4. “I just had to see you.”

A/N: Hiya. Sorry I’ve had super bad writers block lately, and it’s kinda late, but i was supposed to go out with my roommate tonight and well she fell asleep so here I am writing instead. Apologies for any typos, I’m exhausted and finals killed me. Again: all my ish is tagged under “ficshit” 

Here’s the list
1. Oh my God, you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time

Chloe had gotten an internship. Chloe was leaving. Chloe was leaving Beca for six months and there was nothing she could do to stop her. Chloe was LEAVING FOR SIX MONTHS and Beca hadn’t told her how much she loved her, let alone at all.

It’s not like she didn’t try to tell her. She did the cliche flowers randomly sent to her last class of the day and the buying of the coffee and literally everything she’d learned from all the movies the girls forced her to watch and yet, nothing.

“Amy, I can’t just go tell her! She’s leaving! She won’t leave if I tell her and I can’t do that to her. She’s worked too hard to get where she’s going, I’m not gonna be that girl.” Beca practically screamed to Amy over the phone. She was driving home from her own internship and Amy had called her because she saw that Chloe was almost done packing up her things. 

“Beca, come on! She won’t. She probably already knows.”

“I’m not willing to take that risk, I can’t lose her entirely. It’s only six months, I’ll make it work.” she sighed and rubbed her hand over her face. Six months. Six months of no Chloe, of no late night cuddles where Beca pretends she hates when Chloe does that thing with the little curls on the back of her neck, and no Chloe telling her how much she loves her - even if it’s just platonically.

“Well, you’re the one driving her to the airport tonight - so just get home, ya?”

“I’ll be there in five.” she hung up.

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Chloe gets stupid drunk at a party then tells everyone how in love with Beca Mitchell she is. Someone snaps a vid & sends it to Beca. She goes & ask a slightly less drunk Chloe about it later in the night.

It wasn’t their last party. That was… well that was an entire two semesters away. It was currently just the first party of the year and Chloe was stupid drunk.

She didn’t know how it happened. At first she just saw Jesse come over and greet Beca, a peck on the lips and a quick hug. That was when she had her first drink, well over an hour ago.

Now she was standing in a crowded room full of people who supposedly knew her better than anyone else. Seven or eight or nine drinks in. But she didn’t feel like anyone knew her. Not really. Not at all. In fact, if anyone were to ask Chloe how she felt at that exact moment, well, depending on who asked, she’d tell them she felt a little drunk and a lot alone.

She watched Beca throughout the night. First she danced with Jesse and Stacie and Amy, then she disappeared for a little while with the Treble and when she came back, she was flushed and looked a bit angry. So much so that two and a half drinks later (that was all Chloe knew to tell time with at that point) the brunette stormed out of the house and wasn’t seen again. 

Now Chloe was dancing and drinking and alone. And empty. And so, so drunk. 

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Hey, so I’m writing this on my phone. And this is inspired by some of Selena’s lines in her song, Sober.

“You’re saying all the things that you’re supposed to but you don’t know how to love me when you’re sober.”

“Cal?” You picked up the call from your best friend at three in the morning. “Is everything alright?”

“I miss you so much. I love you so much. I need you. I adore you. I cherish you. Please don’t leave me. I want to be beside you right now. I wanna cuddle the fuck out of you. I… I’m sorry… Please, babe, give me another chance. I won’t screw up. I’ll.. I’ll be whatever you want me to be. I.. I love you.. Please… Stay.” 

“You’re drunk. Again.”

“Stacy, please come back to me.” Calum said, mustering up his courage, holding his tears.

“Look, Stacy broke up with you. And I think that’s for the better.” The first time Calum, your best friend, did something stupid was when he broke up with his long time girlfriend, Natalie. He was drunk and his heart was ripped into pieces, and like any other broken drunk person, he decided to call his ex. Long story short, you and Calum made a pact that whenever he experiences his heart being broken into pieces, he would change the name of your number in his contacts to his ex, deleting the real number of his ex.

“I know it’s you… Stace.. Please..”

You sighed. “I really love you but I think it’s better for us to part ways.” You played along. “You’ll meet someone who’ll be greater than me. Someone who will be there for you, always. Someone who supports you. Someone who’s been loving you…” 

“No, I won’t meet anyone greater than you!!” 

I’m right here, you thought. “Just open your eyes. She’s there. Right in front of you. Look closer.”

“But you’re the one that I love, babe. Sure she may be greater than you but you have my heart. You will always have it.” If you had a dollar every time Calum says ‘you will always have it’ after each breakup, you’d be rich.

“No, Calum. You will eventually move on. I have my own life now. You need to move on.”

“Babe.. please?”

“Calum.. I’m sorry.” You hanged up.

If only you could tell Calum that you, his best friend, has been always there for him. You, his best friend, has somewhat developed this unconditional and irrevocable love. That you, his best friend, has been loving him all this time. But he was right. No matter how greater you are compared to his past girlfriends, they had something that you didn’t have: his heart. That even though he tells you he loves and cherishes you - it will never amount to what he means when say those things to his girlfriend or ex girlfriend. Because in his eyes, you will always be the girl friend, someone who means so much to him that is a girl. Someone who has a platonic relationship with him. 

But in your eyes, he will always be that someone who you will love no matter what. That he is someone you have a one-sided love with. 

2. “You’re too good for this world.”

A/N: Wassup weirdos. As promised, here’s day 2. Happy finals week to some of you, I’m supposed to be studying right now but LOL but when am I ever obedient?? that’s right, never.  Again, I’m going off the Fic Meme list here! You can also read #1 “Oh My God. You’re in love with her.” here. Lets have some fun with drunk Beca, shall we?

“She’s so pretttyyyy though, Stace.”

“I know babe. I know.”

Beca wasn’t usually a lightweight. Beca didn’t usually get trashed off her ass just for the hell of it. And Beca wasn’t supposed to have told any of the girls that she’s been with Chloe now for months. Oops?

Chloe was gone for the weekend with Aubrey for some conference thing. She had mentioned to Beca what it was for and where it was but she obviously wasn’t paying attention to that particular conversation. I mean, if Chloe Beale was laying across your bed flipping through a magazine wearing nothing but a towel, would you be paying attention?

No. And neither was Beca.

Moral of the story, Chloe was gone for the weekend and left Stacie in charge of the girls when they went to the Trebles party that Saturday night. Leaving Beca in charge of eight intoxicated girls was “obviously out of the question” per Aubrey’s request.

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I feel like a sexy cute little bechloe prompt would be a little one shot based on the song T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett haha idk why

ugh okay i’m wide awake and didn’t plan on writing anything but here i am. and also i love Trhett he’s my homie. Also, not sure if this is what you wanted but i’m sleep deprived and yeah woo.

Chloe borrowing Beca’s clothes wasn’t anything new. Friends borrowed hoodies and shirts all the time, right? But did they keep them for years afterward? Apparently so. 

They’d graduated three years ago and Chloe still had Beca’s favorite oversized (just the perfect amount of baggy) Barden t-shirt she won out of a t-shirt gun from a game the Bellas had dragged her to. She, however, has yet to ask the redhead for it back.

It was the annual Bella reunion vacation. Most people think annual means only once a year, but this was a five times a year thing. Chloe insisted. And when I say Chloe insisted, I mean she did that puppy dog eye thing that Beca couldn’t resist. Like, ever.

This trip was the last of the year, the whole team was meeting at Chloe’s parents beach house in Florida. Everyone other than Beca and Aubrey had never been, so the group chat was buzzing.

Beca: Guys. What do I pack.

Stacie: Nothing. Come naked.

Fat Amy: While some may say that is a wise decision, I strongly vote against.

CR: someone bring booze. 

Stacie: kidding. I’m bringing beach clothes mostly and like a nice outfit or something for if/when we go out to dinner.

Aubrey: please bring clothes so I don’t have to scrape my eyes out with spoons upon arrival.

Chloe: Idk Becs. I’m with Stacie on this one. From my previous experience, naked suits you well ;) 

Aubrey: I think I’m going to be sick.

Beca: keep it in your pants, Beale.

Beca blew out a puff of air and turned around to look at the eternal black hole that was her suitcase. She threw her phone on the bed and headed for her closet. Think beach. Bathing suit? Where was my new one? She called Chloe.

“Hey you. What’s up? Are you packing?”

“Well I’m trying but I can’t find half of my shit. Did I leave my new black bikini at your place after we went shopping last week? I can’t find it.”

“ohhh! maybe you WILL have to come naked. Muahaha.”

“Chloe…” Beca groaned.

“Haha sorry, nope it’s not here. Did you check in your hall closet?” Beca walked over to the closet next to her bathroom and opened the door only to find a bag from Target on the floor, indeed equipped with her brand new bikini.

“You’re creepy. I found it. Gonna go finish packing, I’ll see you and everyone else in the nuthouse tomorrow.”

“Oh hush. You’re excited.”

“Goodbyeeee Chloe.” With that she hung up the phone and walked back into her room to finish packing.

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oh my god.... the fake dating au is the best you've ever written to behonest. i'm barely survived after that last chapter thank you very much

This wasn’t, technically, a request for more, but I was clearly not done, so let’s get moving, my bros and hoes (and others). 

All the previous chapters/installments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89, and 10

(You can also read the whole thing over on my AO3)

Summary: There’s some kind of bet that Beca and Chloe are going to end up together, and, with CR’s wedding on the horizon, our favorite duo decides to make some moolah by pretending to date. Also known as: that fake dating tripe that we’re all trash for. 

It took a lot for Chloe to be destabilized. As much as she liked to float and jump and skip, at the core of it, she was solid. Always steady. If this all were a song, she would be the beat, because it was constant - because unlike the melodies and harmonies, it stayed in one place and refused to be knocked by outside intrusions. 

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