers most is how close you are to Nat and Wanda, and the image of you cheering Wanda up whenever she was upset with PIetro.

‘All I do is imagine you happy’. He remembers the times you spent making him feel welcomed to the Avenger’s family.

‘All I do is imagine you happy’.

“I’m happy with you” he says suddenly, waking himself up from his walk on memory lane. You acknowledge what he says and jerk your head up, finally meeting his gaze. Your eyes were glossy, and he could tell you were desperately trying not to let the emotions swirling inside get the best of you.

“But I’m not” you lie as you muster all the strength in you to do, leaving a bitter taste on your tongue. You saw then that your greatest mistake was not being brave enough with your feelings, but something inside you rationalizes this with an excuse; that it was better this way. Two damaged souls will only leave shards of broken things in their wake. “You deserve someone better than me” you continued, each word stinging your heart, tearing your soul apart piece by piece.

Time stopped for Bucky, or rather his heart did in that moment. This is not you; the words that you’re spilling out did not belong to your tongue. It was unnatural. He didn’t, couldn’t hear what you said afterwards, didn’t want to register your final good-bye as you wiped your eyes dry, that familiar impassive façade adopted from Nat resurfacing. You were building your walls once more, and he couldn’t do anything to put a stop this time because he was trying his damn hardest to simply breathe.

A bullet to the chest would hurt less than this, you thought as you saw the destruction you made in the form of Bucky Barnes, silent and unmoving on his bed. The glassed windows reflected the City’s lights, and all you want to remember in this moment is how they flickered gently behind him.

And how you broke him.

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Title: Moonpie

Couple: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: where Bucky get drunk and just turns into a lump of clingy cuddly fluff?  Where the two somehow end up discussing their turn ons and kinks and then the next day they both are doing the other ones turn ons??? 

Warnings: Sorta (kinda) Sexual, alcohol

Word count: 1853

A/N: So I’m sorry this took so long, but bright side i will be putting another out soon (Finished it right after this one). I have a few request that either line up well or are basically the same so i have combined them to save time. ALSO! if you guys didn’t read the Christmas update, i will be putting out a character list of everyone I’m willing to do, I’m hoping this will help me stay motivated through the variety of characters. Anyway, love you guys and hop you enjoy.

You and Bucky sat in a bar a couple of miles away from the towers. You two had become close friends, not as close as him and Steve are…where, but still close. No one was actually sure why the two of you had become close, in fact you guys didn’t even know yourselves, it had just happened. Though you thought it had to deal with the two of you having a hard past and coming into the avengers around the same time.

“You have a serious problem” He downed another shot, the both of you thought you had a higher alcohol tolerance then you did so you guys kept drinking, trying to one up the other. “Every guy you’ve dated this past year has been from the bottom of the barrel” Bucky said, motioning this by sticking a finger from his left arm into the shot glass and breaking it.

The bartender came by, getting the pieces and giving him a glass of water as Bucky looked down and apologized as you laughed like a hyena. “What about you, you haven’t brought anyone back. Not even Steve knows what you like anymore” You got closer and looked at him, causing him to back up a bit. “What do you like?”

“what” He said confused, trying to not look you in the eyes, afraid that he might do something stupid or that you might see his true feelings that he had yet to fully figure out himself.

You shrugged and downed your glass as you sat back in your seat and looked back to him. “You know what I mean! What turns you on, what gets you going? What doesn’t get that gears turninnggg?” As soon as the words left your mouth and hit his ears the two of you started to sober up.

His face had the slightest hint of red peaking across his cheeks and his mind started to wonder at the thought. Over the past 50 years he hasn’t had the time nor will really to think of what he wanted, what he liked.

You watched, examining his face closely as his head was tilted up a bit and he stared at the ceiling in deep thought. If it wasn’t for the fact that the bar stool was nailed to the ground you would have tried to scoot closer, to be able to be nearer to him, maybe give off some of your essence to persuade his thought process. As soon as you thought that a chuckle fell from your lips at the thought of him ever even seeing you as more than just a friend. By the time you came to your senses you realized Bucky was staring at you with a big grin trying to hold in his laughter. “Hey mister” You poked his chest “fess up, I can’t wait all day”

He let his huge grin dull down to a small smile and he grabbed his drink, not to drink but more so to distract him from looking at you so he could hide his embarrassment somewhat. “I like it when the girl is fun, smart…you know a good head on her shoulders, knows what she wants…” He stared off at all the liquor behind the bar. “Caring, forgiving… yeah”

You kinda felt down at that moment, though it wasn’t Bucky’s fault, it was more so you letting your brain overthink and say you were none of those things. Not wanting to bring down the night you laughed and ordered 2 beers. “Well now I know what you’re looking for but what TURNS you on?!”

The bar tender, which you learn name was frank when he placed a napkin down next to you with his number, sending Bucky into a fit of rage in his head. “What about you little missy! What turns you on? You’re asking twenty questions over here yet you always avoid mine.”

Placing the bottle to your lips you grinned a bit, “turn ons?” you hmmed and ‘thought’ about it though most of them were displayed right in front of you. “Biting lips, like that stretching where it more so just seems like showing off, teasing, being a bit dominate but not like in everyday… just like in the bed…” You motioned for Frank to bring a few shots, which he gladly did and the two of you gladly drank. “light sweet touching” You thought about it for a second “Like in the morning, when you get hugged or a peck or something and it’s just like their happy to see you and love you… just.. yea” You laughed and he just nodded with a big grin. Your eyes darted back to him and you gave a huge grin. “Your turn mister”

He shrugged staring down at the granite bar top “when she’s playing with her lips, ” He gave a small smile, “I really love it when she runs her hands through my hair, just caring and sexy. ” he shrugged and leaned in toward you. Not thinking you did the same and he just smiled as he planted a little kissed on top of your nose. “You’re beautiful you know, like a moon pie” he started to laugh at the thought of your face on a moon pie “Who’s idea was it anyway to make that, it’s like the sexiest form a diabetes that you can get”

Laughing hysterically you both rocked back and forth on the seats, bumping into each other and at some point placing your guys arms around the others waist to keep steady… well as steady as two drunks could be.

“We should go” Bucky just nodded at your statement and stood up, then toppling over. Laughing so hard that your sides hurt you helped him up and only started to laugh more as he put his arm out for you to kiss, which you did happily.

You guys went back to the tower laughing and being drunk buffoons that irritated the crap out of the taxi driver. Finally getting into the tower you helped him to his room considering you were his crutch and his ability to walk was almost none existent on his own at the moment.  

Going into his room you helped him into bed were he tossed his shirt off to the floor and crawled into bed, taking off his pants and shoes following the shirt. He looked up to you with his big blue eyes and gave a small grin, “You should crawl in and well tell stories and cuddle”

Catching you off guard your face turn a thousand different shades of red. You wanted to, you wanted to so bad but you knew it wasn’t right, “That’s not a good idea” He looked to you confused and hurt, like a sad puppy. “We’re both drunk” you slightly slurred not meaning to but proving your point. “Drunk and cuddling make babies and we don’t need a baby right now”

Bucky chuckled and put a hand out toward you, you placed your hand in his, “Our baby would be cute and amazing. They’d be the smartest assassian baby soldier things man and human kind would ever seen”

Laughing and blushing you nodded “It would.” You leanded down and kissed his cheek and squeezed his hand. “Night Buck”

“Night Y/n”

The next morning you woke up with one of the worst hangovers you’ve ever had, coming in second to the time you and Thor had a drinking contest. Washing up and trying to look your best with as little work as possible you headed downstairs to the kitchen to get something that could ease your head and stomach.

Thankfully no one was in sight and it was completely quite. You grabbed a glass and filled it with water, taking some pills you stood there with your back to the open. Seconds later, in the middle of your deep breathing to help relax, a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and did a quick squeeze.

You let out a little squeak and when the person let you go you turned around surprised to see Bucky. “Bu…Bucky?” He gave you a little smile though he was obviously embarrassed.

“Sorry, just … thought it was a good way to start the day” He said and started to stretch his arms out. That’s when you realized he had on no shirt, you could see every flex, every muscle, every ton…. He was doing your turn ons. He had to be, he never came downstairs unless he was dressed for the day, and affection, psh he never showed that.

Not wanting to call him out you didn’t say anything, though now you wanted to play along. Maybe this was the sign that you were wanting last night, this was him making his move. Then again, he was hungover to so it could just be that… still, you were going to try.

You laughed and bit down a little on the corner of your lip, as you blushed a bit. He watched your expression and couldn’t help but be turned on a bit. “You’re right, it is” You slid your hand down his arm as you walked by to the counter with your water and grabbing a banana. He watched you walk away, adding that extra umph to your step. “So… you slept well last night?”

He followed you to the table after grabbing a cup of coffee. “Could have slept better” He looked from his coffee to you and gave a wink. You started to giggle a bit.

You got up and tossed away the banana peel and washed your hand. Going back over to the table you stopped in front of Buck. He looked up to you and your hands went to his hair, running up and down his head. “You’re hairs so soft” You said still playing with it. He must have enjoyed it because a small moan fell from his lips.

“Oh Y/n” He stood up quickly and picked you up, pushing you against the closest wall. He looked you in your y/e/c eyes and grinned. “You’re teasing me” You just bit you lip in response. “I thought I was supposed to do that to you”

“Then do it” He smashed his lips against yours. It was a manic rampage of passion and need. He hiked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He pulled apart from your lips and a pout came across your face. He moved his lips to your neck and started to nip at it. “Oh Bucky”

“Oh! Woah!! We have bedrooms for this exact reason” Tony stated as him, Sam, and Steve walked in laughing.

“So that’s why you missed our morning run, Buck?” Sam asked and started to nod his head and laugh. “Good reason, good reason”

Buck let you slide down from him but kept his hands on your waist and he stared at you with a huge smile. “Yeah, I think so” He placed a kiss on your lips and smiled into it. You couldn’t help but smile back, he was definitely worth the wait.

Little White Lies - Part Four

Ughhh I reread/redid this sooo many times and I still don’t really like it. But, eh. Let’s just do it.

Chapter One 

Chapter Three

Chapter Four 

5,650 words - yikes!

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Nico muttered as he inched his way down the dimly-lit hallway. Slipping around the corner, he continued down another corridor - almost tripping over a coffee table against the wall and streaming a slur of hushed curses - then resumed forward again and counted the doors he passed. One… two… Nico came to a halt at the third and slid down the wall next to the door frame. He put his hand over his mouth to silence his heavy breathing and brushed his dark and still-tangled hair away from his forehead.

After managing to calm down he began to wonder what he was even doing there. Sure, he couldn’t sleep, but how does that explain why he had ended up outside the Prince’s bedroom? What was he even there for?

Biting his lip, Nico shifted onto his knees and pressed his ear to the door. He was met with silence on the other side. Was Will asleep? Wait, Nico thought to himself, of course he was. It was past three in the morning, why wouldn’t he be asleep?

Finally thinking clearly again, Nico decided he didn’t want to wake him up and began to get to his feet, using the door handle to push himself up. With a click, the handle dipped and the door swung open. He bit his lip so hard he could have sworn he tasted blood. He slowly leaned into the room and strained to see through the dark. “H-Hello?” he whispered. Feeling his hands shake slightly and his stomach lurch and twist into knots, Nico stepped forward, crossing the room quietly to stand at the edge of the bed - empty and neatly made.

Nico let out a breath, then turned and left the room, closing the door as silently as he could. Muttering to himself about how stupid that had been, he headed back to his own room. Why had he even left it in the first place?

When he gave up trying to figure that out, his mind flicked to the reason the Prince wasn’t in his room. Where would he be? Was he alright? - Not that Nico cared, of course. But if Will was taken by a cereal killer before the coronation, things would get complicated with the alleged ‘client’ Jason was talking about.

Huffing, Nico decided to just push it from his mind and flopped back onto his bed when he got to his room. For the second time that night, he found himself staring at the ceiling and tracing the pattern on the wallpaper with his eyes, sighing. “What am I doing here?” Feeling miserable, he flung his arm over his eyes and let out a trembling breath.

It was hard to tell how long it was before he fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the Prince wearing a navy blue tailored suit, walking confidently onto a platform at the front of a massive room full of people. The King and Queen stood to the right of the stage. Nico watched the scene from behind the three of them.

There was deafening applause from the crowd as Will took his place and waved at them. Nico felt himself smile a little. But the rare smile quickly faded as the applause came to a sudden halt and a hush settled over the entire room. Gasps traveled through the crowd, eyes widened, jaws dropped. Small children started wailing, their parents scooping them up and holding them tightly. Will and his parents spun around and their eyes locked on the strange boy standing behind them.

Nico could hear their hearts beat faster, as well as his own - a percussion orchestra banging against the inside of his head. Fear overcame their features as they stumbled back from him. Nico looked down to find his dagger gripped in his hand so tightly his knuckles turned milky. Before he even knew what was happening, he was striding toward the Prince, who fell backward and tried to scramble away.

Kneeling over him, he put a hand on Will’s throat to still his movements, though Nico wasn’t in control of his actions. His hands clasped at Nico’s forearm and he could see the terror in the Prince’s eyes. It was only until he followed Will’s horrified gaze that he realized his other hand was slowly raising the blade.

“No,” Nico wanted to yell. He wanted to scream, he wanted to stop. He couldn’t. The knife came down, Will cried out in pain, and Nico woke with a start. He pushed himself up on wobbling arms, gasping and struggling to breathe.

With a sigh, he pulled off his shirt, which was soaked through with sweat. Nico rubbed at his eyes and tried to get the look on dream-Will’s face out of his mind, but it was a futile attempt. He shook his head. Whatever, he thought. It wasn’t like he was going to be the one to actually kill the Prince, anyway. He was just a spy. Nothing anything like that dream was ever going to happen.

Nico laid back again and reached blindly for his phone on the bedside table. He checked the time. “Ten o’clock?!” he yelped as he jumped up, got tangled in the sheets, and toppled head over heels off his bed. “I’m three hours late! Shit shit shit!” For the next fifteen minutes, Nico scrambled around his room as he got ready. Hopping on one leg, he yanked on his pants, then swept his hair into place without bothering to comb out the knots while simultaneously brushing his teeth.

After going through a mental checklist of everything he needed, and then once again to make sure he didn’t forget anything, he bolted out the door and tried not to sprint to the kitchen. Thank god he didn’t have to punch in with one of those timeclock things.

Still struggling with the last button on his shirt, Nico walked toward Leo and Piper as they talked with one of the younger chefs about who-knew-what if Leo was involved. But they seemed to be pretty excited. Piper was the first to spot him approaching and waved. Leo looked over next and raised an eyebrow.

“You look like literal death,” he informed Nico once he was close enough.

“Thanks, I try,” Nico replied.

Raising a brow, Piper asked, “Do you know how late you are?”

“I overslept.”

“For three hours?”

Nico muttered something under his breath, then straightened and squared his shoulders. “Look, it was a long night, okay? Can we just drop it and talk about something else?” Of course, he didn’t mean to sound so harsh - it must have been the lack of sleep. The others seemed to catch on and reluctantly restarted the conversation they were having, sending him weary glances every once in awhile.

While they continued talking, Nico promptly zoned out, probably appearing as if he was staring at one of the chefs and effectively freaking them out, but Nico’s mind was nine miles away.

“-nk, Nico?”

His head snapped back to Leo, Piper, and the other dude - who still hadn’t walked away, oddly enough - all of whom were now looking at him expectantly. “Uh, what? Wasn’t listening.”

“I asked you what you think about coming to a party tonight,” Piper explained patiently, though Nico picked up on the slightest hint of playful annoyance. “We’re all getting off early, and there’s a really cool bar a few blocks into town. You in?”  

Nico paused and made a face. “Nah, wouldn’t be a good idea. Parties aren’t my thing. Plus… uh, I should probably call home. My family wants me to stay in touch.”

“Oh, come on!” Leo whined. “It’ll be fun! You’ll get the chance to get some more friends around the town.” Leo still thought Nico had come from Venice - though why he hadn’t questioned the lack of an accent and that he was ‘already’ fluent English Nico didn’t know. “Also,” Leo continued. “I am extremely curious to see what kind of drunk you are.”

“Ten bucks says he’s the reckless type that tries to jump off buildings and see if he can fly,” Piper added.

“I’m going with bipolar emotional sap.” Leo and Piper shook on it and Nico rolled his eyes.

For the next two hours and for the first half of Nico’s shift he went around the kitchen and took care of chores. He was already used to having to take care of the bakery basically by himself (because Hazel was no help at all, saying she had to study).

As Nico was stepping through the back door after taking out two bags of trash, the same sharply-dressed man that had approached him on his first day at the palace sauntered up once more. He stood straight and tall and adjusted his bowtie before speaking. “It has been requested you complete a task for His Royal Highness,” he stated, voice nasally.

The boy quirked a brow and turned impulsively, grabbing a broom leaning on a counter and sweeping the floor a few times before he paused and faced the man again, leaning on the handle. “Alright, and why is that?”

“I have told you before, please do-”

“-as you are told,” Nico finished. “Yeah yeah. Am I entitled to know what this ‘task’ entails?”

“This information was not disclosed to me. In any case, please report to-”

“Sorry, bud. I wish I could, really.” Nico feigned a distressed sigh and inspected his nails. “But, I’m a bit swamped with work here in the kitchen and if I don’t know what I’m passing my initial responsibilities up for, then I’m afraid I can’t help ya.”

The man’s eyebrows bristled and his face turned slightly red. He looked like a beet with bushy eyebrows and a mini mustache. “I assure you, any work His Royal Highness has made the decision to trust in you is far more salient than an obligation to complete such lowly kitchen chores.” He spat out the last part like Nico was some sort of cockroach for doing his job.  

Feeling himself becoming agitated, Nico replied in a steady voice from between gritted teeth, “Well, then I’m sure such prestigious work should be taken care of someone a little more important than a kitchen maid, huh?” He smirked as the man searched for an argument. Evidently not finding one, he tugged on the hem of his vest and walked off the way he had come, trying to keep his posture straight. Nico chuckled in victory - before realizing he now had to get back to cleaning. He groaned and continued sweeping the floor.

For the rest of his shift, Nico tried to listen for any gossip being spread around the staff as he finished up his chores. But no such luck. Either there were too much clattering and clanging and oven-beeping for the boy to hear, or these people didn’t talk as much as he assumed they would.

Before noon, three more people had come up to Nico, asking him to tend to something for the Prince. Nico found a way out each time, telling them he had prior obligations and that there must be someone else who could take care of it. It was getting annoying.

Finally, just as Nico finished cleaning the counters, his hair tied back and plastic gloves covering his hands, the clock struck half-past noon and various people took their lunch break. Nico quickly put away his cleaning supplies and yanked off the hair tie before heading for the main entrance to the kitchen. Leo and Piper tried to get his attention before he left, but he waved them off, spouting out a quick lie about how he forgot something in his room that morning.

He grabbed a bagel from a woven basket on the counter on his way out the double doors, crossed through the dining room outside the kitchen, then into the corridor. Taking big bites from his small lunch, he roamed around the castle, trying yet again to memorize the layout. He had pretty much gotten the first and third floor down, but there were still three others.

After exploring the second floor, Nico advanced to the fourth and roamed wherever the hallways took him. He had long since finished his bagel and was wishing he had a drink for the third time when he approached a door, slightly ajar, further down the hallway. As he neared, he heard familiar voices softly floating out into the hallway, keeping their tones hushed.

Nico slowly crouched down and inched his way toward the door, trying not to think about how similar this situation was to the one he was in that morning. Once he reached the edge of the door frame, he gradually leaned forward so that he could just see around the door.

It was a wide room, the walls lined with dozens of overstocked bookshelves and lamps hanging on the walls here and there. In the far corner from where Nico sat was a large maroon desk, scattered with papers, books, letters, and pens that had run out of ink and had been haphazardly tossed aside. There were two people, a man sitting at the desk with his head in his hands, and a woman with a straight and slightly stiff posture in a chair in front of him.

“He will do absolutely fine, Lester,” the woman assured him, “I believe he is ready.”

“Yes well, shall we agree to disagree?” the man replied bitterly, glancing up from where he had been staring at the wood desk. “He is just not ready to rule a kingdom! The mere thought is - just astonishing. He’s practically still a child.”

Nico had to bite his tongue to keep quiet. There was a reason he had recognized these voices. The King and Queen. And they had to be talking about Will.

“You’re being rash,” Queen Naomi informed him. “Still a child? You said the same thing when I suggested the coronation take place three years ago. Then, I could understand your concern for his maturity, but he’s almost twenty! I believe he is more than ready.”

The King shook his head. “I’ll believe it when I see it. He’ll have to really step up if he wants my blessing.”

Nico bit his lip. For about 0.2 seconds, he felt a pang of pity for the Prince, that his own father didn’t believe he could run the kingdom well - but it quickly dissipated when Nico remembered that he and the King shared the opinion. Stay focused, he told himself.

The King and Queen continued to argue, but Nico didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation after something wrapped around his bicep like a vise and yanked him backward, dragging him all the way down the hall while he tried to regain his balance. It didn’t work and he stumbled over his feet until he was jerked to a halt.

“Just what,” A voice hissed in his ear, “do you think you’re doing?” Nico swallowed and chanced a glance at his captor’s face. Recognition flicked through his face as he remembered the girl in the white dress with the black eyes and glossy hair pulled into a braid that rested on her right shoulder.

Nico struggled to find a way out of this one. “I-I was just,” he paused, clearing his throat as he tried to come up with an excuse, keeping his voice low. “I was passing by and stopped to tie my shoelaces.” He pointed to his foot for good measure.

“So you mean to tell me,” she started slowly, her voice low and perilous, “that you just happened to be passing by the King’s study while they happened to be discussing a topic of confidentiality and just happened to have to tie your shoe at that exact moment?” She raised a brow.

“Uh, yes. That is exactly what I mean to tell you.” Nico nodded firmly. She hummed skeptically and pushed him to his feet, allowing him to gain his balance before yanking him down the hallway again.

Once they were far from the King’s study where he and his wife continued on with their argument, the girl pulled Nico to a stop again and grabbed a fist full of his shirt. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is-”

“No problem,” Nico interrupted. “I tied my shoe, so I’m all good now.” She glared at him and he glared right back.

“I better not catch you trying anything funny with the Royal Family. Got it?” There was something weird in her eyes, the expression on her face. Her tone of voice and words tumbling from her lips gave the feeling that she was willing to protect the Royals at whatever cost. But Nico could see the flicker of doubt behind her eyes. It was almost as if she was forcing herself to come off as she was; forcing herself to seem loyal to them.

Nico wanted to ask but knew it was pointless. So instead he used her technique and put it in his eyes, hoping she noticed. “Got it,” he answered. She paused before letting him go.

“What are you even doing in this hallway? The kitchen is on ground level.” She crossed her arms.

Nico shrugged. “I was just walking around. I’m on lunch break.”

The girl rolled her eyes and scoffed. “That doesn’t justify you walking around in restricted areas of the castle. You shouldn’t be up here.”

“And you should?”

“Yes. I’m the Princess’s lady-in-waiting.” She looked him over once again. “You’re the same kid who needed directions to the Prince’s room about a week ago, correct?” Nico nodded. “I assume he wanted to get to know you like he does with all the other staff?” Another nod. “Did you let him?”

“No…” Nico knitted his eyebrows. Why was she asking?

“Good. But, he can be obstinate at times. He won’t give up, you know that right?” The boy grumbled and ducked his head angrily, dark hair falling in his eyes, as he explained about all the people telling him to go find the Prince and take care of something for him. He assumed that if bringing him his dinner a week before had been an excuse, it was justifiable that the reasons he was presented with earlier that day were excuses as well. He knew the Prince just wanted to dig up his past - for whatever odd reason - and The boy couldn’t let that happen, for more reasons than just the fact that he was a spy.

“It’s going to be hard to avoid the people he sends for the rest of today.” Nico sighed and rubbed his neck, trying to work out the knot that had been there for the past few weeks.

“Well,” the girl hesitated. “I guess I could help you out with that.”

Nico straightened and met her gaze. “You could? How?”

“I’m going to be busy for the rest of today and I need someone to watch the Princess while I’m gone. I was just on my way to meet up with someone and ask for their help when I ran into you. Now, I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, but I don’t think you’re stupid enough to mess this up.”

“Uh, thanks?”

She simply nodded. “Kayla’s room is on the third floor, east wing. It’s two corridors over from the Prince’s. You can’t miss it, trust me.” Nico nodded. “You’ll just have to watch her for a few hours while I take care of a meeting. Think you can handle it?” Nico gave her a two-fingered salute and she turned and walked the way they had come - back toward the King’s study.

“Alright, then,” Nico breathed. “Guess I’m a babysitter now.”

Feeling much more confident about his navigation skills, Nico headed off toward the stairs and climbed down to the third floor, then set out to find Kayla’s room. As he walked down the hallway against the east wall of the castle, he got distracted by the view from the windows - which took up the entire wall. Below was an extravagant garden, full to bursting with white roses accompanied by eccentric tulips and violets and other flowers and plants.

Nico forgot to watch where he was walking as he stared out the window, and bumped into someone heading the opposite direction. Books went clattering to the floor as the other person grunted in surprise and papers flew all over the hall.

“Ack, sorry,” Nico muttered, bending down and reaching for a book.

“No problem…” Nico’s hands froze at the voice. You have got to be kidding me, he thought bitterly. “Hey, are you who I think you are?” Nico looked up and met the Prince’s gaze, a scowl on his face. “Ah, you are.” Will bent down as well, but not to pick up his things; solely to just be eye-level with Nico. “I’ve been sending for you all day. I don’t believe we’ve finished our conversation from last night…”

Nose twitching slightly, Nico shoved the books back into Will’s hands and stood. “Odd. I seem to remember it ending fairly quickly.”

“That’s the problem.” Will stood up as well. “I didn’t even get your name.”

Nico shrugged. “Call me whatever you like, your Highness.”

Will sighed. “I told you I didn’t like that.”

“Too bad.” Nico’s eyes widened and he clenched his fists as he realized the mistake. “I mean… I’ll… take that into consideration… Sir.” Nico ground the sentence out, each word practically causing him physical pain to let past his lips.

Will groaned as Nico pushed past him. “‘Sir’ is even worse! Is it so hard to just call me by my first name?” he yelled after Nico, but he never got a response. “Fine then.” Will sighed again and continued down the hallway after collecting a few more papers.

Nico eventually found Kayla’s door, plastered all over with posters and signs saying Please knock, and I may think about granting entrance - maybe, and Off with their head ye who barges in. There was one nailed to the center of her door, hanging on a string so that it could be flipped over, currently displaying the words HER ROYAL HIGHNESS IS AVAILABLE, in green glitter. Nico peeked at the other side, which read HER ROYAL HIGHNESS DOES NOT WISH TO BE DISTURBED. COME BACK NEXT MILLENNIA, in blue glitter.

Not wanting to have his head chopped off - according to the sign - he knocked and the door immediately opened. A girl of around ten years of age stood in front of him, ginger hair pulled into a high ponytail, a green headband to keep wisps from falling out.

“Who’re you?” She asked.

“I’m Nico,” he told her, offering his hand. When all she did was stare at it, he put it back down. “Your lady-in-waiting sent me to watch you for the rest of the day,” He explained, wearing a small smile.

“Oh.” Kayla opened the door wider to let him in. “I guess that’s fine then. But if you try to kidnap me, you’re in a heap of trouble, got it, Mister?”


“Right. And anyway, I don’t get why I have to have a babysitter for just a few hours. I mean, I’m almost eleven!” She brushed a few dolls to the foot of her bed and jumped on, pouting. Nico stood there awkwardly, not having the slightest clue what to say to the kid.

Her room wasn’t much smaller than Will’s, Nico noted. But it was drastically different. Her bed was smaller, a twin, and sat in the far right corner of the room. The walls were a light green with gold and white patterns. She had a pink beanbag chair, two chests full of toys, and Christmas lights looped the entire room where the walls met the ceiling.

“Are you bored?” she asked suddenly. “I’m bored. Let’s go exploring!” She hopped off her bed and grabbed Nico’s hand, pulling him out the door and turning down the hallway. “You’re new here, right? I’ll show you my favorite places in the castle.”

Before Nico could respond, he was being yanked down the hallway, vaguely thinking that maybe the small Princess had learned it from her lady-in-waiting. Kayla dragged Nico all throughout the castle, giving him her own personal version of the tour he received a week prior. After a few stops, she tugged him into the ballroom.

“Look, my big brother showed me how to dance that really fancy one that they always do at the big parties.” She positioned her feet and straightened, raising her arms around an invisible suitor and spun around the room, humming a waltz. Nico chuckled. Kayla glanced at him over her shoulder as she continued. “Do you know how?”

Nico shook his head. “Oh, no. Definitely not. Besides, I don’t think that I’ll ever need to use it.”

Kayla frowned and stopped dancing. “Of course you will. How else will you meet your Prince Charming?”

Nico smiled and shook his head, before fully registering what the little girl had just said. “P-Prince Charming?!”

She nodded, humming. “It’s in all the fairy tales. Will talks about it all the time. Seeing your Prince Charming from across the ballroom and feeling drawn to them like a magnet,” she explained, a wistful expression on her face, “and then you meet and take each other’s hands and dance together and fall in love and kiss at midnight!” She giggled.

Nico’s eyebrows furrowed. He highly doubted she knew what she just implied. And as for Will talking about it all the time, that was probably just because he read her the stories so often. “Yes, right… uh, how about we move on now?” Kayla nodded eagerly and continued on her favorite place tour.

Next stop was the garden that Nico had seen from the windows. Kayla navigated through the maze-like rows of plants and flowers taller than Nico, while he did his best to keep up. He was less afraid of losing her than he was of getting lost himself. The garden was at least three times the size of the massive ballroom, taking up an enormous space of land behind the castle. As he had seen from inside the palace walls, the majority of the garden consisted of white roses, but there were eccentrically-colored tulips and hydrangeas and countless others.

Suddenly, Kayla looked up from admiring a ladybug marching across a leaf, squealed, and ran off down the row. Nico’s voice rang through the garden when called out for her to wait, then hastily followed. As he rounded a plant he couldn’t name to save his life, Nico saw Kayla being swung in a circle by a girl in a single-strap white dress, caramel hair braided over one shoulder.

Nico wondered briefly if a white dress and braided hair was the dress code for women of the palace or something.

The girl - maybe around Nico’s age - set Kayla down gently and adjusted the young girl’s headband for her. Then she straightened and sent a glowing smile Nico’s way. “Hello!”

“Uh, hi?”

She smiled brighter and closed the distance between them, offering her hand. “I assume you’re the new guy I’ve been hearing so much about? Nico, was it? I’m Calypso. You can call me Caly.”

“Uh, nice to - wait, how do you know my-”

She chuckled. “Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy.” She winked.

What the heck?

“I’m the palace gardener,” Caly explained. She gestured to the foliage surrounding them. “To me, this place is my palace.” Smiling fondly all around her, Nico couldn’t help but admire how happy she seemed to be. He also couldn’t help but wonder if that smile would last longer than a month. He doubted it; the coronation was in four weeks.

Not wanting to be rude, Nico let Calypso show him around the garden, telling him the names of the various plants and flowers, although he didn’t even remember one. However, he didn’t say anything and simply let Cally prattle on about them. There was something soothing in her voice that made you want to do nothing but listen - no matter what she was saying.

After Nico didn’t know how long and him trying to politely refuse a flower crown but Cally insisting and giving him one anyway, Calypso let them go and Nico followed Kayla back inside, where she turned off down a hall and continued onto their next destination. They walked for about ten minutes before she stopped in a random hallway, the walls covered with portraits of the Royal Family. Nico quirked a brow.

“This is one of your favorite places in the castle?” Kayla nodded. “Why?” A sly smile spread across her face and she raised an eyebrow.

“What, you didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?” Nico watched as Kayla stepped toward a painting sitting low on the floor, just barely bigger than she was, and pulled it aside. It slid to the left along a hidden track and revealed a small door that opened into the wall. Nico stared, dumbfounded. Giggling, Kayla pushed the door open and gestured to the hidden corridor it leads through.

“This goes all throughout the castle walls. I always win hide-and-seek.” She grinned. Meanwhile, Nico was trying not to make his own too obvious. He pressed his tongue to the inside of his cheek, shifting his weight onto one foot.


“You want me to show you? I’ve never told anyone, so you should feel special.” With that, Kayla grabbed his hand and pulled him into the secret hallway. He had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling, and his shoulders were constantly pressed against the walls, but he didn’t have a single complaint. After a week, his luck was finally turning. Nico had noticed that the people who worked at the palace didn’t gossip much - which wasn’t any help to him. But who knew what they talked about behind closed doors?

The Princess guided Nico all over the third floor, passing a surprising amount of empty rooms - including Will’s. While Nico was wondering (against his better judgment) where the Prince was, the door opened and a boy with dark skin and curly black hair crept in. Leo, Nico thought without hesitation. Assuming Leo was going to pull some prank on him, Nico opted to move on.

Nico let the Princess gain a lead a few times to pause and listen in on conversations between maids and other castle workers. Unfortunately, the topics never sparked Nico’s interest.

That is until he found Kayla’s lady-in-waiting.

They had climbed up a ladder to the fourth floor and continued through the tunnels when they came across a room with only a few cabinets and a small window, the girl standing stiffly in the center, talking quietly into a phone. Kayla got bored after a few minutes and continued ahead, but Nico hung back.

“Yes, I know,” she said. There was a pause. “I promise, things are moving forward. It’s just taking longer than I thought.” Another pause. “Because… let’s say…” she glanced around the room, not noticing Nico peeking in from behind a fake air conditioner. “There’s a… rat in the kitchen.” Nico’s hand flew to his mouth to keep from gasping. She couldn’t be…?

“No one else else knows; I’m keeping it under wraps to prevent a panic.” She nodded as someone spoke on the other end. “Yes… yes, I’ll take care of it.”

Nico slowly backed away from the vent and took off as quickly down the tunnel as he could, whispering Kayla’s name. “Kayla! Come on, where are you?”

Kayla’s head popped up from another ladder. “You rang?” She smiled. “I was waiting for you here.”

Nico let out a breath. “How do you even know that reference?”

She quirked an eyebrow. “What reference? It’s just something Reyna says all the time. Though, she always sounds kinda mad.” She shrugged and ducked down the ladder, Nico climbing on after her.

Nico and Kayla made it back to her room just before Reyna (Nico assumed her name was). After asking how things went and questioning Nico thoroughly, she allowed him to go back to his own business. By now, it was early afternoon. He still had a few more hours left to work in the kitchen. Nico’s mind was still reeling about Reyna’s conversation, and he didn’t even complain about having to go back to work; the distraction was welcome for the time being.

Hours later, Nico was cleaning up the dining room outside the kitchen when Leo and Piper, along with three other kitchen workers, burst through the doors, smiles on their faces. Nico paused from setting a table. “What’s up?” He asked.

Piper looked at him, exasperated. “You forgot?” Nico shrugged.

“We’re going to par-tay! Whoo!” Leo punched the air.

“I thought I told you guys I wasn’t going.” Nico shook his head and returned to struggling to remember which side of the plate a fork went on - whenever he tried to set tables at the bakery, Hazel would switch up the utensils and managed to thoroughly confuse him.

“Too bad.” Piper crossed her arms and nodded to one of the bigger kitchen workers accompanying them. He then stepped forward and grabbed Nico, then proceeded to drag him along behind the group like a ragdoll, him trying to get away all the while.

“Seriously, I’m not going! I’m underage anyway!” He yelled, clawing at the hand gripping his forearm. “Let me go!”

Leo turned his head to look at Nico over his shoulder. “Can’t do that, bud. See, Piper and I raised the bet on what kind of drunk you are, and I’m getting that fifty bucks if it’s the last thing I do.” Nico sighed.

It was going to be a long night.

Royally Fucked (1/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual indication
(Wrap it before you tap it kiddos)

Summary: When you and Steve agree to end your relationship you didn’t expect to take it so hard, or seek comfort in his best friend. After one night of drinking and mistakes, now you feel like you’re struggling to keep your lies straight, but what happens when you’re seeing plus signs and Steve’s hovering, someone’s going to end up hurt if you can’t keep your lies straight.

A/N: Angsty, drama, secrets, and twists. Shit is going to hit the fan…

(Let me know if you want to be tagged)

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Originally posted by ariesw1493

Walking up the ramp, you fidget with the sleeves on your mission suit, avoiding all the gazes, knowing they had been whispering about you moments before. You keep your head down, finding a spot away from the rest of the team setting your gear bag down next to your seat. It had only been 12 hours since the breakup, they must have assumed you would have opted out of this mission, but you and Steve swore you weren’t going to let this come between the team, that you were more adult and mature than to run away from each other, it was a mutual breakup.

“You okay?” Buck had made his way towards you, as you pick at your fingers, his metal arm holding the handle overhead, looking down at you, you nod.

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Taking My Life Away Part 5

Originally posted by hoechlins

Summary: You get a job in another city forcing you to leave your best friend behind. Or not. 

Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 812

A/N: Here’s part 5! (I always start this that way..) There’s some drinking, sexual content and bad language! Please let me know if you want to be tagged (or untagged!) :)

He kept quiet as I kissed up his scar to his shoulder, across his chest. I reached my right hand up to his hair, gripped and pulled his head gently to the side, gaining access to his neck. He let out a shaky breath. 

“Y/N.. what are you doing?” he asked, grabbing my hips quickly as I began to grind against him. 

“You need to be appreciated..” I mumbled, dragging my teeth across his jaw, going for his mouth. 

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poe-also-bucky  asked:

Aaahhh I am excited. "Just go." "Not without you." + Bucky ? :)

“Bucky, hurry the fuck up!” Sam screams throughout the tower, slamming his feet down on the tile as he adjusts his necktie. 

He sighs, walking into the living room to see you on the couch, curled up in a blanket with red cheeks and messy makeup. You sniffle, giving him a small smile before reaching for the tissue box to your left.

“You okay, babe?” Sam asks, kicking some of the discarded tissues away from the floor. “Are you coming out with us tonight? We’re going to that club you like.”

You shake your head, blinking. “No, I’m fine here.” Your voice is shattered and small, so soft that Bucky can barley hear it when he walks into the living room.

He frowns, walking towards you with determination. “Give us a minute, Sam.” Bucky sighs, watching the bird man exit the room. “What’s wrong, doll?” He asks, sitting next to you on the couch.

You shrug, pushing your palms against your eyes. “I’m okay, Buck. Don’t worry ‘bout me, go have fun with the guys.”

“Just tell me why you’re crying.” Bucky frowns deeper, thumbing away some fallen tears from your cheeks. “Whatever it is, we can fix it.”

You huff, curling deeper into the blanket around you. “You remember Trevor, right?”

Bucky nods, wiping his hands on his jeans before scooting closer to you to hear your soft voice.

“Well, today was our two year anniversary and I went over his apartment and found him in bed with the girl from 2b.”

“He cheated?” Bucky chokes out, truly baffled at how someone could possibly cheat on the most perfect girl he’d ever laid eyes on. “I’m gonna fucking kill –”

“No you’re not.” You hum, frowning. “It happened, nothing can change that. I’ll get over it eventually, I’m okay. You should go, you’re going to be late for Tony’s grand arrival.”

Bucky shakes his head, kicking his feet on the table before placing an arm around your shoulder. “I’d rather stay here and spend time with my best girl than go out with a bunch of drunk enhanced people.”

“Just go, Buck. I’ll be okay alone.”

Bucky shakes his head again, pulling you to lay on his chest as he situates the blanket around the two of you. “Not without you. You’re the only reason I was going to even go. But now we can spend the night here and cuddle, if you want.”

Love Is Strange / Loverboy

Summary: Bucky comes home drunk and you don’t know what to expect.

Pairing: Buckaroo x Reader, a little bit of Steve x Nat

Warnings: Fluffy goodness, Natasha pmsing is the funniest

A/N: I imagine Bucky doing those things in the gifs when he’s drunk bye

“Nat, you’re a floor under me. Can’t you just come up here?”

You and Natasha were talking on the phone. She called you because she wanted to rant to you about how annoying the newest recruit, Scott is and knowing the Russian spy, she could talk forever.

“I’m too lazy, (Y/N). But anyways, I don’t know why Steve decided to recruit him. I mean I just want to - ugh. Kick his ass. He isn’t even based in New York!” She said though the speaker phone. You laughed at her irritated tone.

“Give him a week or so. He’ll calm down. Plus, wouldn’t you be excited if you were recruited by the Avengers?” You asked, adjusting your place on your apartment’s balcony. You stared down at the view of people who were walking on the streets, occasionally giving them smiles. It was your thing to just relax on the balcony and admire the view from the tower, listening to alternative music through your quiet speakers Tony installed.

“I’d be thrilled.” She laughed. “Hey, do you know when the guys will be back? I need to ask Steve about something.”

“No.” You replied. “They left around 6 so they should be back soon.” You said. You listened to her blabber on about how she was going to confess her feelings towards Steve, which you thought was cute since she’d talk about him 24/7. Listening to her, you swayed your hips to Weaves’s cover of The Beatles song, Help.

Your boyfriend Bucky went out to celebrate with Sam, Tony and Steve. Celebrating another very successful mission, they decided to go to a bar, suggested by Tony, of course. It was 12 am now, but you weren’t tired. You’d wait for Bucky anyways since you knew he would be the sober one and would want to cuddle with you. It was the best part you loved when he got back from nights like this.

“But yeah…Hey have you heard about this ice cream shop near midtown? It’s called Amarino’s and I heard it’s really good.” She said, changing the subject.

You laughed. “Are you really this nervous or are you just pmsing?” You asked.

“A terrible mixture of both.” You heard a loud groan through the speaker. You pictured her rolling on her back on the bed, which made you laugh even more.

“Those cramps kicking your ass?”

“Yup. You’d think that being a trained spy - nothing else would hurt.” She groaned. “Well god just fucking hates me right now!” She yelled.

“You know, taking a bath really helps-“

The door to your apartment opened rather harshly. Turning your back with your phone in hand, you looked through the glass door and saw your boyfriend stumble in.

“What was that?” Natasha asked through the other line.

“Nat, I’m gonna call you back.” You said slowly.

“What? (Y/N), wait - Don’t leave me here like thi-“ She said, but you hung up. Opening the glass screen door to go inside your quarters, you shut the door behind you and saw your boyfriend looking through your bedside drawers. You heard him giggle while he was rummaging through as you watched him in amusement.

He was drunk.

“Buck, are you alright?” You laughed, walking towards him. He pulled out the picture stack you kept in your top drawer, holding a picture of the two of you when you first visited Brooklyn.

“I remember this.” He giggled. He showed you the picture, shoving the paper in your face. “Good times.” He smiled.

You laughed at him as you wandered around your room. He touched the walls, desks, pictures, everything with a bright smile.

He turned on his heal and walked up to you, your noses touching. “You’re like…Really and I mean really pretty.” He looked down at you and smiled, then quickly turned away to resume his wonder.

“I see you had a great time.” You laughed, leaning your back against your desk as he played with your radio.

“It was really really great.” He smiled, booping your nose and leaning forward. He draped an arm around your shoulders as he fumbled with one of your playlists. “Why do you like this music? Hooorrible.” He said. He scrolled through the playlist until he got to his songs. Love Is Strange from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack played throughout the speakers of the apartment.

Bucky walked backwards until he got to the center of the room. He pointed his finger at you rather serious, making a ‘come hither’ motion. You couldn’t help but laugh as you walked over to him. Grasping you in his arms, he led you through a sloppy and slow dance session.

“Your sweet looving is better than a kiss. When you leave me sweet kisses I miiss.” He sang loudly rather close to your face. The smell of alcohol intoxicated your nose as he sang the song.

“What did Tony give you, baby?” You asked in wonder. Your eyes bore into his blue and red ones. His cheeks were red and his eyes where half open, but he still looked great. Your hands rested on the grey shirt he was wearing, fisting the fabric in your hand as your other hand played with the small strands of hair on the nape of his neck.

“Someth-ing like..Asgard? Like…That God guy.” he giggled. “Ass gard.” He pulled his head in laughter.

“Ohh, boy.” you sighed out. This was one of the first times you’ve seen Bucky drunk off his ass, but you enjoyed the moment. You pulled away from the dance as Bucky mumbled the song. You watched him dance from your place sat on the bed, smiling and tilting your head in amusement.

“Silviaaa…” He copied. “Yesss Mickey?” He smiled and looked at you.

“How do you call your loverboy?” He asked as he echoed the song. It was your turn to pull your head back in laughter, covering your mouth as you shook your head. Oh, Bucky Barnes.

“Come ere, loverboy.” You laughed, spreading your arms out wide for him. His eyes widened as he smiled, running into your arms and collapsing his full weight onto you. You groaned out at his weight, sighing in relief as he propped himself up on his elbows then lowering his head on his chest.

“This drink Tony gave you, did he give it to the others too?” You asked, stroking his short hair.

“Mhmm.” He sighed in contentment. “All of usss. Sa-am and St-stove.” He laughed. “Stove Rogers.”

“Poor Natasha.” You whispered to yourself. You closed your eyes, sleep taking over your body, as you thought it did to your boyfriend above you.

Your eyes widened as his head shot up quickly.

“Wait. This isn’t my apartment.” He said.

“God damnit, Bucky.“

Gang and their Tattoos

Anon: What tattoos would the boys have had?

Ok YESS I love this ask I LOVE tattoos and like man WOO (I honestly can’t wait to get some like I already have like a list of ones I want to get) (also I did this on mobile so it’s kinda sloppy but oh well I wanted to do this ask)

Ok Steve (doesn’t he already have a janky ass tat already) ANYWAY you know he has a tribal tat like ugh and I bet you he was drunk “one night” at Bucks and let someone tattoo them with a homemade gun and shit (*important don’t let anyone do that it is so much more likely to get infection and the lines will be so dark so covering it up will be a b*tch)

Darry: b*tch he ain’t got no tattoos and I would like to quote my stepdad “I wanted to keep my French Canadian skin clean and pure” (even though he has two tattoos from when he was drunk on a homemade gun and that’s one of a big regrets of his /among others/)

Pony: he’d get some fake deep emo shit tbh like literally the poem or like those simplistic flowers idk just something very soft (??) small and simplistic for the aesthetic

Dally: ok there is this kid in my class that has his birthday in Roman numerals on his wrist and that’s what I see Dally getting like what a dork OR OR like I freaking bet you one night he got drunk and got Sylvia’s name I freaking bet you $100

Two-Bit: wow what a guy.
Honestly though he’d get Mickey Mouse on his upper arm and also he’d be the one to get tattoos just for the hell of it like I know this guy that just has jack skeleton on his leg for like no reason like that’d be him

Johnny: AWWWW ok like the only tattoo I’d think he’d have is like a cute little matching one with pony idk what but I can imagine him being all excited to show everyone OR WHATIF he convinced the whole gang to get matching ones and that’s the only one Darry actually got because that’s the only one he would want is with the gang and they all went together like you guys that would be so cute like honestly would be like “brothers” or something cheesy but they all have the same one together like can you freaking imagine

Theory time! (you guessed it, it’s gonna be stupid)

Atsushi Sakurai is not human. He is an alien, who was dumped by his alien tribe, because he was too pretty and it made them feel uncomfortable.

So, a spaceship dumped him on a field in Gunma, where he was found by his family.

He does mention “mother stars” and similar stuff in some songs, doesn’t he?

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

[p.s. this is humouristic, don’t get butthurt, I love this band]

Cold Night- Bucky Barnes

Hey guysssss!!! Again, I’m posting this from my phone so it’s a little crappy:( Hope you like it!! I’m sorry this is short!! Requests are open!

Warnings: 1940s!Bucky, a whole lot of fluff and that last sentence makes me cry:(

Sighing, you look out the window. It started to snow a few minutes ago and you can already feel the cold entering your little apartment. You grab a blanket and wrap it around your body trying to warm yourself up. Bucky was supposed to be here an hour ago, but there’s no sign of him. You are not worried because you know he is out with Steve, it’s just that you miss him. He is leaving for war in a week and you don’t know how are you supposed to live all by yourself without seeing him. He always assures you that he will be fine and that you will still have Steve. He is your best friend and you love him, but the thought of Bucky leaving makes your skin shiver and your head hurt. He wanted to be a soldier since he was a little kid and now he finally achieved it. You are really proud of him but at the same time you wish he would stay with you and live a normal life. The low humm of the music fills your ears while you think about your boyfriend. Bucky promised you that when he comes back from the war he will propose to you. The idea makes your heart flutter, but you can’t avoid thinking what is going to happen if he doesn’t come back. You have been trying to stop these thoughts for Bucky’s sake and your own, but they have been bugging you for a long time. Your thoughts are interrupted by the door opening and you get up from the couch. Bucky enters the apartment and smiles at you when he sees you. His cheeks are a little bit redder than usual signaling that he has been drinking. You peck his lips, feeling the taste of the whiskey he just drank.

“Are you drunk, Buck?” You put your hands around his neck while he hugs your waist.

“I’m not. Sorry for being late love, I was with Steve.” He pecks your lips again and smiles apologetically.

“It’s okay, baby. Steve needs you just as much as I do.” You smile, running your hands through his short hair. “God, I’m going to miss this. I’m going to miss us.”

“I know, doll. But everything will be fine, I’ll come back to you, I will always do.”

Grabbing Bucky’s hand, you walk with him to the bedroom. He’s wearing his uniform and although you insist that he changes into something more comfortable he says it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t want to waste any second with you. You giggle happily at his words while Bucky lays in bed. You crawl to him and he grabs your waist. Your head is resting on his chest and you can feel his heart beating calmly. He plays with your hair and brings you closer to him, making you forget about the cold night. You take a deep breath, smelling Bucky’s scent. You can’t believe he is leaving in a week, in your head it seems almost impossible. He is going to be fighting for your country while you stay here, working in a little café and missing him like crazy. You feel your eyes began to shut, your mind and body too tired. You fall asleep in his arms thinking that he is James Buchanan Barnes and he will be fine.

frenchtherainbow  asked:

Dom walks in the house stumbling. She had come home from her friends birthday party obviously drunk. "Shhhh....buck-Bucky is sleep damn heels." She stumbled into the bathroom and fell into the tub."oh nice tub." She giggled.

Bucky heard shuffling enter his room before he turned off the TV and looked over his shoulder, there stood Dom..completely hammered.

“Doll…You obviously had a good time then” He scoffed, he remembered telling her to go out with her mates and have a good time, he himself were still trying to get used to socialising, and so he would make it up to her later.

“Babe…That’s the tub” He gave out a laugh, following her into their bathroom. He leant forward and placed his hands underneath her, lifting her light weight up and over his shoulder. “You need the bed sweetheart” He mused.

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