The signs drunk at a party
  • Aries:Makes sure everyone his having as much fun as them, shares their alcohol.
  • Taurus:Will be the best wingman/woman but if too drunk they will fight someone. Keep cheap tequila away from them.
  • Gemini:Gets drunk and is nowhere to be found. they will probably ruin your night.
  • Cancer:They will cry about literally anything. A cancer will go from the life of the party to crying in front of everyone out of the blue.
  • Leo:Does not know how to act at all and loses all common sense. They will never shut up and talk the most shit all night. You will have to stop someone from beating their ass if they can't defend themselves.
  • Virgo:Comes to the party with wine or sangria in a portable cup(because their classy)they never get too drunk. Virgos come only to look cute and snapchat everything.
  • Libra:Gets super turnt and fun The best person to go out with need one in your squad its mandatory.
  • Scorpio:Scorpios never hold back their opinions when drunk but are more interested in partying than fighting. You won't catch a scorpio crying at the party they are emotionless.
  • Sagittarius:Great wingmen/women but are rude af when too drunk. Sag are naturally angry and that doesn't mix well with alcohol.
  • Capricorn:They just want to be drunk and do not give a shit about anyone's drama. perfect drinking partner.
  • Aquarius:One moment everything can be going great, but the moment you slip up and piss him/her off, its gonna get real. Aquarius' have quick changing personalities, which makes turning up with them an experience all in its own.
  • Pisces:Get them drunk it's hilarious, they're so funny when drunk.

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Hey there first of all this blog is AMAZING!!! :D And I was hoping u could help me find a fic that I read a while back: Phil had a bf and they break up the same week he had planned a romantic holiday so he takes Dan instead and then they realize that that they love each other. I remember Phil telling Dan that the reason his relationships never last is because he always compared them to him. Thank you so much!!! :3

A Weekend AwayPhil’s boyfriend dumps him just before the romantic weekend away he’d planned for them. Unable to cancel his bookings, Phil asks the only person he can think of, his best friend Dan

~ Tori

#10 Drunk Love


Luke was having a party and hired out a photo booth. There were around 350 people at this party and the alcohol was flowing. From beer to vodka shots, tequila, cocktails, jagerbombs and cider. You were a mess. Everyone was a mess. Ashton found you and said 

“Hey y/n, hows it going?”

You replied “yea Ash this party is great”. You weren’t even looking at him because your eyes were everywhere.

“”y/n. I have something to say.” he grabbed your hand and pulled you in the photo booth and pressed go. The first photo was him saying “I really like you, I have for a long time now.” The second photo was him with his head down telling you why he loved you. “You’re so sweet and kind. You’re also the hottest chick i’ve ever layed my eyes on”. The third photo was just him rambling on and the fourth photo, you kissed him to shut him up and show him you like him too. What happened after that remained in the photo booth for quite a while.


You were in Michael’s flat having a few drinks with the lads. You decided to play spin the bottle with them and Luke was the first to spin. It landed on Ashton. Michael dared him to kiss you and he wouldn’t. So Michael made him go and get some more beer. By this time you were smashed. Luke then decided to spin again and it landed on you. Luke said “I dare you to give Calum a lap dance”.

“”Luke” you said.

“fine, okay, I dare you to make out with Calum, and I mean 6 minutes without stopping.”

“Sure” and you turned your head and started to make out with Calum. It lasted around 11 minutes and Luke was smirking.

After that, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and ended up sitting on his lap teasing him.


You were out in London at 2am stumbling up in and out of the clubs. You had no idea where your friends had gone and you decided to wonder about outside. 


“Luke omg hi” you responded. You hadn’t seen Luke in about 2 years because he became famous and was on tour. You were besties in high school and did naughty things when you were drunk.

He asked you what you were doing out at this time by yourself and you told him that you had no idea where your friends were and where your hotel was, so he decided to look after you for a while. You found yourself talking about how things used to be and he wrapped his arms around your waist. Once he touched your thigh, you found your lips connect and move in sync. 

“Wow, I fucking missed this” he mentioned.

“Me too.” you whispered. 

He took you back to his hotel room and things went from there…


Ashton was having a party and he invited loads of girls from his sisters college class. Nobody was catching Michael’s eye until you walked over to him and said 

“Hey, can I have some of that?”

“Hey sure you can. Wow your boobs are unreal” he laughed

“Thanks, I get that a lot!”

After about 6 glasses of Malibu, vodka and coke, you found yourself sat on Michael’s lap. You were both so drunk and he kept kissing your boob then you, then your boob. He was in his element. 

You then spent the night in Michael’s bed back at his place and got some.