Iwan on Ramsay:
“… You have to find the joy in him. He’s not just cold and horrible. He actually really enjoys doing this stuff, he enjoys life. He’s not just someone who’s miserable all the time. He’s an extrovert and he enjoys all this. It was finding that kind of joy in it all, which really helped me. I think that’s what makes him interesting… I think finding the real joy was the key to the character for me.”

  • Grantaire:everything is terrible. i fell on the subway, i lost four dollars to a vending machine, and this pasta tastes nothing like alcohol!
  • Musichetta:you do realize there's not actually vodka in vodka pasta, right?
  • Grantaire:great now I'm even more disappointed
Contingency Plans

Pairing: Fem!Ten/Rose AU
Rating: T
Warnings: drunken cuteness
Summary: “There were steps. Steps, Rose! And contingency plans and-and subclauses. Oh no. I knew I should have brought a copy with me.” 

Notes: This is a whole pile of femslash fluff for dwfemslashweek. It satisfies a couple of the different days I think so I’m just going to post it now :)

Rose watched amusedly as Jane tilted her head at a ridiculous angle so she could squint up at her with a glassy gaze. Slamming her hands on the bar table and rattling the empty shot glass in front of her, she declared, “You’re so preeeeetty, Rose. Did you know that? Like soooo pretty.” She hiccuped and then started giggling uncontrollably.

Rose grinned into her drink. “It’s the fifth time you’ve told me that, yeah.”

“And you’re my very best friend,” she continued, almost tipping off the bar stool. She turned to the bloke sitting on her right. “See her,” Jane said, pointing at Rose. “That’s my best friend.”

The man shot Rose a concerned glance and she waved him off. Shrugging, he turned back to his drink.

“Rude,” Jane huffed, crossing her arms. Her blazer pulled tight across her chest and Rose saw a few of the men who had been watching her all night look on with interest. Protectively, Rose shifted closer to Jane, who seemed delighted by this turn of events and fumblingly grabbed for Rose’s hand. She entwined their fingers together with a little happy hum and Rose watched a few of the men groan and turn away.

Jane stared at their fingers, stroking over Rose’s skin with her thumb. “I like when you hold my hand,” she whispered, like it was a secret.

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