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Hey are you still taking prompts? In case you are, could you do a supercorp one where kara drunk dials lena while she's at the alien bar. Don't think I've seen any and I really need drunk/cute/flirty kara in my life.

Thanks for the prompt!

Lena frowns as her phone rings. She sets down her pen and looks up from the paperwork she is sifting through. Her brow furrows even more when she sees the number on her caller ID but a small smile quirks up on her features.

“Kara, what can I do for you at this hour?” She says as she accepts the call. She fights the urge to lower her voice an octave. She’s tried flirting with Kara and so far the woman has given her nothing by way of response. Not being one who likes to push people when they’re clearly not interested, Lena had decided to back off a little.

It does nothing for her confusion though when the only response she gets is a little giggle followed by a burp. She pulls her phone away from her ear and checks to see if she read the caller ID right before. But the screen still says Kara Danvers. So she presses the phone to her ear once more.

“Kara, are you alright?” She asks.

“I’m so good, Lena. I’m” Kara is interrupted by the sound of a hiccup and another giggle.

Something occurs to Lena, and she tries not to laugh. “Kara, are you drunk?”

“No!” Kara squeaks, but then there’s more giggling, and Kara seems to forget what the question was because she hiccups again, then slurs, “Hey Lena. Did you know, that you’re pretty?”

Lena’s mouth opens a little, and she’s so stunned that she’s silent for a moment. But she quickly regains her wits and a smirk begins to form on her face. “Am I now?” She purrs into the phone.

Kara, oblivious to the sultry tone Lena’s voice has adopted, hiccups again, and nods her head emphatically even though Lena can’t see her motion. “Like super pretty. S-super.” And there Kara cuts herself off with a sharp bark of laughter. “Super pretty, Lena. Super. Ha! Get it?”

Lena just furrows her brow, not quite sure of Kara’s drunken ramblings. “Ah…no?” She responds quizzically.

“Oh wait.” Kara sounds suddenly serious, musing over something she’d remembered. “Never mind.”

“Right…” Lena says, completely confused but also convinced that Kara wouldn’t really be able to explain what the hell she was talking about in this state anyways. Her concern for the young woman is growing, so she drops whatever Kara had been attempting to talk about and instead asks, “Kara where are you? Do you need a ride home?”

“Oh yes. I’m not fl- erm, driving like this. I am,” a muffled giggle, “Lena, I’m drunk!” She exclaims as if it hadn’t been obvious.

“You don’t say.” Lena chuckles. She writes down the address Kara tells her, and shuts down her work computer as she packs up to leave the office and collect Kara.

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your new icon is brilliant and i love u just thought id pop in and let u know x

no you’re brilliant and i love u and i made this extra gucci af gif to prove it: