drunk as a lord

Scenes We’d Like To See in  InfinityWar Part II

[Doctor Strange or Tony Stark say something blatantly obvious]

Everett K Ross: No shit Sherlock!

Stephen + Tony: SHUT UP WATSON!


Tony: PETER!

Quill and Spider-Man: Yes?

Tony: Shit.

Steve: Hey! Watch your language!

Drax: How do you watch language?


Rocket and Tony talk science and get drunk


Plot Twist: Rocket DOES actually need the arm.


Tony: AVENGERS A- what are you doing?

Rocket: Putting on some music, what do you think I’m doing?

Quill: Rocket, were about to go up against a crazy mad titan with infinity stones!


Tony is the one to say the first ever full Avengers Assemble.

Can we imagine the high lords on a slumber party
  • Rhys: *Drunk af on margaritas while he hits on feyre over and over
  • Kallias: *broods in one corner while possesively staring at his wife*
  • Hellion: *Starts a pillow fight and hits on EVERY HIGH LORD*
  • Tamlin: *is like the kid that throws tantrums*
  • Thesan: *is chill and the life of the party*
  • Tarquin: *creates a mini beach in the palace while dancing to the makarena*
  • Beron: *isn't invited*

carry on, darling, we were built to last


Victor was cut off by his own hiccup and Yuuri sighed. A small smile was playing on his lips, but he sighed anyway, just because. Victor had promised to be pacing himself at the beginning of the banquet and it was only an hour later that he stumbled over to Yuuri, slurring his name with a thick Russian accent, the r rolling off his tongue in a way that made Yuuri’s skin tingle just a little.

He wasn’t mad, no. Victor deserved this. If he wanted to drink, he was free to drink, and in the morning Yuuri will be there to pat his back and point out to him with a smile that “I warned you this was going to happen.”

Victor’s jacket was gone, Yuuri noticed when his fiancé draped himself all over him, but the rest of him was as immaculate as when they’d left their hotel room earlier that night. Something stronger than champagne was sloshing in his glass, colouring his cheeks and tainting his breath. He leaned over Yuuri’s back, hugging him loosely from behind, glass pressed to Yuuri’s chest to keep from spilling in his unsteady hand.

“Yuuri,” Victor whined into the side of Yuuri’s neck, breath hot on Yuuri’s skin and making a shiver creep up Yuuri’s spine. “Why is no one dancing? This party is so boring, let’s dance!”

Yuuri, who’s been talking to Phichit and Celestino, shot them a look which could just as well mean “I’m so sorry for this,” or “please don’t comment”, or “see what I’m dealing with here, please help”. They both smiled at him in amusement, absolutely no help at all.

“He’s right, Yuuri,” Phichit offered, the best friend he was, and Yuuri glared at him. “This party is boring, go dance with your man.”

“Right? Thank you, Phichit!” Victor grinned, but his grin soon disappeared as he frowned, turning to look at Yuuri. “Wait, what man? You have a man, Yuuri? Why didn’t I know that?” He gasped, free hand flying up to his mouth. “Are you che–” A hiccup broke his dramatic sentence, but Victor seemed unfazed and continued as if nothing happened. “–ating on me?”

Phichit snickered at that and Victor looked at him, confused and betrayed, beginnings of a pout curling around his mouth. His eyes crossed a little when he stepped away from Yuuri. Yuuri didn’t give him a chance to pursue the topic, though, taking Victor by the hand.

“You’re my man, Victor,” he said, a little flush on his cheeks. “My only man, remember?”

He lifted his free hand to remind him of the matching rings sitting proudly on their fingers. Victor’s face immediately brightened into a grin.

“Yuuri,” he sung, hugging him close. “I love you so much! Marry me!”

Yuuri laughed a little, hugging him back.

“There, there.” He patted Victor’s back, plucking the glass from his fingers and handing it over to Phichit. “Enough drinking for you tonight.”

“Mm, fine,” Victor mumbled softly into his shoulder.

“Do you want to go back to our room?” Yuuri asked, trying to peer down at him and blinking instead when his own eyes crossed from looking too close. He wrinkled his nose.

“Nooo…” Victor pushed away from him. “I want to dance! Dance with me, Yuuri!”

He took Yuuri’s hands and pulled, pulled, pulled, until Yuuri caved and let him lead him away from Phichit and Celestino.

“Have fun!” Phichit called after them, but Yuuri was too busy making sure that Victor didn’t trip over his own legs, or worse, bump into anyone important in his haste.

They stopped in the middle of the room, Victor twirling Yuuri around and Yuuri easily stepped into it. He laughed softly to himself when Victor brought him back into his arms. He was lead in a slow dance he couldn’t even name, it was probably just a random mixture of everything and nothing, but when they slowly swayed from side to side, their feet moving in sync even if they weren’t looking, Yuuri didn’t necessarily care.

“You’re not really drunk, are you?” Yuuri said when Victor twirled them around as if they were doing the waltz.

“Ah,” Victor smiled, a sheepish, adorable smile that melted Yuuri’s heart a little. “Was it that obvious?”

Yuuri smiled back. “You haven’t stripped yet, so yeah, a bit.”

“I knew I forgot something,” Victor mumbled to himself over a hum.

“I’m glad you’re not drunk, though,” Yuuri said, stepping closer to him and taking the lead right out of Victor’s hands. He dipped him down, smiling into the widened, but delighted blue eyes. “This way both of us will remember tonight with no regrets.”

Victor laughed, a happy, little laugh that made Yuuri’s fingers tingle with warmth.

“Yuuri,” he purred. “I never have any regrets when it comes to you.”

Yuuri blushed, the warmth spreading from his fingers over his whole body, reaching deep into his chest and setting it alight. They straightened, but before they took up the dancing again, Victor leaned in to steal a kiss – a short, sweet press of lips that ghosted over Yuuri’s like a promise of forever.

And Yuuri flushed, and smiled, and danced his man all over the banquet hall, drunk on air, happiness and love, because no alcohol could ever give him what Victor had.


Watch this extremely accurate thing and also the next one after it which is about Percy Shelley.


i’m crying bc everyone does beautiful fanart of woy meanwhile i just
also this takes place in the party they do when they save the galaxy
i just wanted 2 draw some drunk wander dontlookatme

also bonus:

okay this is for… my 1000th watcher… and I can’t remember her name because I had to reset my xkit and i lost my outbox! she asked for thranduil on his elk or bilbo and thorin fluffiness, and i swaer i was set on drawing something beautiful and majestic and romantic but my brain short circuited and gave me this instead.

followup to this

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 127

-It’s not a good coffee shop if it ain’t run by a ghoul

-Jeez Ui with the eye circles your gonna run out of energy if you keep putting coffee shops out of business

-If 99 and 100 is a big difference according to Seidou than your 90 doesn’t make you hot shit fruit

-Ahhh dying screams to be the next big hit on peaceful noise machines

-Kaneki of course would take goat on a field trip to where his favorite author was raised

-Nice to know that Kaneki still finds time to tutor among instilling fear into the heart of man

-Tsukiyama: Knock Knock do you got a moment to talk about our lord and savior the king

-Drunk the revolution kool aid Kou

-Either Kaneki decided to claim the title of most extra or we got a case of the dead bodies

-You know you got a problem when there are two many white haired boys to tell the difference

-Tg fandom wishing they had Mado intuition

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: We see if we got a papa, the not virgin, or Second runner up


I think I am headed the right direction to cosplaying as many characters as I can from South Park.