is this the real life

lol levi looks so desperate and his mental erwin is so soft and Gaussian Blurred the fuck out like an old school movie love interest. like can we talk about this??

that is so gay wtf

like, how can i think that he wants erwin alive primarily for the powers & how it will benefit humankind when his brain conjures images like that?? when he pictures tender smiling erwin and not erwin in glorious commander mode ready to take on the enemy.

when everyone already literally agreed to sacrifice themselves so levi can finish off the beast titan, erwin first and foremost. that was the mission brief.

sure he goes anyone! i’ll inject anyone!! but then “if only i can JUST KEEP ONE PERSON ALIVE” and apparently that one person is erwin, doing his best shoujo love interest impression. for humanity??? lol idk this looks personal as fuck.

to me levi’s face looks less like a person about to make a gamble for the sake of humanity and more like a person terrified of losing someone he loves. he looks like ymir thinking of historia. & you know who else n this chapter had a flashback to the person they left behind? marlo, thinking of hitch, who likes him.

i can’t believe that i’m legitimately ready to buy that levi put humanity’s fate in jeopardy because he wants erwin to live.


I made this for Ginger for Mother’s Day, but since I finished it early, and am known for being extremely anxious, I decided to give it to her a few weeks before.  Thought I would share it with you - Ben Aaron


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