Happy Birthday Akutagawa!

The cast and crew act completely normal around him, besides the casual innuendos and insults they slip in during and between scenes (which to him is their normal). He’s slightly bitter (more like very bitter) that no one has wished him happy birthday besides Atsushi, but that doesn’t count because he’s nice to everyone. Unbeknownst to Aku, they’ve set up a surprise party for him in his own apartment that Dazai has picked the locks to. He’s not stupid and knows somethings up, but he doesn’t have enough proof yet. After filming, they manage to drag him back to his apartment instead of going to a bar and drinking himself into misery with the promise that Dazai would notice him (notice me senpai, it’s my birthday) and they all scream incoherent greetings the second he steps through the door. They got at least 10 phone calls complaining about the noise during the first hour of the party. It lasted until 4 am (and started at around 9 pm). Not much can be remembered from the minute Chuuya brought out the alcohol, but all of them have vague memories of them doing a strip truth-or-dare that turned into absolute chaos. Asagiri-sensei sees all of their drunk tweets and receives 4 drunk calls and decides to just cancel the filming the next day. The entire cast was hungover and absolutely miserable the following morning, but of course, Dazai and Elise managed to capture many blackmail photos.

Akutagawa doesn’t know if this was the worst or best party of his life, and to be fair, doesn’t quite want to. There’s a reason why he can’t recall some events, and it’s probably to keep himself safe. 

He also has a vague memory of Dazai saying that he was one year closer to death… and is torn between being grateful he got noticed or scared

transbeequeen replied to your post “Do you think that the episode with the sleep deprivation reflects more…”

designated driver friend heather is so hilarious lol. what about dagur’s drunk behavior, or eret? i think dagur would go through almost explosive highs and lows, and eret might just be passed out somewhere ajklnxjsjhfusi

oh my gosh, modern Heather getting “SISTER-FRIEND HELP” text from both her brothers.

Hmmm, so Dagur’s got an exaggerated case of the ‘Snot’s?

Weirdly, I can see Dagur as being the ONE sober one. Like… maybe (as with Fishlegs) his Berserker tendencies are unsettlingly easy to trigger when he’s on a ‘high’ and it just… it never ends well. He’s almost scared of himself when he drinks, and he feels so much shame afterwards, after all the progress he’s made and on top of all the mental struggles he still deals with, that he gets in the habit of abstaining. Not that anyone feels any better about having him as the designated flyer even sober, but still…

Eret’s a well-traveled guy and has probably had a well adjusted pallet when it comes to drinks (not to mention the business end of drinking and deals). One one hand I think he can calculate very well how much to drink to have a good time, to get what he wants out of the night, and can avoid hangovers most days… but I think he enjoys social partying like an adult that can’t let go of their twenties and can let things escalate real quick.

Modern Eret’s the sort of guy who will bring his own whiskey to a house party, drink it all, sleep with someone in the host’s bed, and then swear he’ll burn the house down the next morning.