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MC and a Drunk Jumin pls pls i rly lurrrve your blog! 💕

A/N❗️so im now going through older requests and im going to start answering all the fluff ones! Please be patient with me im still recovering from the angst i produce. I am an angst producing human bean dammit. But here you go, anon!!! I hope you enjoy this one! Lovelots!!

MC + Drunk Jumin

  • this dude is deadass drunk after losing from a drinking game with you ( i’m dying to write a fanfic about how he got drunk gdi )
  • he drank almost half of the bottle of JD after losing to you a few times in a drinking card game and he was the one who’s been drinking your shots straight even tho it’s supposed to be your turns dammit jumin
  • you were helping him stand up and walk from the couch to your shared bedroom
  • you’re a bit tipsy yourself but since you barely drunk anything more than 5 shot glasses you can still manage to walk straight
  • but nope, jumin is as good as a toddler who just learned to walk
  • he will be touching you everywhere and he’d be only laughing when you glare at him
  • “Aren’t you mine to begin with?” cue suggestive eyebrow wriggling
  • he does not slur his words, he just becomes awfully honest with what he wants to do and feel like doing to you oh g o d s
  • when you finally managed to put him to bed ( he reeked badly of alcohol ) you decided to clean him up a little
  • you start to undo the first three buttons of his long sleeves and blimey mr. trustfundkid is well-built
  • your fingers that touches his bare chest as you slowly unbutton his long sleeves down below sends shivers to your spine
  • you feel him squirm under your finger tips and sometimes it kind of feels good to take in control
  • you started rubbing his body with a cloth dipped in warm water and he stirs from his position
  • “Mmm… stop.” he moans a little
  • “I’m cleaning you… please bear with it.”
  • he’s laying down before you with his bare, well-toned chest and you couldn’t help yourself but admire the view and blush hard is it the alcohol in your system or is he just drop-dead gorgeous
  • "Have I completely caught you breathless?” oH GOD JUMIN WTF
  • you were so surprised you certainly slapped his chest with the cloth
  • "Gosh! Don’t do that please! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” you were so embarassed you swear you look like a ripe tomato
  • he reaches for your hand and motions it to touch his chest and it’s hard and defined dammit
  • "My love… do you like what you see?” he’s talking to you through lidded eyes and there’s a smirk on his tone somewhere
  • you couldn’t look at him properly without getting embarassed by what he’s doing. he’s making your stomach do a back flip on its own
  • he pulls you close to him so that you’re now barely on top of him all of a sudden.
  • “Don’t look at me as if you want me and state otherwise.. it’s frustrating.” he whispers in a deep bedroom voice and if that’s not going to give you a heart attack you don’t know what else could
  • he seemed to be satisfied by your surprised reaction but you’re quick to regain your posture and sit back up
  • "W-what are you talking about? You’re drunk, Jumin. Now, if you don’t mind. I need you cleaned up.” you said as you looked away and removed your hands from touching him wow how did you manage that without stuttering
  • you saw out of the corner of your eyes that he lifted his arm to cover his forehead as he chuckled lowly oh god what sexy voice
  • "I’m at your disposal and you dare reject me?”
  • “You’re drunk. I don’t want to.. um take advantage of it.” you said shyly & you can feel your cheeks burning
  • “Hmm.. you really do say the most interesting things.” moments after that you heard extremely light snoring
  • he fell asleep
  • you were able to let go of the breath you’ve been holding in the whole time
  • note to self: bring an oxygen tank whenever jumin gets drunk. you might die from lack of oxygen.

Out of the palace part 3. a.k.a going back to the palace.

Luna has never been drunk before so she wanted to try it for the sake of experiencing it. Nyx… well, he tried to stop her. Tried and failed.

(I just had to finish this right now because I have a pile of paper work coming up. This is the last part of a very, very short series of LuNyx Insomnia wandering - I don’t know how else to call it. There was suppose to be some more scenes before this but my free time is running out so… here you go. Btw, on deviantart, I titled it the “Chaperone” series - dunno why I titled it differently.

I’ll draw something with a different theme next time.)