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Hey! Can you do Starish and QN drunk?!

Drunk Natsuki is loud, every one is best friends, tends to explain the stars to people.

Drunk Tokiya carefree, loves randomly singing, tends to space out.
Example 2: *Tokiya looks at Reiji with a blank expression* 

Drunk Cecil rants about nothing, ‘when I’m king’, tends to shout his thoughts.

Drunk Ren flirty, very direct and tends to tell dirty secrets.
Example: “You know, what I would love for your mouth… to be doing… right now?”
Example 2: *whispers to unfortunate individual* The curtains definitely match the drapes.“

Drunk Otoya quiet, still friendly and tends to smile…constantly.


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Drunk Syo a little violent,  randomly dances and tends to challenge people to arm wrestling.
Example: "I’m serious Ai! Me, you *slams elbow on the table* Best two out of three! Right now!”

Drunk Masato laughs a lot, mumbles and tends to offer his advice…when you don’t ask

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Example 2: “I think that if you *chuckles* Shhh… Please be quiet! *snickers* I’m being serious. *laughs* I’m trying to help you w-w-*choke laughs*ith your skin problem!

Drunk Reiji acts like a serious big brother and tends to proclaim himself as everyone’s 'oniisan’.
Example: "Please, keep it down with your singing Tokiya. You are disturbing others.”

Drunk Ranmaru plays air bass, picks fights with any NOUN in sight, and clumsy.
Example: “Listen, if you keep looking at me like that I’m going to smash your fucking vase! I swear!” *completely oblivious to the odd stares he was receiving as he flicks off the potted plant in front of him*

Drunk Ai freaks out about the slightest things, refers to his peers as human.

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Example 2: “HUH?! Why are you crying human?”

Drunk Camus cries about life. Flamboyent.
Example: “Do you understand *sobs* the things I’ve done to protect my Queen? *bawls* I did so much! *groans, tossing his forearm over his eyes* And for what?”
Example 2: *stands proudly among his friends, chest puffed out and hand waving above his head (announcing his presence)*


  • Spanish / English.
  • 5′10 - 5′11 /  37 years old.
  • Some level of drunk, almost 24 / 7. A medical mystery, due to the fact his liver hasn’t completely killed over yet…
  • Much more dangerous than he seems, as most people see him as a very laid back high functioning alcoholic. with occasional mood swings.
  • Absolutely loves dogs.
  • Hates bugs. He isn’t afraid of them, they just piss him off / frustrate him.
  •  Sober / Drunk are almost two separate personalities. Sober, he tends to be much more like the usual Cecil; angry, violent, much more skilled with that shitty steak knife than anyone would have expected. Drunk Cecil is very aloof, weirdly emotional, and claims he’d never hurt anybody- probably lying though.
  • Wears a lot of weird sweaters.
  • Works as a butcher, the store is owned by his sister- but she’s never in the states so he’s technically the one in charge. He does all the work on his own, expect for the occasional help that drops by every once in a while.
  • Has the scars across his face still! He doesn’t remember how he got them, but whenever he’s asked about it- it makes him pretty uncomfortable.

• Cecil catches a cold - Welcome to Night Ail
• Cecil gets drunk - Welcome to Night Ale
• Cecil is temporarily released from jail- Welcome to Night Bail
• Cecil harvests some hay - Welcome to Night Bale
• Cecil explores a valley - Welcome to Night Dale
• Cecil does not succeed - Welcome to Night Fail
• Cecil waves his arms around - Welcome to Night Flail
• Cecil is not healthy - Welcome to Night Frail
• Cecil encounters a strong wind - Welcome to Night Gale
• Cecil finds and ancient chalice - Welcome to Night Grail
• Cecil bows down - Welcome to Night Hail
• Cecil is arrested- Welcome to Night Jail
• Cecil starts a garden - Welcome to Night Kale
• Cecil gets a letter - Welcome to Night Mail
• Cecil is a guy - Welcome to Night Male
• Cecil takes up carpentry - Welcome to Night Nail
• Cecil has a bucket - Welcome to Night Pail
• Cecil doesn’t get much sun - Welcome to Night Pale
• Cecil goes bird watching - Welcome to Night Quail
• Cecil rages against the system - Welcome to Night Rail
• Cecil buys a boat - Welcome to Night Sail
• Cecil gets a great deal at the store - Welcome to Night Sale
• Cecil is secretly a dragon - Welcome to Night Scale
• Cecil finds a new source of energy - Welcome to Night Shale
• Cecil makes a friend in the garden - Welcome to Night Snail
• Cecil leaves some food out too long - Welcome to Night Stale
• Cecil has another appendage - Welcome to Night Tail
• Cecil tells a story - Welcome to Night Tale
• Cecil takes a hike - Welcome to Night Trail
• Cecil attends a wedding - Welcome to Night Veil
• Cecil finds a large marine mammal - Welcome to Night Whale
• Cecil starts crying - Welcome to Night Wail
• Cecil goes to college - Welcome to Night Yale

Head canon: Cecil drunk dials Carlos and sings Coldplay's the Scientist a lot
  • Cecil: Nobody said it was easy. It's such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard...
  • Carlos: Ceeeeeccciiiil, you're not making this any easier

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Haaiii! I'm that person who drew Cecil drunk and I like to look at people who reblog my stuff and I read your tags and I'm still laughing 😂😂 that is all. Sorry to bother you just wanted to say you're awesome and funny.

Oh, wow, HI! It’s a great picture, I feel so bad for poor Ceec. ; - ; Haha, thanks, I had to take a sad song and make it better. And honestly, just do that, Cecil. Distract Carlos with pants science, it isn’t that hard.


Also holy heck, you’re definitely not bothering me at all! I love leaving nice tags in art I like, that’s half the fun of looking at and enjoying art!

So me and my coworker worked out an idea. 

What if at the very end of MGS5 after whatever crazy ending it’s going to have it just fades and suddenly Big Boss wakes up back in 1974 with Kaz telling him he passed out drunk, followed by Cecile telling him he shouldn’t have drunk the ‘72 wine, as it was a bad year for French wine.