drunk alex is drunk

i have a Headcanon

college au hamilton:

peggy: never have I ever… had sex with alexander hamilton
*everyone in the room takes a shot*

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Leaves the Best Drunk Voicemail in ‘Drunk History’ Deleted Scene (ET) [x x]:

Have you ever imagined what a drunken voicemail from Lin-Manuel Miranda would sound like? No. Just me?! OK, well, we have thought about it over here at ET and luckily, Drunk History gives us a taste of what that would be like in a deleted scene from season four.

In the clip, the Hamilton creator brings his rap game to the Comedy Central series when he calls musical director Alex Lacamoire. “Lock up your horses and daughters, I’m getting f**ked up on the couch with [creator] Derek Waters,” Miranda raps in a bleep-heavy freestyle.


In addition to this deleted scene, there are more outtakes and extended drunk narrator moments on the home release of Drunk History: Season 4, which is available on DVD March 14.

drunk Kara

just think about it 
Lena sees drunk Kara
Just imagine that SHE found Kara in the bar and called her sister Alex
Lena: You act like you’ve never been drunk before
Kara: Maybe because i’ve never been drunk before. Did i mention that you look really beautiful today. No? Well, i am tellin’ you now! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, LENA LUTHER 

Alex: o my god, kara