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I know you are having fun and you are all drunk (except boris and joey) but try to sing karaoke or play truth or dare

Bendy: imightufovE r done it a tad
Boris A TAD??????????????

Issues - Part Eleven


Negan x you
When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.
Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  
Word count- 2,456

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Part Eleven

The sea air blew my hair as the sun warmed my skin.

God I loved it here.

I could hear Mum laughing as she threw some stale bread at the seagulls. She was happy here.

Bang Bang Bang

What was that?

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I’m freaking the fuck out get ready for this
My family is moving out of their house so I’m at the house and helping out and my dad found boxes of his stuff he took from his room in his parents house aka the dark basement they kept him in. He hadn’t gone through the stuff in there so he was going through it now.
So my dad comes running down the stairs practically yelling “It doesn’t have Dee Dee but you can have it!” (Dee Dee is our favorite Ramone) (also I lost a competition so I’ve been kind of sad and my dad has been trying to cheer me up) and throws this big folded piece of paper at me and in like what the fuck and I open it and I’m like WHAT THE FUCK cause it’s a Ramones poster signed by all the Ramones of 1990 (Joey, Johnny, Marky, and CJ).
So apparently what happened was my aunt was friends with CJ and she went to Ramones things all the time but wouldn’t bring my dad even though they were his favorite band and one time while she was drunk she met Joey (THATS A WHOLE OTHER POST) and my dad was upset cause he wanted to meet Joey. On top of that the two also just didn’t get along my aunt was never really good to my dad. Anyway at some point she wanted to try to make up for shit for she asked CJ for a signed poster and she gave it to my dad for his birthday. My dad LOVES AND ADORES the Ramones and I both don’t understand and understand his response but he basically was a petty bitch and I quote “didn’t want this Dee Dee-less olive branch even if it has Joey” because at the time he was just mad at her for a lot of reasons so he folded it up and literally forgot about it until he and my mom found it today.

So basically now I have a poster signed by the 1990 Ramones and I’m in fucking SHOCK.


Joey Richter joins us for Lilo & Stitch, and boy was he fantastic. We got pretty rowdy during this one, probably because we were livestreaming the recording and feeding off the silent energy of our audience. In any case, we all learned something: That Pleakley makes one very pretty lady. 

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Thinking Out Loud - Crisscolfer Valentine’s Ficlet

I am so behind schedule, and I promise to catch up. But here’s a little ficlet to make up for it. Based of one of my favorite songs
~700 words

“Ow. Fuck!” Darren yelled, and Chris looked up from his writing, and glanced at the staircase. 

“Darren? Are you up again? The doctor says you have to stay off the foot until further notice.”

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I know this isn’t Tyler but I just need to say how much I LOVE drunk Joey Graceffa. Imagine him, Tyler and Sawyer doing a drunk collab