I did an exfoliant foot peel and turned my feel into BABY FEET. O_O


“Is this okay?”

“That’s beautiful! Now stay still. Your husband is a fool if he has cheated on you, you’re so beautiful! Ever thought about modeling?” 

“Oh heavens no. I don’t think I would ever have cut it” 

“Maybe I can help you out” 


“Totally. You’ve got the looks, Bella” 

“Why, thank you Anais” 


LISTEN it’s still the Morning and im already deadt LOOK AT HIM THROWIN AWAY THE SUN THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR PLUS HES ALREADY HELLA DRUNK OH MY GOD ((he’s treatin those snakes the way they deserve to be treated; like rubbish))

We watch CPD because we love the actors playing the characters. When said actors are visibly disappointed and upset over scenes being cut, you can pretty much guarantee that the audience is too. Without those actors the show wouldn’t be what it is, so why do they keep writing good content only to cut it out? Who is making these bad decisions and why are the actors being ripped off? They study their characters, bring them off the pages and yet you cut their hard work and give the audience a product that is half decent, lacking important storylines that aren’t being developed properly, and continue to let this show have so many forgotten and rushed stories and unnecessary deaths and break ups for drama? We don’t want drama free storylines, we just want storylines that respect the characters, actors and audience. Give us drama without dicking everybody around. Write and edit better!