R5 Preference #4- He Gets Jealous

Ross: You and Ross were hanging out at the beach. You were sitting on the beach, watching Ross surf. Ross motioned you to come into the water, and you stood up and removed your shorts and tank top. You walked towards Ross in the water, when you felt a hard squeeze to your butt. You slightly jumped and turned around and saw a guy smirking as he checked you out. Before you knew it, Ross had shoved the guy away and he flew back into the cold water. Ross wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close to him as you two left the beach.

Riker: You and Riker were at a party. You both had a few drinks, but not enough to get either of you drunk. Riker had left to go and get you both another drink, while you kept to yourself and continued dancing. A guy came up to you, who was obviously drunk, and started dancing on you. You tried to push him off of you, but his grip on your waist was too strong for you. Riker quickly pulled him off of you, and pulled you towards the door. He took you home and he definitely showed you that you were his.

Ellington: Ellington and you were at the movies. During the previews, you decided to go back out and get a refill on your drink. As you were walking back, you saw your best guy friend walking towards the same theater you were. You caught up with him and made small conversation as you made your way back towards Ellington. As you sat next to Ellington, he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you really close. His cheeks were a light red from anger and jealousy. You tried not to laugh as you kissed his cheek and reassured him that you were his.

Ryland: You were helping out at the merch table at an R5 concert. A boy a little bit younger than you and Ryland came up to you and started talking with you. The boy gave you his number on a small piece of paper and gave you a wink. You tried not to laugh as he walked away, and Ryland came over to you. Ryland shot the boy a glare, and ripped the paper in half. You laughed and pecked him on the lips.

Rocky: You and Rocky were at Starbucks. You sat down at a table, while Rocky waited on the barista to finish making your drinks. A guy around your age came and sat across from you. He started flirting with you, and you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. You tried to let the guy know you weren’t interested in him before Rocky came back and saw him. Too late. Rocky stood before the table, chest buffed out and muscles defined as he stood a little taller. The guy quickly got up and scurried away from the table, intimidated by Rocky. You and Rocky both laughed at his scared expression, as he sat next to you and handed you your coffee.